Sess 34, 229: Council Affairs

Council Affairs
Summary: An emergency meeting of the council ends in chaos.
OOC Date: 20/March/2014
Related: Anything to do with the death of the King and also the nominations to fill the vacant positions.
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Appearance by Lady Naiya Ruxton, Castellan

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Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
Sess 34, 229

The emergency meeting had been called and the first one to arrive and assure everything was set up was Lady Naiya Ruxton, the Castellan. It was she who had initially ordered the lockdown and secured the castle after the bloodbath. She has brought out small pastries and wine for the members and all are in place on small decorative plates and gold cups. It was the least she could do to ensure the comfort of the others present. The Master of Spies is currently not present, since he had been hurt in the invasion and was currently out of operations for the moment. Naiya is standing, welcoming the members in one at a time, wearing a kind and gracious smile, she's wearing a dress in the colors of her own house and it is stiff and straight, almost severely proper.

Black is the mournful garb that the Count of Greenshire wears. His expression matches. Not usually one for such things he is quite punctual for this one and one ofthe first in. "Lady Naiya," He says in greeting. "I trust you are well considering the circumstances?" His arms are placed behind his back now and he remains standing. Servants about? Snap of the fingers for the wine now. Hand held out. Occasionally he will look back to the door, awaiting the others. Who actually shows has been a popular discussion.

The throne at the head of the table is empty and draped in black, with the crown of state resting on a black velvet cushion sitting in it. Two guards, also dressed in black, stand on either side of the throne. In the seat to the right of the throne sits the Voice of the king and Chancellor, Caedmon Kilgour, wearing the black of mourning as well. Beside him is Baroness Wenna Kilgour, his wife. While he waits patiently for everyone to arrive, he nods to each person who enters the room.

"I will enter the room on my own, thank you…" The almost growl can be heard right before a Ruxton servant steps through, opening the door so Robben can hobble in supported by a set of crutches. Another two Ruxton servants follow after him, watching the heir to the house a bit worriedly. Coming to a stop inside the room, Robben nods, first to the Castellan as she is the first person present he notices, then to Aldren and then Caedmon and Wenna as he spots them. Starting to make his way over so he can drop into a seat now, grimacing a bit as he moves.

For the time being black will be the outfit of the mayor of Stormvale as well. Having gotten quite a bit to handle in the city itself, once the news spread about what had happened. Greeting those already present as Zedd moves inside. Not interupting as he hear Aldren speak. "Chancellor." He offers in a calm voice to Caedmon, though eyes to look towards the empty throne briefly.

Seated Wenna moves to waves a servant over. "Hot water for tea please." The servant nods their head. She looks tied and pale. Her long hair fall in a single braid down her back, she is dressed in a dark charcoal grey gown. Around her upper arms are morning bands. She leans back against her seat and offers a nod of her head to all who enter. When Robben enters she keeps a close eye on him. She places one hand beneath to the table.

He arrived a few minutes late but he was here. He makes his way into the room and takes a seat, announcing himself, "Lord Hadrian Kincaid, filling in for my father who is still in route to the city." He says and nods to those here. He didn't know many odf those here but he looks around to see those he does know. He pulls the chair up and sits close to the table.

Kieryn makes his way into the council chambers, since he is acting in place of the Admiral for the meeting. He had to ask for directions to it, since he had never been there before. As he sees the Castellan he asks her where the admiral usually sits, since he'll probably be taking that seat for the night and makes his way over towards it. Trying not to look too uncomfortable , he nods to the others.

"Can anyone be well in these circumstances?" Naiya responds solemnly, lips pursed in quiet disapproval of the circumstances that brought them here together this day. There are indeed a few servants about and his wine is delivered rather quickly. Eyes move unerringly to rest on the empty throne at the head of the table, crinkling quietly at the edges before she tears her gaze away from the mournful sight. A polite nod is offered to Robben, her liege lord, then another to the Mayor of the city. It was certainly a solemn occasion and no false smiles are given. "Please, everyone have a seat and enjoy your refreshments. It will be a very trying meeting, unfortunately." The water request is being tended to now by a servant as soon as it is asked for, so Naiya idirects the Lord to the correct seat, then also moves to take the seat she always uses for the meetings, reaching for her wine.

The Count returns the nod to Robben. Apparently he is purposely ignoring Wenna and Caedmon. Perhaps to keep any gravity from rumors of the council. The wine arrives in his hand now and he drinks from it the smallest of sips. Hadrian, Zedd and Kieryn get their quick nods now before he speaks back to the Castellan. "We shall see." He says to her now. Turning he makes way to his seat. As close as he can get to the throne coincidentally? Now he will give a nod to his sister and Caedmon, staying any words though. Pulling his seat close to the table he straightens in his seat now as he waits for things to gett underway.

