Thedor 5, 229: Count Vs Baron

Count Vs Baron
Summary: Aldren and Ruthgar are having a spar on the practice field, that soon attracts some spectators.
OOC Date: 05/01/2014 (OOC)
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Practice Fields, City of Stormvale
A barn of sorts stands at one side of this barren field. There is a fence haphazardly built and marking the edges of the fence. The barn is large enough to be used during inclement weather, though it limits the practice to only one event at a time and certainly jousting is not possible. Usually, the barn is used to store wooden archery butts, a couple tables, a few benches, and practice equipment. Weather permitting, this is the area where the town guard and those who cannot afford better practice areas come to practice arts martial - melee, unarmed, archery or some combination therein.
5th day of Thedor, 229

The dirty sky that accompanies the day is dry at least. The practice grounds are a hard mangled mess of frozen mud tracks. But that does not stop the men from thier training. All manner of blunted weapons are being thrusted on men's backsides and such as the preperations for war continue.

The Count of Greenshire is one of these people as he is sparring with another Granarian. He has been out here since early this morning after a rather odd introduction yesterday. Seemingly he had a little steam to blow off as none seem to eager to take up against him after his last foe has fallen. "HArlik!" He shouts to his guard. "Come on old man!" The /old man/ shrugs and seems none too pleased about it. A short bout ensues that leaves the younger Count reigning blows down on the man as he yeilds to the blunted club meant to represent a mace.

Aldren is all sweats now and he looks about for something to drink. Looking over at his sister he says, "Not bad, huh?" He winks at her now and smiles as he sips at some delivered drink, wine no doubt.

Brendolyn leans against the fence, her arms resting along the top most railing. As her brother tosses her a wink, she chuckles softly. "What has gotten into you today, brother? I am almost pleased not to be inside the fence." The girl glances back over her shoulder to where her guards stand. Her maid is, of course, present as well and watches with quite, if frustrated, patience. "I am sorry that I did leave so early last night but I thought it would be easier for you to catch up with your friend without someone gawking."

Ruthgar arrives from the direction of the castle, and his attire of training leathers and the wooden practice sword he carries telling he did not come to watch alone. Above his martial attire he wears a black woollen cloak against the chill. Pale grey eyes scan the practice field until they come to linger on the Count, and the Ruxton will approach with a smirk on his face. "Good morrow, Count Aldren," he greets casually, leaving Aldren the time he needs for his refreshment. Brendolyn will receive a polite bow from the Rioga. "My lady. I don't believe we have met. I am Ruthgar Ruxton." The introduction is offered in a soft and friendly tone.

"Nonsense. You mustn't run out like that. I would have you make friends as well." Aldren does not say that it would be friends of the opposite sex he would have her make in the way of arranged marriages but…It may be implied. He looks as though about to continue but then Ruthgar is there. "Ahh! Baron. This is my sister, Lady Brendolyn." He says proudly. "I daresay. To you come to offer me some challenge? These sorry fools cannot." He casts a hand over his men with a grin.

Some things do not require saying. Brendolyn is all too aware that her days are numbered with that regard. As she is introduced, the lady offers a curtsy from her side of the fence, smiling warmly to the man. "It is a pleasure to meet you, I am certain, Baron. Please, I pray you…" She gestures towards her brother as she straightens once more. "If you would, give him good sport and challenge. I would not have him returned to our family's quarters with so much pent up energy still. That is how one does get into trouble." A wink is given to her brother. She should know, after all.

"Offer you a challenge?" Ruthgar chuckles, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "I would think so. It's why I came here, actually, after our conversation from yesterday eve. "And if I do you some favor in agreeing to this, the better even." When Brendolyn returns his greeting so amiably, Ruthgar cannot help but smile. "I will do my best, my lady, to follow your request." He moves to the other side of the fence and walks over to where Aldren's opponent was standing before, his steps surefooted and radiating a certain confidence, before he turns to assume an adequate fighting stance. "Ready whenever you are, my lord."

