Thedor 28, 229: Changes are Afoot

Changes are Afoot
Summary: The day is finally approaching, and the Princess Roslin has begun to pack for her trip to Sutherland, where she shall become a bride. Her loya Lady-in-Waiting, Lady Elisabeth Haravean, sits with her to discuss the future.
OOC Date: 30 Jan 2014
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Roslin Elisabeth 
Roslin's Room
Roslin's rooms, filled with trunks in the process of being packed.
Thedor 28, 229

Elisabeth has no doubt heard from Roslin’s maid about yesterday’s lunch. Hours spent in the Duke of Sutherland’s office at a small table, talking and grinning at each other in soft, hushed tones long after the meal had finished. And today the rooms are alive with activity.

Roslin is packing. Really and truly she is finally packing. Two maids are assisting her, and the curtains have been thrown open to expose the whole room, allowing people to move back and forth between the sections without being hindered. Roslin, for her own part, is laying dresses and gowns out on the bed, selecting which ones should go where.

She’s not dressed to entertain today, but rather she is much more casual. Her wrap dress of brushed wool is heavy, with long sleeves and a high neck, but it is simple, though still of very fine quality. Lavendar in color - a color of half-mourning, a personal choice she has made. Her hair, instead of up in it’s crown of braids, has been left down and wavy, almost falling to the small of her back. A few tresses from the front have been pulled back in a slender little braid, to keep them out of her face.

“Anything with blue tones especially I shall want to take with me to Sutherland,” Roslin says to one maid. The two maids look to each other and grin - the color of House Crawford, and a particular favorite of the Duke’s, that. Though no one says it.

Elisabeth for her part has spent the last day with family now that her brother has returned from his voyage. She had been growing pensive over the last week since he was due in ‘any day now’. Even at night she had grown restless in her sleep. She returns to the apartment of the princess to see it in a rush of packing and looks quickly to the princess a tentative smile on her lips. “The time has come for the move south then?” She asks of the obvious question to the princess as she moves in to the sleeping area, admiring her choices for the trip. Indeed there is a knowing smile passed between her and the maids. “Will much of court be going or only you and the Duke and your households?” She asks as she lifts up a chosen dress and starts to fold it neatly for the travel.

Roslin turns when she hears her friend and lady in waiting behind her. She smiles, a very happy, contented smile, and sighs. “Yes,” she says, as though it took great effort to say but now she’s said it gayly. “His Grace and I will be sailing south that he may provide me with a tour of Sutherland before the wedding. The court will follow for the event - in about two weeks he says, but we shall be leaving within days. Can you get away?” She asks, turning once more to nod to a maid who is holding open a hat box for inspection. Whatever was contained therein, Roslin liked enough for it to go in the Sutherland side of the room. The other side of the room is much smaller, and not nearly so well packed.

“I shall need some ladies with me, naturally. And we would be able to tour the South before the great event. That is … if you wish to stay with me, once I am a wedded lady. I will understand if you should wish to resign your post. Sutherland is not Darfield, after all, and so much of your family is here while I shall be required to split my time between these two places.”

Elisabeth looks over to the younger lady and notes the smile and true happiness she shows and can not help but smile herself. “It is good to see you happy Roslin and finding some joy in the betrothal now.” She says as she finishes folding the gown and placing it neatly inside one of the trunks. As the Princess asks if she can get away there is a moment’s hesitation, “I believe I should be able to, though I best speak to my brother and cousin to ensure no other plans have been made for me at this time. I dare say I would be the last to know.” She says with a shake of her head, at least some amusement in her tone.

At the last words she turns to face the princess more directly, “Oh there is much to think upon Roslin. I would wish to be your lady for as long as you will have me and I am free to do so. I know not how long it will be before I might follow you on the path to marriage and I may become bound to wherever he may live.” She says with a soft sigh.

“Well of course, my dear,” Roslin says with a smile. “Once you are married you shall be free of me. It cannot be any other way - you will have much to see to, yourself. But yes - do ask your brother and The Count. If they say you cannot be spared, then you cannot - it is their choice, after all.” Must not make it seem as though the Kilgours are forcing decisions on their vassals yet again. Best to let the vassals decide for themselves, and Roslin will make arrangements as needed.

The Princess turns once more to lift a folded dress and carry it to a maid, who hurridly takes it to place into the trunk. “Yes, I daresay I am happy. His Grace asked, some weeks ago, before our betrothal had been made known to me, though I believe he was aware - if I might travel with him to Sutherland. I thought him set to be engaged to Princess Nima then, so I refused. And now I am able to accept, and we shall tour his lands before settling at the wedding. The mines, the forests, the coasts. I have so much to learn if I am to manage his affairs while he is away. Really it can’t wait any longer - it shouldn’t have waited this long, in truth. I have so very much to learn.” She sits down on the bed and takes a few seconds to stare into the fire.