Caedmon looks around the room, and after Lady Naiya speaks, he inclines his head to her. "You have the council's thanks, Lady Castellan, for your continuing service," he acknowledges while sliding a cup from before him to Wenna. "As you know, some time ago our king made known his wish that his eldest son, Prince Tyrel, should succeed him. Although his coronation will occur soon, I felt that we should meet, both as a sign to the people that their kingdom is not without order, and to discuss some matters that require swift attention." He looks from face to face while he speaks. "First is the matter of several nominations to fill vacant seats. The king will rule on each nomination, and is under no obligation to accept the nomination. In order to advise him, I wish to hear from you regarding the candidates. If any of you wishes to comment on the nominations, I now open the floor to you to speak."

Hadrian returns the nod to the count as he leans back in his chair. He truly did not wish to be here cause he'd rather be around Emma, talking to her, enjoying the sight of her smile. The young Lord glances around the room a moment. He ponders a few things in his mind while his arms fold over his chest. Hadrian listens to the conversation of such things here. If he had it his way, he's be the ruling party, putting a Kincaid on the throne. He shakes his head at the question of nominations. His father was already on the council, no need for him to speak up on such.

Having reached his own seat, and dumping himself into it, Robben looks between the others once more, and then back at the empty throne for a few brief moments before he looks around. Nodding a bit as he hears Caedmon's words, he studies the man for a few moments extra, before he goes back to simply listening for now. Taking a sip of the wine, to prepare himself for when he will need to speak up.

Zedd nods a bit as he listens, "Well, as for the discussions on deputy marshal I believe that with the recent events an actual marshal would be needed perhaps? Unless the king-to-be wishes to keep that for himself. So my suggestion would be to allow for such, as the only one I know of to have been discussed for such is already a member of the council." He offers before falling silent. To see what others think.

"Thank you my love." Wenna says to Caedmon as she moves to take the offered mug of tea. She picks it up and takes a sip of it before she scoots it back to him so he can drink. She nods her head and closes her eyes for a moment as she listens to everyone speak. A light smile graces her lips. She raises an eyebrow at the mayor when he speaks but so far she is quiet.

Kieryn ponders as Caedmon speaks and blinks for a few moments, since he doesn't know and doesn't remember anything about that in what his brother and Eoin had told him to be prepared for. "Who is nominated, and for what positions?" he asks, well if he's going to speak for Eoin he needs to know some things, right?

ALdren watches as folks sit around, not wanting to speak. A sideways glance to Kieryn, disapproval there on his face. "Had you not sought out any details? Surely you did not expect my cousin to fetch you the details?" He shakes his head and turns to CAedmon. "I for one would see his Excellency the Duke Crawford named for Deputy MArshall. No man here can question his battle prowess or ability to command authority. I could not see a better man for the job as he was a knight long before a Duke and groomed for such things. And I certainly know of no one better to have been noticed by our good king. IT does raise the question as to if our prince will remain Marshall though." He leans forward now. PErople want him at the council meetings? This is what they get.

Ronan has arrived slightly late due to some commotion at the Sutherland suite over a detained trade envoy detained and ired over the lockdown. The Duke enters as quietly as he may and offers everyone in the chamber his respects, a slight bow and brief words of greeting with the Castellan. "Very good to see you unharmed." His man servant, Rosley, trails behind his lord to act his part as poison taster though his left arm is in a sling. The elderly servant prepares the Rioga a cup and once satisfied that the flagon it is poured from is safe, Rosley bows and removes himself to await out in the hall. Ronan moves to take his seat after he has greeted Caedmon, "Good evening, Voice. My apologies for being tardy."

"I disagree. I would not wish to see the Duke Crawford into the position of Deputy Marshall. I would, in fact, like to see him as the Marshall. As was aforementioned, the Prince will be the King and his duties will be of such he would be too busy to see to the day to day running. Perhaps with another as his deputy. Maybe the strapping young Kincaid heir currently filling in for his father." Naiya offers quietly before taking a sip of her wine.

Kieryn shakes his head at Aldren, "I got notes from both the Admiral and my brother, so I have them in duplicate, but I must not have picked up the ones about appointments to positions." he shrugs some and decides to listen for now then, well, it can't be helped, if he didn't find this as part of the itinerary, but he's been busy doing other things, most of which ahs to do with filling in for Eoin as the admiral of the navy and that sort of thing. He takes up his wine glass and takes a sip.

There was an eyebrow raises as he heard his name called out and the word strapping added to it. He was going to disagree as well on his cousin being suggested to such position. But for the moment, Hadrian remains silent. His eyes scanning around the room while watching the reaction of those gathered to the words of the woman known as Naiya. He stays leaned back in the chair with his arms folded across his chest. His question almost expressed on his face, why him? "I thank you for your consideration and if approved, I would do the best in my duties to honor such a title."

Zedd grins and nods to the Castellan, "Which was my point. Even if I failed to show it as such." He offers, seeming a bit annoyed that he sort of failed to offer his point. Shaking his head to try and let it slip. This time. So seemingly wishing to see the duke as a marshal rather than deputy. Grinning a bit to Kieryn but letting it be for now.

