Sess 39, 229:Comfort in the Kitchen

Comfort in the Kitchen
Summary: Draventa and Nylie seek comfort in the kitchen; while Daelina, along with her father, help prepare the feast. (She has a letter!)
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Kitchen, Darfield Castle
The kitchens are based around a huge cooking hearth, that has been carefully designed and built into the stone. It's well organized, neat and clean, but busy. There is a work table to one side, and a lot of pots, pans, and untensils hung up on one wall. The other wall has shelves and bins to store consumables. The pantry and herb garden can both be accessed from here, as can the cold/wine cellar beneath the kitchen. Supplies are stored securely here, everything put away in an appropriate place. Fresh goods are brought in daily for the benefit of the castle residents, stored in their own bins and containers until used.
Sess 39, 229 2E

Daelina stands, near the main fireplace, talking with the head cook. "Papa is out at the spits with some of your men, roasting the stag and the boar. We brought everything else in, securely, last eve that we needed. So, other than a few last minute preparations and such, and a delivery later in the day from Master Trevens, I think" with a relieved look upon her face, "…all we have to do is keep things ready for this evening. Does this meet with your thoughts?" The head cook is, of course, older than Dae but they've spoken a few times during candle and honey deliveries and they seem to get along well.

Draventa was hoping to sneak in for a small biscuit to try to settle her stomach. She's changed out of the mourning dress, and is in a very plain blue dress currently. She'll dress for the coronation later. Her head is wrapped in matching cloth, although her hair is laying along her back, not up in the cloth. It looks as if she may have lost a chunk of her hair, but not all of it. She has 4 Kilgour guards who look nervous with all the bustling, but keep an eye on her and the surroundings. On her arm is her maid ALice. "If it's too much trouble, I'll go back to my rooms." The princess doesn't want to be in the way.

The rites that morning, the forthcoming coronation may all mark the end to the official mourning, yet Nylie hasn't yet changed out from her black gown, nor let her hair loose again from the tight braid. She remains a bit pale, but has actually managed some rest so isn't the specter she'd been days before. Wanting to be some place other than the infirmary or her room that was still a chaotic mess, she found herself in the kitchens. Wenna kept telling her she needed to eat, right? Plus there was boundless activity there….pausing briefly on the threshold, a guard and maid trailing along somewhere, she notes softly,"There is a table over along the side," raising a hand to point it out. "It'll keep you out of the way, and they get used to us stopping, a few will bluster about it, but just watch the little smile that comes when they turn along. Secretly, they like it when they have us coming down to see them at work."

While The Galbraiths and the staff of the Riverview all mourn deeply the loss of their sovereign, especially so soon after the loss of his beloved wife, The Voice had given them something to do and in that way, they along with working with the Castle kitchen staff, that is their way of showing their devotion. As it is not her place to serve here at the moment, she does watch while the head cook, with mock glares and blustering, gets the two women settled at a nearby table, calling for bread and some honey, a bit of tea "…and whatever else the poor dears would care for," dabbing at her eyes as she moves away, "…Tis such a sad day and hopeful at the same time"

Draventa's moving slow, the head wound healed, but only barely. And she's still begin watched, just in case. The maid is eagle eyes on that, but walks the princess over to the table. Drav is able to give a soft sad smile at everyone in the room before softly thanking them. Her voice is soft when she speaks to Nylie, "I…I like it here. it's warm and alive."

A faint smile is offered to the head cook by Nylie, familiar enough in being…well…a Kilgour, cursed lot that they seemed to be of late. "Thank you, that'll be plenty. We'll try to not to be too much of a bother for you, I wouldn't wish to be the cause of anything ending up spoiled for this eve, especially those famed tarts of yours." The woman sounding genuinely sincere, even if attending a banquet again was the last thing she wished for, since the last one went so swimmingly. A light smile does go to Daelina as well, a familiar face even if she doesn't know the woman personally. "It is at that, can always count on there being some activity, no matter the hour. And fresh bread. It always seems best when it's still warm, least to me. " There is but a brief glance at Draventa's head wound, least directly, certainly much improved.

