22th of Alasair, 229 2E: Comparing Notes

Comparing Notes
Summary: Conversations about creatures and gods, and how things differ in real life from the stories.
OOC Date: 9/Sep/2014
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Courtyard - Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
22th of Alasair, 229 2E

If there was ever a time that Nerissa wished she wasn't a single, noble born woman, today would be that day. Here at court there's no such thing as just going to the stable and saddling your favorite horse and going for a gallop to clear your head. Here, you have to be followed by at least a maid and a guard, and in this case, a Ranger who glances at his charge as she rubs down her horse, having dismissed the stable boy. As she cleans the hooves, the ranger brings over her saddle. The other mounts are ready to go, but the lady has taken extra care with the mare that nickers and nudges at her as she stands.

Eoin had managed a while away from the castle, but now his duty has brought him back. With the King away the council is bearing the weight, or some of them at least, and so while he'd much rather be back at sea, the Admiral is instead riding back through the gatehouse to return to the castle. With his hood still up he waves off the first grooms that approach and walks the horse to the stables before dismounting. Heading for his usual stall he passes the Sky Forrect contingent and offers a polite greeting. "Lady Nerissa, good day once more. I hope my cousin's words were not too harsh. She has a good heart but is not always the most empathic of souls."

Brennart is returning from a ride along the beach to clear his own head, dismounting outside of the stables to lead his horse in himself… He gets inside the stables and then blinks before offering a bow of his head towards Nerissa, "Lady Nerissa. Good day to you." He offers a nod towards Eoin when he figures out where he recognized him, "Baron good to see you again, how fares the seas these days?"

Leaning forehead to forehead with her mare, Nerissa takes a steadying breath and runs her hands down the sides of the horse's face. As the sounds of another horse being lead into the stables reach her ears she straightens and accepts the saddle to lift and place on the saddle pad. Turning as she's addressed, she gives a single shake of her head. "It is of no consequence, my lord," she replies. "The Baroness has given me sound advice before. Maybe we could all be using more empathy." The last is murmured mostly to herself as she reaches under the mare's belly to pull the girth underneath and buckle it. At the sound of Brennart's voice she spins around, staying tight to the side of her mount she stares for a moment, then drops a quick curtsy. "Good day, honorable lord, Baron Huntingdon."

Eoin turns his head as the sound of another horse and rider pair is heard, then raises his hand to his chest and lowers his gaze momentarilly. "You flatter me Baron, but such a title is not mine to claim." Although the faint grimace across his features may well give indication of the fact that there may be more to that then the simple statement. "The ocean though is calm, and our fleet has been faring well all things considered. Our enermies have certain advantages over us, but some of those we are working well towards matching." Aware that Brennart is another of the small band who have battled creatures of yore he adds, "I hear you've had adventures of your ownof late. Should you find yourself free of an evening do free at liberty to call on me. My cousin keeps a fine wine cellar and I would be most interested in comparing notes." Nerissa gets a smile then as he adds, "thank you for your consideration my Lady. She truely is a remarkable lady if you can get past the gruff exterior."

Brennart hmms and shrugs towards Eoin, "Thought you were a Baron my appologies. I seem to be making a mess of everything lately." He glances towards Nerissa for a moment and tries to make eye contact before he glances over at Eoin, "There's not much to tell but I'll gladly sit down and go over it with you when we've both the time."

The eye contact isn't hard to make as she's still staring at him like a deer about to bolt. The significance might not sink in right away, but when the Baron reverts his attention back to Eoin, she takes advantage of the 'escape' to return to making sure the girth is tight enough and pull the stirrups. As she works it can be seen that she is wearing a more appropriate riding habit, as opposed to Ranger gear.

"Sadly not," Eoin replies, with a faintly strained smile, then moves on quickly, "I could say the sameabout my own encounters, but I'm interested to hear what I can so please, consider yourself welcome any time." He gets the sense that there's something going on between the other two that he doesn't know about, but decides that for now discression is the better part of valourand says instead, "do you plan a long ride Lady Narissa? The weather will hold I think, but there is still that threat of rain in the clouds offshore."

Brennart nods towards Eoin, "I'll try to come by so we can compare notes I guess. Although I'm sure there's quite a bit of a difference between a land and a water beast so it'd be interesting to see what may be similar. Of course having a priest or priestess there as well would be beneficial… Perhaps a historian as well." He glances over at Nerissa and awaits her answer of Eoin's question.

"I am not sure how long of a ride I shall take, yet, my lord. As long as you don't think there will be any thunder or lightning, we shall be all right." She glances up as she urgese the mare to take the bit. "A little soaking never hurt a Sky Forest lady." With the mare tacked and ready, she nods to the Ranger who steps out into the hard ahead of her to ready the rest of the party.