Aldren nods along at Naya's words about the Duke. "Agreed. Yes, the king should give the position to Duke Ronana. But I could not back Lord Hadrian for Marshall." Looking to the Kincaid he says, "I was under the impression he has a background more akin to ranging. A knight would be most suitable for such a position that demands daily regiments of training and constant discipline. I would hold more to one such as Lord Charles Leask or Sir Shepard Kerrigan." He looks to Kieryn now. "Understandable. do not allow me to chafe you." He says now, a bit more amiable than his last words to him. A sip of wine now before he looks to Caedmon.

"I agree with Lady Naiya. There are bigger matters for the King to concentrate on, after his coronation." Robben speaks relatively quietly for now, leaning a little towards the table. "Even more with the current events, than usual." A brief pause, at the talk about the deputy now, as he takes another sip of the wine, rather thoughtfully.

"I would not back Lord Hadrian for any position he has yet to prove himself in many ways." Wenna says in a gentle fashion as she reaches to take another sip of Caedmon's drink. "Yet, I would support the position for Duke Crawford as either Deputy or Marshall."

Caedmon looks to Kieryn with more sympathy than some might have shown. "Under the circumstances, we understand that you might have some confusion." Shifting to Zedd and then Lady Naiya, he nods to each and adds, "Several people have recommended Duke Ronan Crawford to assume the role of Deputy Marshall. Now, these two have recommended Duke Crawford for Marshall. If the king wishes to follow that route, I would agree regarding Lord Shepard for Deputy Marshall. I have seen his conduct in the king's service and in training troops here at the castle." He glances to Wenna, and then to Aldren before he adds, "Finally, I have a nomination of my own, for the position of Royal Magistrate."

Hadrian turns his gaze to Aldren, "Then you know nothing of me Count Aldren. Such a position is not just locked to that of a knight as there is nothing written, to my knowledge, that such is locked too. As experienced war veteran and Master of Lakeshire Rangers, I have seen to the training of men who have been very successful on the field." He looks over towards Wenna. "And I am willing to prove myself in anyway needed and if that includes showing my prowess in battle, then I summon forth any man brave enough to test my steel."

Well now, Ronan has hardly taken his seat and picked up his wine cup to taste it than Aldren and Naiya are discussing himself. His dark eyes slip from one to another, then seek to watch Hadrian's face when the Kincaid heir is discussed. The Sutherland Rioga makes no comment as yet. Ronan listens to the others and thinking about whom else may be well qualified. When there is a lull, he muses, "Sir Shepard does seem to have a level head, though I know not what military experience he has … the Baron, Sir Ruthgar Ruxton is a young veteran whom has proven his value in battle. Does anyone here vouch for his military tactics?"

Lady Naiya reaches for one of the little cakes and takes a bit, savoring the taste with obvious relish before she follows it with a sip of her wine. As the discussions continue, she looks between the people, taking in each suggestion without making any moreof her own as of yet. She does not at the words of the Voice of the King, keeping the recommendation for Ronan on the table while Shepard is discussed.

"Count Haravean and I can vouch for the Sir Shepard but I know for myself I cannot vouch for Lord Sir Ruthgar Ruxton." Wenna says in that gentle manner. She looks to Hadrian next. "Do not pick fights in the Council Chamber please young Lord Hardrian, this is not the time or the place. Voice who is your nomination for magistrate?"

Kieryn nods to Aldren, "It's alright, just either I didn't find all the notes they told me about, or they forgot about that one, that's all." he shrugs, "It's bound to happen since they were injured." he then nods to Caedmon, "Thank you, yes I'd say it is a little confusing." he shrugs again as he listens to the others speaking about things he doesn't really know anything about it.

Aldren waves a dismissive hand at Hadrian. "You only further our point. I did not say it was held for a knight. I said it was more suited for one. Even I, a man known to favor rangers would say so." Turning to Ronana h e says, "Sir Shepard is a veteran of our past war, as most men here are. He is known for his grasp of command and tactics, superior too many. AS is his father and it is now wonder. Both have great military minds. Sir Ruthgar I know is certainly a capable warrior. I profess to know little of his knowledge on other areas though."

"Then perhaps with the failure of the knights who were to protect the king, a Ranger would indeed be more suited for the position." He says openly and with balls. Yes, he was picking a fight. It's what Kincaids do. "If you think that I am picking a fight, then perhaps then this discussion is not for you Baroness. Perhaps tea and cakes sitting next to a fire with handmaidens are more your fight." He states to show he does not care for her opinion. He looks back to Aldren, "So my point is, the current status seems like a strong motion to change the current way things are done. So I suggest a ranger, such as myself to hold such a position. Maybe things can be avoided next time."

