How to Create a New Character Page

To create a character page, please use the module below to create the page using your character's bit name, no last names or titles; they should not include non-alphanumeric items. Please do not include semicolons or slashes. It will create the page, set the template, and even set the primarily tags. Once you fill out the required information on the template and post it, you will need to return to this page to link the character page under the appropriate House, Guild, or other association. Use the 'Edit' feature below and follow the format of the other character pages.

Please do not forget to tag the page with your character's bitname and association/house (i.e. Kilgour, Aberdeen, commoners, etc) It will be needed for your character to show up on this page. the tag characters will be added automatically. If it has not then add that as well.

If done correctly your tags should be: <bitname>, characters, <house>. Place it all in chronological order.
If the character is a servant/knight/etc to a house and not an actual member do include 'servant' to the tag.
If th character is a vassal to a house instead add 'vassal' to the tags. This goes for all except vassals of Kilgour.


House Kilgour

Lord Caedmon Kilgour — The cousin of King Callem Kilgour, and Voice of the King.

Queen Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen — Youngest daughter of King Aberdeen, The wife of Tyrel and crown princess of Mobrin.

Prince Logen Kilgour

Prince Logen Kilgour is the second son of King Callem Kilgour. Nicknamed the Blackhawk, due to his reputation making him less than an Eagle.

Prince Mikhal Kilgour — Prince and son to King Callem of Mobrin. Currently Rostered. +request or page staff on game if you are interested. He was born 11 months after his sister Roslin and until Layla was born, he was the youngest of the royal family.

Duchess Roslin Crawford née Kilgour — >Youngest princess of Mobrin.

King Tyrel Kilgour — The King of Mobrin

Wenna — Baroness of Albion

Knights of the Rioga

Lord Sir Ronan Crawford — Duke of Sutherland, Knight of Rioga, and now Royal Marshal (Commander) of the King's Military.

Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton — Lord Ruthgar is the second son of the current Duke of Weston, a Knight of the Rioga and the Baron of Dellhaven, and husband to Princess Caillin, daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin.

Sir Roane Leask — Sir Roane Leask Knight of the Rioga, Champion of Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour.


Kylan — Kylan Fletcher is one of the elite Royal Rangers. He is a commoner from Sky Forest and has a reputation as an excellent scout and mapmaker.

Araltaidan — >Royal Ranger from Sky Forest, now Master Ranger.


Eliylw Dubhwyr nee Cadwalader — Apothecary and apprentice healer under Lady Wenna, working out of House Kilgour.

Geldar Fincad — The Royal Blacksmith

House Ruxton

Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton — Lord Ruthgar is the second son of the current Duke of Weston, a Knight of the Rioga and the Baron of Dellhaven, and husband to Princess Caillin, daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin.

Lord Robben Jon Ruxton — Oldest son of Duke Jon Ruxton, Robben is the heir to the house. He's always been known for his dedication to his House. Near the end of 227, he married Lady Aemy, one of Duke Kincaid's daughters, and they now have three children.

Lady Aemy Ruxton — Daughter to Duke Kincaid, Lord Robben's wife.

Lady Solara Ruxton — Youngest Daughter of the Duke, Acting Vice Chancellor of Mobrin.

Baroness Caillin Ruxton née Kilgour — Baroness of Dellhaven Caillin Ruxton nee Kilgour, wife to Baron Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton, daughter of the King Callem of Mobrin.


Arthur Jaegar — Commoner Knight to House Ruxton

Gaela Rascalin — Handmaiden to princess Caillin and the two are close friends.


House Crawford

Oxley Crawford — Lord Oxley Crawford is cousin to Duke Crawford of Sutherland. He currently is squire to Duke Aidan Kincaid.

Duchess Roslin Crawford née Kilgour — >Youngest princess of Mobrin.

Lord Sir Ronan Crawford — Duke of Sutherland, Knight of Rioga, and now Royal Marshal (Commander) of the King's Military.


Melissa Stromguard — Daughter of a Knightly House and retainer in service of House Crawford.

Jarvice — A crawford knight

Caswallawn Maxwell — Commoner Knight under House Crawford.


Brennart — A young knight who's recently lost his parents and become the Baron of Huntingdon.

House Kincaid

Lady Emma Kincaid nee Mowbray — Emma Mowbray is the youngest child of Aileen and Fintan Mowbray, minor landed nobility, vassals to the Ruxton House of Weston.

Lord Arlen Kincaid — Brother to Duke Aidan Kincaid, husband to Lady Senga, father of Faerinia.

Lady Senga Kincaid — Lady Senga Kincaid is the wife of Lord Arlen Kincaid and sister in law to Duke Aiden Kincaid.

Lord Kierne Kincaid — Kierne used to be one of Duke Ronan Crawford's squires. He is the nephew of Aidan Kincaid, the Duke of Lakeshire.

Lady Faerinia Kincaid — Lady Faerinia Kincaid, daughter of Lord Arlen and Lady Senga Kincaid. Niece to Duke Aidan Kincaid.

