Inouv 3, 228: Chastising the Wounded

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Summary: Inouv 3, 228: Chastising the Wounded
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The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
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Tyrel raps on the doorway with his knuckle as he steps through to alert those inside he is entering. He wears light leathers with a layer of fine chain sewn into them. Over this his fine clothes showing the current winter fashion. A quick study of each in the room is made then he folds his arms behind his back with a light rasp and click of the chain and waits a moment for them to complete whatever they had been doing before he entered.

Araltaidan is still very weak but he does look somewhat less pale from nearly having bled to death. He smiles a little at Eli, "They told me … you had been here." His baritone is quite low spoken. The blankets are drawn up as they had stripped him of his clothes to bind and wash his wounds. The smell of vinegar masks anything else where he lies, watching her. The ranger is a little more aware today for Aralt turns his head when a man enters the infirmary, a small sound drawing his attention.

The knock has Eli turning towards the door only to then cause her to drop into a curtsey that is paired with a dipping of her chin as her head bows. "Your Highness." The gesture is held for as long as it is needed to be for it to be considered proper and then she rises, her attention flickering back to the injured Aralt. "I did, yes. I stayed with you as much as my duties allowed me." As she says this her face turns slightly pink in a faint blush.

Tyrel looks for a few moments at Caillin where she is resting before turning his attention towards Araltaidan, "Master Ranger, you now owe me two reports on retrieving ladies from hardship. If you are able to speak and coherent enough to appreciate the staff you can give me the telling points of the events that transpired." He takes a chair and sits, "Begin when you are ready, I need an overview only as you will have time to recount the details once you are healed and I would not discourage so effective an incentive as you were observing before I arrived."

Tyrel has his full attention where he lies. Araltaidan faintly gives a nod, "Aye, Young Majesty." The ranger glances to Eli, then back to his lord and considers, "I will write it out in detail." However, for the moment he considers the 'telling' points that might be summed up in brief. He speaks slowly, with several pauses to rest, "Lady Nimue was where said to be found. Seven or eight men. Took out their guards, blocked the chimney to smoke them." Pause ere he continues, "Kicked in the door 'n fought them to their last man, whom we captured for your interrogation. Brought her back to the castle to healers. We suffered little injury, m'lord."

That for the first report concering the Lady Forrester. Aralt needs a moment to rest before he continues, his gaze to settle upon Caillin.

Tyrel nods, "Commendable work, as expected, Ranger." He gestures towards Caillin, "And this more recent event with my sister?"

Eliylw quietly listens but is not still. She busies herself with making sure Araltaidan's pillow's fluffed and his covers are just right and then she goes to gather more tea and broth for him.

Tyrel has just heard report by Araltaidan on Nimue's rescue and is awaiting response on inquiry as to Caillin's. He has seated himself near to Araltaidan while Eliylw moves about her duties.

Araltaidan glances to Eli as she touches his pillow, then his attention back to his Crown Prince, "Woman came to me … in the city. Said she thought she saw the Baroness, without escort. Going into .. a rough part of town. Worried." The grapes are forgotten in his hand, "I sought her, found an alley. She was picking up a babe, a man behind her … with a knife." Here the ranger frowns as he pauses, "I drew my blade, but I should have gone for my bow. I drove him back, told her to run. I backed off to draw my bow and the man rushed me, m'lord."

Another pause for Aralt to rest briefly ere he continues, "I tried to back but the Baroness, she was behind me. I could not, and the man stabbed me. I shot him, as another came and grabbed her."

It pains him to tell his Prince these events. "I did not fire quickly enough, my Prince. The second man had knife to her throat. I was bleeding out. The City Watch came…" Aralt things his mouth, "I do not know how it ended."

Caillin weaves a little bit in her bed and stretches as much as she can, with incredibly hurting ribs. Then she opens her eyes, watching at Gaela. The young baroness smiles to the woman, but Gaele just motions with her head to Aralt's side. At first, Caillin thinks, that something happened to the ranger. She turns his direction really worried, but then… Then she catches the sight of her brother and quickly falls back to her bed, closing her eyes, pretending, that she is sleeping.

