Kings Council

The King's Council is comprised of top ranking advisers who assist the King through delegation and council. The King will seek the council of his advisers during times of war and peace, at his own leisure. The council serves at the request of the King and all matters are ultimately the King's matters to handle.

You must be at least 19 years of age and up until 24 to serve in a learning position, IE: Vice/Assistant
At age 25 you may move into a regular position providing one is available.
You must be at least 19 years of age to attend a council meeting. Special dispensation can be given for those younger than 19 to attend the council, only if they are presenting an issue before the Council.

Information on each position:

Voice of the King

The Voice of the King is a very important role. This is usually filled by a member of the royal family, or someone very close to the King. The Voice handles many matters of importance, and is often referred to for final decisions when the King is not readily available. Other members of the council answer to the Voice, and are responsible to report to him.


The Chancellor is a very important administrative role in the Kingdom. Many missives and orders are sent through his office. The Chancellor is recognized as the third most powerful man in Mobrin. A lot of issues are delegated to the Chancellor from the King. When the King, and his Voice, are not available, the Chancellor rules in their stead.

The Vice Chancellor serves as the assistant to the Chancellor, and is usually groomed from this position to take over as the Chancellor when the time is right.


The Marshal was originally in charge of the Kings horses, but over time the position grew, until the Marshal became the leader of all the military forces in the Kingdom. The Marshal is responsible for mustering troops, handling conscription, military tactics, and training.

The Deputy Marshal serves under the Marshal. His main objective is to handle the training of troops and keeping order amongst the officers of the military. He is also heavily involved in strategic planning, and is responsible for logistics.


The High Admiral serves alongside the Marshal. His main objective is to command the royal navy, including ships, sailors, and defensive positions (watchtowers, lines of communications, and military ports along the coastal borders of the kingdom).


The Steward is responsible for maintaining order in the Kings lands. He is responsible for the transport of goods and merchandise, for handling trade between the King and his vassals, and for the allotment of resources.


The Castellan is responsible for overseeing daily functions in the castle, including inventory management, oversight of servants, and managing events such as weddings, feasts, and festivals.

Master of Coin

The Master of Coin handles all matters related to the treasury and the royal mint. He is responsible for making sure gold is minted properly into coin and distributed to the proper recipients. He is also responsible for directing the Treasurer, who handles the Kings budget.

Master of Laws

The Master of Laws is the High Judge of Mobrin. His duties include the proposal of laws and the enforcement of current ones. He oversees the Magistrates office, and presides over any cases relating to nobles.

The Royal Magistrate is acts as the Judge in Darfield, presiding over most cases that are brought before the court. He never deals with issues of arrests or sentence enforcement, but instead presides over the trials themselves. He answers directly to the Master of Laws, but also serves on the council.

Master of Spies

The Master of Spies oversees all directives of espionage, including scouting, spying, and assassinations. It is his responsibility to know all secrets, and often his ways of finding things out are kept secret, even from the King. He also has a large role in commanding the Royal Rangers, in their duties as spies and scouts.

Master of Arms

The master of arms is responsible for security within the Royal castle and any properties owned directly by the royal family and not entrusted to vassals. The Master of Arms is also responsible for assigning guards to members of the royal family, and for ensuring security at events where members of the royal family are present. When necessary, he will work with local forces (guards under authority of vassals, the City Watch, etc) to ensure security. The Master of Arms is also responsible for hiring and training guards who serve directly under royal authority, with approval of the king.

Royal Physician

The Royal Physician is not only responsible for handling the medical needs of the royal family and other nobles at the royal court, but is also responsible for managing the castle infirmary, and for overseeing the medical school in the City of Stormvale.

At large members

The King often has advisers who do not have a direct role in the chain of command, but are respected enough to sit in on council meetings and chime in with their thoughts and wisdom when the King requests. It is an honor to be invited to the Kings Council, even if there are no immediate positions to be filled.

Each house that is a direct vassal to the king holds one "house seat" on the council. The head of house usually fillls that seat, although the head of house may appoint a representative to represent the house, after clearing that appointment with the king.

Current Members

Voice of the King: Baron Caedmon Kilgour

Chancellor: Baron Eldan Mowbray

Vice Chancellor: Lady Brienne Rivermist

Marshal: Duke Ronan Crawford

Deputy Marshal: Lord Shepard Kerrigan

High Admiral: Lord Eoin Haravean

Master of Arms: Lord Hadrian Kincaid

Royal Magistrate: Count Aldren Haravean

Royal Physician: Baroness Wenna Kilgour

Castellan: Lady Senga Kincaid

Steward: Lord Robben Ruxton

Master of Laws: Duke Aidan Kincaid

Master of Spies: Baron Geralt Ewing *Staff NPC

Master of Coin: Lord Stuurok Ruxton

Royal Treasurer: Prince Logen Kilgour

At-large Members: Count Harmon Forrester

Open Positions

None currently

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