Inouv 35, 228: Come Play With Me

Since people won't come outside in the snow and play, Bella takes the snowball fight inside the bakery!

Come Play With Me
Summary: Since people won't come outside in the snow and play, Bella takes the snowball fight inside the bakery!
OOC Date: 24, December 2013
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Shire Bakery
The interior of the bakery is well lit, and open, a dividing counter running the length with a removable piece to allow passage by staff. Behind the counter are displayed the bakery's goods.
Sweet breads and cakes, pies in both meat and fruit, sweet pastries. The selections of bread range from higher quality to rough loaves of good size for the cheap price. There is a board with a menu on it to view against the back wall, next to a door leading to the rest of the interior of the building.
Doug, a bland looking man who is minding the store when there are no other people who work here about will sell bakery goods to those who pay, will be polite, and has very little interest in anything else. Doug is prepared to sell on command and otherwise encourages browsing.
Inouv 35, 228

Ray is in the back. Doug is on the counter, but the place is warm and smells incredible, stocked with an array of foods.

Promises are promises and Bella keeps hers! Arriving from across the way, she is taking advantage of the warmer weather and leaves her cloak behind. Using her better judgment, she's wearing shoes, though they are makeshift, fur wrapped around her feet and tied on with a small rope. Her dress is a simple gray one and she wears a white apron over it. Spotting the case, she walks over and appropriately oohs and ahhs over the contents.

Kylan Fletcher steps into the bakery just a minute or two after Bella, also having left his cloak (and most of his weapons) behind. He pauses just inside the door, nodding his head towards Doug behind the counter, and glancing over and smiling politely towards Bella, also giving her a nod and the quiet words of, "Mistress Bella." By way of greeting. That out of the way, he moves to the counter and turns that polite expression towards Doug, "I've been told you have the finest meat pies in Stormvale. I'll take one."

Doug brightens, "Ayesir." He moves to the case of meat pies as the door to the back opens and Ray comes out in a cloud of heavenly scented air, carrying..
"Rabbit Pies fresh!" He says to the Bakery in general, the tray of steaming pies still downright SCALDINGLY HOT from the oven, and bubbling a little gravy from the steaming slit in the crust. These are the things Ray unleashes upon the Bakery. He slides the tray on the front counter, and smiles to the customers, "Hello. I'm Ray the Baker, and Welcome to the Shire Bakery." It's a bumper moment.

"Hi Mister Kylan!" Bella had looked to the door when it had opened and recognized him right away. She steps aside so that he can place his order and talk. When Ray walks out, she waves to him. "Hi Mister Raymond. I told you I would come over and see what you got for sale. It all looks so very good!"

"I'll take one of those, too." Kylan notes, since Doug had already retrieved one of the not -quite- as fresh pies from the case. He exchanges the proper amount of coin with the keeper and inclines his head towards Ray, "Well met, Master Ray. Kylan Fletcher." He accepts the first meat pie, stepping aside to a clear patch of ground to take a bite, nodding thoughtfully to himself as he samples it. "Definitely very good." He looks to Doug and smiles a bit, "That rabbit pie can cool a few seconds on the counter, if you please." He lifts the first pie, "Or at least as long as it takes me to finish this."

Ray nods to Doug, "You heard the man." He says with a grin, "And well met Master Kylan. Enjoy those," He grins, and doesn't burden the man with talk when theres pie to eat. Doug separates a nice looking pie from the tray and sets it aside to cool as Ray looks to Bella, "Mistress Bella, of course, what can I temp you with today?" He moves down the counter, "Tart? puff?" He leans to one side, "Raspberry tart with a little clotted cream on it?"

Still looking at the various things, Bella can't seem to make up her mind. When Ray approaches, she tips her chin up and grins. "Did you find any new things in the book?" Her attention drifts back to the case. "Everything looks so pretty. Too pretty to eat!"

"Won't have that problem once you taste it, Mistress Bella." Kylan notes towards her with a touch of humor in his voice. Despite his somewhat rough appearance he seems mostly well-mannered if a bit succinct. Not talking with his mouth full and all that. He does, however, polish off that meat pie with a quickness and isn't at all bashful about licking his fingers afterwards, before moving to claim the fresher, hotter pie, though he simply holds it for the moment, seeming to tell it's still probably a bit hot to scarf down, though he doesn't seem to have any trouble holding it.

Ray looks to Kylan and nods, "True." He looks to Bella, and smiles, "Just take a breath and point to one. Any one." He looks amused by her quandry.

