21st Sheat, 229: Courtyard Conversations

Courtyard Conversations
Summary: People start to arrive back in Darfield, exchanging news and stories as they do so.
OOC Date: 08/Jun/2014
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Courtyard - Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
21st Sheat, 229

Eoin has decided, for whatever reason, that today is a day to practice his archery at the targets in the courtyard rather than down on hte practice fields. It's shorter range, but then practcing from different distances and in different environments is never a bad thing. The comings and goings of serveants, guards and others seem to phase him little as he keeps his focus on the target, sending arrow after arrow in it's direction.

Having been out at the practice fields for a while, Robben is slowly moving back towards the castle now. It's not been that long since he's started trying to get himself back into shape, so he looks rather tired at the moment, coming to a stop as he spots Eoin doing his practicing now.

Eoin is shooting well. It'snothing stella prehaps, but there's certainly nothing wrong with it. His grouping is tight, if a little off from the centre of the gold. Three more arrows and he empties his quiver, which for now is hanging from his belt. Leaning his bow up against the stable wall beside him he then starts towards the target so he can retrieve said arrows and reshoot, pausing only to give Robben a nod when the Ruxton heir is spotted.

Robben offers a quiet nod and a brief smile in return, removing where he is for the moment. "Well shot…" he remarks, before he looks around the area again, moving over towards a nearby bench now.'

A bigger group arrived from Lakeshire the previous evening, bringing the Kincaids back to Darfield, though they weren't seen out and about. This morning finds them walking arm in arm, looking every inch the happy couple. Maybe they are. Arlen Kincard is looking his best in a navy coat, displaying his admiral insignia. When they reach the archery ranges, he starts looking around. Maybe he's looking for someone in particular.

Taking time to ensure that he isn't damaging his arrows as he pulls them out of the bale, Eoin just about has his quiverful once more as turns to head back to the shooting line, spotting Arlen and Senga as he does so. His fellow sailor gets a polite nod, the lady a short bow before he retrieves his bow. He's not returning to shooting yet though, instead leaning on it as he speaks, "good morning," to all, then more specifically to the Kincaids, "it is good to see you well. Back for the Council the King has called?"

When it comes to Kincaid colors, it comes down to one of two colors. White or black. Or neither as the case may be, as the lady is clad in a deep navy gown to match Arlen's chosen attire. Happy? Probably. Content? Most certainly. As her husband peers across the archery field in search of someone, she looks to Eoin with a brief nod in greeting and confirmation. "We are. And it places more distance between us and the Lanniver borders. How have things been here in Darfield?"

Seating himself at the bench, perhaps a bit heavily, Robben offers a nod and a smile to Arlen and Senga now. "Welcome back," he offers to them both, before he adds, "Did the Duke come back with you?" Taking a few moments to lean back a bit in his seat now, he offers a brief smile again.
<Council | Public> Tyrel has connected.

"Returned for the council, and my wife's duties at the castle.", Arlen replies politely to the inquiry, nodding to Robben as well when the man joins them. His attention is on Eoin though. "I assumed you would wish to see me, Commander."

Eoin smiles back to Senga as she confirms his query, then nods at the additional comment about being further from Laniveer. Her question provokes a quick glance towards Robben, as he likely can give a better responce before offering his own. "Quiet enough of the last few days, but I only docked myself a few days ago." Swinging his attention to Arlen then he nods once before replying, "I could do with a chance to speak with both you and Captain Mowbray. We need to compare logs and see what ournext course of action shoudl be. Ideally before Coucil, so it can be discussed ther if needs be, but certainly before any of us put outto sea again."

Senga might briefly tighten her hold onto Arlen's arm just along enough to convey the briefest of messages between them. Otherwise, she maintains the pleasant smile while looking to Robben with a shake of her head, "He did not return with us, to my knowledge. He may have set out after our departure and will be here before the Council convenes."

Robben nods as he hears what's being said, expression turning a bit distant very briefly, before he smiles, "I hope he will be back here soon then." It's said a bit quietly, as he looks between the others for the moment. Letting the two naval people speak on their matters for now, it would seem.