"I know Ruthgar's skill in military matters far outweighs those of his brother, at least," Robben remarks, before he shrugs a little at the mention of the various candidates. "I think that with all the ongoing things regarding recent events, perhaps it would be best to let the King to be and his new Marshall get a little time to consider who they would want to take the deputy position, to ensure it is someone that will work well with them, since they need to know they can work well together."

"I also believe someone should have the right temperament for the position as well." Naiya mentions in an almost offhand manner, eyes flicking over the Kincaid. "Or we could put up choices for him to decide from," she contradicts Robben in a mild suggestion. As Wenna had asked, she also looks towards

"Lord Hadrian would you like to be removed from the council chambers?" That is how Wenna counters him. "Lord voice, I motions to have Lord Hadrian removed from the council chamber."

The Count looks poisonously at Hadrian when he speaks to his sister. "First of all you arrogant little whelp, a ranger is groomed to 'range'. As far as I know the skills that are taught and utilized are very different. And second you show you do not possess the discipline to instill any in other men. You act like a child." He glares at the Kincaid heir now.

"I second the motion." Aldren adds.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say the truth too loudly that those who know I right yet do not wish to admit it speak up to silence those who could come to lead men in this kingdom better?" Yes, he wanted to be thrown out. He looks to the Count, "Again, you show your ignorance of things you do not know. We are taught to fight range, close quarter combat, as well as tactics in war. Perhaps you should go to the library and read a book or two on Rangers. You might be surprised at what you read." He says strongly. "It takes a man with the strength and the experience to hold such a position. As I stated, I'm ready to prove myself." says Hadrian, standing his ground.

It is so nice to be a happily married man now, with his most urgent concerns for Sutherland addressed and being delt with, no longer left hanging. Ronan is relaxed as he watches and listens to the others. He tastes his wine, studies his cousin Hadrian, but leaves that to the rest to deal with. He fingers his cup, thinking about the position of Magistrate. Hmmm. He finally does raise a brow at Hadrian, "I think it is reasonable to say that the Count Haravean, who's family /supplies/ and trains roughly one half of Mobrin's Rangers, has some idea what he's talking about, cousin. If you are worth the leading of military men who are not themselves also Rangers, then there will be plenty of time in the coming war to prove yourself. It need not be here and now."

<JUDGE> Dair says, "Everyone roll chance"
<FS3> Hadrian rolls Chance: Failure.
<FS3> Ronan rolls Chance: Good Success.
<FS3> Kieryn rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Robben rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Zedd rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Aldren rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Wenna rolls Chance: Success.

"Lord Robben speaks well on that," Caedmon agrees. "That is why we are merely proposing candidates. The king must decide who fits that role best, and I agree that the person must be someone with whom the king and the marshal will work well." One hand drops below the table, apparently into his lap for the moment. "For my own nomination, I suggest Count Aldren as the Royal Magistrate. Although some of you might object that this is favoritism because he is my good brother. You would be wrong. My recommendation comes because I have observed his judicial qualities during my visit to Greenshire. He was firm yet fair, meeting justice to all without regard to the status of the social parties involved."

<FS3> Caedmon rolls Chance: Success.

Robben just shrugs as he hears the nomination now, going back to listening quietly for now. He doesn't seem to have any input to offer at the moment.

"Enough." Comes the words of Zedd, "I might not be a man of war, but I do know structure. Arguing and trying to prove a point through small things as these do not make for a strong leader. As Duke Sutherland says, you will have other times to prove yourself. I am quite certain all here are capable of understanding the situation as it stands." As for the royal magistrate, he dos not say much. Not seeming to be certain where he stand on the matter.

Aldren continues to stare at Hadrian as he speaks. A devilish smirk there that turns to disdain. "Yes. I will try this 'reading a book' notion of yours. PErhaps when I return home I will study up on rangers since I am so ignorant to the fact that they are indeed excellant guards out in the open and there arraignment is certainly designed with open melee in mind." He shakes his head and turns to Listen now. After his own nomination is made he says, "Our Crown prince himself can attest to the fact that we have spoke of this in the past. And, if nor for King Callems own health issues it would have been brought to this council months ago that I may be named Master of laws. Timing is an ill thing sometimes but I think the Duke Aidan is a bit more experienced for the posistion anyways. It would prove fruitful for me to start as maigistare under him I believe and my own record does speak for itself on such matters." Sip, sip.

"I would second the nomination of the Count but I would also like to nominate Duke Kincaid for Master of Laws." Wenna counters the Count. "It is a suggestion."

Hadrian smiles softly to the words of Aldren, seemingly not phased by it, "Yes, my father would indeed by better suited for such a position as we Kincaids already hold so little power here on the council unlike that of the Haraveans as it seems that to me. But what do I know, I'm just a mere whelp who is blinded to the truth of the world. As my father can certainly do a better job then myself, I would be more then happy to learn by his example to grow and prove that the Kincaids stand strong and unitied. But lets remember war is coming. We Kincaids are ready for it, prepared for it, stand for it. With my father as Master of Laws, myself as Deputy Marshall, you'll see a fortified kingdom well protected from the threats of our enemy." He notices no one trying to remove him so he does not let up.