“You know, I am not scared at all. Worried, perhaps, that I may be giving up the chance to rule a kingdom in this marriage. But aside from that … I haven’t any fear at all. Not after yesterday. He was so very kind, yesterday.”

“Oh Roslin you make it sound like it is a burden serving you. I would not consider myself ‘free of you’ should such happen. I will miss our times together.” Elisabeth cants her head though with an amused look, “Your brothers perhaps, not so much. Though Logen is almost endearing at his attempts at wooing Draventa. I think in the end at least she had some mercy upon him and saw that he was trying. I had not the power to draw the words from the air once they left his mouth.”

She then lifts up another dress as the princess talks of his grace and the happiness she has shared with him. “He seems a good and honourable man and will make you a fine husband. I think you will gain much more than you will lose. Your brother will be king and will run the kingdom at least you will run a part of that kingdom through Sutherland.” She suggests and can not help be caught in the princess’s excitement. “It sounds so exciting Roslin. To be taken away on such a grand adventure.”

Roslin can’t surpress a little chuckle. “We all wish we had such a power, where Logen is concerned,” the Princess admits. “Thank you for seeing to him the other evening. Princess Emerit informed me that the second meeting went far better than the first. Far better indeed. And I understand he took my advice to offer the Princess a room of her own with a sea view by which to paint and entertain privately. I hope that went well.” The Princess can’t help but smirk a bit with pride at the thought that her idea helped.

“Tyrel has spoken several times about his happiness at the match. He is grateful, he says, that I shall be in the country to serve him when he becomes King. And in truth I am happy to serve him. He has some ideas on my future here, in Darfield, within the government. I daresay His Grace shall not frown upon it - by then I will be a much older and wiser woman, and our children - if the Gods so bless us - shall be under control at least. And that is the point of such a match, is it not? That he have a voice in the court and in the family through me?”

The Princess rises, then, getting out of the way so the maids can finish packing. One has begun to work on the jewels, of which there are many and all are quite expensive. “Such an adventure may also be yours. Perhaps you shall come with me this time, or the next few times I travel back and forth. It will be some level of freedom that we will have, then. Or perhaps your own romance is very near in your future.” Roslin is very young, it is often commented upon, just barely at marriagable age. No doubt her own wedding may well set off a flurry of others who seek to marry their daughters at the same or near age. Royal weddings often start trends like that.

“Such that it did. The offer did warm the princess though she did fear to take such offer in case it might upset the ambassador to move completely from her apartments into the ones vacated by the prince. I suggested a compromise that for now it need only be her painting room and she may yet retire to her regular rooms of the night. Hopefully such would be well received by her ambassador.” Elisabeth says before smiling with light amusement, “Such words that did come forth at times were shocking, but when the moment was right his words did follow suit in their own way. I think in the end they will do well together.” Elisabeth continues.

Elisabeth sets to sit down upon the bed, fingers splaying across the bedsheets. “I wonder if it might be. I fear my cousin has not let me completely into his counsel on such thoughts but there was a young Captain I found myself in conversation with and Aldren did come upon us and made such remarks as to consider such a match. Though hardly can I make a decision out of one chance meeting, even if it did please us both.”

To the matter of politics and marriage Elisabeth nods, “The family ruling the kingdom and having fingers directly in the duchy. In turn the duchy having the power of the royals behind it after such losses it has faced. It is a good match that will benefit both greatly. Though more so that you have found happiness in it.”

“Sometimes I do not like that I have found happiness in it. It feels … wrong. Selfish. It’s not as good of a match as I had hoped for in my life. And because I enjoy it I cannot help but feel that it is more for my benefit than the realm’s. That is not what I was raised for. But surely that is folly - Father could not have known my admiration for His Grace when he proposed the match to my Mother. No, it’s all in my mind, I’m sure. And yet sometimes I worry.”

She pauses as more gems and necklaces and earrings and bracelets and broaches are held out for her decisions. Sometimes she runs her fingers over them fondly, other times she admires them quietly for a few seconds. She is a bit vain, and surely loves her lovely things.

“Who is this captain, then? Surely I must have an opinion on the matter. And he is of noble birth, I should hope?”

“Oh Roslin, it is not so selfish. This match surely strengthens the kingdom as it does the Duchy. As for you it means you come into your own power far sooner than if you had been married to an heir of a distant kingdom who must wait many a decade before he might take the throne. I think this was well thought out so please do allow your self some happiness and do not feel guilt for it.” Elisabeth says to Roslin in almost a chiding voice.