Tyrel says, "It ended with the safe return of my sister, Master Ranger, I am pleased with your service and that you will recover to serve our house in the future. Do not dwell too long on the decisions you made. If you feel you need to practice more with your blade or draw your bow more quickly give word and if there is a man alive who can teach you he will be found and put at your service to give instruction. You will excuse me now as I must speak with my sister." He rises and directs his attention to Eliylw, "See the Ranger is given every comfort he is willing to accept during his stay." He then looks to Gaela, his soft blue eyes ice over like rhiming on a pond, "Wake her." He instructs then places his seat where Caillin will see him and they can converse.

The injured Sky Forrester looks uneasy but Aralt does his best to incline his head where he lays to his Crown Prince and shift his hand to make a fist over his heart at the orders given unto him. "As you wish, Young Majesty." Speaking so much has taken a fair effort. Araltaidan is content to close his eyes and rest until Eli returns.

Gaela offers a deep, very nervous curtsy for the Prince and leans closer near the young Baroness. "My lady… Your brother…" She whispers to the girl's ear. Caillin sighs, and likely, knowing, that she has no chance to avoid the conversation, the girl opens her eyes.

At that moment, Gaela wants to leave, but Caillin grabs her hand nd tugs woman to sit beside, "Don't leave me…" And the girl once more weaves in her seat, trying to sit up. However, when she tries to move, her eyes fulfill with tears. Even through tears, the girl tries to sit. The blanket falls down, baring her nightgown… which is quite red. It looks like the blood got through bandages and even night gown. However, Caillin stabs her crying gaze at brother.

Eliylw bows her head, her arms too full of dirty linen to curtsey at this particular moment. "Of course, Your Highness. I will see to that personally." A quick glance is given to the very man they are speaking of, her eyes sparkling. "I need to see that these get sent to be washed. Excuse me a moment, please." The Prince and his sister are looked at but left to their discussion, their privacy insured. As much as it can be, at least.

Tyrel says, "I have no love of ordering maids strapped or guards flogged so I would prefer to leave the punishment of those who have failed our family to your husband. Before I can pass that burden to him I must know whether this is some rampant neglect of duties and good sense that has swept the kingdom or if this is plot and treason by our enemies. Caillin explain why you were found without guard or escort and be certain of your words as it makes the difference between a strapping and an execution."

Caillin inhales and exhales, keeping her hand on bleeding wound. She ponders a few moments, before she says, "I already spoke with my beloved husband. He will deal with all of this. The guards was signed for me by him, after all, and I am his responsibility now, brother. My husband already knows how he will deal with all this, and who will be punished. This is all was just… My strong wish to help. I knew about the infant there, and that he would have been burned. I ran to look for him. To save poor baby. I did not cared about my escort. Especially, when I heard crying. I was running round and round, and round… This was my fault, my mistake, which will never ever be repeated. When I will get out of the infirmary, my husband will sign me four guards. This was his order, and I will be more often near his side. This will never repeat again." She finishes, lowering her tired aze at the wound for now.

While Tyrel is speaking firmly with Caillin, who is crying and trying to give explanation for her recent actions and lack of escort, Araltaidan dozes or otherwise rests in his bed. A few grapes are loosely clutched in his left hand as Eli has gone out with soiled sheets to be washed. The ranger rests quietly after having given his Crown Prince his brief report.

The older woman who had tried to beat and chase lady Faerinia out of the infirmary with Aralt's bow the day before returns to check on the Ranger and brings him more watered broth.

