Inouv 34, 228: Ciarrah Seeks Advice

Ciarrah Seeks Advice
Summary: Ciarrah seeks out the Queen for advice and meets her new baby sister.
OOC Date: 06/December/228 (OOC)
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Ciarrah Laetitia 
Royal Suite 1
This sitting room is large and airy, with large windows overlooking the sea. The floors are a burnished oaken hard wood, with small place rugs accenting various parts of the room. The walls have been paintd a gentle blue green, with a tapestry depicting each of the major areas of the kingdom on display. Wall sconces and taper candles have been placed strategically around the room. The furniture is all dark hardwood and marble stone, with dark forest green velvet cushions and gold accents. Beneath the windows, there is a sitting area, with a small green rug beneath a cozy, well cushioned bench for two and a small sidetable. Potted plants have been placed to get the best benefit of the windows' light and give a small air of privacy to the window seat. In the center of the room, there is a larger sitting area with two comfy armchairs, a large couch and even a rocking chair. A central table has been set up to hold snacks or cards, as required. Against one wall, a stately buffet and hutch contains crystal drinkware as well as some of the best alcohols that money can buy. One corner contains a small library, several shelves with books by a small desk and chair and the opposite corner has several musical instruments and sheet music, by a stand and a couple chairs. There are several doors, leading to a variety of locations, including the Royal Dining Room and out to the hall.
Inouv 34, 228

Laetitia is currently seated here in the sitting area in the rocking care, the Queen currently nursing the newest arrival, a soft knitted blanket trimmed in lace thrown over her shoulder to cover her and the child. The Queens hair is braided back, slung over opposite shoulder, wearing a soft gown of deep purple meant to give easy access for nursing the infant. She's humming softly as she rocks slowly, slippered feet lifting and falling down on her toes as she rocks, a few of her ladies within the room, doing needlework as they softly chatter amongst themselves.

Whatever guard there is at the door would hopefully let the Queen know that Ciarrah was seeking audience with her, though the group would wait outside just in case the timing was bad for the visit. Ciarrah has her guard who will wait outside the door and her maid Serah who accompanies her everywhere outside her suite she shares with Tyrel, and also remains there when Tyrel is absent.

Laetitia does indeed get notified of the visit and ohs softly, a smile touching upon her lips as she lifts up a bare arm for Winifred to go and guide them in. When they are escorted in the Queen is neatly dressed, the snoozy infant on her shoulder as she burps her, slender hand gently patting the childs backside lightly as she rises up from her seat carefully with the help of another lady, "Sweet Princess, come, come, have a seat."

Ciarrah steps inside quietly, blue eyes immediately going to the baby as a hand drifts across her own rather impressive waistline boasting a soon to be delivered baby. A bow of her head is given, for a curtsey is out of the question as it would be impossible to execute in her current condition. "My Queen and Little Princess." A smile blossoms as she approaches and not so gracefully any longer takes a seat, looking somewhat awkward doing so. "I wanted to come and congratulate you, I have heard how lovely she is."

Laetitia wouldn't dare ask for such a thing as a curtsey from Ciarrah right now, having gone through, and still going through, the pangs that a pregnant belly brings to a woman. No comment is made on awkward sit, Gods and Goddesses know that she was by no means elegant in her own, instead a warm smile is extended to the Princess as she looks down at her own little princess, pressing lips to the sleeping cherubs head as she eases slowly across the floor with the child, "Would you like to hold your new sister?" Asked of Ciarrah, the Queen beaming proudly, "Your own is coming along soon, a second grandchild for Callem and I. I'm excited. Tyrel told me that there is word it may be more than one within you?"

"Oh I would adore holding her, may I truly?" Ciarrah smiles excitedly her expression tender as she regards the tiny new baby. "Soon, and I look forward to giving you another grandchild. I must thank you also, my Queen, for the beautiful new sister. Have you determined a name suitable for such a lovely Princess?" A blush rises in her cheeks at the last, though she looks uncertain. "It seems there must be, there is so much movement at every hour! And I feel so.. large and awkward. It winds me simply to get out of bed," she confesses.

"Oh, oh - " Softly murmured to the small infant who stirs as she hands her over to Ciarrah, a few steps taken back as the Queen sinks down into the rocking chair with some relief, "Oh, of course you may, and don't thank me, the King had a large part to play in our new little delight." Softly murmured, her smile all loving as she looks to Ciarrah with the child, a hand going to her chest as she shakes her head, "It suits you so well, to be with a child in your arms. As for a name …The King and I are still deciding, his mind is elsewhere on more pressing manners, so my wee little bun is without until such a time he is able to decide with me." Bottom lip is pushed out with sympathy, a slightly pouting look given to Ciarrah before she's laughing softly, looking to her maids to help her scoot the rocking chair closer, "Isn't it terrible? Any who say that this is a beautiful thing has never experienced as such within their own womb. Don't fret, you are still as lovely and graceful as you ever could be, lovely Ciarrah."

Accepting the baby with the utmost of caution and care, Ciarrah immediately and instinctively cradles her head and holds her against her chest, looking down adoringly into the tiny, perfect features. Her finger traces the itty bitty fingernails and the smile that plays over her lips is completely protective. "If you ever need someone to watch her, I would be glad to care for her while you and the King took an evening together." The blush rises once again for the compliments, but they are met with a gracious smile. "Thank you, my Queen."

