Sess 10, 229: Chocola Romance

Chocola Romance
Summary: Amando and Emerit have a date at the Chocola Emporium - all proper, with guards, a knight and a chaperone being present.
OOC Date: 24/02/2014 and 01/03/2014 (OOC)
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Chocola Emporium, City of Stormvale
The front of this shop opens up on lovely days, but can be closed and barred at night or when closed. It has a small cafe area at the front, with six or seven small tables set up for customers to buy a drink of chocola and maybe a cookie, slice of cake or pastry. There are decorations of sea shells and driftwood, giving the area a beach front Eastern Isles feeling. To the back of the store, there are several rows of goods for sale, low cost textiles and food stuff from exotic locales. There are paintings on the walls, also for sale, so they change regularly.
At the very back, there are two doors. One leads to the personal apartments of the proprietor, and the other to the secure area, where the higher cost goods are kept safe.
10th day of Sess, 229

Following the incident at the practice grounds, Amando Kirarcic sent a note to Princess Emerit, offering his apologies for the distress she suffered, hoping she was fell and would she do him the honour of meeting him at the Chocola Emporium. THe young prince of Skingaard has actually dressed up for once, wearing an expensive doublet over his white shirt, clean tight leatherpants and polished boots. And right now he's hovering by the entrance, repeatedly running a hand through his hair as if he might just be be a tad nervous.

It does not take long, and the door to the Chocola Emporium is opened, letting a small group inside. Three Moniwid guards and a Kilgour chaperone accompany Emerit. Her fiery red hair falls openly about her shoulders, a contrast to the dark blue of her dress with the snake embroidery about her slender waist line she reveals now below her warm wollen blue cloak. Moss green eyes lighten up as she almost stumbles over the prince, as he hovers so close to the entrance. "Your highness." An amiable smile is offered, along a graceful curtsey. "What a wonderful idea, your invitation." Her gaze drifts towards the tables, her hands rubbing against each other. "Where will we sit?" Leaving him the decision. He is the prince, isn't he?

Amando bows deeply to the princess when she arrives and smiles. "Princess Emerit, a sight for sore eyes.", he remarks and looks around, pointing towards a small table for two by the window where they can at least vaguely feel like being on their own. His own bodyguard Gavino has parked himself by another table with a mug of ale. Ale in the chocola shop? Ah well, the man has his resources. And a dimpled smile for the waitress. "Come, please set, Mylady. It is good to see you.", Amando tells Emerit and pulls out a chair for her. "How are you this nice day?"

The chaperone will take Emerit's cloak and deposit it over the back of a chair by the fireplace, while the Moniwid princess will move over and take the offered seat. Her guards will assume there places somewhere by the wall, appearing as unobtruisve as ever, while Valaria soon will join the pair by sitting down by an adjacent table. "I am fine, your highness," Emerit replies, her gaze sparkling. "I couldn't be otherwise, after the delightful stroll through town, in the wonderful weather."

"I am glad, Mylady.", Amando tells her, "You… you spoke well against Count Harmon. He was very rude. I hope you do not feel troubled by him." He gestures for a waitress to bring them both chocolate before sitting down on the seat opposite Emerit, offering her a sheepish smile.

Emerit's moss green gaze wanders as she takes in the room, obviously she has not been to this place before. Her attention temporarily distracted by the approaching waitress with the chocola, it is soon enough drawn to Amando and his remark. "You think so…? Well, even though I rarely have to deal with conduct such as his, I am in a way used to… certain reservations towards my person." Her mien growing pensive, as her eyes follow the mugs being placed before them on the table. "Still… The count's impertinence takes even me by surprise." Her gaze is momentarily raised to meet that of the prince and she smiles. "But… thank you for the compliment."

"He seemed to have personal problem with status as bastard…", Amando points out diplomatically, "Maybe sore spot. But still very rude. And dress is not his problem at all." He shakes his head in disgust and smiles at her. "I am sorry you have trouble. I assure you, I am not troubled at all. I think you are a very nice person." Then he blushes all over his face and focuses on his cocoa quickly.