Tyrel considers this for a few moments then nods, "I am having a law passed that an unescorted noblewoman should be reported to the watch, rangers or rioga and she will be escorted by them back to the castle. Her family will be fined some five hundred gold to be distributed to those who report the noblewoman and those men who return her to the castle." He rises, "I will encourage father that any fines he must pay of this sort for you be taken directly from your charities." The figures he names for a single offense could support an orphanage for a month. "I suggest you ask your husband to engage additional servants beyond your guards that you trust to run such errands in your place as giving word of a wounded child to kill a Kilgour Princess is well within the realm of tactics our enemies would stoop to." He rises and returns the chair he had taken to it's place, "Recover quickly and well, Caillin, I am furious with you and sorely disappointed, but you are still my sister and I have forgiven worse things."

By the time Eliylw returns something's gone wrong. Thankfully she passes by the Baroness' bed and notices the growing redness which stains the woman's night gown. Takes only a moment for her to realize what is going on and she rushes to find Lady Wenna.

From the direction of the main entrance a tired woman enters there are dark circles around her eyes and she is pale. She stands taller than most men and her long brown hair has been bound up underneath a white lien biggens like the other healers. She is dressed as the other healers are as well in a plain charcoal grey wool gown that only has a hint of ornamentation on it. She moves slowly today and she is walking with cane. She moves inside and closes the door before she starts to make hre way towards the others.

Tyrel's tone of voice, even if spoken low, rouses Aralt. He opens his eyes again to find the old healer woman back and offers her a faint smile. The old woman smiles sweetly back and pats his arm, "Do you need for anything, Ranger? I've brought you more broth." She lowers her voice, "That girl you like is here, Eliylw, but she's busy at the moment." The old woman takes a seat and picking up her spoon and having already propped the ranger to slightly raised under his head and shoulders with pillows, she starts to give him the broth once more. The old woman chatters on, "You are doing much better."

Caillin opened her mouth to say many other things for her brother, but she ended up leaning her head against the wall. Girl's hand is still on the wound, but now grey eyes are closed again. The breathing becomes harder.

Tyrel moves away from the infirm towards the doorway leaving Wenna to deal with those that are injured.

Wenna's hurried over to, the look on Eliylw's face frightened. "Lady Wenna, something's wrong," she whispers urgently, her eyes wide, face pale. "She's bleeding and it's soaked through her nightclothes. I fear it has grown…" If needed, she'll help Wenna walk over to the bed, otherwise she'll just rush back to help.

As the prince passes Wenna, she pauses to offers him a deep and proper curtsy that is stiff and awkward. Only when he passes will she rise from it. She checks her balance first before moving forward. She clears her throat. "I pray you are all well today?"

When Eliylw addresses her she nods. "Who and what has grown." The Baroness begins to move towards Eliylw.

The older healing assistant keeps Araltaidan distracted from whatever may be going on with the young Baroness. She spoons him broth until the ranger shifts his hands to ask for the cup from her to drink of it for himself. The cup she allows him to take, "Someone said you have a report to write for our Crown Prince? I shall find you parchment, lap table and quill."

Caillin is just sitting in her bed, still keeping the hand on her ribs and leaning against the wall. The girl looks a bit more pale than she should be and a cold sweat starts rippling across her forehead. She does not speak, does not open her eyes.

"It is the Baroness," Eli explains, stopping to whisper again. No sense in speaking normally and causing worry. "I do fear that something is wrong. I didn't look but isn't bleeding like…" She grabs Wenna's hand to guide her to the bed Caillin's in and she shows her the woman's nightclothes which are stained red. "… this a sign that infection might've set in, My Lady?"

Araltaidan gives the older woman a nod, "Yes, please." he replies to her offer of parchment, lap desk and quill. He drinks lightly of the broth and as the old woman gets up to go and find these things for him, his gaze wanders over to follow the others.

"Bring me soap, bowl of warm water and vinegar. Also place a curtain up so I can examine her. I will also need another bowl of cool water." Wenna asks of Eliylw. Her moss green eyes then fall on the young Baroness and she moves towards her. Her gaze goes distant and she tilts her head to the side as if listening to something far off. She nods her head.

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