Bella glances over with a curious look. "Did you have some from here before? What's best?" Everything looks so very good. Reaching into her apron pocket, she a copper on the case. "Just one of what that will buy." Seeing the man devour his pie, she grins. "It must taste really good." Ummmm… "You pick one for me Mister Raymond."

"Haven't tried the sweets yet, but the meat pie was good enough that I'd be safe in saying the sweets are probably just as good." Kylan replies to Bella, chuckling just a bit at her wonderment. After a few more moments, he tries a bite of the rabbit pie, a soft murmur of satisfaction can be heard as he samples it. "Yes. This one's better."

Ray takes the coin and nods, "Alright." He nods, moving to fetch a Creme sweetpie. Returning to pass her the hand pie, he says, "I believe you'll enjoy that. And feel free to give your honest opinion." He says, handing her the cream cheese like hand pie. He looks to Kylan and nods, "Freshers better, but they ride in a pack well enough if the pack is not crushed."

"What's in the meat pie?" Bella peers at the one as he takes a bite and smiles at the murmuring sound he makes. "It sounds good!" Since food can sound good according to her logic. When Ray takes the coin, she watches him withdraw one from the case and holds out her hand for it. It's one of those nice looking ones. Lifting the pie, she takes a nibble. "Mmmm." Sounds like hers is good too! "Thank you!"

"This one's Rabbit. Last one was pork by the taste of it." Kylan replies to Bella, then looks to Ray and smiles a bit, "I'll keep it in mind, but fresher meats sometimes attract hungry sharp-toothed animals in some of the places I wander. Though It would be a nice treat for a day on the road." Where bears and wolves and such are less likely to be wandering.

Ray smiles to Bella, "You are quite welcome." He grins to her, then looks to Kylan. "Aye, I bake Hard Tack as well. Travels like a dream and no meat in them to smell like prey." He nods, Good road meal though the pies, aye." He smiles, taking the tray and sliding it into a rack to let the goodies cool.

"Rabbit?" The mention of sharp toothed animals brings her gaze around again and Bella smiles. "I guess they get hungry too." While the others talk, she looks at the other things for sale and then around the room towards one of the tables. "How much for cider?"

"They do indeed, Mistress Bella." Kylan agrees with a touch of a smile, then he looks to Ray and nods, "Good to know. I wouldn't exactly call us friends, but hardtack and I are well-acquainted. Good base for trail rations." He affirms, "Do you sell it by the tray, or the biscuit, or….?"

Ray smiles to Bella, moving to draw a cup of cider, "Pull you a cup of cider as a Welcome to the Bakery for the first time." Looking to Kylan, he smiles, "I sell by the biscut but also a five pack wrapped in cloth treated with beeswax and tied with twine for travel for a Star." He smiles, "Greenshire hunters like those."

Walking back to the counter, Bella smiles. "Thank you! I like the bakery. I only got the hearth to cook on at the shop so I just make stuff when the store is closed cause there's not one in the bedroom but at breakfast, I just eat what was left from the day before so this cake and cider is really, really good."

"I think you'll be seeing me again soon, Master Ray." Kylan notes with a brief smile, "I may have been a Sky Forest man, but those Green Rangers know what they're about, too." He grins just a touch mischievously, "Most of the time." He considers Bella a few moments, but remains silent on whatever thoughts come to mind as he continues to polish off that rabbit pie.

Ray sets the cup of cider on the counter in front of Bella, and smiles, "Perhaps if you find any other cookbooks or recipe books, I'll rent them to read and you may take payment in food while I have the book." He smiles, and looks to Kylan, "Thank you, Master Kylan, Offer you a cup of cider as well, perhaps ale. First time customer after all." He takes t step toward where he draws the drinks from. Looks like real ale, tavern keg.

"Oh no, I won't take food in payment for stuff. I let ya read the recipe book cause I know I liked readin' it so I thought you maybe too." Bella is pretty adamant about taking free stuff. She walks back across the floor to one of the tables and has a seat in one of the chairs so she can take her time in eating her little pie and having her cider. Conveniently, she can see across the street from there to her own shop to make sure no one goes in that needs her help.

"Ale would be fine, thanks." Kylan replies, finishing off the last of that rabbit pie. "Good for washing that delicious pie down, I'd think." He moves to lean against a bare patch of wall, able to keep watch over the door while he converses.

