Sheat 29, 229: Council Meeting

Sheat 29, 229: Council Meeting
Summary: Council Meeting Notes:
Status reports from the Great Houses
Logen to lead a company of men to champion house Kilgour.
Albion to act as refuge for noble children, Caedmon and Wenna to spend more time at Albion.
Missives and letters to the King have gone missing, Baron Geralt to investigate.
Prisoners of war and debt to labor on the roadworks.
Laniveer and Jadda appear to have joined forces, more to come at military meeting.
Conversation on Kundari deferred until next session.
OOC Date: June 12, 2014
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Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
It is day 25 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

Tyrel moves through the council chamber a quick curt gesture towards any who begin to bow or make other gesture to prevent them from standing on formality within the confines of the chamber. His guards flank him to his seat then move away, a pair of servants bring forward his cup and bottle as well as several of the slates he uses for notations and figures.

As people have returned to Stormvale, surely word had been heard about the various Kincaids that can arrived, though it would seem that Aidan may not been amongst them for it is the Duchess of Lakeshire that arrives to the Council's Chambers to attend as the representative of Lakeshire and House Kincaid. The woman wears a dress of black with some accents of silver to it, a simple style as has always been her custom. Though it perhaps hangs a little loose on her form. A bow of her head is offered to those already gathered before she moves to take up what seat might customarily have been taken up by the Duke of Lakeshire.

Geralt, Baron Ewing and Master of Spies, had long ago arrived to the Chambers to settle to his seat and allowing him to take in each of the other Council members or their representatives as they arrived. The man man a nod or slight tick as each came in.

Sir Shepard Kerrigan, Deputy Marshal, moves into the Council Chamber with just a few pieces of parchment in hand. A few notes…just in case. He moves to his seat, offering a nod of greeting to those assembled (after his attempt at a bow is cut short by Tyrel's "cut it out" gesture).

Eoin has had a long day already and he looks tired for it. Duties down at the docks have kept him busy since before first light and if someone hadn't reminded him of the time and sent him up to the castle he'd likely have missed the meeting all together. Having nothing in particular to present he arrives unladen by parchments, offers a deep bow to the King and once that's acknowledged he moves to take a seat towards the far end of the table. It only once he's settled that he scans the room for the other faces, blinking in momentary surprise at Nylie's presence. Oh the questions he could ask right now, but now is neither the time nor the place and so he stores them away for later.

Tyrel calls the Council to order as all are assembled by the simple expedient of raising his hand and beginning to speak. "Each of the Great Houses will give their report, in brief, on their lands and business. Darfield is doing well, the crops are better than expected and the mines rich with ores, our goods find home in many markets, including some of yours, but losses to the war have been unacceptably high, some of these losses were result of the murderous actions that took place here in the castle and surrounding areas. Goods being brought into Darfield have suffered due, I believe to our nearness to the Laniveer coast with merchant ships being unwilling to sail so close to what they perceive to be contested waters. I wish your input into some portion of this when we speak of new business later in the meeting." He gestures to the assemblage. "In whatever order pleases you but in good time. Report."

Attired in Kincaid colors of black and silver, it's the latter which comprises the trim of Senga's gown as she takes her seat at the table. With the curtsey already taken care of, she falls into silence with the beginning of the meeting.

Ronan has arrived back in Darfield just today. The Duke of Sutherland has remained in the field, not having returned to spend time with his new wife. The Duchess Roslin is rumored to be dealing with Sutherland's concerns as well as with the Duke's steward, Sir Jarvice. The Marshall arrives now in time to hear Tyrel speaking. Ronan gives a nod to several in the chamber whom he knows if they catch his eye, but otherwise takes his seat without a word. Rosley lays a folio on the table for his Duke, tastes his wine ere he pours it, then bows and removes himself from the chamber as the business gets underway.

At the moment, as the only Forrester present, Brienne had arrived early and as others join in she nods politely but keeps her seat. When the King arrives, she does move to stand but is deterred by the movement from Tyrel and so she remains in place, though her head dips respectfully. As he gets right into business, she readies a parchment and a quill, prepared to take notes for herself.