"Lord Hadrian I will remind you are disrupting the council again, please refrain. Lord voice, could you please carry my motion about Lord Hadrian." Wenna says. "Yes, he has been appointed, forgive me I have been working on very little sleep."

"Although I have had some … personal difficulties with the Duke, I believe that he would stand well," Caedmon attests. Again, he gazes slowly around the room. "Therefore, I —" His gaze stops for a moment when it comes to the empty throne. His eyes widen. He takes a slow, tense breath and then bites his bottom lip. He wrenches his gaze from the spot, and he exhales. "I give my endorsement to Duke Aidan Kincaid for Master of Laws."

Ronan gives a small nod to these names put forth, "I would support Count Haravean for Magistrate. And while it had been my understanding that my uncle, Duke Aidan Kincaid had already been awarded the position as Master of Laws, we do have a new King to coronate. Should it be necessary to renominate for Master of Laws, I support these nominations."

There are guards in the room. While many of the King's Rioga were slain or badly injured, Ronan is Rioga and himself looks to see if Caedmon will order Hadrian to be removed. Until that decision is made, he sips his wine and is watchful.

Kieryn shakes his head at the arguing between Aldren and Hadrian, seems like a repeat of what he saw when he sat in on discussions between Aldren and Aidan about the skirmish between sailors that time. He remains quiet though as he continues to listen to the chatter going on around him.

Zedd raises brow at Wenna before shaking his head a bit, before looking to Hadrian again. "As we did say, show that you can do something more than talk then perhaps people would consider you." He offers. Nodding to Caedmon as well. Before he get to say more he does feel himself being a bit heavy.

Aldren goes to sip his wine. The cup falling from his hand as he shouts, "Fuck this Castle! I kne-" That is all he can get out before the wine dribbles off the table and onto his lap, himself powerless to stop it.

Robben looks about to say something, but doesn't. Instead his attention goes to the table, without any words or any other movement at the moment.

Hadrian feels an odd sensation. He had not had any wine or food, "Poiso…" He barely gets the words out before he feels his arms going still and not responded to his will. "What black mag…" He can't finish the words as he finds himself frozen. How he wants to draw his sword! He looks around with his eyes. Some panic and some mixed with anger.

Kieryn blinks since that is about all he can do, since his arms and legs are feeling odd, well, he wonders what is going on, though he is sure he doesn't have even the slightest bit of a clue.

Caedmon .. seemed for a second to act strangely but then that's nothing compared to Aldren's outburst and dropping his wine goblet. Ronan continues to observe the others, ready to get up if his cousin must be removed to do so himself, yet … for some reason, he really doesn't feel much like getting up. Almost like being weighed down, tired. As some of the others panic, the Duke blinks and finds he can't seem to pick up his wine glass. That's very odd. He's a big, strong man, powerful yet somehow … lethargic? The Rioga starts to open his mouth to ask Aldren what is amiss but … well … his dark eyes instead begin to look very carefully about the chamber. He himself is armed but he's not wearing armour. Can he at least call the guards? Ronan is able to think about it yet that is as far as it goes.

Wenna for her part gets a curious look on her face. She utters no sound and then she becomes a statue. Frozen in place as she sits at the council table, there is no feeling. Her mouth feels like it is full of rocks. Her eyes frozen on to her husband as he was the last to speak and act.

"We—" Caedmon says, but that is all that he manages. He tries to speak again. His lips quiver and move, but no sound emerges. His eyes shift for an instant, back to the empty throne, but once there, they freeze so that his gaze rivets to that shrouded black seat with the golden, glittering crown of state resting on its cushion.

Naiya remains unaffected from whatever seems to be ailing the others in the council meeting. In fact, she rises with her wine in hand, moving to the head of the table where the throne is. She places her free hand on the back of it, looking at the others in disdain. "You all pretend to mourn or worship a King that almost every one of you have threatened, in the recent past, to turn your back on. Why not let's all be honest and open about the relief you all feel that he is gone now. He was incompetent in leading us, guiding us to a war that should never be fought. He blindly trusted so many people near him while he was ruthlessly misguided.

Naiya can pretend no more. "The king was not the intended target of the assassins. He was only an added bonus. I have it on good authority that the new bride Princess Draventa and Emerit were the targets along with the Prince Logen. The Moniwid have deceived you all, the marriage should never have taken place. The princess is none other than a bastard with pirates for parents, yet each and everyone one of you have welcomed her as one of you, allowed her filth to grace this precious castle I have given the bulk of my years protecting." With everyone rendered temporarily paralyzed, she continues to look at each one, a fire of hatred in her eyes.

There's quite a few things going through Robben's mind at the moment, none of them quite nice. Then he hears Naiya speak, not seeing her, because he was looking down towards the table, and there's even more shock inside that mind of his. Unable to voice it or anything, he can just listen for now, his own mind working in overdrive at the moment.