Arlen inclines his head to Eoin. "Of course, I'm at your service, whenever it suits you, Admiral.", he says simply. He does notice his wife's signal and looks as shifty as every husband down the centuries when he finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. "I… uh… yes, we'll have a discussion. I just hope I won't end up in Laniveer again. They might not treat me this kindly a second time."

Tilting an ear briefly to the news about the Duke, Eoin entirely misses the non-verbal conversation, his mind too focused on Senga's words instead it would seem. Robben's sentiment is mirrored with a small nod of his own but it's apparent that his attention is mostly onthe Kincaids. "I hope none of us end up in Laniveer," he replies sincerly, "or at least, not while it's under Stewart control." A faintly knowing smile offered to all concerned before he returns to the specifics. "There is a lot of sea for us to cover, and thre is also the Western Fleet which is likely to be heavily engaged soon, if it is not already. Jadda are not known for being shy with their raiders."

Kieryn wanders into the courtyrd of the castle, his first trip outside of his house since he was returned to Stormvale after having been missing at sea for a couple of weeks. He glances around at the people gathered and gives a wave.

Senga wisely says nothing more on the matter of the brief squeeze that her fingers elicited along Arlen's arm, instead nodding and lightly moving to disengaged her hand from his arm. "Shall I leave the two of you to speak of ships, Arlen? I would not lack for anything to do, I assure you." Not with an entire castle at her disposal, of all things. "But you are right. Any further captures should be avoided. It does make me feel comfortable in knowing that nothing untoward has happened here while we were away."

Robben just nods in quiet as he listens to what's being said now, offering a quiet nod and a half-smile in Kieryn's direction as well, when he spots the man. He remains quiet at the moment, though.

"People are too scared of you to put one foot wrong in your absence.", Arlen winks at Senga, trying to ease up the situation. "And please, there is no need to depart for our sake. I am sure we can congregate soon within the castle walls and in the company of some good wine, can't we?", he asks Eoin hopefully. And look, there's Kierne. He lifts a hand to greet the man, smiling a little. "Just who we need…"

"None that I am aware of at least," Eoin states to Senga with another polite smile. He'll leave the decision on who goes were to the pair themselves though, turning instead to greet Kieryn with a nod. "Captain, good to see you out and about as well. I was planning on stopping by later to visit with my sister. I trust she is well?" Then with a tilt of his head towards Arlen, "we were just boring Lady Senga and Lord Robben here with ship talk."

Kieryn salutes Eoin and Arlen and bows to Senga and Robben, "How can anyone find the talk of ships to be boring?" he raises an eyebrow and chuckles some, "Yes, Lis is doing fine as far as I can tell, she hasn't let me out of her sight much lately, but I guess that is to be expected. "Good day Lad Sengas, Lord Ruxton." he sighs a little, "Though I am down to one ship now myself, but the Darkstar did fine."

"I have had many years of ship talk," Senga remarks to Eoin ruefully, remaining by Arlen's side with the slightest tilts of her head. Scared is it? "Perhaps. Or they have other things on their mind." To Eoin, she adds. "I shall live through a bit more of such talk, assuredly. However, there is quite the.. knack for sailing that not everyone has." Namely, herself. "Hello, Captain."

Robben lets out a quiet sigh now. "Not that bored, it's just that I don't have any input to offer to something like that," he says, offering a brief smile now. Another nod is given to Kieryn. "Captain."

"I know you have, my dear.", Arlen acknowledges his wife's long suffering with a warm smile, "At least you still have your ship.", he then looks to Kieryn and sighs, "I've lost not only my ship but many a good man. I still need to write several letters to grieving widows in Lakeshire."

Eoin gives Kierne a shallow nod then replies "I can't say I blame her, by all accounts the pair of you," a nod to Arlento indicate he's meaning his fellow captains rather than Kieryn and Elisabeth, "have had enough adventures for all of us this past month or so." Adventures he's not entirely keen on any of them repeating. As Robben speaks p he gesutures to the man and offers, "perhaps then, you could fill us all in on what has been happening here in Darfield during our absense? Any incidents of note?"