Ray pulls a cup of ale. It's a good quality drop. Bringing it to the ranger, he hands it over as he goes back to behind the counter "Always glad to see people enjoying my work." He says, looking to Bella, and nods, "And good of you to as well, thanks."

Bella crinkles her nose at the mention of ale and overtly curious, she walks over and peers at the stuff. "It doesn't smell good at all." She tells the mapmaker. Walking to the window, she looks out and laughs! "Oh! It's snowing again! Come see!" She opens the door and rushes outside where she twirls a circle in the falling flakes, delighted laughter echoing in the streets.

Ray pulls a cup of ale. It's a good quality drop. Bringing it to the ranger, he hands it over as he goes back to behind the counter "Always glad to see people enjoying my work." He says, looking to Bella, and nods, "And good of you to as well, thanks."

Bella crinkles her nose at the mention of ale and overtly curious, she walks over and peers at the stuff. "It doesn't smell good at all." She tells the mapmaker. Walking to the window, she looks out and laughs! "Oh! It's snowing again! Come see!" She opens the door and rushes outside where she twirls a circle in the falling flakes, delighted laughter echoing in the streets.'

Allyn wanders into the bakery after his shift on duty is done and glances around for a few moments, before finding a place to sit. Well he's been meaning to come in here, just hadn't had the chance to before now.

Ray looks up from behind the counter, and smiles to Allyn, "Greetings sir, welcome to the Shire Bakery. What can I get for you? MEat Pie, something sweeter, To eat and enjoy here or take home, up to you. I'm Ray, the Baker."

Allyn hmms, "I think I will have a meat pie, that sounds good. What kind of meat is in it?" he raises an eyebrow, "Maybe an ale too, since I am off duty and it is still cold out there. Might warm things up a little." he chuckles

"Truth be told, Mistress, it truly does seem to be a thing that one appreciates more with age." Kylan notes on the subject of ale with a faint smile. "But it tastes good when taken with many meals. And costs less than wine." He chuckles, then tilts a brow, watching her rush out the door. He shares a brief glance towards Ray, a bit along the lines of "is this girl for real?" He takes a pull on the ale and shakes his head slightly.

Ray looks at Kylan and shrugs slightly smirking after Bella, and looks to Allyn, nodding, "Right now the choice of pork and rabbit, for meat pies. Rabbits a bit fresher." He says pulling a cup of ale. Good tavern quality ale. This he brings to Allyn, "There you are." He says, looking out to where Bella went off to briefly, before looking to Allyn for his choice of meatpie.

Allyn nods and ponders for a few moments and hmms "I think I will try the rabbit meat pie then. That sounds good to me. I like rbabit, so shouldn't have any problems."

Bella knocks on the window and waves goodbye to those inside, pressing her nose against the glass. "See you later!" She calls out before turning and looking around at the snow, considering where to go to next.

Ray moves to the back, getting a Rabbit meat pie, by now cooled enough to be comfortable to eat but warm enough to know it's fresh from the oven. Bringing it to Aalyn he smiles and waves to Bella as she heads off.

Kylan raises a hand in farewell to Bella, sipping at his ale once more, and commenting, quietly towards Allyn: "Good choice."

Allyn smiles and nods as the pie is brought to him, "Thank you." he nods to Kylan as well, "yeah, it sounded like it might be the best choice right now. Can't say I've ever had one before but got to try new things, right?"

Bella leaves here briefly, so poses were missed

Allyn nods and takes a bite of his rabbit pie once it has cooled off a little and then takes a drink of ale, glancing around from time to time to make sure everything is going alright.

Bella is gone for only a brief amount of time before she comes back in toting a snowball in each hand and a smile filled with mischief! "Mister Kylannnn!" It's the only warning he gets before both snowballs are tossed lightly in his direction before she moves to duck behind Allyn, hiding, but the giggles give her away completely.

Kylan is taking another drink of his ale and turns when he hears the door open. The ordinarily observant Ranger frowns a bit and starts to speak, "Mistress Bella? Is everything all r-" Quick reflexes allow him to shift to the side even in the chair to avoid one snowball, but the other….

*PAF* Right on the side of the head.

Kylan grunts, reaching up rather calmly to wipe the bits of snow from his face and hair. He smirks a bit, and chugs down his ale, setting the mug down before slowly rising to his feet. "Well then. If you fine folk will excuse me?" He inclines his head to Ray and Allyn in turn, before starting to move towards the door…perhaps to fetch ammunition.