When there is the call to give the state of the Great Houses, Nylie moves to speak for House Kincaid and Lakeshire,"As most are aware, Laniveer forces while held off at Crosswyds continue to lauch attacks into Northern Lakshire. We continue to stage from Fenway and face the continuing incursions. "There is a slight pause before she continues, the woman seeming to have no need to consult parchments as the report is given,"Several groups of sympathizers were discovered helping rogue Laniveer soilders, they have been hunted down and swiftly dealt with." How exactly is not gone into, surely everyone has heard by now about the heads upon pikes. Right? "As will come as no surprise, the attacks have seen the ruin to several towns and hamlets, and disrupted trade on many levels. Most of our farming lands will see no crops this year due to the on going attacks. Already leading on to food shortages and unrest amongst the common folk, especially within the northern areas. Stores are being distributed to try to cover where possible, but we will be seeking to expand trade to help make up for the shortages. I shall be seeking meetings with those who are agreeable in the coming days." Giving a bow of her head to Tyrel before resettling and awaiting the reports of the others, or questions concerning her own.

Shepard Kerrigan glances to Eoin with a bit of a questioning look, and Eoin nods back at him. Shepard nods in return, and glances to his notes before rising to his feet, clearing his throat, "As Count Aldren Haravean is presently in Greenshire, I speak in his Excellency's stead." A moment's pause before he continues, "Greenshire continues to stage forces for the reinforcement of Lakeshire and Weston, with present efforts focusing more upon the latter, though some men have already traveled to Lakeshire to assist with the fighting at Crosswynd. As the county tends to be more removed from the heaviest fighting, we have focused upon reinforcing our coastal defenses, and we have been extensively drilling our forces in the heartland under the eye of my Lord Father and Count Aldren. We have an abundance of food stores…" He glances to Nylie, "And I will speak with Duchess Kincaid on the matter following the meeting so that we may alleviate their need. Nothing further." He nods towards Tyrel, and re-seats himself as well.

Eoin lets Shepard speak as he has been far to busy focusing on what going on at sea to have time to think on Aldren. Too many missives of his own to read to keep up with those of the county too. The Kerrigan gets a faintly relieved smile as he gives the account and then his eyes flick acrosss to Nylie as the food supplies are mentioned. Good. It's something he would have done, even if Aidan and Alrden were literally at each other's throats rahter than their usual figuratively, but coming from Shepard there can be no claim of bias or influence on his part regarding the decision.

Ronan listens to the first reports as they are given. He awaits his turn and once there is a pause, he moves to stand. A hand smooths his doublet, "Southerland is mostly untouched by the war. Ships lent to us by Lakeshire see that our coasts are kept safe and trade, especially along the southern coasts, continues without interruption. Our crops, our timber, mining, and herds promise a good year. Our new shipyards, both of them, are well under way. Both Sir Jarvice and the Duchess Roslin keep things in Sutherland well in order." The Duke pauses, then continues in his deep baritone, "As for myself, I have worked with my uncle, Duke Aidan, and my Deputy Marshal, Sir Shepard to see that Crosswynds was taken and held. Laniveer forces in the east were for the most part broken, and those who survived broken into smaller units that skirmished south into Lakeshire as the Duchess reports. I myself went west to Lord Ruxton where I have spoken with Jon at length concerning the Jadda forces as well as further strength of Laniveer that seems for the breath, to be held back." But for what reason, Ronan doesn't guess. "I have two thirds of Sutherland forces yet in Sutherland. One third can be moved up where and when needed. My original northern forces took losses but are yet fairly strong." There is a nod to Nylie, "Sutherland will pledge you grain and fish." With that, the Duke retakes his seat for the time being to listen.

Nylie gives her attention to the reports being given by the others, the occasional note being made to a bit of parchment. Though when she does take in Eoin where he had taken seat, there is a incline of her head towards him and brief turn of a smile. Though with the report from Shepard on Greenshire, she inclines her head acknowledging his offer and likely already ensuring time is set aside for them to speak. Nylie likewise inclining her head to Ronan as he makes a pledge of aid from Sutherland in the form of grain and fish.

Geralt simply listens on as each of the Great House give reports. He gives attention to each of the speakers in turn, giving added attention to his liege's woman when she speaks for House Kinciad.

