Cri 10, 229: Considering Consequences

Considering Consequences
Summary: There is talk in the Moniwid Suite on how to proceed after Draventa's marrriage has been annulled.
OOC Date: 11/04/2014 (OOC)
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Emerit Draventa Benedict 
Moniwid Suite, Darfield Castle
The first thing usually noticed about this room is the sense of openness, as it is not laden with heavy furniture. The floor is a soft grey marble. One wall features a huge window, taking up almost the whole wall and showing a lovely view of the horizon. To the right of the window, there is a stone fireplace decorated with amber and some old carvings. There is an incredibly cozy couch in front of the fireplace, in a dark brown cotton type material. In the middle of the room, there is a burnished oaken long table with eight matching chairs. There are eight crystal place settings ready for use. A wild flower centerpiece has been placed on the table as decoration. The floor of the dining area has been covered with the prey of some hunter in the form of a brown bear fur rug. There is a smaller wooden door, leading to the Grand Duke's Room, on the left wall of the room . On both sides of the door, small candles are available to provide light when it is dark. There are also candle sconces on the other walls and a candelabra on the table. Above the fireplace, the prey of some other hunters resides: two deer heads with beautiful antlers can be found, one to each side. Between the deer, the edges of two sharp, crossed swords glint.
10th day of Cri, 229

It is evening, and a quiet one at that. Emerit sits there on the couch before the hearth, staring into the flames. Her hair is worn in a braid that falls down her back, and the dress she wears is a plain one, of dark blue cotton. Her arms wrapped about her legs that are drawn up before her she looks more like a frightened little child than the confident ambassador she used to be, some weeks ago. She looks very pale and there is no smile curling her lips.

Draventa's been moved back into the Moniwid suite, not coming out of her room much either. But tonight she'll step out, Alice following behind. She's finished her book, twice over now and can't just paint. She needs something to read as well. She's dressed in a pale green dress, snakes embroidered on the edges. Her head is wrapped in matching cloth. She looks pale and fragile, more so than before this all started. She'll pause, seeing Emerit and then slowly move over towards the fire.

Benedict has taken his oath serious after all that has happened recently. He had to run a quick errand given to him that was important and necessary, but now is returning tot he suite to continue his watch. He is allowed in and will glance towards the living space spotting both charges out of their rooms. The knight will watch a brief moment before he begins his approach to meet with them.

If Emerit notices the Moniwid princess approaching, she does not show at first. Her moss green eyes keep staring into the flames. She does look frail too, this one, there may be small traces of tears visible on her cheeks. It is when she hears a sound closer by that she may turn her head, slowly, her gaze finding Draventa, her eyes widening before she looks away again. "Your highness," she greets, in a low mutter, as the hug about her legs tightens. And adds something, barely audible, in the crackling noise of the fire. "…sorry." Benedict's entrance may be noticed, but no word of greeting leaves the fiery-haired maiden's lips.

Draventa frowns, looking down at Emerit. She'll sway slightly, that hasn't passed yet, but will then sit down. She realizes that this may be a longer talk than what she wants to stand for. "It's over. There's nothing to be done for it." While she doesn't feel that way, Emerit is now a citizen of Rustle's Isle. So…She feels responsible for her. Drav will reach her hand out to touch the back of Em's hand, before looking to Ben.

He will pause a moment unsure if he is interrupting something between the two though he looks to Draventa and to Emerit a moment as the former of the two speaks. "I've finished that delivery m'lady." Benedict says simply not wishing to be in the way though he falls silent halting his approach just off to the side he will stand still a moment as he decides what if anything he should say for now.

"It's over," Emerit echoes, turning her moss green eyes towards Draventa as she sits down beside her, and as if remembering her place - whatever that may be right now - she lets go of her legs and lets them drop down before her, her bare feet moving to touch the stone floor. Her arms wrapping now about herself. "And… because of… me?" She bits her lower lip firmly, but will not withdraw her hand from Draventa's touch. Exhaling deeply. "I still do not understand…", she adds, her gaze returning to the fire in the hearth. "Why should the King… this King. Why should this King choose to dissolve a marriage - because of this? I am nothing, I never was someone of high birth. I had the bastard taint on me as long as I can think. And yet… this King…", she inhales sharply. "This King chooses to dissolve a marriage, break a bond. An alliance, even. Because of rumors? How could he be sure? I've burnt the letters!" Her gaze shifts briefly to Benedict, and she'll offer him a faint smile, but not address him.

Draventa does give Ben a small smile, but then focuses on Emerit, "He…he didn't' even argue it. It is not just because f you. If Prince Logen loved me the way he claimed to, he would have at least questioned his brother's decree….Even I did." Drav shakes her head slowly, the feeling of being underwater has come back, and she's moving slowly, "There are other things at work here. I fear the …the question of your parentage has been confirmed in his eyes by the reasons for the attack at the feast." It killed the former King, that may be why…or something else.