Kieryn nods in agreement to Arlen, "I've had to do that as well for the men of Weston fromk the Dawn. I don't remember much unfortunately." he sighs a bit and nods in agreement to Eoin next "Well, I dont plan on going out anytime soon, unless told I need to, at least not until after our child is born, I have to be home for that. I don't think Lis would forgive me if i wasn't there." he eyes Eoin a few moments and then turns to listen to Robben since he's curious about that too.

The mention of recent occurrences in Darfield is, quite honestly, of more interest to Senga as her attention turns to Robben's direction. The remark from Arlen regarding the letters to write, however, do find her falling quite silent and willing to listen.

"Ah, not much," Robben replies, before he adds, "At least not much that I know about, to be honest. I've just been trying to get myself back in shape after all that's happened in the last few months." A brief grimace offered again now. "Seemed oddly quiet, all things considered."

Arlen, too, looks interested to hear the news from Darfield proper, then mhms at Robben's news - that aren't really news at all. "I would assume that the quietness is owed to the fact that many are still absent, fighting battles at various fronts. Or injured. Or…" Nope, he's not going there. Instead he places a hand on Senga's shoulder to squeeze it gently. "Shall I accompany you back to the castle, my dear? I can then give orders to have a lunch prepared for our meeting." He looks back to Eoin and Kierne to indicate which meeting he means.

"I can't promise you anything," Eoin warns Kieryn, yes, he knows his sister will likely kill the pair of them, but theres that whole 'defense of he realm' thing. A glance to Arlen though and he adds, "we'll have to see." Fingers crossed and all that. Sensing there won't be much archery in the near future he shifts his weight so he can destring his bow and then slips off his shooting glove. "Quiet is not a bad then," he offers to Robben with a flash of a smile before nodding his understanding to Arlen. "I shall seek you out shortly then, may I suggest the council chambers? Then we will have space to spread out the charts as we consider."

"A light lunch? I need to see to matters that have transpired while we were away." Spoken to Arlen whose hand rests gently on her shoulder, Senga and her husband may be preparing to step away but not for leisure. "You need to prepare, if nothing else," she says with a look to Eoin and Kieryn alike before including Robben in her words. "I am sure that I will at least speak with some of you later."

Robben nods a little as he hears what's being said now, but keeps quiet for the moment. Looking between the others again, as he starts standing up from his seat at the bench again now.
"Come along then.", Arlen smiles and drops his hand from Senga's shoulder, so she can take his arm again. "Gentlemen… I look forward to seeing you for lunch in a while." He bows to Eoin and Kierne, nods to Robben as well and starts back for the castle with his wife.

Preceded by several of the Rioga, Tyrel steps out into the hot summer day. The young crown prince, Ciel, is held in the King's left arm while his right hand waves away an attendant. "Enough, he will not burst into flame for taking a little sun." The nursemaid bites her lip and tucks the bonnet behind her back. The other two children, Tylar and Laela wear are borne by servants and wear their bonnets dutifully. Tyrel stops for a moment his eyes roving across the courtyard as he takes stock, then he gestures again and the guards, nurses and king and infants set off towards the towers and castle wall.

"Good day." Spoken to all three men with a curtsey bobbed in their direction, Senga turns to be led away on Arlen's arm but not before properly curtseying deeply to the royal procession.

Returning Arlens bow, Eoin offers one to Senga too before he spots, or rather firt he hears, the approach of the royal party. Hand over his heart he bows low as protacol dictates, noting out of the corner of his eye that Kieryn seems to have drifted off somewhere, no doubt back to his expectant wife. "Your Majesty," he offers as the party passes close, then, to the next generation of Kilgours, "our Highnesses." Okay, they're likely too young to understand, but that's by the by.

Stretching momentarily, Robben stops doing so as he spots the arrival of the King and his children, nodding politely to them. "Your Majesty, Your Highnesses," he says, words kept rather quiet at the moment. Glancing back towards the castle, very briefly.

Tyrel lifts his free hand in acknowledgement of the greetings, but continues on towards the castle walls.

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