Thedor 7, 229: Considerations and Plans

Considerations and Plans
Summary: Senga and Lynette have a minor conversation regarding betrothals and where feelings should be in the entire mix.
OOC Date: 07/01/2014
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Lynette Senga 
Kincaid Manor
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
Thedor 7, 229

The evening finds the Lady Senga Kincaid in what might be considered a pleasant mood, if not for the the fact that there is a thick shawl pulled tightly against both shoulders as she stands in the sitting room with her back to the room. That much is in favor of what landscape that can be seen from the windows where the mug of hot mulled cider is held in both hands with the trail of shawl tucked underneath her arms. A contrast to the ebony gown that she chooses to wear - either planning to go out or already having completed such necessities earlier. Nearby, her handmaid sits in concentration to complete some measure of needlework that has already been started by her lady.

Lynette is making her way on into the sitting room, carrying her own mug of hot cider to work on keeping herself somewhat warm while there is the cool weather to be found outside, that sometimes seeps into places like these through little cracks and the like. Her gaze drift over the room while her handmaid and guard follow after her, the guard stays near the door and Anne follows along after Lyn. The girl offers a smile seeing Senga. "Hello dearest aunt. How are you this evening?" There is but a pause as she makes her way on towards where Senga happens to be. "I have caught wind that uncle has returned. I do hope all is well."

"Ah, Lynette." Spoken as she turns in a half-circle about to face her niece, Senga does have a ready smile for the younger girl as she gestures to a place beside her. "The evening finds me well enough and yes, your uncle has returned. I have sent a healer to inspect his leg and see how it heals, but I already have my suspicions on its status." It's enough to elicit the slightest of frowns, enough indicating concern but barely so. "He will likely be here for a few weeks until well enough to go and join the rest of the fleet. If you are able, I am certain that he would like to visit with his nieces and nephews - if any of them are in residence. But," she notes in mild amusement. "Such things are likely considered boring to those younger. How are you?"

Lynette moves onwards towards the place that was gestured to, a soft smile and nod seen once more. She takes a sip, a soft sputter escapes her as she hears that her uncle is hurt. "Will he be alright?" This questioned with a curious look to Senga once more, the concern is indeed caught that is for certain. There is a pause before she nods. "I do hope he is able to rest and heal quickly then." She lets her hands rest around her mug. "I will look forward to seeing him, it has been some time since we last spoke to one another." A soft smile is seen and looks outside a moment. "I'm well, working on keeping warm like the rest. You know I may have in the past grown bored, but lately I don't do it nearly as quickly from what I can tell." Either that or she finds someone else to keep her attention on the subject at hand.

"He will be." Spoken more as a dutiful wife this time, whatever lies between Senga and Arlen remains as nebulous as her reactions when discussing the aforementioned husband. "He has quite squarely given me the free reign in deciding matches for both of our children. Not, that I was not already making considerations." Unlike him. Nevertheless, it is a brief drop in other venues of conversation while her eyes observe her niece with a softer and almost bemused smile, "It seems with the colder weather, boredom is easily obtained. If, not necessarily desired. Which does remind me that Lady Nimue responded to my missive for tea. I have already informed her that you would be present, regardless. But it does bear another consideration as to how things truly are at Court. I still need to speak with your father, but perhaps.. you could give me a different perspective?"

Lynette nods at this, a smile seen once more. "I'm glad to hear that, and look forward to seeing him soon." She lets her gaze turn back to Senga at the talk of the other finding matches for her children. "Seems like it is the in thing at the moment, so to speak." She says with an amused tone. A nod is seen once more at the talk of taking tea with Lady Nimue. "Thank you for allowing me to come along. I think it will do her well for such things to happen." A brow lifts at the question presented to her and she looks curious "A.. perspective on what perhaps?" The tea, or well the matches?

Senga replies easily enough, "The matches. I know that the biggest topic of conversation are the Kincaids and while flattering and that particular fate entirely unknown, we should never forget about the other families. With that in mind, what others have you heard being murmured about in the youthful circles? There are things which.. a married woman does not have privy to know." Emphasis placed on the 'not', she takes a careful sip from her own mug before resuming its close hold near her waist. "I think it would be good for you and the younger ladies have practice with tea socials with nobles of various ranks."

Lynette ah softly as it is cleared up on what the conversation was about on her perspective so to speak. "As for which houses, I only caught bits and pieces dealing with of late. I do know my father is out and about looking for someone in order for I to marry." There is a slight pause at the thought before she goes on. "So far all I heard was that Duke Ronan was a possibility." If she knows of another for herself she doesn't comment on it. "As for perhaps others there was talk of Lord Kerrigan coming to speak with my father one someone for his son, sir Shepard." A nod is seen at the bit on tea socials with nobles and the like. "I think that is perhaps a very good idea, I would like to try and do more of course."

"Hm. I think that a trip to the castle more often may be necessary in determining who else would be likely families for alliances." More to herself than Lynette, there's the slightest tilt of her head at the mention of the Kerrigan heir. "Are you fond of him? Sir Shepard, I mean. Not that it is the heaviest weight in marriages for us especially," she remarks with hints of her own marriage as example. "And for all of feelings, I would not want to see either of you regret the decision if that is all we based marriages on."