Benedict will turn towards the other simply not being able to help himself the three of them are the context here more or less from the Isle's and must stick together. He listens and even catches the smile returning it with a bow he doesn't see ant difference or as he'd told her before he will "I'm guessing then no manner of showing of support will sway minds if they are made up such on rumor?" he will ask to both. He is worried as things simply don't add up here.

"Oh." Emerit's eyes widen and she lowers her gaze, at the explanation Draventa offers. "The reasons for the attack…" She nods slowly, but a flicker in her eyes suggests she does not fully accept it. "But even so… None of us knew. I did nothing but what your brother asked me to do. Handle the negotiations. I didn't even lead you to the priest, that was His Royal Highness, the Grand Duke! I was but a tool to establish the alliance between Mobrin and Rustles Isle. And now, King Tyrel breaks that alliance, annuls the marriage… Is he prepared to give back all of the dowry? He will have to return the ships - and the pearls of his late mother as well? While losing an ally he will desperately need in the brewing war?" Her hands are in her lap, clenched into fists, and the Mist of the Island straightens a bit. "Where are his advisors? Is this a politically wise move? I so wish to understand his motives… for doing this." Suddenly all anger seems to leave Emerit, as swiftly as it came, and she turns her face towards Draventa, as insecurity and despair start to reclaim her. "For destroying you and me, and the one thing I have accomplished in my life. What is left for us, really. We must return to Rustles Isle, but they won't let you go." She's been there! "They'll keep you a hostage, a means to force Mantilo to lose his face, his identity. They want to destroy Moniwid!" Moisture gathering in her green eyes now, Emerit swallows hard. "I… am so sorry, your highness. I have failed you, and our country! Even if I may not be of Moniwid blood, or even from Rustles Isle after all." Emerit's attention seems to focus on Draventa, but maybe she just does not dare to meet Benedict's gaze with her own, being in the state she is in at the moment.

Draventa shakes her head softly to Ben, she doesn't think there is much they can do. A deep breath, "Emerit," Some how, she's able to say her name now, "I will be sending a letter to Mantilo, but….King Tyrel is going to demand an apology. I don't' know if The Grand Duke will comply." She'll bite her lower lip, "I fear this will not just cause damage to Rustle's Isle, but here as well." She'll not elaborate. "I don't think I am a ….hostage, per say. But it will be advisable for me to stay, until we know what Mantilo wishes." Her pale eyes go to Ben, almost like she's looking for help.

The young Lord and Knight is silent he catches the head shake from Draventa and nods to her. Benedict feels he has to do something to help and waiting in the unknown is indeed the worst part of that plan. He turns back to Emerit as she speaks though she seems not to wish to look his direction. "You have failed no-one m'lady, you have done great deeds and none of this is of your making. When I was told about the rumor of the battle in the hall, it doesn't make sense. I stood in front her highness if she was the target. I should have been hard pressed." he will say hoping to calm her nerves a little "It is hard to say if, Rustle Isle looks like it needs to be in the way to apologize, I suppose until we hear it would all be guess work." he will offer each a small smile "I hardly need to say, but i'll do anything for both of your safety it needs only be spoken."

"An apology? For what? For a thing he had no knowledge of?", Emerit retorts indignantly, shaking her head. "They may not call you a hostage. But in a way that is what you are. A means to force that apology from Mantilo." She pauses, her eyes growing wide. "And if he gives it? What then? There is no way out of this dilemma. I don't believe Mobrin intends to give any of the dowry back. And… after all…" She swallows hard. "They give you back? All soiled and disgraced? How do they - no HE, the King - expect Mantilo to react to that? Is there really any other option for him, but to…" Her voice trails off, and she lowers her gaze. She is in enemy territory, and she has already been found guilty of more treason than she can bear.

When Benedict addresses her directly, Emerit cannot help but look his way, the expression in her moss green eyes pained to say the least. "Thank you, Sir. For your supportive words.", she mutters lowering her gaze, where shame and anger still fight to get the upper hand.

Draventa's jaw tenses, she knows what people will think of her, that she's ruined, but Emerit does not need to say it. Her head turns and she'll swallow, trying to calm a moment to not snap. "Mantilo will need to decide how to handle this. I do not know what the King's view on the dowry is." Drav knows she's a hostage, just not in name. "I….once everything is smoothed over, I will see if the Temple will have me." It's the only thing she can think of to save face for the Moniwids. Another nervous swallow. She will not have children, but this way will be the least amount of shame to the family.