Tyrel gestures for conversations to finish as representatives of the other houses finish their reports, "Your timely reports are appreciated and we will look to discuss those matters brought forth as we speak of new business. Prior to that I have three matters of which I wish you aware. The first is the deployment of Prince Logen Kilgour as a champion of the house of Kilgour. He will be dispatched to where the fighting is fiercest to ensure the successes of Mobrin's armies and uphold the knightly codes of chivalry seeing those prisoners and spoils taken in battle are ransomed to those families who hold to the true civilized ways of warfare. The company he will assemble will be comprised of volunteers who wish to join him in this endeavor to earn such glory, recognition and reward as comes of knightly pursuits."

Tyrel pauses to sip at his mead, "For the second I wish to announce that the Baron and Baroness of Albion, Caedmon and Wenna, will be spending much of their time there. They have already taken into their care several noble children and I have asked them to prepare Albion as a respite from the war for any noble child who finds themself bereft of family until permanent arrangements can be made. Prince Mikhal Kilgour will go to study under the tutelage of Caedmon to learn of the barony and to garner wisdom that may serve him well should he someday take place as Voice of the King."

Tyrel sets his cup down and presses his fingertips together in front of himself as he takes a breath to finish, "For the last, it has come to my attention that missives sent have failed to arrive with unacceptable frequently. Baron Ewing will be looking into the matter, to assist him in his efforts each of you will provide him a list of those missives sent to my attention within the last month and the method of delivery, with the name of the servant should you recall it. I have not decided whether I should prefer to discover it is ignorance or intrigue that is causing this problem but I look to the Baron and you to sort the matter. With that, it is time for new business. Bring forth what matters you wish. To my mind we need speak of trade between the great houses, which calls to mind the roadways planned which would ease the shipment of foods and other goods between us. What matters come to your minds?"

Eoin is only mildly interested in the news about Prince Logen, and then more because he's a Kilgour than anything else. Knights and such? Really not his field of interest. He nods as the words are spoken though, keeping the information in case it should ever become needed. The news of Caedmon and Wenna gets a more interested look though, one of surprise mixed with curiosity. He knows his cousin, and that news has definitely set his 'there's more to that then we've been told' senses tingling, but a quick glance round settles his mind to take that up with her directly later. He seems similarly surprised by the news of missives going missing. Having sent none he cannot provide any information to the hunt but he does glance across to Baron Ewing anyway. Perhaps that's why he's heard nothing from Aldren?

Geralt nods from his place after Tyrel brings up the matters of communications and the investigation he has begun undertaking. He spares a look for each of those present taking in expressions that might have him following up with some sooner than others.

Ronan lifts a dark brow faintly at various of Tyrel's points but he makes no comments right off. He picks up his wine that Rosley had poured, Sutherland red, and tastes of it. After a pause, he says, "Any Sutherland noble children who's kin are killed in the war are more likely to be retained in Sutherland, Your Majesty. There is no need to send them closer to the fighting. We look after our own." The Duke's dark eyes look to others here who represent their Houses and is likely betting they'll feel the same. His own gaze settles on Geralt and he gives the man a nod, having worked with him before. "What comes to my mind is concern yet for what Jadda and Laniveer forces are up to. I would know what the Master of Spies has to share for updates upon those matters with us?"

Remaining mostly silent for the meeting so far, Brienne's hand stills and she just listens with her hand poised over the parchment, turning her head and looking to the others each in turn as they speak. She's not familiar with a few of them though she'd seen most in passing at one wedding or another. It's when Geralt looks at her and she returns the glance that her lips hitch in a semblance of a smile. His position within the council made him interesting by default and only when the Sutherland Duke speaks does she look away from Geralt and to the Duke.

Nylie takes a few notes concerning the matters Tyrel speaks upon, the calm expression held through the matters of Logen as well as those concerning the potentially missing communications, neither seeming to draw a surprise from her. Though they had been dealing with their own problems with communication in Lakeshire. However, the middle topic concerning her brother and Wenna does have her looking at Tyrel a moment longer, a fraction of a frown showing before she shakes her head and simply makes another notation to the parchment before her. The Duchess does send a glance Ronan's way when he speaks of how the Sutherland children will be retained there, knowing to well that Duke Aidan will likely have similar sentiments. It was no secret there was no love lost between her husband and brother.