Ray winces, grabbing a towel and coming from behind the counter, waving it at Bella, "Oh no, outside if you're going to do that. He's coming back for you, and that means out." He says sternly, taking one corner of his towel, and whipping it,

Outside the Bakery
South of the City Center, the cobblestone path that is Sutherland Street leads off further south to the South Road and the way to Sutherland. The buildings here are made of wood, save for one made of rock that looks like a miniature castle, some of them with large signs advertising their wares, and others with subtler notifications. While this square does not contain the buying, selling and hawking of Market Street, it has a quiet sleepy air during the day, coming more to life during the evening and night time hours. The famed Bards Tale Tavern can be found here, as can various other establishments aimed at entertainment purposes. The Shire Bakery is a popularly frequented establishment with Adventure Books and Scribe directly across the street from it. There are torches in sconces set to illuminate the buildings and the narrow path at night, and the City Watch can also be seen here, perhaps often enough dragging a poor drunken sot off to sober up in the City Jail.

Ray snapsnapsnaps after Bella, herding her outside at.. towelpoint! Commoners and their improvised weapons.

The reaction from Kylan makes her laugh even more! But when he heads outside, she's torn. To follow or to stay? What to do? What to do? Ducking out from behind Allyn just in time for the snap, Bella jumps. "Ow!" And it takes very little for him to run her out of his store, and she even takes the time to close the door behind her. Or more to leave that towel away from her!

Allyn chuckles as he wanders outside with his meat pie and watches the snowball and other fight, "Alright, keep things nice and calm and no one will get arrested." he grins, though it looks like fun. He reaches down and makes a snowball and tosses it at Bella, "Catch!" though he's actually throwing it at her, not to her.

Allyn gets the inkling, but it's a moment too late, as one snowball flies through the air towards Bella, and a second towards Allyn, "No fair poaching, Guardsman!" Kylan notes with a bit of laughter in his voice. Incidentally? He's on the edge of the bakery's roof, already scooping up a little more snow to pack into a third snowball. Seize the high ground, indeed.

Bella had hurried out of the store, fleeing from the wrath of the baker and his towel! She skids to a stop and scoops up some snow, standing just in time to catch a snowball to her face. She giggles and looks around for him, completely missing seeing him until she follows the sound of his laughter. Her own increases and she ducks back under the small eave, "Can't get me now!"

Allyn blinks as he gets hit by a snowball and chuckles, "Hey now, no attacking the watch!" he finishes his meatpie and scoops up somemore snow. With a mischievous grin he wanders casually over to Bella and dumps it on top of her and snickers, "Yes we can."

Ray backs off, smiling as Bella gets hit with snow from multiple areas and laughs, moving back to the side of the eave as some snow dislodged by the activity falls on him in a wet 'FLUMPF' Sound. And there's Frosted Ray. Standing there with snow on his head and shoulders, face scrunched into a tight expression of cold endurance. "Argh!"

Kylan chuckles, and moves to the edge of the roof, rather deftly dropping down off the low eave, catching himself with an arm to briefly stop his descent before dropping the couple feet more to the ground. He has to abandon his snowball, but he quickly ducks behind a corner and crouches down to scoop some more up. "You seem outnumbered, Mistress Bella." He calls out, his voice still touched with humor.

Thinking she was safe, Bella had let down her guard, but she still had her snowball and plenty on her from the snowball that hit her face. And then Allyn dumps more on her and she giggles, shaking her head so it snows down on her. She prepares to throw the snowball she has in her hand but then Kylan jumps down and she tries to catch him with it and duck behind Ray this time, her musical laughter echoing through the street.

Allyn snickers at the snowball fight and makes another snowball, trolling it around until its nice and smooth and looks for a target. he grins and then throws this one at Ray.

Ray turns, as Bella hides behind him, looking ba-SPLAT! right in the face, and Ray makes a strangled sound, ducking down to scoop up snow, snow for ammunition, he's a target now, time to fight back.

Bella's next attack glances off of Kylan's shoulder as he moves behind that corner, where he lies in wait a few moments, smooshing together a good four snowballs, then picking one up and peeking his head about to see just who's the most likely target. He decides to be sporting and let the Baker gather his own ammunition unimpeded, instead returning the first icy projectile towards Bella, who last attacked him. Poor girl's going to be buried in snow at this rate.

Bella holds her middle, laughing hard, when Ray gets hit in the face with snow, despite it meaning her hiding place was completely gone. When Kylan peeks out, she hurriedly tries to move away, but slides on the ground with her makeshift boots and is unable to defend herself, getting hit again, this time on the side of her head. She scoops up snow and moves to the opposite side, intending to hurry around the back of the bakery to get Kylan from the other side.