Lynette ponders the bit on more visits to the Castle, a slight nod at the thought. "Perhaps At least to show face and get in on conversation, also to see what may or may not be going on I do suppose." At the question at Shepard there is a pause while she curiously watches Senga. "I.. Me" There is another slight pause before she looks to her mug eyeing the cider within. "He seems like a very nice man, from the talks we have had he has been very pleasant, very easy to speak with. Also didn't seem to mind having a woman eager to speak her mind which is always a plus." Her fingers lightly tap her mug before she shakes her head and looks back to the window. "I'm not sure how I feel would come into question over such things. In the end it's not up to me after all."

"It does not interest you?" Senga's question is not lacking in the lilt of query, turning partially so as to observe her niece with the slightest tilt of her head. "The awareness of knowing what it occurring in the kingdom, among the various houses for whatever potential benefits that may be sought?" The latter and other topic is met with something of dismissal and yet, she does respond. "As for the young heir in question? I suppose that your father knows your opinion on the match? If you were to dislike him, I am quite certain that he would take it into consideration."

"I am trying to be more interested in it as of late It is just taking some time for it I do suppose." Lynette offers after a moment of thought, she's never had to worry about such things before though she is getting older which means she should take more interest in it." At the talk of her opinion on the match she curiously looks to Senga. "As far as I knew my father has only spoken to Lord Ronan on my hand. Has there been some talk between my father and Lord Kerrigan?" Because she doesn't really know of such a thing, there was a possible thought after a slight talk with Shepard but she never had a full answer to it. "I don't dislike Sir Shepard I just don't see my father agreeing to it either way."

Senga presses her lips together, "Your father and I have been discussing the possibilities, for obvious reasons of alliances. The other reason for my going to the castle more often is because we need to know who has eligible young men and some women for negotiations. My son is clearly of age to be married, should we find someone agreeable." One example out of many, she does seem to grant leeway in the avenue of Lynette not knowing a lot of politics - yet. She doesn't confirm or deny the mention of Lord Kerrigan, notably. "And your father would like you to marry higher above your station, I know as you do. There is a great deal that I need to determine before I can even consider suggesting who would be a good match for Lord Kerrrigan's son and heir. If, he decides to take my advice into further consideration."

Lynette has never been truly one eager for politics, and perhaps given that she was the baby in the family it wasn't pushed onto her as much as her older siblings. A slight nod is seen at the talk of possibly alliances, along with possible young men or women for such negotiations. "Yes I know very well that my father wishes me to marry above my station, which is why I do not feel he would ever approve a Negotiation with Lord Kerrigan, at least not with myself." There is Far and Sorcha after all. "I'm rather sure my father will take anything you have to offer him in advice into consideration, he does hold your thoughts in high regard after all. What is it that you most determine over this matter?" She knows what her father wants after all being in on some of the conversations as late, and she knows her father rather well, though when it comes to such things from Senga she is not fully sure on the matter.

"Our tactic, while to encourage trade and other sort of alliances from marriages," Senga begins with the cup being turned within both hands. "Is a good one, but how would the landscape look if we had at least one of Kincaid married into one of the houses. Married well, I might add. It is one way to distribute influence or at the very least consideration. It may be time to change our way of thinking or be so selective in our options."

Lynette ponders this for a moment, her fingers tapping lightly upon her cup before she nods. "Of course, that makes perfect sense. In that regard Sir Shepard is close friends with Count Aldren, in a sense if one was to marry Sir Shepard there is a rather strong possibility that that would give us influence with the Haraveans though such a marriage." There is a slight pause before she goes on. "Sir Shepard seems like the type where one such as his wife would plant ideas as it where and help on influencing other things."

"That is a possibility. If I were to solely focus on the major houses, which is what I believe your father is doing. The more I observe and hear, that may not be enough," Senga remarks, voice taking on more of a thoughtful nature as she sets out the possibilities in front of her. "Beyond house Kerrigan, that is. It would be an error to be so short-sighted, dear Lynette. Though, you may give yourself away with such observations." Noted with a slight twitch of her lips, she continues without pause. "I think that I have a number of ideas which will need to be discussed with your father."

Lynette lifts a brow at the bit on possibly giving herself away from such observations. "I'm unsure what I would possibly be giving away seeing how it is merely just a thought. He has an in with the Haravean's and they have a inn with the royal family, just merely add a few thoughts to one another." A soft ah escapes her and she nods slowly. "This is true; there are other house indeed that could play more roles. Though that may be a situation that is more seeable by some. Some ideas, thoughts don't always need to come from the larger houses, while yes they can carry more weight, a smaller house can surprise someone with their thoughts and in a sense gain a boost themselves. Which in turn would have their people's attention and more praise." Which the praise of one's people is important, they are the backing for the house in a sense, if a house has the love and trust of the people there is many things that could happen. Though still it is a way of being short-sighted in a sense as well most likely.

"And you would not mind being married to him." Pointed out more as an observation, Senga nods with the cup lifted to her lips before finishing the remaining contents with a pause. "Nothing terrible in that admission, dear one. For all of my marriage to your uncle, I do hope that yours when it happens, is quite well. And I should leave you to this evening and check on Arlen, importantly? His leg. I hardly doubt that it will become an issue. If he decides to take care and rest."

Lynette lifts her cup slightly at the comment from Senga, her gaze settled upon the other for a few moments before she lowers her cup taking a slight breath. "If I had my choice between Lord Ronan and Sir Shepard?" There is a slight pause. "I would pick Sir Shepard." Not the Duke, not her cousin There is a slight nod seen along with a warm smile at the talk of her uncle. "I do not wish to keep you, please tell my uncle that I hope he heals quickly I do wish that things would improve for you dear aunt, everyone deserves happiness with such things." Such as marriage.

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