At the question of the Captain, she laughs softly though her cheeks colour. “Of course he is. I dare say if my cousin caught me in conversation with a common sailor he might have dragged me from the room. He is Lord Kieryn Mowbray, a second to my brother it turns out. I seem to have a fondness for such names and appearances.” She says with a sigh. Indeed she has looked more than once upon even Ronan’s squire Kierne. Both blonde men of comparable rank. Is Elisabeth developing a type?

“Perhaps. But I always wanted more. A great alliance with a fleet of ships, or some such nonsense. I suppose if I had wanted that, I should have married to the Grand Duke. But I am rather pleased it is not so. He was handsome, but very strange. I did not like how familiar he was, even upon our first meeting.” Roslin has always been something of a stickler for propriety. A trait that she and Ronan share, although his sister did not.

“Mowbray,” Roslin says, thoughtfully. “I know the name. I have been to their home before, for an event with Princess Nima. It was a lovely little event, though I only remember meeting the head of their household. His Grace, the Duke of Sutherland, is more familiar with them I believe. And you do like this gentleman? Mowbray is a vassal to House Ruxton. It could be a very good match to tie them further into the Kingdom. As I understand they have no ties with Greenshire to speak of, just now. Kincaid and Kilgour, yes. But little others. I would like to meet him, if it can be sneakily arranged.” She smiles at that. “Perhaps your cousin or brother may extend to the family an invitation for my wedding. And you may have a few dances with him!”

“A greater life and a lesser one as well. I have seen you with the duke and him with you. Politics may have aligned you both, but there is affection at least between you both as well.” Elisabeth says speaking well the case for that marriage to the younger princess. “There are a great many woman jealous of you and Ronan.” Well he is hawt!

“He is brother to Baron Eldon Mowbray. He is an agreeable young man and if I might judge him from one meeting I would be pleased to spend more time with him. Now it may come between me and my cousins to whom the match is made. As you say it would be good to give us connections to the Ruxtons. Kincaids and Kilgour have claimed our lords and ladies and I know not if another match with those houses may be considered so soon. Oh Roslin it is enough to make my head spin. A few months ago it is not something I seriously considered and now it all seems heavy upon me. It is exciting and scary at once.” Elisabeth says as she sighs and rises from the bed to pick up another dress to fold. At the princess’s request she grins, “I should like you to meet him and tell me what you think.”

“I should like very much to meet him and tell you what I think,” Roslin says, matter-of-factly. She always has opinions about everything! “I would suggest that we take a walk down that way before I leave, but I cannot say if I will have time.” She looks around the room, somewhat in dispair. “I must also contact my dressmaker and have her come with us, that she may finish my gown in Sutherland. And His Grace will keep me very busy once we are there, so everything that can be seen to here must be seen to.” Roslin sits back on the bed, lounging along it sideways and leaning heavily on one arm to turn and look up at Elisabeth. She rolls onto her stomach then, like a young girl might, and watches the Lady. “But if you do come with me, Elisabeth, you really must see him before you go. It’s absolutely imperative, if you think you might favor him. Otherwise … well His Grace’s squire shall be with us in Sutherland.” So there’s always that option. Roslin can’t help but grin.

“I should try to find a time to meet him again. Perhaps through my brother.” Elisabeth says dropping down on the bed next to Roslin with a sigh. A girl can dream that she might have any real say in her ‘love life’. Well in this she is a girl and perhaps naive but most definitely innocent. Clearly not overly used to the attention of men. “I can help with the sewing if needs extra hands upon it to finish it in time. You will be a lovely bride Roslin.” She says with a lightness to her voice.

At the words about the Captain once more, Elisabeth rolls onto her back and looks up with a sigh.”The gods have a sense of humour to send two such men upon my path to have such similar names and meins. Though Kieryn’s hair is longer and windswept of a sailor and Kierne…seems more of a challenge, the captain is most…agreeable to talk to.” Indeed she says challenge like a compliment. “Hardly a man has looked twice on me before this Roslin, what am I to do?” Well none that she has taken notice of at least!

“That is why you are at court, my dear, that men may begin to notice you,” Roslin says, sounding quite amused. She kicks off her shoes onto the floor and kicks up her feet as the two girls lay about and talk while the poor maids are sent to work, packing gems and gowns and everything the Princess owns.

“That is why you are a Lady-in-Waiting to a Royal, I should think - the exposure such women get tends to be much greater than if you remained at home, or at your brother’s side. Although it sounds as though at his side is quite where you ought to have been.” She grins at that.

“It will be for your brother to decide, and your cousin ultimately as the head of your house though I daresay he would not frown at either option, if the men should make their wishes known. As much as I delight in seeing you tied to Kierne, the Countess’ brother is set to wed a Kincaid now. An alliance through Weston might be more beneficial for your greater family, but I wonder what your brother would find more desirable - his own tie to Lakeshire or his own tie to Weston? That is the real question.”