Duchess Nylie Kincaid née Kilgour — Duchess of Lakeshire as wife to Duke Aidan Kincaid and Sister of Caedmon Kilgour, Voice of the King.

Lady Sorcha Kincaid — The only daughter of a cousin of the Duke Kincaid Sorcha was the last of three children. She is a shy and quiet young woman but despite her reserve attracts trouble of all kinds. Recently after a bit of a would-be-scandal her family sent her off to Darfield Castle.

Lord Bowen Kincaid — >The youngest child of Duke Kincaid. A squire to crown prince Tyrel.

Duke Aidan Romyn Kincaid III — Duke Aidan Romyn Kincaid III of Lakeshire

Lord Hadrian Kincaid — First son of Duke Kincaid, Master of Arms


Treasure — Handmaiden to Lady Faerinia Kincaid.

Cian — A Commoner knight in service of House Kincaid

Airysse — Handmaiden to Lady Senga and assistant in coordinating meals and other matters.


Geralt — Master of Spies

Lady Tamsin Ewing — Sister to Eldan, Baron of Mowbray.

Reginald Abedazer Wuold — Baron of Ashenward

House Haravean

Lady Elisabeth Haravean — Sister of Lord Admiral Eoin and Lady In Waiting to Princess Roslin

Countess Moira (nee Kerrigan) Haravean — Moira Kerrigan is the only daughter of Lord Rinder Kerrigan, Lord of Ashenfell Manor, a small holding within the County of Greenshire. She has two younger brothers, Shepard the heir and Drogan, the younger.

Lord Eoin Haravean — Cousin to Count Aldren and admiral of the fleet.

Brendolyn Haravean — She is the baby of the family, the youngest child of Aldric and Bedwyn Haravaen, and it shows. It is also apparent that she did a lot of growing up without a mother, as Bedwyn passed on when Bren was only 10 years old. Aldric doted on her and indulged her wishes to shoot bows and ride horses, fight and swim, all the things a lady should not do. How could he resist that face? That motherless, sad face. Now he is gone too and Aldren is left to deal with the resulting handful of rebellious young woman. If he has a heart attack, her name may well be the last that leaves his lips.

Lady Rorey Haravean — A lively young noblewoman from Greenshire and the second youngest sister to the Count Aldren Haravean.

Lord Braedon Haravean — Younger brother to Count Aldren Haravean, Knight of the Rose. Currently Rostered. +request or page staff on game if you are interested.

Count Aldren Haravean — Count of Greenshire


Kayla — Kayla was born and raised in Greenshire, counting young Lady Moira as her best friend and near-sister. Acting as her companion, chaperon, and friend, she's recently followed her upon the next chapter of her life; married and starting her own family away from Greenshire.

Quillian Lancaster — A known (to select family) Bastard and member of the Greenshire Rangers, Quill Lancaster is considered a fine tracker and a great shot by his comrades in arms. He loves dogs, drinking, playing music, and women.

Victoria Skyhawk — Victoria is a Huntress from Sky Forest who is currently as Master Ranger of Greenshire, Count Aldrens Rangers for House Haravean.


Lord Rinder Kerrigan — Rinder Kerrigan is the Lord of Ashenfall and head of House Kerrigan. He was a lifelong friend to the late Count Aldric Haravean.

Lord Shepard Kerrigan — Shepard Kerrigan is the Heir to House Kerrigan and the brother of Moira Kerrigan. He is known as a skilled knight and a promising battlefield commander.

Lady Lynette Kerrigan — Youngest Daughter to the Duke Aidan Kincaid and Duchess Isys Kincaid nee Crawford of Lakeshire.

House Forrester

Trevian Forrester — Brother of Count Harmon Forrester. This character is played.

Count Harmon Forrester — The Count of Sky Forest.


Lothar — Lothar is a Ranger in the employ of the Forrester Family.


Lord Brynden Rivermist — The Lord of Rivermist. A well known commander of irregular troops, whom has oft been derisively called Brynden Stormcrow. He is well respected in Forrester lands.

Cordelia — Lady Cordelia Horizon has traveled from Horizon Hold in Sky Forest, to meet and get to know the Count of Sky Forest within Stormvale among others.

House Leask

Airen — The second son of Geralt Leask just before his wife died Airen was sent off to the priesthood at age fifteen and after becoming a full priest took a position at Darfield Castle as the spiritual adviser to Princess Roslin.

Sir Roane Leask — Sir Roane Leask Knight of the Rioga, Champion of Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour.



Charis Aislinn — A Priestess of the Light.

Kadlin Ramsey ~ Priestess of Light — A Priestess of Light ~ Devout to Nar: Take the time to read her full background; it really is a good story.

Priestess Luna Latea — A Priestess of the Light who looked just like the goddess Umbra until a visit from Sess turned her hair white.

Valarius Micha — A poor young priest from the northern corner of Weston, often seen on the war fronts as a Healer.