Daelina turns at that, dipping a curtsey towards the two women - even if in the hustle and bustle of kitchen work save for when people enter it's usually forgiven - elsewise something hot might be spilled or burnt. Daelina's smile, ever present on her face, brightens somewhat, even as a lingering sadness trickles there.

"Papa says good food and company is always a bit of a remedy for any illness or sadness that prevails. As well as pleasant conversation, my ladies." She ahhs a moment, going towards where she usually puts her honey on previous deliveries to the castle, "This one here, was a particular favorite - the bees were working a field of honeysuckle and it has a light fragrance and sweeter taste," setting it down on the table along with tea and bread and biscuits when they are brought over. How does she know this from a simple container? Perhaps she has a way of marking the containers so that she knows which came from what field? "And," glancing at the head cook, "Her tarts are most excellent. But, she was kind enough to also let Master Ray help provide for this evening's work so that she could oversee, with my small bit of assistance, that the feast went smoothly."

Draventa nods, taking in the chatter of the room. When she sits, it's as if she's trying to make herself same, unnoticed. A small hand goes to her stomach, pressing flat. SHe's lost weight since the attack. She just can't seem to find it in her to eat, nothing of substance, anyway. Her pale eyes come up and she'll focus on Daelina, "Your papa sounds like a very smart man." Looking to Nylie, she seems to remember something and frowns, "Y-you were in the infirmary with me and helped me…correct?" things are all a blur up to a point. Alice, her maid will prep a piece of bread for the princess in hopes she'll eat it.

"It does certainly help sooth it along for a bit, " Nylie giving glance as the honey gets fetched by Daelina. A soft 'ahhh' comes at the explanation of it,"Something a little sweeter would do just now too. Hmm…I admit, I've only tasted a few of Master Ray's offerings, all quite tasty. But near the variety I seem to hear spoken about, suppose I should remedy that one day….I am sure everything will run smoothly." Nylie gives a nod to Draventa, seeing to buttering her own slice of bread and adding in a bit of honey as well. "Aye, I was. You are looking a fair deal better. "

Daelina smiles, watching the ladies sit and take their ease.A broad smile fills her face, "My Papa is the best" an almost apologetic look on her face to the two women, "I cannot think of a finer man in the Kingdom, if you'll pardon my saying so. And, we all grieve with you as well, It's as if the Gods are trying to test us in some way." Saying that she then, backs away a moment, to check on something one of her people in the kitchen is working on, as if perhaps she's said too much and out of place.

Draventa take a deep breath and nods to the other Kilgour, "I am better. I think I will have land legs for the rest of my life, but the pain is mostly gone." Alice sets the bread in front of princess. Giving her maid a smile, Drav will look back to Nylie, "Alice believes she'll be able to cover most of the scar once it's healed with a braid." And her hair grows back. A bit kinder of a smile and Drav shakes her head at Daelina, "That you feel that way only means he is doing his job correctly as your father." Her smile fades some at the mention of the gods, and she'll nod, but her eyes drop to the bread. She feels very much the same way.

"You might, but give it time, some things take a bit longer at returning or healing. Especially with a wound like you took. And does sound like it is still got some healing if there is pain yet, though I am glad to hear it is mostly gone." Giving a slight study of the Princesses hair and how the wound is before commenting,"I can see how that would be entirely possible, I am sure Alice will manage it quite well. " A smile given to Alice even."Easily to pardon, I do think many feel the same about their father." Nylie gives a nod of her head to what Draventa says,"Just for that reason." A quiet sigh comes from Nylie, "Aye, it does seem there are testing us." She just not sure they're doing to well with the test.