He did not know the ones that were spoken about. He shifts his gaze towards the witch who has frozen them in place. He would slice her down if he could. Hadrian watches Naiya and would say something if he could. OH, how he could use such a power in the battlefield. He was too busy with Lakeshire business to know of the Moniwid and the marriage she speaks of. He sees the fire of hatred in his eyes yet he's not the cause of any of this nor did he ever threaten the king. Hell, he'd like to be king himself if such was possible. This was intense.

Aldren jumps up. His intention to strangle this Ruxton wench! At least into unconciousness. But, alas, the drug still lingers and his loose and still unworking legs are not quite fully capable. He spills to the ground. Trying now to fight his way to his feet though it is slow going.

Naiya had not expected the drug to wear off so soon and as they start moving from their positions, sidesteps the fallen count and rushes for the door, attempting to escape.

Because he cannot move, Caedmon's attention has frozen to the throne. He sees Naiya's hand move into view. He hears her words, but can do nothing in response to them. A drop of drool bubbles on the edge of his open mouth, and falls without restraint to the polished wooden top of the table, where it spreads into a liquid disk of perhaps a half-inch in size.

Ronan can't move else he would get up from the table. Muscles would writhe in protest to his being frozen, to see if he can break free of the constraint, to test it. Whether he can move his eyes to try and see her or not, the Duke hears Naiya even if he isn't really familiar with her. Then, slowly, and with an effort, it seems that he can move a little. A muscle twitches, and then he can shift his hand, his boot. A scrape of his chair as he moves to stand, laying his calloused right hand to the hilt of the arming sword he carries, his other hand to the table top to steady himself. The Rioga's dark eyes look to Caedmon, the drug making him yet unsteady as he tries to growl in his deep baritone. And then she's moving for the door to try and escape. With a strength of will, Ronan tries with all his might to move and intercept the woman if he's able to keep his own feet.

Kieryn blinks as he feels able to move again, though he doesn't feel too steady, well there's probably not too much he can do anyway, so he watches the others to see how they are faring. He frowns as the woman tries to leave the chambers though and at the words she had to say to them all.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hadrian=Throwing Vs NPC=4
< Hadrian: Good Success NPC: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

When he feels the effects starting to wear off, he notices his motor skills are not all returned. He notices the woman making a run for it and so he moves his hand with all he has, grabbing a dagger from his pants and slings it towards where she run. The dagger sails through the air and manages to nick the woman as he was aiming for her leg. Hadrian curses at his messed up aim due to the effect he had happen to him.

When all else fails, let out a scream of anguish. Wenna's mouth will not work but she begins to feel feeling and in her tongue. She manages to scream loudly and it is almost blood curdling.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ronan=Reaction Vs Npc=3
< Ronan: Success Npc: Failure
< Net Result: Ronan wins - Marginal Victory

As soon as he's able to move some again, Roben's only movement is to sink together a bit over the table, taking deep breaths, as he does. Not saying, or doing anything else at the moment.

Kieryn doesn't have any weapons on him and might not be any good with it even if he did have one. So he tries another tactic, he's always thinking after all. So, once he finds that his tongue is working again, his eyes widen and he points at the fleeing woman's feet, "Don't step there, there's a snake about to btie you!" he shouts.

The Count regains himself now. Between Wenna's shouts and the others he doubts she will get far. His first move, since she is fairly far off is to turn to his siter. Rushing to her he says, "Wenna!" A look is given to Caedmon as well now and he turns back to see what is happening.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kieryn=subterfuge Vs Npc=4
< Kieryn: Success Npc: Good Success
< Net Result: Npc wins - Solid Victory

In that same moment when Wenna's tongue seems to loosen enough for a scream, Caedmon is finally free from his paralysis. He flinches with such force that the back of his chair pops, and he shouts, "Seize her!" He gains some command of his muscles. He lunges out of his chair toward the throne where Naiya was standing. However, the arm of the throne itself catches him in the stomach, causing him to pitch forward. One hand goes down to break his fall and slams onto the edge of the ornate crown. The upturned prongs of gold slice into his hand, tearing a deep gash across his palm.

His chair is knocked over but it hinders him not. As he was the last one in, Ronan was one of the closest to the Council chamber's doors. His body is strangely sluggish as he moves, dark eyes intent to reach the door and cut off the woman's escape even as Wenna's shriek rips loose to rattle the ear drums. Surely the guards will hear that and come, yet nonetheless the Rioga-Duke manages to block Naiya's run for the exit. Ronan has drawn his sword, the hiss of fine Sutherland steel from the scabbard. "HALT!" He bellows, the single syllable word shouted. With the gleaming blade in his right, Naiya is about to enter into his field of reach if she doesn't stop and backpeddle at once! Ronan gives himself some roon, not to be too close to the doors that he be knocked should the guards come rushing in behind him.

