Kit Harington
Kit Harington as Cian Conwy
Full Name: Cian Conwy
Age: 24
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kincaid
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Lakeshire
Father: Bredon Conwy
Mother: Margred Conwy nee Aiken
Siblings: Cadel, Liam(Deceased) some sisters.
Spouse: None
Children: None


A Commoner knight in service of House Kincaid

During the first war between the kingdoms, Cian's great great grandfather Niall was a soldier in the Kincaid army. During one of the battles Niall showed courage and skill in defending one of the members of the Kincaid family. This brought to him a Knighthood and a vow from the man that forever will his family defend the Kincaid family. Since that time the males descendants of Niall were presented as squires for training to become Knights of the Lake. Not all would succeed, but many would try to attain the rank of Knight as would be expected of them. Failure could well mean a disgrace in the family.
It is under legacy that Cian was born. His own father was a knight revered for his skill and tactical prowess. As soon as he could grip a blade Cian’s training for that fulfil that legacy began. A slight child compared to his brothers, he was oft viewed with some level of disappointment by his father but that only meant that Cian was trained all the harder with even more expectation of him. The young man was also ‘cursed’ with intelligence and an interest in the natural world. Of his other studies science did draw his curious mind the most, specifically the science of the human body. Such interests he held quiet from his father as he went through the daily drills and practices. His mother quietly encouraged it and he would find books of interest on his bedtable at night and so as he grew his days were spent in training and his nights in the study of healer craft and the workings of the human body. He was named a squire in the Knights of the Lake at 16 years of age though as his father was quick to point out that his brothers were accepted at younger ages. Despite his reluctance he still showed a skill at arms, though it is with lance and Long sword he showed his greatest skill, that which his height was not a handicap. Indeed he learned to use it as an advantage, moving quicker and not moving in ways the larger squires were used to.
He was close to all his siblings, but closest still to his brother Liam. Being only a year apart much of their training was together growing up and as squires. Liam knew of Cian’s other interest and often interceded in some way to hide those clandestine studies from their father or while squires, their Knights. Liam and Cadel were the ones who felt the calling of Knighthood, while Cian secretly studied his books and visited the Infirmary or Healer’s tent on any excuse. A young healer apprentice noticed his attention and secretly provided his what lessons she could.
It was in battle in 224 when Mobrin retaliated against the death of the King's family, that their father was nearly killed and lost a leg which forced his retirement. Cian and his brother Liam were squires together at the time of the battle, their eldest brother Cadel already a Knight. It would be another battle though, the battle of Westgate, that would change his life forever. It was his brother Liam that volunteered to join a scouting group. It was not intended to find battle that day but to the man they were killed in a skirmish. From that day forth Cian set to his squire training with a vengeance as penance to the guilt he felt over his brother's death as it was Cian's turn to go out scouting that day and to exact vengeance upon those who brought death to his brother. 5 years later after proving himself in skill at arms, he was granted the title Knight like his eldest brother before him and his father before him. The family tradition continues.
5 years on he is still plagued by nightmares of his brother’s death. He volunteered as much as he would be allowed to for any special assignments. Known to take risks others would not. Some people wondering if he might have a death wish though he never attempted to take his own life. He has made few friends amongst the squires and Knights for his at times surly nature.


Morcan- 15 year old squire of Cian


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