The Count just smirks at his sisters comments and before he turns away messes up her hair. The Flagon of wine pitched to her as well as he dons his little half helm and takes the circle. Dragging his weapon on the ground he will circle non-chalantly. His legs not bent or anything. "A famed knight of the Rioga! A formidable opponent inde—" He does not finish though as he lunges forward, the club above his head and sended down to his shoulder.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=bludgeons Vs Ruthgar=defense
< Aldren: Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

Brendolyn is leaning against the fence with her maid and guards in tow. As her brother ruffles her hair she pulls back and laughs, her hands lifting to make adjustments. Not that they get the chance. The wineskin is thrown her way and she must shift gears to catch it. The young lady manages to get her hands on the vessel, sending a narrowed but playful gaze at the retreating form of her brother. As he begins the fight rather suddenly, she finds herself grinning. Feeling good, Bren lifts the wineskin to her own lips and takes a drink.

Ruthgar's pale grey eyes watch the Haravean count intently, and so that sudden lunge forward is indeed noticed and the strike parried, when the Ruxton's sword moves upwards just in time to intercept the blow. "Not a bad start," the Rioga will comment, his tone still polite and calm, before he will start an attack of his own, swinging his sword in a feint towards Aldren's shoulder before he actually tries to deal him a strike to his legs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Aldren=Defense
< Ruthgar: Good Success Aldren: Great Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Solid Victory

The Count isn't /that/ old. He grins at the feint and steps back a hair narrowly averts the strike. A grin is given to the man and he says, "Well-played. But a tad slow." His own weapon twirling in his hand he wonders for a second why he did not grab a shield? Oh well, naught to do now save use both hands and offer the weapon to the man's abdomen in the form of a thrust.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=bludgeons Vs Ruthgar=defense
< Aldren: Good Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Having chosen to venture outwards, the amount of guards that shadow after Nylie have increased to at least three, and it would seem in deference to age and cold weather, her usual maid has been replaced by two younger attendents. Whatever her destination has been something seems to have drawn her towards the practice yards, perhaps simply the clash of sparring or perhaps it was the sound of Alren's barationes upon the wind, whichever it was…Nylie is found to be quietly settling to a spot along the outer fence to observe.

Tyrel enters with his entourage. He and his guards guide their horses to the side and use the height to survey the field, discussing quietly amongst themselves what they see.

Stepping out from the castle itself, Robben looks around when he sees someone doing the sparring now. Seeing that it's his brother, he smiles, walking over to watch in quiet for now.

They see…..Aldren and Ruthgar sparring in the ring with Brendolyn, with her guards, watching at the fence as well as a recently arrived Nylie, with guards and attendents as well.

"Aye, a tad slow," Ruthgar agrees, shaking his head a touch. "I told you, I haven't trained really as much as I should have in the past weeks." The thrust towards his abdomen comes a tad quicker, maybe, because Ruthgar doesn't quite manage to fully parry the blow, only deflecting it in part, and so the mace hits home, but with so little momentum it hardly does any damage beyond that leather armor. An annoyed grunt escapes the Rioga now, his pale grey eyes lose a bit of temperature when he spins around now, his sword swinging upwards and aiming for Aldren's left shoulder. The spectators that have arrived are for now ignored.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Aldren=Defense
< Ruthgar: Great Success Aldren: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

With the sudden influx of spectators, Brendolyn's knees get quite the workout. A deep curtsy is given for each of the Kilgours, whether they look her way or not, and a smaller one for Robben. The wineskin is quickly handed off to her maid and the youngest Haravean dusts her hands off on her skirts before running a knuckle from one corner to the other of her mouth. Nope. No evidence.

Tyrel nods in response to Brendolyn's curtsey when the movement catches his eye.

A faint smile and incline of Nylie's head is offered to Brendolyn when the curtsey is given. "Good day, have they been at it for long?" Inquiring of the other Lady. Offering a bow of her head and curtsy of her own towards her cousin, a bow of her head towards Robben as he joins the spectator pool.

Robben offers a polite nod to the ladies now, not having noticed Tyrel yet, as he keeps on watching the sparring, keeping silent for now.

The thrust seems to purchase little and the Rioga's spin is executed well. The blunted sword finding the Count's shoulder. Stumbling back a scowl comes over his face followed by a grin. "Well placed!" He shouts across to the man before lunging forward again. His own weapon starting low and circling wide for the man's ribs.

Tyrel keeps his distance from the others, only talking quietly amongst his own knights, seeming content to watch from afar.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=bludgeons Vs Ruthgar=defense
< Aldren: Success Ruthgar: Great Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Crushing Victory

"They've only just begun, in truth. You did arrive just in time." Brendolyn's hands lift, remembering the mess her brother had just made of her hair. "Forgive me, my lady. My hair on a good day is a bit dishevelled. When my brother decides to ruffle it, however…. Well, that is another story entirely." The young woman lets her eyes drift back to the fighting. "I know my brother's skill. I have never seen it matched to a knight of the Rioga, though."