Tyrel responds to Ronan, "Albion will be for those children whose caretakers are not so easily found, Duke Ronan, those of the Laniveer or those whose families are lost entirely. Those who are of Sutherland are clearly in your care but should need arise Albion will be ready. So we have two matters of new business so far, news of Laniveer and Jadda and our Roadways, though full military discussions will be held at the military meeting later I agree we could use an update should any intelligence of a general sort be available. Are there any other topics to discuss?"

Ronan respectful incline of his head is given to his King, "Of course, Your Majesty."

Shepard tilts his head, looking curious, "Your Majesty, will Prince Logen's command be independent of the normal chain of command?"

Geralt takes in each of the looks that come his way, the man quirks a smile back at Brienne. Not missing a beat when Ronan sends the questoin his way, a wink to the woman as he moves to his feet. As Tyrel speaks on the matter first, Geralt bows his head to his King before turning his attention to Ronan,"There is signs that the Laniveer and Jadda have been meeting and their forces are being set to work to aid one another. Full reports have already been given to King Tyrel on what we know at this time and as he note, we will go into greater detail during the military meeting."

The Duke of Sutherland is satisfied with Geralt's and Tyrel's answers. Ronan looks to Shepard, quite interested in the answer the Deputy Marshal may be given.

Tyrel looks to Shepard answering after Geralt has spoken, "Prince Logen will be acting as a Knight of House Kilgour, under my command and that of the Marshall. Below him are only those men within his company." He then looks between Geralt and Ronan, "I will add to that information that Laniveer, Eldwin in particular, have sought to open communications with many within Mobrin. I will caution you all that Eldwin has rare and capricious in holding such conversations in good faith. If you choose to discourse with him I will not hold such an action against you, as I still hold some hope that even if his madness incurable there may be some of his house and family who see sense in ending this war. Along similar lines I have word that the Kundari have elected to dispense with our treaty as the marriage could not be consummated…that discussion will be tabled until our next session when we have more than rumor to guide our conversation."

Shepard nods, seeming satisfied by the King's answer. There's a curious expression at the mention of Eldwin entreating Mobrinites, but a slight shake of his head at the notion. No doubt trying to get folk of Mobrin to turn coat.

At the mention of Eldwin seeking to hold meetings with Morbinites, Nylie flicks a glance towards Tyrel before Senga, but does not speak up on the particular matter. But then stands to reason Lakeshire would be a prime target for Eldwin to try and 'turn'. She does eventually speak up on the matter of the roads and their progress,"With the continued disruptions from the battles with the Laniveer, the construction of the new roads has all but halted in most areas. Some progress was made prior, but additional progress will continue to be problematic at the time being."

Senga doesn't seem to be affected by the mention of the Laniveer and attempts of possibly swaying Morbinites. Aside from the slightest press of her lips in consideration of this line of action, both of her arms remain comfortably on the edge of her chair.

Tyrel nods, "I'm aware that the lack of manpower has taxed the roadworks. I would like your opinions on using those prisoners that have been taken in battle to work upon the roads until such time as they are ransomed. Similarly such miscreants as are normally stocked or flogged can be sent for a time to serve in labor clearing trees and breaking stone. While I do not expect the greater part of the roadways to be finished for years I have been advised that by concentrating on key segments to improve transport to the Lake, the coast, and to speed travel along the North of Sutherland's mountains we can move such food, supplies and troops as are needed more easily."

Well the meeting definitely took a turn to interesting and Brienne writes a few things on the parchment before glancing back to the Master of Spies then her liege, Harmon before looking to the King. She rolls the parchment and slips it into a pocket before placing another one before her.

Having been there the whole time, Hadrian had remained quiet. He had other things on his mind right now and he barely had paid much attention to any of it. But his thoughts break as he listens to the issues on the road a moment. The thing with the roads gets an approving nod when it comes to the prisoners and all.

Harmon's expression is unreadable as he listens to the King speak. He does nod his head at points perhaps showing agreement or understanding. He doesn't seem to have anything to add to the conversation just yet. He takes notice of Breinne's look toward him, but he says nothing on it.

