Heraldry for House Crawford
House: Crawford
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Sutherland
Fortification: Trueborn Keep
Motto: Be always ready to serve your kingdom
Colors: Blue & White
Liege: Kilgour
Vassals: {$vassals}
Rank: Duke
Head of House: Sir Ronan Crawford
Predecessor: Cedric Valarian Crawford
Heir: TBA

There are claims, whether true or not, that House Crawford was originally a royal house in the South before the time of the Empire and was forced into submission by Emperor Gaelor Manghem. The House was persecuted and those members who did not submit were put to the sword. It is said that the male line survived through a boy who was hidden deep in the Sky Forest. In time he grew to manhood and trained as squire and eventually became a knight of renown in Greenshire. Forced to swear his allegiance to the Empire, his line returned to Sutherland and House Crawford was re-established as a Knightly house of minor nobility, a Barony of the Empire.

In time the great Empire of Mobrin crumbled and war ravaged the lands. Sutherland suffered less than many and held on through these dark ages until a new King declared himself from House Kilgour. Baron Sir Jaymes Crawford, a knight of Sutherland with much backing, led every able bodied man, horse, and archer his southern lands could field. North they went to fight for their new King, to forge alliances and peace. Peace was hard in coming but through it, House Crawford earned Sutherland a Dutchy in their efforts and the new Kingdom of Mobrin was reborn.


For a little over 100 years House Crawford managed Sutherland well until the year 113 when Kundari raiders penetrated and gained a serious foothold with the help of Laniveer ships. Raids had turned to taking manors and establishing war camps in the eastern forest, and eventually Trueborn Keep was lost. The King in Darfield was much displeased with House Crawford's mismanagement of Sutherland. The seat of the Dutchy was withdrawn and given over to House Cullien, the next strongest knightly bloodline in Sutherland with strong ties to Lakeshore where it had originated. For the next 30 years House Cullien fought the Kundari and almost managed to drive the raiders out until the last living male of that House was slain. Even in those days the Laniveer caused as much trouble in the south as they were able, using the Kundari.

In his place, Sir Mavenwy Crawford rallied Sutherlanders as well as a number of Sky Forest and even some of Greenshire to follow his banner against the Kundari that ravaged their coastlines. With brilliant tactical sense, and in surprisingly short order, Mavenwy Crawford drove the Kundari from southern Mobrin and Trueborn Keep. He took the former Duke's daughter of House Cullien to wife and the seat of the Dutchy was returned to House Crawford with the blessings of House Kilgour in the year 146.


Since then House Crawford has striven to make Sutherland thrive, particularly in the breeding of the finest horses of all Mobrin. Some say by incorporating Kundari stock crossbred with native Sutherland and northern horses. Whatever the case the breed that was forged over time has proven most superior.

In the year 218 gold was discovered in the southern Pine Mountains. The rich flow of vast revenue has buffered Crawford coffers and Sutherland with fantastic wealth. It has also gained House Crawford additional standing with House Kilgour, making the King even richer and able to back his armies with men and supplies as never before. Now mines on both sides of the Pine Mountains were feeding Darfield coffers.

Sir Pallow Crawford, Duke of Sutherland, lead roughly one third of Sutherland's forces in support of the King in the year 224. The Pallow's life was lost as well as nearly half of the Sutherland forces sent with him, making his elder son Cedric the new Duke. Cedric married Lady Terrwyn Kilgour, a niece of the King. Tensions between their two houses soon became strained when Cedric's sister, the Dutchess Caitlyn Crawford, got herself pregnant by Prince Logan Kilgour out of wedlock, forcing a second marriage between their two Houses.

Not long after in 228, House Crawford suffered a terrible blow in the sacking of Trueborn Keep supposedly by Laniveer forces come by sea. Duke Cedric, his wife Terrwyn, and their unborn child were slain along with many Sutherland knights and archers. Sutherland horses were taken and House Crawford nearly extinguished but for a younger brother away serving his King in the north. Sir Ronan Crawford, the last male of the line of House Crawford found himself called home to take up the duties of the Dutchy.


Crawfords tend more often than not to be tall and dark haired like many Sutherlanders, but as they intermarry with other houses those features do not always remain consistent.

Current Members

Brennart — A young knight who's recently lost his parents and become the Baron of Huntingdon.

Oxley Crawford — Lord Oxley Crawford is cousin to Duke Crawford of Sutherland. He currently is squire to Duke Aidan Kincaid.

Duchess Roslin Crawford née Kilgour — >Youngest princess of Mobrin.

Lord Sir Ronan Crawford — Duke of Sutherland, Knight of Rioga, and now Royal Marshal (Commander) of the King's Military.

Cedric Valarian Crawford — Deceased.


Family jewels the Dutchess of Sutherland is given as bride gift by the Duke upon marriage. Sutherland is well known for it's rich mining of gold, silver, and gem stones in the Pine Mountains.


Melissa Stromguard — Daughter of a Knightly House and retainer in service of House Crawford.

Jarvice — A crawford knight

Caswallawn Maxwell — Commoner Knight under House Crawford.

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