Hadrian growls a little as his dagger did not completely hit his mark. He draws his sword almost a bit wobbly then comes to a complete stand once again. He turns his head towards the woman and notices Ronan moves intercept her. His sword shinning in the light of the candles as he begins to move from his chair, starting for the door to help seize this woman should he need to.

After the scream, which mixes with that of the Castellan and Wenna together, for the Castellan feels the knife blade slice her leg and the mention of a snake… a large group of guards rushes the backside of the closed door. When her way out is cut off, she doesn't go down without a fight. She reaches for knife the Kincaid had provided her with and throws it towards Ronan as he blocks the door.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — NPC=3 Vs Ronan=Defense
< NPC: Success Ronan: Great Success
< Net Result: Ronan wins - Crushing Victory

Finally moving a bit more, Robben hurries to move so his face is outside the edge of the table, as the very weak fluid that's the mixture of water, a little wine, some tea and whatever he's been eating the last few days spill out onto the floor now.

Wenna's movements are anything but graceful as she pulls herself up from where she was seated. She is trembling like a leaf. Her brother and husband are in this mess and not to mention herself in this condition. She stands just in time to see Caedmon pierce his hand on the crown as his legs have difficulty listening to him. She moves towards him and from a pouch she draws out a handkerchief. Reaching him she grabs that hand and she moves quickly to put her hand on it and stop the flow of blood.

Aldren spends 1 luck points on Knock her silly.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=melee+50 Vs Npc=4
< Aldren: Great Success Npc: Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Solid Victory

When the woman coops up the knife Aldren begins to rush her from behind. A mometn or two after it is flung at the Duke he is in rull on run mode. His right arm thrown out with his fist flying brutally to the back of the womans head.

Woah! A knife she whips out and throws right at him! Ronan isn't wearing any armour, only his doublet and nice clothing suitable for Council. By instinct, the Rioga turns his body sharply and slide steps, dark eyes intent not on the knife he moves to evade, but on Naiya. He gave her warning to stop and yet he would take her alive, not cut her down and kill her outright. So the length of steel in his large hands drops to see if he can knock a leg out from under her. It won't impare the tongue for questioning like taking the woman's head off, or running her through the heart. Even as the steel licks out for her legs, Aldren rushes the Castellan from behind to knock her down.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ronan=blades Vs Npc=4
< Ronan: Good Success Npc: Success
< Net Result: Ronan wins - Marginal Victory

Hadrian saw the woman was surounded. He moves to cover her but sees that Ronan and Aldren was there to handle. He stays on guard just incase she manages something silly. He can't that a few minutes ago they are all arguing and fighting and now they come together to deal with this woman. He felt sorry for her but at the same thing he wanted such a power. Was it drugs? He didn't have anything to eat or drink. It had to be magic.

While Wenna is wrapping the handkerchief around his hand and pressing it tightly, Caedmon watches the quick movements of the others. When the castellan falls, he orders, "Guards! Hold her for questioning!" Then he looks around the room and adds, "Lords and lady, although other business presses, we will adjourn for now. The king will receive a full report on this matter, and our other recommendations."

With all of them more able bodied than before, Naiya stands no chance, but she wants to take someone down with her. When the Rioga sidesteps the flying blade, she has only a second to sneer at him before she is brutally knocked in the head, staggering. Ronan's leg sweep finishes the job and she falls to the floor with Hadrian, Aldren and Ronan surrounding her and Caedmon's order echoing in the room. Her first protective instinct is to feign passing out, so that's what she does.

Kieryn nods to Caedmon and once the meeting is adjourned, he stands slowly to see if he can and makes his way out of the council chambers quietly.

Robben finishes emptying his stomach, and just remains where he is at the moment, taking a few deep breaths.

Hadrian bends down to take his dagger back from the woman who was just knocked to the floor. Since she's passed out, a quick snatch is done to take it back. He starts noticing that his stomach is starting to hurt. Once his dagger is tucked away, he sheaths his sword, "If you all will excuse me." He then turns and starts for the door since it was one woman and he knew the guards could handle her from here. He heads out.

"Quickly! Bind her hands behind her!" Ronan keeps the blade ready lest the woman prove to have other tricks under her skirts, "She might try to poison or stab herself that she not be questioned. Then search her most thoroughly." Fainting from her wound and the knock to her head or not, the Rioga starts barking orders out of long habit - to the guards if not to his fellow nobles. "Such a woman has proven she will use ill arts and dishonorable tactics to serve her purposes. Don't take chances." His baritone rumbles as he oversees that she be bound and searched while some of the others begin to leave.

<FS3> Ronan rolls Chance: Success.

Wenna holds his hand and staunches the blood flow. "Caedmon we need to clean this my dear." She tells him. There is nothing but worry in her eyes. She is still shaking and she cannot bring herself to look at the woman or what they are doing to detain her. She is chewing on her lower lip.