Her lips curve a touch upwards, despite the mention of her stained descendance. Her gaze again lowered, as her slender fingers are playing with the cup before her. Emerit lets out a soft sigh. "His rudeness is a problem, aye. For I am running out of ideas on how to counter it in a diplomatic way. Well,…" she shrugs lightly, moss green eyes looking up to Amando. "My problems will not last for very much longer, I assure you. for soon I will step down from my office as ambassador and… return maybe, to my home of Rustles Isle." She bites her lip as she makes that confession.

"Mylady, if you seek champion to call Count Harmon upon his rudeness, you have but to ask me.", Amando says earnestly, his eyes blazing with proud fire for a moment. But that is soon replaced by dismay when she announces her plans. "But… why, Mylady?", he simply gasps.

Her hands wrap about the cup now, as if to warm them against the chill outside. Emerit shakes her head chuckling amiably at Amando's words. "Your highness, I honestly doubt he is worth the effort - or the risk. I would not want you get into trouble on my behalf." Still, there is that sparkle in her green eyes that suggests she is quite pleased by his offer. His question, though, is met with less mirth. "Many think I am not fit to hold this position. Too many, if you ask me. I have done what I can, to please my brother, the Grand Duke. But when my sister, the Princess Draventa is wed, I feel I can return to being a Princess again, with occupations more befitting my age."

"And what is this occupations?", Amando asks, frowning again, "Sitting at home, do stitching and embroidery and make empty blablah with other girls while your smart brain is all bored and goes sleep? Is terrible waste, if ask me." But nobody is asking the young disgruntled Skingaardian. But after a moment, he can't help adding: "Your brother, he plan wedding for you too?"

Whatever shadow was on her mien a few moments before, it suddenly disappears, washed away by a warm smile that even has her moss green sparkle again. "Your highness,… but what else is there left for me? Princess Draventa wishes I leave the Court of Mobrin. And where else should I go, but…" Her voice trails off, Emerit's eyes widening at his question, as her cheeks pinken a little. "My.. brother, the Grand Duke, has mentioned the possibility, of me getting married…" So it is a possibility, most definitely.

"Then perhaps… you better stay here. Darfield is good place for finding good marriage.", Amando suggests, his own cheeks reddening once more, though luckily the fairly dark tone of his skin makes it hard to see. "Is same like my sister, no? Came here, saying she is Ambassador for Skingaard. But really, she hoping to find good husband. Meeting idiots though.", he admits with a scowl.

Emerit does not dare to look at him, her gaze still lowered she takes a sip from her cup of chocola, so she may be completely oblivious to him colouring as well. His remark though has her gaze return to his and she chuckles. "Idiots? Is that so? Your sister has an advantage though. She can pick, as there certainly will by many interested in gaining her hand. Whereas I… have a hard time even finding someone who would seriously consider me as a match. I am still young, though. And I don't have to marry, after all." Her smile fades as her gaze wanders towards one of the windows.

"She cannot just pick.", Amando points out, "Father has last say in choice. And I can give my opinion to him. And my opinion is that she meets idiots. No good men who break hearts only." He scowls, apparently thinking of someone in particular, though he doesn't elaborate. Especially when she makes his blush deepen. "I am sure there are people who want marry you. You make wonderful wife, Princess Emerit, I am sure." He finds something really interesting to stare at outside the window. Anything but her face.

It is almost comical, the way both young royals stare towards the same window, so intent not to look at each other. Emerit reaches for her cup without looking - and flinches when her fingers accidentally touch those of the prince. Her moss green eyes jumping to her hand and then Amando's face. Her own mien painted a deep red now. It does not take long, and a cough can be heard, close by, coming from Valaria, the chaperone.

Amando doesn't seem to mind the accidental touch, though he looks both pleased and a bit worried. Hearing the chaperone's cough - and catching Gavino's very amused look - he withdraws his hand quickly to sip on his cocoa.

"Well,… umm,…" Emerit's fingers withdraw at once and wrap about the cup of chocola again, finding herself forced to give Amando a reply to his remark. "It is nice of you to say that, your highness. Alas, the stain of my birth is something that people here cannot easily overlook." She clears her throat and takes another sip, glancing towards her chaperone.