Daelina looks back and nods, smiling. THen, taking a look at the women. "I think you maid is most wise. And, I have heard a head wound always seems worse than it is. I'm sure that your maid will do a most excellent job of keeping you look lovely." she takes a moment of thought, then gazing at all the things her people and the Castle people are working upon, steps a bit closer then asks, "Is there a particular dish either of you ladies might feel like seeing this eve? If it's possible, I can see if we can make something especial for you both, perhaps it will in some ways bring a bit more cheer to you, if such a thing is possible.

Draventa wrinkles her nose on annoyance, it's not very Royal looking, but makes her look young. "I hate this. I feel completely useless." A soft sigh escapes her, "I can't even paint." Looking up to Alice, Drav gives a small smile and nod, "Yes, I am lucky to have ALice to help me through this." Alice, for the most part, blushes and dips her head. The princess bites her lower lip, thinking on the tests they have endured so far. Her eyes do brighten, "Is…you said Master Ray was helping? Will he be making the star tarts?" He made them especially for the princess's wedding, and bended them out to the populous as well on the day.

"I do bet," Nylie recalls the woman trying to help in the infirmary, even though she could barely stand. Nylie reaching to give just a gentle squeeze in a motion of comfort to the younger woman,"I know it's frustrating, just sometimes resting is what is needed to heal up best. I don't think most of us are too good at it though, especially if we can't do the things that we enjoy most. " Nylie does look to Daelina at the offer that comes, chewing her lip a touch in thought, allowing Draventa to get her question in before Nylie speaks. "There is nothing specific for tonight…..though I might have a need for a few things within the next week. Maybe."

Daelina ponders this a moment, then, in an attempt to perhaps make the two ladies a bit more cheerful, and biting her lower lip for a moment, "I do not recall those as the samples he sent for us to offer. But…." glancing towards a room that is kept secure, for various reasons in these trying times, "I could perhaps show you one or maybe two of his offerings and you can tell me if you approve of their being offered this evening?

Draventa nods, still feeling useless. "The…painting isn't for me. i thought if I could offer something to the Temple…to the gods…" Sighing softly but then sitting up straighter, Drav tries to force a small and reaches for the honeyed bread, "Oh…No. Please don't go to any bother. Anything Master Ray sends will be wonderful, I am sure." He rheas tilts some and she's look to Nylie, as her statement had a feel of a reason.

"Even if you cannot finish it in the moment, finish it when you can. Do not simply let go of the idea because of an obstacle that causes delay. " Nylie gives a slight study before she continues,"There are other ways til you can finish, prayers and it is spring, consider options of what you can do, rather than focusing upon the cannot do. It is often part of a test, I have found through my years, to see if we will simple give up or if we will find way to yet continue. Please do not think, I claim this is the Gods intention, it is surely not my place to know what They intend," she was but a simple cousin, and certainly no priestess,"Just I do not think we should ever simply focus on what cannot be done, while we mourn and have pain, frustration, life must continue on, and it is up to us to find that path, to hope They would guide us upon it once found." There was a reason the musician spent so much time in the infirmary, not just hiding in her room.

Looking to Daelina with a soft smile,"If it would be a bother, or cause any trouble, I think it might do us both some good, as I think neither of us have been eating like we should." And oh there was reason, some events got rather…postponed due to the chaos. "And perhaps, once I have a firmer idea of date, I may seek you out about the smaller matter."

Daelina nods and smiles, then scoots towards that closet of a room, to come back out after a few heartbeats of time, carrying a tray with two of each of different pastries. "Well and good then, perhaps Papa and I will think of a special dish anyways to tempt your palates while you savor this and let us know " as if there were any doubt, "…if they are up to Master Trevens usual excellence."

The gods suck. That's what these tests have taught Drav. She'll nod, though there's not a lot of enthusiasm behind it. Her shoulders slump until she seems the treats. She can't help the smile that tugs on her lips. "those look beautiful!"

There was surely never any doubt," I imagine, our issue shall be which to try first this eve, comments Nylie. Nylie gives a faint nod as Drav nods, she knows it's not an easy thing to see or do, but Nylie annoyingly has been through a few more years of life to have such wisdom. "Oh, those do look quite lovely, and I think we'll certainly be looking forward to having more this eve."