Naiya offers no further resistance, keeping her eyes closed and her body deliberately limp. Dead weight as it were.. for the weakened masses detaining her. She feels her hands being bound and her dress being searched, but there is nothing on her person at the moment. Either she did all of the poisoning earlier, or she has assistance.

Aldren is standing over the woman as she is bound. "Ohhhhh." He moans now as the symptoms set in. Uncontrollably now he wretches all over the woman! Wiping his mouth after he spits the last of it out on her back. "Wretched bitch." He mumbles.

Caedmon looks to Aldren and he asks, "Is the Ranger Skyhawk near? If so, fetch her. Even though this woman has attempted violence against us, another woman will search her, so that she can claim no wrong."

Sitting up again now, and looking to that liquid mess he left on the floor, Robben takes a few more moments to try composing him at least a little. "May I… suggest someone search her rooms?" he offers, after a few moments of pause now.

Ronan frowns, "Then let the Baroness search her." The Rioga sighs, feeling a bit ill to his own stomach. Aldren suddenly puking up is a bit surprising, right on the downed noblewoman! That is when the Crawford Rioga becomes aware that others in the room are also wretching. Lovely. He's been struggling with a cold and now poisoned or something. He fights the feeling of nausia and manages not to heave the minimal contents of his own stomach. A few breathes and once Naiya is securely bound with her hands behind her back, Ronan sheathes his blade, "Lady Wenna, a healer is needed to see to the Lady Naiya's leg as well, if you are able. Or we may send for someone if you … are also feeling ill." Ugh. Ronan takes a step back, "Are … we poisoned?"

"Most likely." Aldren says to the Duke now as he bends over, hands on knees. He is taking deep breaths now and says, "I am not healer but induced vomiting seems a proper course."

"I will do what I can to help." Wenna is starting to turn green and she closes her eyes for a moment as she places a hand on her stomach. She opens her eyes and limps forward towards where they are. Her voice is quiet and timid. She is moving slowly and she is shaking like a leaf.

Guards come to the door, ready to take charge of the now unconscious and self-disgraced lady. Caedmon's face contorts in his own discomfort. He sandwiches Wenna's hand between his injured hand and his good hand for a moment. Then he releases her hand so that she can step forward. He bites his bottom lip and follows her while he watches the castellan warily.

"Brilliant…" Robben begins, before he takes a few deep breaths. "Deduction…" Then back to trying to get his own stomach to stop being that bad. Can't throw up, since he's done that already, right.

Hadrian stops close to the door as he listens to the words being spoken about being poisoned. He turns his head to listen to what was being said about the poison and vomiting. He was starting to feel the effects more and more. He sighs. Seems the infirmary may get a few more bodies now. He was not happy.

It is all Naiya can do not to react to when she gets thrown up on. The warmth of the contents sliding over her in a rather slimy manner, slipping down her dress, making a puddle on the floor beside her. Gods the smell was enough to have her almost doing it also! And she hadn't been poisoned! Parting her lips slightly, she breathes through her mouth simply to remain able to pretend being knocked out. Feeling the guards dealing with her now, she continues to feign sleep, as not to be questioned.

She moves towards the the woman and she kneels down and starts to search her she then. Pauses, "Get me something to vomit in now please." She is starting to sweat and she is breathing deeply in and out. She is now awkwardly kneeling by the woman. Her eyes are bright and she his shaking still. Wenna is also checking on her state of being as she searches her.

Caedmon grimaces again and glances at the table of snacks that is not far from the door. He goes to it quickly, dumping fruit from a large bowl and then hurrying with the bowl to Wenna. "We should move from here so that the servants can clean the mess before it settles more," he urges.

Turning to his servants that helped getting him into the room, Robben looks a bit tired as he speaks to them. "The suite…" The only words for now, it seems he's planning on using his brother's old room there or something. The way the week has been so far, he needs the closeness to his family, even if he'll stay out of their room until his stomach is better.

Wenna takes it from Caedmon and she throws up into it and she vomits everything out of her stomach and she looks like she is going to cry. She sets the bowl aside and finishes her examination. "She is faking being unconscious, silly child. She is also unarmed. She could not poison her own clothing it would poison her." She looks like she was going to say more but she cannot she is reaching for the bowl that was given to her and she uses it again.

The Council meeting is concluded and despite the … interruption, nonetheless a more productive Council meeting than most. Certainly not a boring one this session! Ronan is no longer needed to linger and Rosley, who looks as ashen and ill as anyone else (from having poison tasted Ronan's wine, if you recall) now stands close by. The elderly servant with his left arm in a sling looks miserable, his voice low, "I have failed you, my Duke." Ronan looks to his trusted man, his father's before him and frowns, "We will discuss it later. For now… let us depart." Quickly! Yes, because he too desires to … ugh, vomit his guts out. Preferably not in here with everyone else. A moment later, the Sutherlanders withdraw to go and retch in private - if they can make it that far before it ambushes them.

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