In this more intimate environment, it seems Gavino is a bit more free with his tongue than in mixed company. Catching Amando's brief look, he certainly does not rub it in, instead actually smiling a bit encouragingly to Amando. "I would confess, highnesses, that I have not been overly impressed with the few noblemen of Mobrin I have had occasion to observe here. They seem…boorish by the standards of our own people." He smiles, "At the risk of implying impropriety where none has occurred, I have found the ladies considerably more agreeable. Perhaps they balance each other by design, I cannot say." He shrugs a shoulder. After the cough from Emerit's chaperone, he tilts his eyes to meet with hers, and offers the woman a brilliant smile, inclining his head slightly towards her.

Amando sighs a little when she mentions the stain of her birth, which is something -he- cannot ignore either since his Dad won't. "Perhaps the ladies they balance because it's THEY who are troubled with impropriety. People think bad of them - not of men. Men are.. well, nobody care what men do." Which he usually uses to his full benefit.

Gavino's statement manages to drive that awkward expression from Emerit's features, and soon her melodious chuckle ripples through the room. "I am glad not to be the only one who has made that observation," she smiles, her moss green eyes sparkling. Valaria cannot help but return the brilliant smile of the knight, although the glance she shoots him is slightly bewildered. Oblivious to the exchange of smiles and glances, her fiery haired charge will sigh and incline her head. "I'd better return to Rustle Isle. There's no point in lingering any longer, once Princess Draventa is wed." Although that charming Kiraric prince might indeed be a /point/ to consider.

"Forgive any impertinence on my part, but I would disagree, Highness." Gavino notes, though he remains smiling towards Valaria in-between his words, "There are many duties for an ambassador beyond the arrangement of marriages. Those will not disappear upon your sister's marriage. Unless the Grand Duke sees fit to recall you, of course, I would think your services would still be most valuable to him here." Gavino shrugs, "But I may not fully understand the circumstance, it is true."

"No!", Amando gasps to her suggestion to go home, but before he can sort his thoughts into anything coherent, Gavino makes a convincing argument and he offers his bodyguard a grateful smile. "My sister is ambassador too. Everyone wants trade arrangements with her, because everyone wants ice wine from Skingaard.", he grins, "Your isles have nice things too? And I was hoping you want stay until I host great party." The latter probably a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Emerit's smile will return, at least in part, when both Amando and Gavino try to persuade her. "It is not my own wish, Sir. But that of my sister Draventa. She… is very displeased with me, and as she is to remain here - a Kilgour after the wedding… Me staying longer than that will most probably anger her." Certainly Gavino was not aware of that particular circumstance. The mention of a feast has her brows jump upwards, and her gaze shifts to Amando. "Is that true, your highness? I would not want to miss that." She bites her lower lip thoughtfully, her hands folding before her in her lap.

"Oh? I did not know it was the host nation that appointed ambassadors, Highness. Forgive me." Of course, it's not the host nation that appoints them, but Gavino actually doesn't know that! He does flicker a glance to Amando at the mention of a party, but of course doesn't gainsay him on it. If he wants to throw a party, then a party will no doubt be thrown. Instead, Gavino keeps his focus on his subtle and discreet distraction of Valaria. Not -too- obvious about it. Just the occasional moment of eye contact. A brief smile. A slight nod.

"Your sister is displeased? But why?" Amando seems aghast that such a thing is possible. But he nods firmly to her question. "Yes, I will have party. Skingaardian masquerade party. It will be very much fun - and you must come!", he invites her urgently.

"It is not for the host country to decide, but I had to promise to Princess Draventa." Emerit sighs, as she looks towards Gavino. Valaria does too: sigh and look at the handsome knight, his subtle distractions obviously working out, in a way. "A masque," the Moniwid Princess will smile, "Oh yes, we have them too now and then on our Isle. I'd love to attend, your highness!"

"Your highness. My apologies for the interruption, but your sister had requested we be with her to meet one of the Mobrin nobles this afternoon." Gavino notes to Amando with a bit of an apologetic smile, "We had best depart if we are to make it in time." And as they prepare to make their departures, Gavino will bow deeply to Emerit, before giving one last smile to Valaria before heading on their way.

Amando glares at Gavino, but he knows he has to go. "I hope to see you again soon, Mylady.", he smiles warmly at Emerit. "And you MUST come to party! You be my guest of honour!" His cheeks flush a little at the exciting idea, so he quickly bows and trails after Gavino.

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