Queen Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen
Tamsin Egerton
Tamsin Egerton as Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen
Full Name: Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen
Age: 18
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: House Kilgour
Position: Queen of Mobrin
Place of Birth: Fairisle
Father: King Isaac Aberdeen
Mother: Queen Annalysse Aberdeen née Stewert
Siblings: Conall, Others
Spouse: Prince Tyrel Kilgour
Children: Prince Ciel Kilgour, Prince Tylar Kilgour



Youngest daughter of King Aberdeen, The wife of Tyrel and crown princess of Mobrin.

Ciarrah was born the youngest daughter of current reigning King Isaac Aberdeen on the island of Aberdeen in Carrick Castle. Despite having a very proper upbringing, Ciarrah managed to have a little fun, her parents relenting enough to allow her to spend time with her elder brothers, fishing, an occasional campsite out by the water, strumming her lute and swimming… oh how she loved to swim. How could someone be born and raised on an island and not develop a love of water and the island life? Long mornings spent with a tutor, afternoons out at the beach or shopping the stalls with her mother, evenings of bathing, being fitted for new dresses, dinners with the family in the Great Hall. The life of a princess, this one in particular, was just as it should be.

King Isaac Aberdeen runs Carrick Castle with an iron fist. Nothing happens there that he doesn't know about. The Castle is surrounded on all sides by a wall and the island is only accessible by boat and most visitors who come end up staying at least a week. Most more. Even more decide to live the island life and seek sources of employ so that they may never leave. One such girl was a commoner by the name of Alina O'Shea who Ciarrah befriended and whenever they could, they would meet in the market or down on the sea and just talk, each imagining themselves in the role of the other. Alina taught Ciarrah how to play the bagpipes and it bonded them even more, while Ciarrah taught Alina how to swim and fish. Their friendship lasts even to this day.

During her studies, she learned more of the administrative side of ruling a house. All about the requirements of royalty. And she was groomed to be an ambassador to the Kingdom of Mobrin and to discuss terms of trade with them regarding the other Houses under their rule. Her ability to scribe, do mathematical problems and deal with monetary issues make her savvy enough to be sent in as a representative of the Aberdeen Monarchy.

Everything she does, she gives her all, total absorption and dedication. Always, she seeks and accepts new challenges, new causes, yet there are times she just likes to have fun. Now that she has turned eighteen and is of age, she is being sent from her home on Aberdeen Island to live among other Royalty. After bidding her family and friends farewell, she packed her belongings and is now being delivered by her entourage to her new home. Her handmaid, Serah, travels at her side along with the guards and the rest of the entire crew… and now, to meet the new faces…

Guard your heart above all else
for it determines the course of your future



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