The corner of Ruthgar's mouth rises a touch when he sees his own strike hit home. Finally. Aldren's grin is met with his own, he does not let himself get distracted though by the count's shout, anticipating his blow and deflecting it almost effortlessly, it seems. It appears the Rioga has finally found his form again. Whirling about he moves around Aldren with swift steps, almost like a dancer, until he is behind the count, to deal him a blow to his back. Not to cause damage, really, but to make a point.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Aldren=Defense
< Ruthgar: Good Success Aldren: Great Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Solid Victory

"Ah, you must be Lady Brendolyn then," the other one," and it is easily forgiven, I have seen well how the Count can be with your other sisters. " Nylie's gaze settling back to the sparring match as she offers,"I am Lady Nylie," adding as an after thought,"Caedmon's sister." With how few seem to have known he even had one. "Other than his knack for pacing, I cannot say I've seen the Count's skill at all. He seems to be managing well enough so far. " Nylie seeming to have some mild interest and curiosity in the match.

The point is lacking and Aldren only allows the man the briefest of mometns to think he has the upperhand. Anticipating the strike two quick steps are taken forward and he spins himself with the weapon. Speed is a must now and he is not pulling any punches.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=bludgeons Vs Ruthgar=defense
< Aldren: Good Success Ruthgar: Great Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

Tyrel paused only a few moments before continuing on his way, his horse turns about and he and his knights move off.

Robben nods a little to himself as he watches now, shaking his head momentarily. "Stop playing around, Ruthgar, show him how it's done!" It's called out a bit lightly, and the heir of the Ruxton house looks a bit amused at the moment as he watches now.

Ruthgar frowns when he realizes Aldren will not make it /that/ easy for him. Still. Naught can be learned in a too easy fight. He is on his guard, and he has his highly trained reflexes to deflect the blow just in time with his wooden sword. A smirk appears on Ruthgar's pale face when he hears his brother's call, and he attacks again with a thrust aiming for Aldren's midsection.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Aldren=Defense
< Ruthgar: Great Success Aldren: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Marginal Victory

The Count's blow is deflected and the Ruxton quickly counters. The blow finds its way and Aldren grunts as his breath escapes him. Stepping back quickly he bends his kness and begins a small cirlce. "Well…huh…placed." He says again with less enthusiasim as the first time he shouted the words. But, he will not go down that easily…yet. Another lunge forward now but he attempts his own feint, low then high.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=bludgeons Vs Ruthgar=defense
< Aldren: Great Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Solid Victory

The shouting of names aid Nylie in putting a few more pieces into place of those around, but other than the small exchange with the Brendolyn, she does not offer up shouts or cheers of her own. Her eyes following the action of the sparring match between Aldren and Ruthgar. Her pair of attendents however twitter a little, a matter that will no doubt need to be brought to Alyxia's attention.

When he hits home for a second time, Ruthgar shoots Robben a triumphant glance. He is not sure the count will come at him again, but when he does, the Ruxton fails to block the blow, and a curse escapes him. "Bloody Inouv!" The mace connects with his left shoulder, causing a wave of pain that has him wince. "That was /well placed/, count." The tone still low but maybe a bit menacing, the pale grey eyes cold. Then the sword is swung again, despite his left shoulder feeling like it would explode with pain, aiming for Aldren's chest, but then not really, as the baron turns the blade to aim towards Aldren's legs instead at the last moment.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Aldren=Defense
< Ruthgar: Good Success Aldren: Great Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Solid Victory

It seems the Count sees the move coming as it looks familiar. This time he hops over it and attempts to plunge straight into the man, shoulder first with the club low and turned horizontaly. Ahh, the heat of battle. Surely adrenaline lends itself as the man shouts, "Place this!" Just good-natured competitiveness surely mixed with pride and the hatred of losing.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=bludgeons Vs Ruthgar=defense
< Aldren: Good Success Ruthgar: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Crushing Victory

Robben smiles as he watches, expression still a bit thoughtful as he looks between the others now.

Certainly not the sort of entertainment she gets out of her regular tasks, everyone needs something new in the life now and again right? Maybe. Nylie's eyebrow rise a little as the lastest manevours being pulled off between the two men.