You say, "So, please, test them. We, of course, glancing at the kitchen staff, "…had our little test earlier. The proof is in the baking yes?" and while the ladies taste test and drink their tea, Daelina and the head cook go back to discussing the meal for the evening, serving arrangements and other minutiae involved with a grand feast."

Draventa waits to get permission but will then reach for one of the sweets. Alice doesn't care at this point what Drav is eating as long as she does. She'll take a tiny bite, but then smiles, "I wish i could do something like this. Making people smile…" Her paintings are so different than this type of art.

Nylie gives a smile to Daelina after the treats have been settled at the table,"Thank you for these." Allowing Draventa to have her pick before taking one up as well. "Your paintings make people smile….Though have you ever tried to learn making something like these?" A hint of curiosity existing on the matter.

Daelina continues to flutter about the kitchen, busy like those bees of hers. After a time spent working with the kitchens staff, she goes to peer out of doors, towards where the hale and hearty, red bearded, boisterous visage of Ross Galbraith can be seen, working with men from the castle (as well as his own men), discussing on how one properly has a stag and a boar turned PROPERLY upon a spit - to achieve just the right doneness and perfection.

Draventa nibbles on the cake, "My paintings only make those that can afford them smile." There's annoyance in her voice, she would just hand them out not eh street, if they would let her. A tiny head shake, "No…father said it was not my place. I think he feared I'd burn down the kitchen. L-Prince Logen says he wishes to learn though.."

There is a faint smile before Nylie notes,"Logen is my cousin, you do not have to keep to his title about me, if you would not wish to. But perhaps you both might take it as a thing to learn together? I do imagine the cook would see you both well supervised so to ensure there was nothing burnt down." The cake is nibbled upon, a glance to watch and hear the details of just how a spit should be turned. "You are a Kilgour now, and I do not think either of my cousins," Prince or soon to be King," would take issue with you giving along a few of your paintings, or…" Her eyes blink before a smiles comes," if you decided to see a small art gallery setup for people to come and see your work as well as the work of others. That way many could enjoy such a thing, aye?"

From the spit area, "There's some as say, just keep turning slowly at a constant speed to let the animal cook in its own juices" as he then takes a large ladle, and using that to douse the turning animals with a liquid solution, "…but, unless you put some moisture in them, after a long, cold winter, all the fat will be gone. There'd be no flavor, no moistness, you see? And…" with a grin towards the castles spitmen, and a smile as if giving off a great secret, "…stuffing the insides with herbs, onions and the like, also lets a flavor to spread through it." more ladeling commences, "Now of course, you can use just water with some herbs in it, but I prefer a combination of wines and herbs, ladled over from time to time, helps keep it moist and tender, lets the skin get crispy. Myself, I like a bit of the skin when it's crunchy."

Draventa chews, a tug of war in her head. She doesn't even know if she'll be Logen's wife long enough to do any of those things. The idea of a gallery makes Drav smile, "Do..Do you really think people would like that? I…I was thinking of going to all the different lands and painting things…a way to travel for everyone to see." She'll look up at Nylie after glancing to the pig roast, "I….You've been very kind to me, I wanted to say thank you."
Nylie smiles and nods,"Aye, I do think people would like that. It is least something to consider, as it would be a way to share your work. " Another nibble or three is taken on the pastry. "You are quite welcome, I am only sorry I've not had more time to spend with you. " Her own life being a bit of a mess. Brothers." Though, I do fear, I should be going and seeing about getting some things in order before I get ready. " Eyeing the roasting pig outside. "I do think we'll have much to eat tonight. I shall see you then. And truly, do consider the idea, if you like, I should be happy to aid in seeing something setup." Offering another smile, and one along to the kitchen staff before she makes her way out, maid and Kilgourian guard in tow.

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