Charis Aislinn
Bridget Regan
Bridget Regan as Charis Aislinn
Full Name: Charis Aislinn
Age: 25
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: None
Position: Priestess
Place of Birth: Sutherland
Father: n/a
Mother: n/a
Siblings: several
Spouse: n/a
Children: none.. or eight


A Priestess of the Light.


The ride to Stormvale

"But.. where should I go? How can I possibly take them all safely? You cannot ask this of me.."

"I am not asking you, Charis. You must do this."

The Burning of Trueborn Keep

Born to a respected merchanting family in Sutherland, the third daughter of five children, it would be unfair to assume that Charis was 'destined' for life in the clergy. On the contrary, as a youngster she was considered both spirited and wilful. If her brothers could learn the basics of swordplay? Well, why shouldn't she? No matter how many times they knocked her down, she'd come back fighting. But a commoner's martial education, even for a well to-do name, is far from as strict as a squire - it was as much brawling in the mud with fists, nails and teeth as it was fencing, much to the despair of her elegant and delicate mother. When her elder sisters came of age they dutifully married off to other trading families, increasing the wealth of the Aislinns still further. But Charis? She couldn't have been less interested. Despite the rather late attempts of her mother to teach her at least some semblance of ladylike poise and talents - cooking, needlework, gardening, anything - the young woman was already well-known for her tomboyish and often downright troublesome ways.

All the pleading in the world wouldn't make her father change his mind. He had heaved his family name up from the gutter and he would not let one roguish girl, no matter how dearly he loved her, how affectionately he might have chuckled at her escapades when she was younger, bring all his hard work to ruin. After all, the competition between dyers is known to be cutthroat. It was off to the temple with her, to become an acolyte.

She had to admit, albeit after a lengthy period of sulk, that it wasn't all bad. They taught her to read and write. She discovered a flair for healing, being less squeamish than her peers. And she was even permitted to seek out a tutor to polish the rough edges of her fighting style.. though now she must focus her attention on deflection and defense. Not the killing blow. The case she made to the elders of the temple was the need for a woman to be able to protect herself, and those she took charge of. They probably agreed only to keep her in line, assuming she would never have call to use these skills and that she would mellow with age..

RP Hooks

  • Religion: Charis is a Priestess of the Light and always available for discussions of faith.
  • Orphans: Are you, or do you know of a youngster in need?
  • Literacy: She might teach you to read, if you show the aptitude.
  • Healer: If you're off to pick a fight, it's always a good idea to take a cleric along…

Faith is not without worry or care, but faith is fear that has said a prayer.


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