Allyn chuckles and makes more snowballs and starts to stockpile them, though every once in a while he takes aim and throws one at everyone, no favorites here. He even manages to throw two of them at Bella with a grin.

Ray gathers a few snowballs in his arm and starts pelting them, one at Bella to drive her off and he starts movint to a position with at least a little cover, throwing two snowballs at Allyn, when it looks like he's about to throw. Suppression fire isn't invented yet, but it starts with this.

Kylan sees Bella duck around the opposite side of the Bakery and chuckles, plucking up a couple snowballs and moving along the wall to the corner she will have to approach to try to ambush him, and leaving Allyn and Ray to battle each other, at least for a few moments. He doesn't pre-emptively attack her though, perhaps waiting for her to get closer before springing the trap.

Bella gets hit with a few other snowballs despite her intentions to get back, two one after the other followed by another from Ray! She continues to laugh, only managing to stifle it once she's in the back and rounding almost to the other side where Kylan is!

Allyn chuckles as he gets hit by two snowballs and he grins and shakes his head, "Oh now you've done it." he starts throwing as many of his stockpile at Ray as he can, rapid fire one after the other. "Take that!"

Ray throws, and throws, and is hit and throws and is hit and is frantically throwing, "Acht! Argh" He flings snowballs as fast as he can, but he's still getting hit readily, not that prepared for this. He's trying to fling enough snow to not get completely beaten, but argh, he's getting caked in snow.

Kylan waits until Bella's just a few feet from the edge of the wall, and then casually tosses one, two, three snowballs around the corner. He's not really looking, and they're not hard tosses, but rather light, lofting lobs, but Bella's close, so she may well get a bit more snow on her before she reaches her target. Especially since it's really only his hand and forearm that get exposed for a moment with each toss.

Bella shrieks when the snow comes at her, and she laughs so hard, getting eyes and mouth fill of snow, that she falls down in the snow back there and completely gets covered. And she'd left her cloak in the bookstore! She sits up, teeth chattering and shivering, even as she continues to laugh, sitting up in the snow. "I lost!" There is no dismay in her voice, only genuine amusement and good natured surrender. "Mister Raymonddd we're back here!" almost at the corner of the side really.

Ray grunts as Allyn is called away, and he moves around the corner of the building, coughing out a laugh, "Acht, Will a mug of hot cider purchase the peace?" He asks, laughing and gesturing back into the bakery. ugh he's in his apron, and snow. no protective clothes, and he's got a bit of snow stuck to him he's brushing it off.

Kylan steps around the corner and lowers a hand to help Bella to her feet, "You'd best get indoors, Mistress Bella. Find a warm fire, some dry clothes, and a good hot cup of tea to help stave off any chill. Few things worse than catching a cold in winter." He looks to Ray when he makes his offer, and grins towards the man, "I think we accept the terms of this truce."

Bella hears the offer from Ray as she looks up at Kylan. Trustingly, she slips her cold hand into his, allowing him to assist her to her feet, still wearing a vibrant smile despite the chattering teeth. "S…su..sure.." it comes out rather halted, but that only makes her laugh again. "Th… thanks.. f..for p..p..playin' with m.. me." This is to the both of them as blue eyes look between them. She had really had a good time! "S..sounds g..g..good, M..mister." Not even attempting to get a name out.

Ray gestures Bella into the shop, her chattering teeth causing this to become the first thing, to warm the lady up. He nods to Kylan "Done and done. Shall we then?"

"You're welcome, Mistress Bella. Haven't had a good laugh like that in a while." Kylan notes, his hand holding hers -perhaps- a bit longer than absolutely necessary, but he shows no awkwardness over it when he does release it. "I'll join you in just a few moments." Kylan notes to Ray with a smile, "Just going to go fetch something. Won't be but a minute."

Bella isn't awkward at all, just when he lets go of it, she holds it with her other one, cupped over her mouth as she blows warm air into them. At the gesture from Ray, she marches over and steps to the door, looking surprised when Kylar doesn't come, but she goes inside anyway, ahead of Ray, still shivering, but not minding it so much. OH YEAH! Spotting her cup on the table from her cider earlier, she walks over and sits down again. Assuming it's hers anyway. And she begins to drink it. "T..thank you!"