“I thought I was here to keep you company.” Elisabeth says in light amusement as she rolls to face the princess once more. It is good to have this light hearted moment with the princess after the dark times that preceeded it. No doubt a moment needed by both, especially the princess. The comment about being at her brother’s side though causes a hint of a blush. “He seems to think highly of the Captain. I wonder if such a match might still give me freedom to spend time at the sutherland court as well. A distraction for when he is at sea?”

She sighs at the talk of the desires of her Count and Cousin, Aldren. “I hope to talk to him before I leave. If he should be the one to decide my fate, I would wish at least he would give me some hint on where I can open my heart up to and who I should close it to. Little do we talk politics. I think though with Lord Shepherd marrying Lady Lynette…he may wish for the Weston tie though Kieryn for me or his own sisters.”

Roslin smirks at her friend. “It would be good for this young Mowbry, if he’s keen on a career in the navy, to marry the Grand Admiral’s sister,” Roslin points out. “But I daresay the wife of such a man would have much time to herself, and would have to be content with it. And surely, at least, you would be able to spend some of that time in Sutherland, enjoying the warmth. Weston isn’t known for being balmy, as I recall.” And it’s full of war.

“Go ahead and ask him about it, if you wish. IF not, I certainly will. Your cousin and I talk little else but politics. If it would be easier, I can let it be known to him that you have expressed a curiosity, and leave it to him then to make a move. Would that suite you?”

“Such is not an easy life that I know, though perhaps one I am somewhat accustomed to with my brother. With war looming is there a man that would be safe to marry who may not go off to fight and be away for time? It is perhaps not a good time to consider marriage without consider such loss.” Elisabeth starts before sighing. “Oh bother, my mind tends to seriousness sometimes. A seaman from Weston indeed may be safer to marry than a Knight for that war knocks upon its borders.”
She cants her head toward Roslin considering the question of whether Roslin should speak to her cousin. “I will see him when I return to the suites and talk to him on the matter. Though if it should come up in your conversations with him I would not be upset. A man agreeable is no poor thing and we talked for many hours and he seemed to survive my cousin’s teasing. I would hope to meet him once more before we departed to see if indeed I still find his company agreeable.”

She then smiles to Roslin, “So is there a date set for the wedding…and will he be returning for the Tourneys put forth by Duke Kincaid? I had hoped to enter into the bardic competition and have only just made agreement with Lady Nylie to enter together.”

Roslin smiles a soft, sad smile. “It is a dangerous time to marry, indeed. But an important time to marry. For men ought to begin families before the war. It is the only way to continue the line, after all. Some might say now is the most important time to marry.” She glances up at a maid as the woman walks by with a stack of underdresses. Then her eyes return to her Lady-in-Waiting.

“I’ll leave it to you, then, unless it comes up. Most of the lords don’t like the idea of the Royal family even sniffing around their business of late. My family has been somewhat … rude to those who are loyal to us, and it is beginning to show. Still, it will be up to both the Kincaids and the Mowbrays to make an offer. You may have little choice on the matter, if your cousin does not wish to pursue it first.”

She rolls onto her back, gazing up at the canopy above her bed. “Hmm? No, no date yet, but I daresay we’ll be back n time for the tourney. He would not want to miss such a thing. I hope the date shall be settled soon. I would rather know. If I know … then I can be excited.”

Elisabeth nod to Roslin’s words of war and marriage. Indeed how many widows will be left with bellies swelling with child by this war. It is not a happy thing to think about but alas something to be considered. “And the alliances we might make through marriage might help see is through the war all the better.” She says in a soft tone.

She meets the gaze of Roslin and nods slightly. “If only that they may make alliances suitable to their lands, such needs may not be overly apparent.” She offers diplomatically on the matter before looking up to the canopy, “I believe there are talks at least with the Mowbrays, but I know not if Kierne would be considered or even if he considers me in such a way. I find him pleasing upon the eye in truth, but I know not what he thinks of me besides how bad of a chess player I am.” She gives a little shrug at that.

At the talk of marriage dates she reaches over to grab the Princess’s hand, “It will surely happen sooner than we expect and we will at once wish more time for planning!”

Roslin chuckles softly. “I daresay so. But I’d rather have the thing done. Logen can have a grand wedding. I often dreamed of one, one that all the city would gather for. But now it seems far too difficult. Sutherland, and likely fairly quiet, it shall be.” She laughs at her friend. “Make sure you speak to your cousin soon, and who know what may happen.” Roslin rolls off the bed and rises. “Come, then. Lets finish with this armoire before supper.”

Elisabeth nods and rises from the bed looking over what has been packed so far. “Does he know just how much space will be needed for our things?” She asks in amusement as she turns to pick up another dress.

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