Benedict will look first to Emerit as she speaks first "It is quite alright m'lady just the truth." he says in response to her thanks, but he will turn than to Draventa "We do not know how things will go yet." he speaks to her now after she speaks about her brother and what will be done upon receiving word of what has happened. "I don't believe that will be newsier your highness, but if it is your wish of course. I spoke about that previously though." he tries for a small smile.

Emerit just nods to Draventa's words, unable to speak for a moment. "Forgive me, your highness." This offered after a long moment of silence, with a shaky voice, as her hand reaches timidly for Draventa's almost expecting her to withdraw it. Her eyes close for a moment and she sighs. "If there was anything I could do, your highness, to right this wrong, I would do it.", she remarks with a faint tremble in her voice. "Please. I am at your service. Tell me, what you wish me to do." Her gaze is lowered, as her hand lets go of Draventa's. A nod offered in response to Benedict's assessment. "We have to wait indeed…", she mutters with a sigh.

Draventa looks to Em's hand, but doesn't pull away. Instead she'll respond to Ben first, "We know how something will go, with how the world is. I won't hide from it, and I will not be married off to hide me. I will make that decision, if it comes to it." She now knows she has that much power, at least. A very tiny shake of the head to Emerit, "It can't be undone." Any of it. Drav's lips purse, unsure what to do. "I…I feel we should hear from Mantilo first. I worry for your safety here. While I am a pawn, I fear you may just be a thorn to the King."

Emerit nods, her gaze still lowered. "I should better remove myself from this court, your highness, as not to increase his ire?", she muses, almost thinking aloud. Her hands folding before her now. And she nods.

"I would not have that of you, of course." Benedict says to Draventa first though it isn't exactly what he had meant previously things need to be decided before any final decisions are made. He continues listening though turning to Emerit as she is the topic of the conversation. The Lord speaks to both when he does again. "I swore on my honor to protect m'lady." he means this that Draventa provided him clear instructions, his gaze falls on Emerit this time. "I will keep m'lady safe no matter the cost to myself." he says assuredly.

Draventa nods, an acknowledgment of Em's words, but not an agreement. "I…I don't know. It's somehting we should think on." Her pale eyes land on Ben and she'll nod. He may be making sure Em gets safely home. She will be fine. the court will not harm her. Well, no more than it already has.

Emerit sighs, and she looks up, her gaze meeting that of Draventa first. "Sir Benedict should stay here with you," she insists with a worried smile. "I need noone to look after me really. As I am noone, remember?" Her eyes shift towards Benedict. "She needs your protection now, Sir. More than ever."

Benedict glances back to Draventa worry in his gaze, but she gave an order and one he could not break. "I do wish you both safe of course, but we must see what if any danger there is, jumping at shadows will not do us any good for now." he turns at the sound of the sigh and looks to Emerit but he shakes his head. "I cannot agree that you are no-one, and I took an oath. I cannot break that but this is ahead of the point still."

Draventa inhales, not wishing to pull rank…but she will if needed. Her hand reaches up to rub her forehead, "There will be no more harm to come to me. If there is, Mobrin will have a war on two sides." She's certain of that. "And I believe that the Kligour family, besides Logen, liked me. I think I will be safe." Not free, but safe. "Sir Benedict made an oath. He will keep it."

"Very well then." Emerit replies with another sigh. "Back to Rustles Isle I go, with Sir Benedict to watch over me. If that is your wish, I will obey." Her hands tightening just a touch about each other. The smile she offers does not reflect her feelings.

"Of course your highnesss." Benedict says to Draventa knowing that he gave his word he will not give reason for her to doubt that he would keep this. He turns back to Emerit though as she speaks he tries to give a reassuring nod and smile, but it is clear that the unknown is going to be rough until they get word on just what will happen next.

Draventa looks down at the tightening hands of Emerit and she'll offer, "Unless you think Prince Amando would offer you protection here…" It's not said mean, more of an out if Emerit really wants one. Her hand goes up to her forehead again and she'll rock slightly in her seat, "I…I think I need to lay down for a time." She was getting better, but the stress from the annulment seems to be making her head worse again. She'll start to stand, "Sir Benedict, I want you to know…you are appreciated, in everything you have done for us." A very brief smile is given to both and she'll then turn and make her way back t her room.

Emerit looks up at once, both brows rising, when Draventa mentions Amando's name. "Are you… serious, your highness?" Her hands tightening even more now. "I would not think it wise," she finally remarks, with a troubled look to her gaze. "There is no point in tormenting him, nor myself. And to draw more troubles and the King's ire towards Skingaard." She rises and offers a curtsey when Draventa departs, before she moves off herself. No handmaiden or chaperone to watch over her, as there is nothing of import left to be guarded. "Sir Benedict," she offers in a faint goodbye, before she vanishes inside her room.

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