Back inside the bakery

Ray follows Bella in, and points at Doug, "Three hot ciders. Hot." He orders, moving to the fireplace and setting fresh wood on it, stoking the fire to a warm blaze before moving to take the tray from Doug and setting a steaming mug next to Bella, taking one for himself and leaving the third in case Kylan comes back in as he said. "There, have that, instead. Nice and hot." He shudders, taking a careful sip.

Wherever the Ranger is staying for the time being, it must be quite close, because he does indeed return just a couple of minutes later, only now he's wearing his hooded cloak, and carrying another bundle of cloth under his arm, which he unfurls into another good, warm, woolen cloak that he drapes over Bella's shoulders, "Here Mistress. You can borrow this for now." He moves to reclaim his seat and lifts the cider mug, grinning just a touch, "So here's to a bit of good fun, eh?"

Seated, Bella watches as Doug and Ray move around and when the hot cider comes, she wraps her hands around it for the warmth, giving a guileless smile. "Th..thanks!" There's no attempt at a drink, and when the door opens, she looks over and smiles when Kylan joins again, surprised at the cloak. "Oh!" Letting go of the cup, she snuggles into the warmth of the cloak. "Sooo warmmmm."

Ray smiles as Kylan wraps Bella in the cloak and lifts his mug to the Ranger, "Good fun." He then lifts it to Bella and takes another sip. It's comperable temperature to tea. Hot, apple alcoholic tea.

Kylan takes a few warming gulps of the cider, setting the mug down and wiping his mouth with the back of a hand, "Well, now I know I'll have to be on high alert around Mistress Bella here…she likes to strike from ambush." He smiles good-naturedly though, polishing off the Cider rather quickly, and then rising to his feet, "I had best be on my way." He nods to Ray, then to Bella, "Master Ray, thank you for your hospitality and your goods. Mistress Bella, always a pleasure. Please, don't worry about the cloak for now. You can return it to me the next time we meet."

Bella also takes a drink of the cider, and she is warming rapidly from the heat, the cloak and the drink. Her cheeks are still flushed though, and her eyes bright. Her dress beneath the cloak wet from the snow, but she doesn't seem to mind. She does yawn though and covers her mouth with her open hand. "It was great fun, Mister Raymond, Mister Kylan." She hugs the cloak around her and smiles. "I will make sure it's clean next time I see you. It's so very warm." Warmer than her own, since her's isn't such a nice, thick wool. "See you later." Another yawn is covered.

Ray inclines his head deeply to Kylan, with a smile, "A pleasure, sir. I look forward to your next visit." He looks to Bella, and smiles, "Relax, you're welcome to relax here for as long as you like." He tells Bella, taking the tray and Kylans empty mug and moving it to Doug, for taking to the back.

And with that, Kylan nods once more, "Good evening to you both" and then steps back out the door, closing it quietly behind him, and trudging off into the night.

Bella smiles a sleepy smile, still sipping on her drink, warming up still, watching Kylan leave before looking back at Ray. "I had fun playin outside today. No one would come play with me so I brought snow inside. I'm sorry I threw snow in your bakery."

Ray chuckles, "It's alright, you didn't hurt any of the bread, so it's all fine." He chuckles, apparently satisfied with how she's warming up. "You can always come over and get some food, if your litle hearths aren't satisfying you belly." He says.

"I'm glad. I don't like to hurt someone ever. Or no one's things too." The flush is still in her cheeks, possibly from the wind, or just from the heat, or the previous cold. "Oh I can't eat here everyday cause I gotta save the coins to buy more things. So I can cook over at home in the bookstore. But thank you!"

Ray smiles, nodding, "I do also sell foods uncooked, and spices. Greenshire groceries." He smirks.

"Mostly I just pick things to cook from the woods and stuff. And I buy stuff people kill for meat an' stuff. But if you show me tomorrow, I will come see what you got for sale?" Bella smiles.

Ray nods, "Good. I can show you how to cook, and have food for very little money, if it's just you." He nods, then grins, "Recipes."

"Uh huh, it's jus' me." Bella tells him simply. "I worked in a bakery before so I can cook stuff." That much she does remember cause it was after she forgot everything. She stands up and holds the cloak around herself. "I'll come back tomorrow, kay?" Yawning again. "I gotta go home."

Ray nods, "Alright. Rest well, Bella." He says, warmly, taking her mug and gets the door for her.

Bella walks to the door and when he opens it, she smiles again. "I had fun. Lotsa fun." Stepping out, she waves to him then skips across the street to her own shop, stopping at the door to wave before ducking inside.

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