"I suspect not," Eoin replies to Narissa first, "the clouds don't seem laiden enough. I'm afraid can't promise you, but that is how I would read the sky." Passing his horse off to a groom now he let the stall door take some of his weight as he addresses Brennart. "I am sure there are many more differences than similarities," he nods, "but as well as comparing notes I must confess to also being simply curious. Such things were told in tales when I was a boy and I find myself interested to see how they compare in the flesh to in the spoken word."A pause, and then he asks, "tell me though, and forgive meif this seems like an odd question, but with the Temple speaking of the Gods awakening, have youever felt their presense? I've heard tales from some of odd dreams for example."

Brennart shakes his head in answer to Eoin, "I've felt nothing of the Gods awakening perhaps I'm just not devout enough? Or just not one of their vessels? I don't know have you felt anything?" He looks over at Nerissa, "Have a safe ride m'lady."

"Worse than the words," Nerissa blurts out on hearing Eoin's words. "So much, much more…" she looks to Brennart, and then clamps her mouth shut and stops interrupting the conversation of men. The mare nudges her shoulder impatiently, and she reaches up to absently to scratch the poll. When the Baron speaks to her, she nods. "Thank you my lord."

"I've felt nothing of this recent apparent upsurge," Eoin replies, expression going serious for a moment. "A dream or two, a while back perhaps," he ventures, "but then who can tell with dreams when you've been at sea for months, could just as easily have been weevels in the bread." He trails off there, turning back to Nerissaand nods, expression still serious. "My experiences may be limited, but I would agree there.The Kraken has for centuaries been a scare story for mariners, but in the flesh it was worse than I had ever imagined."

Brennart nods, "I agree with the lady. Much worse than the words." He shudders at the thought of his experiences, "I don't even want to think of the other stories. And very true those weevels are a good way to some bad dreams."

Nerissa's brows draw together as she looks at Brennart, her fingers curling over the reins a little closer to her horse's head. "Neither do I, but it is something that I must learn about," she finally manages to say. Taking a breath, she squares her shoulders and turns to Eoin. "If you are having the time, my Lord, I would like to hear your stories. Any old stories that anyone knows, I need to know. I need to know what Lady Brendolyn and I are up against."

Since it seems that they are all three in agreement about the monsters of yore being far worse in the flesh, Eoin merely nods his agreement and moves on. "I am afraid that the affairs of the kingdom will likely keep me busy for the afternoon my Lady," he replies with a somewhat worn smile, "but should you happen to call on my cousin when I am about the manor then I will happily talk over the tales I grew up with." The direct mention of being up against something with said cousin though earns her a raised eyebrow and he asks, "how do you mean, 'up against'?" Then, lmost as an after thought, "the Royal Physician and Count are also well versed in the old stories of Greenshire, although if you're after more from your own home then I can strongly recommend talking to the Dutchess when she returns from Lakeshire."

Brennart hmmms, "I'll see if I can't dig up any of the Huntingdon stories as well." He blnks a bit, "Wait we've only seen the monsters shouldn't there be some of the other things? Not all the stories were bad some of them had pretty good beasts in 'em."

"They were all in the circle," Nerissa replies to Brennart's question. "The good, the bad and the ugly. The very, very ugly." Turning to Eoin she gives a nods. "The Royal Physician has told us all the stories she knows. The Lady Brendolyn met in the woods when she was riding with Baron Kilgour. We came upon some travelers who had stumbled into a mushroom ring. The voice offered to let a second one go if 'the two ladies with swords and bows' agreed to join their hunt. Although… they have since proven themselves tricky, and I must entertain the possibility that we may be joining as the Hunted, rather than the Hunters. So, I am needing every bit of information I can gather." With that, she gives the two gentlemen a nod, and turns to lead her horse out and mount up.

Eoin considers Brennart's point for a few moments, crossing his arms infront of his chest as he does so. "I've not heard any official comment from the Temple," he starts, "but His Majesty was of the opinion that they were beasts of Inuov. If so then that would explain why we have only seen the worst of th.." He stops there, as another thought comes to him and he counters his own words with, "although that does not explain why the other Gods have not shown their hands as well." A faint smile is given to Nerissa as she states that Wenna has already passed on her knowledge, but then, as her story progresses, his expression turns first confused, then very serious indeed. "They… " a quick glance across to Brennart before he figures why the hell not, "they sound like Fae of some sort, and if they truely are hunting you then yes, you, and my Cousin, may need all the help you can get."

Brennart hmmms, "Isn't cold iron supposed to be an issue for them or is that some other story beast?" He offers a bow of his head as Nerissa heads out of the stables to mount up and ride off… Glancing back at Eoin, "I haven't heard much else from his majesty about it but it does make me wonder why the other gods are silent is it a test?"

"Some tales mention that yes," Eoin replies to Brennart,"although how that differs from standard iron I am not enough of a smith to say." Or a smith at all really. As for the rest of the Gods, he gives a shrug at that, "as I said, there have been stories of dreams, and the scrolls that were gifted to the Temple. Other stories perhaps, although in these times it is hard to tell rumour and panic from actual real events." Nerissa is given a nod in return as she exits, then he turns back to the Baron. "What exactly is on those scrolls, you'd have to ask the Temple, although they have not been very forth coming so far."

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