"I would support such a proposal, Your Majesty, so long as they are not noblemen put to such tasks." As that would be completely inappropriate of course. Ronan gives a nod about the road in general, otherwise.

"It will help see progress being made again, and will see some use made of the prisoners," comments Nylie concerning the matter. "If they are guarded in camps or while working, they do remain under guard. " A nod going to Ronan at his comment,"I would concur, as long as the are not nobleman." There is a pause of consideration,"I would suggest as well, that for those jailed for debts might be offered the opportunity to work off the dept in such a manner, rather then being held until their familiy is able to achieve the sum to have them released."

Tyrel turns to each in turn as they offer their input, "It is in my thoughts to have any nobleman captured in battle offered the opportunity to be ransomed by his family or to be brought before me to swear his fealty. If he is not ransomed and is unwilling to recognize the truth then he will be sent to work upon the roads. Should any Lady be taken she will be held in what comfort is available until such time as her family can ransom her or she swears fealty and is accepted in to a Mobrin family. There are few families I can think of that do not share blood within a few generations."

Ronan does not object. He lifts his gaze to observe the others and await the next piece of business. He does not apparently have any of his own to bring forth that won't wait for the military meeting.

Hadrian almost seemed to be growing a little impatient as he sat there and listened. His mind was completely someplace else. He leans back in his chair and folds his arms over his chest, quiet still for now.

Shepard too, seems to have no further business. As with the Marshal, he will likely have more to say at the military meeting. At Tyrel's proclamation, he nods, mostly to himself.

Nylie offers a simple nod of agreement and understanding when Tyrel gives what his thoughts had been concerning nobility that might end up captured. A faint glance taking in her impatient step-son amongst the occasional glance to a few of the others present. Bringing up no further new business either, much of Lakeshire's attention had been given over to the war efforts. And anything further there would surely be taken up during the War Council.

Tyrel looks from one member to the next, "I will have the Master of Laws draft such documents as are appropriate and have them sent for you to review and provide such counsel as you will privately before they are announced. During such time select from your staff those who will be able to manage such tasks. Have you any additional business you wish to bring forward, if not we will adjourn and have it noted that we will discuss the matter of the Kundari at our next meeting.'

There is not much to input into the meeting for the Vice Chancellor, but with the death of Eldan it does bring the filling of positions to mind. Opening her mouth, Brienne is about to speak before she closes it, opting to wait for the next meeting instead with the mourning and all. "Nothing further from me, Your Majesty."

A few additional notes are taken by Nylie on the last matters, before a slight incline of her head to Tyrel, noting as well,"Nothing further from me at this time, Your Majesty."

Geralt remains silent through the last matters of business. The man nodding on a particular point or two but otherwise keeping to observing the rest of the Council present. He as well having nothing further to bring up at this time.

Tyrel gives a few moments for notes and side conversations to die down, "With that this council is adjourned. Go with the blessings of the eight."

Hadrian nods and comes to a stand. He then bows towards Tyrel, then stands straight. A glance was given towards Nylie as he turns to part, offering a breif smile then one towards Brienne as well. The Lord of Lakeshire then heads for the door, making his way out.

Nylie gives a faint incline of her head towards Hadrian at his glance before he departs. The Duchess soon rising herself, gathering what notes had been taken during the course of the meeting before giving a curtsey towards Tyrel as befitting before seeking to depart herself, likely seeing to arranging follow up meetings with Ronan and Shepard, or at least the correct parties on either side concerning those matters of trade.

Ronan moves to stand after finishing his cup of wine. He bows low and lays his fist over his heart to Tyrel, "Your Majesty." He turns and aye, will gladly follow up with the Lakeshire Duchess in the next few days so sort out those details as necessary. No way the Sutherlander will see his kin in Lakeshire go without food when their stores run out.

As the council dismisses Tyrel returns the bows with a nod of his head before he turns to look out the glass wall towards the sea, he calls one of the servants over. "Have the mason hasten his efforts, I do not wish the walling incomplete when the next council session is called to order."

The smile is returned to Hadrian and she watches him make his way out briefly before rising to her feet herself, gathering her things and seeing herself out just as quietly s she arrived.

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