After a slight hesitation, as she gently cuddles the baby. "I would ask.. your role as a Queen, I greatly admire and respect you. I have never met anyone so strong as I saw you when the King was sick and the war began and Prince Tyrel was sent off to battle." Getting to the point now, Ciarrah smiles tentatively. "Do you accompany the King on all of his business ventures within the Castle? Or do you believe your place is behind the scenes? I was arguing a point with Tyrel that I would accompany him his business in the dungeons, and he said it was not my place, not for my eyes to see. I argued that you would accompany the King, and the King would not deny you, because you are strong and must know what goes on in the kingdom. I do not wish to be coddled any longer, like a weak and wilting wife. I want to be strong, like you. He agreed for me to ask and he would abide whatever it is you would do."

The Queen will shake her head as she listens to Ciarrah, "I was not pregnant during those times, love. You see this time, with my husband King gone, I just about completely lost my mind. Pray that your husband is always near when blessed, for it can be most unnerving upon our minds when they are not." Said with no little bit of self-depreciation, the Queen quite aware of the insanity that was evoked. Listening intently the Queen will ahhh softly, lips pressing together as she smooths her hands into her lap, "That …is something that you and my son will have to try to come to an accord about. How Callem and I-" A pause as she bites into her lower lip, "I …find that I am as often behind the scenes as I am in them directly. Tyrel is not the same man as my husband King. There are things I wish to be involved in, and others I can not bring myself to be involved in. Such as the business within the dungeons." Admitted with a soft smile, "But if it serves you best, then simply tell my son that yes, I would, if I wished it, be involved in any and all of my husband Kings business within the Kingdom. Which is a truth."

Ciarrah gently presses her lips against the downy soft forehead, the hair soft as feathers smelling of that baby smell. She smiles in contentment and gently rocks her tiny new sister, utter devotion in her eyes. Love at first sight, perhaps. Tearing her gaze away from the princess, she looks back to the Queen. "I wish to forge a relationship of my own with Tyrel, yet I run into his rock solid will at every turn. I am only learning to test my boundaries with him instead of cowering to his will, and I find I enjoy the challenge." A smile plays over her lips. "He always keeps me guessing and I like that about him, yet I wish not to always give in. I can tell when he is adamant, and I am learning when he would bend a little and give at least some. I appreciate his protectiveness and would never take it for granted, yet I am also Ciarrah, not only The Prince's wife. I must have my own identity as well, or I will be lost within his." The out the Queen gives is met with a grateful smile. "I will tell him that, thank you, yet also, immediately after, I will assure him that I would not endanger our child, and only accompany him after it is born."

Laetitia's smile grows as Ciarrah speaks, the Queen pressing her way out of the rocking chair with a bit of assistance again, still recovering from the birth of the wee princess being coddled by Ciarrah, "Yes you /must/, and never give up that fire or you'll wilt away under a heavy shadow." To Ciarrah she'll go, a hand pressing down to the womans shoulder as she bends down to plant a kiss atop the woman's head, "And I would hate to see that spirit die. Soon your steps will fall in with his, though yours will be your own. And you'll proudly walk with him at your side, and you at his. It's a vision I can not wait to see." Drawing back the Queen will bend a little more to sweep the back of her fingertips against her daughters tiny cheek as she sleeps oh so content in Ciarrahs arms, "Was there anything else on your mind, my dear?"

Watching the Queen, Ciarrah smiles, feeling a warmth similar to what she feels when she is near her own mother and encouraging words are given to her. It seeps into her and warms her throughout, when before she had felt so alone. The smile she returns is fairly bright even as her eyes glimmer in the soft light. "I look forward to that day, My Queen, when I will walk side by side with him. Thank you, truly, first for sharing my new little sister with me and secondly for your patience and your advice. I should be getting back to him, I know he is awaiting my return before he goes to speak with the prisoner and I wish not to have him lax on his duties for my sake." She nuzzles the baby gently once more before offering her back, for surely she could never rise while holding the baby. Not yet.

Laetitia reaches out with slender hands to carefully take the infant from Ciarrah, smile soft and warm as she draws the child back to her chest, small child without a name rooting again into her mothers chest, "Oh this child is ravenous - you are most welcome my lovely Ciarrah. Please, any time, do not hesitate to come to me, even if it is to share in nothing more than each others company." She will begin a slow walk around the room, moving the little princess in her arms to better hold her for her next feeding before the child decides to scream bloody murder as she did earlier, "Tell him he must come visit his newest sister as well, and that we all must visit his newest sibling, as well as yours, with Caillin soon."

With difficulty, Ciarrah rises and offers another smile to the Queen. "Thank you, Your Majesty, I would love spending more time with you. Should you ever wish for company, do send for me. It has been lovely speaking like this." Her lips curve as the baby hungers, her own body aching to hold her own. "I will tell him, I wish to see his reaction to such a tiny baby, to the both of them. I look forward to meeting Caillin's. Surely we should hold a celebration when you have a name." Another bow of her head before she makes her way to the door with her maid. "I bid you good night, My Queen."

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