Brendolyn winces a bit on her brother's behalf, even though there is no contact. "I shall need to raid the infirmary before we return to quarters," the lass ventures, one corner of her mouth twisting up as she grins. Her gaze returns to the Kilgour lady and she inclines her head. "Brendolyn, yes. That would be me. It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Nylie. I could not stand another moment cooped up inside. Braving the cold for a change of scenery… It is good to know that I am not the only one."

Ruthgar parries the blow, as his Rioga routine helps him to bring his wooden sword again between himself and the mace. Although again waves of pain make hime wince from the impact when their weapons connect. At the same time is foot moves to kick against Aldren's, which will at least make him lose his balance or distract him a little. Then his wooden sword is brought down again, in a blow that will aim for the count's ribcage.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Aldren=Defense
< Ruthgar: Great Success Aldren: Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

The younger man proves quicker, definitely better trained it would seem. The sweeping of the leg is executed and Aldren goes down - hard - the following blow purchases into his ribcae and he winces. On the ground he shouts, "YIELD!" Laying there on his back he huffs and puffs looking up at the man, "Well fought, Sir."

Keeping quiet for a while longer, Robben watches the happenings, before he starts applauding a bit slowly as he sees the end result of the fight. "Well fought, both of you," he offers, with a smile now.

A faint smile actually comes,"You might at that, if your sister is not already waiting." Nylie notes,"I have noticed how they can be." Her gaze shifting to Brendolyn for a moment,"As it is a pleasure to have finally met you. And you are indeed not the only one. I have braved some trips into the gardens, but I thought to venture a bit further for once. " This time Nylie does have to wince a little as Aldren goes down…hard. Enough to even yield. Rising her hands to clap for the well fought match.

Ruthgar stands above Aldren, beads of sweat running down his forehead, his breath going quick still because of the exercise. He will drop the wooden sword, accepting the yielding of the count with a nod, while his right hand will be extended towards the man to help him up. "You fought well, Count Aldren. Better than I had expected." The tone is polite, the smile friendly, now that the spar is over. "I thank you for the match." Then his right hand will move to his left shoulder. "Quite a hit you managed to deal me there, count." He chuckles, but his mien cannot hide he is in pain. A bow is offered to all present. "Forgive me, but I fear I have to seek out a healer of sorts." His brother is spared another glance. "Nothing serious, really, Robben. Still I think my shoulder should better be checked."

Brendolyn turns towards her maid, a hand extended for the wineskin. The young lady remains at the fence, dangling the skin over the edge for her brother now that the spar has ended. "Well done!" she calls out approvingly. "Both of you. Well done indeed." Her brows knit as Ruthgar holds his shoulder. Despite his assurances, concern finds her features and she gives a small curtsy to the man as he departs. Blue eyes turn towards her brother and her features soften. "You did not embarass yourself."

Aldren easily accepts the hand and stands. He allmost clasps the man on the shoulder but thinks better of it after his words and mannerisims. "You too Sir. I feel sorry for any LAnnies who cross your path in the coming months." He hears the mans brother now and says, "Lord Robben. Thank you. IT has been some months." He smiles and nods to the heir now be fore grabbing his side. Doing his best to play it off he only minimaly haunches over. He nods back at Ruthgar. "I should do the same." Bre is now addressed and he says, "Perhaps not…" He does not sound so sure and her words reignite sore loser syndrome, though briefly.

Robben nods a little as he hears Ruthgar's words, offering his brother a quiet smile.. "Of course, Ruthgar. Let me know what they say?" Looking between the others again now, he offers them a quiet smile.

The bit of clapping ends, and even if there was that wince, perhaps somewhere inside, getting to see Aldren laid out like that makes up just a little for him laughing at her. Though with the young Lady's attention now directed to her brother with the match over. And both seeming to need a bit of a visit to the infirmary, Nyle falls back into her more common silence. A slight incline of her head simply offered to the Count and Baron in turn now that they are moving about.

Brendolyn's brow furrows once more as her brother makes it evident that he's in pain. "Badly bruised or do you suspect that you've cracked something?" she queries, straightening a bit as she looks him over. "Here. Take a drink and then we shall go to the infirmary, Or I can look at it," the lass offers.

Ruthgar smirks at Aldren's comment. "Aye, true. I can hardly wait to make them pay for their insolence," he replies, before his gaze flits to Aldren's side, when he realizes he may not be the only one in pain. "Certainly, brother.", he says in Robben's direction before he moves off the practice field grabbing his wooden practice sword from the ground on his way.

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