Foreign Houses

House Aberdeen

Captain Jamie Aberdeen — Prince Jamie Aberdeen, is a Captain within the Royal Navy and a Sea Ranger. He is known by his byname: The Osprey. He is King Isaac's Youngest brother.

Prince Cayden Aslan Aberdeen — Prince Cayden Aberdeen is the second son of King Isaac Aberdeen. He has a strong reputation as a hunter of pirates and a naval commander.

Cassius — The last child to King Isaac Aberdeen. There are several rumors around his good looks as well as his less than stellar personality.

Crown Prince Conall Aberdeen — The heir to the throne of Aberdeen. And the current ambassador to Mobrin

King Isaac Aberdeen — Currently Rostered. +request or page staff on game if you are interested.

Queen Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen — Youngest daughter of King Aberdeen, The wife of Tyrel and crown princess of Mobrin.



Jennah Ai'Alona — The mother to the heir of house Ai'Alona. Sent for trade discussions from Zauri island to Mobrin. A woman who has had a lot of misfortune this last year.

House Moniwid

Estevan "Waverunner" Moniwid — High Admiral

Princess Draventa Moniwid — Princess of Moniwid

Lady Emerit Moniwid — Formerly known as the Bastard princess, of the former Grand Duke of Rustles Island.

Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid — The Grand duke of the Great Duchy of Rustles Island


Benedict — A knight in service of House Moniwid.


House Sherer

The Hills


Kingdom of Laniveer


Crown Prince Elisen Stewert — The Crown Prince Elisen Stewert is the heir to the Laniveer throne. He is young, handsome, and known for his knowledge and interest in literature and dance.

King Eldwin Stewert — The King of Laniveer.

Princess Rowena Stewert — One of the royal Laniveeri family and the youngest child.



Averil — Avelie Lucille Diandan is the shortest and youngest of the five siblings of the Diandan house. As the youngest, she enjoyed far less personal time with her parents. She is a capable healer and an excellent administrator.

Kingdom of Jadda

The Kundari

Prince Salah Altaïr al-Milan — Second son of the ruler of the Kundari, Altaïr has come to Mobrin to protect and advice his sister, the Ambassador.

Nima — Retired to her country of Kundari..



The Finger Isles

Avi — — Ambassador to the Finger Isles, brother to Lucan Rendann, Ruler of the Finger Isles.

Kingdom of Skingaard

Amando — Prince of the Kingdom of Skingaard

Karissa — Princess of the Kingdom of Skingaard


Sir Gavino Lionetti — Gavino Lionetti is a Knight in service to House Kiraric of Skingaard. He is usually tasked with the protection of Prince Amando.

Matteo — Of The Order of Forza e La Bellezza, assigned to Princess Karissa




Lilja — Lilja Destain was born to glass craftsmen in Lakeshire, and showed an early aptitude for design. She’d spend hours scribbling designs in the dirt with a stick as a child, and wanted to apprentice to her parents as soon as she was old enough.

Keezheekoni — Candlemaker

Cliona — Cliona Kerri was born and raised in Stormvale. She apprenticed under a well-known Master Healer, and now, thirty-eight years later, is a Master Healer herself.

Catriona — Being the middle child in a house chock-full of children is always hard. Doubly so when you're born into a lower working-class family whose struggle to put food in your belly is enough to make a soul hardened. So was Catriona born into that situation, a struggling merchant's middle daughter in Weston, but not so was her soul hardened by the trials of being poor.

Layla — A dancer and entertainer at the House of Repute


Cillian — A weaponsmith who survived some of the worst that the infamous Blackforge had to offer, working to build a new life as a free man.

Gwenifer Kilpatrick — Bowyer and fletcher, originally from Blackforge.

Dandy — A smooth talking ladies man, who uses his good looks and charm to get what he wants. He is the typical lover, not fighter type,. Though will fight if all other avenue's fail. Also, a pirate.

Ray — Baker/Merchant. Runs Shire Bakery

Kelleigh Dughallach — A traveling blacksmith, armorer and jewelry maker.

Rianne — —Young girl with no memory of her background. —

Brei Issani — The only child and heir to a prominent and wealthy merchant family from Stormvale.

Virah — A wandering bard from Lakeshire.

Khaleel Vaziri — Merchant co-owner of The Chocola Emporium on Market street, loving husband and adoring father.

Laine Rhenfeld — Commander of the Rioga

Zedd Davriel — The head of the most famous commoner family in Stormvale.

Kyra — Currently she is training to be a Ranger under the guidance of Lothar.

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Renden Rhodes (RIP) — Master Ranger of Greenshire, Green Ranger — DECEASED

Baron Eldan Mowbray(Deceased) — Former Baron of House Mowbray.

Sir Symon Farrow — Knight of the Rioga, died in combat.

Duchess Caitlyn Kilgour nee Crawford — Deceased, former wife of Logen

King Callem Kilgour — Late King of Mobrin

Queen Laetitia Kilgour — Late Queen of Mobrin

Cedric Valarian Crawford — Deceased.

Fallen Houses

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