Sheat 41, 228: Celebration Gone Astray

Celebration Gone Astray
Summary: When the town folk come together to witness the newest advancements in mobrinite culture, things can get ugly fast. When one scientist introduces a militaristic innovation, the locals become suspicious, then violent. Chaos ensues as people flee in every direction as they are trampled and burned.
OOC Date: 29/07/2013 (OOC)
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Faire Grounds
The fairegrounds are bustling with activity, for it is the Days of Sheat, when all the regions scientists arrive to display their latest works and achievements. Also on the grounds are many vendors, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. The scene is quite festive.
Sheat 41, 228

As the sun sets upon the faire grounds the air is still quite warm, a soft breeze makes it's way through the recently trample faire grounds and the starts are getting ready to show them selves. The tents have been re-erected and some little shops here and there are open. A few merchants are selling candies and wine, among roasted duck and other goodies. Commoners and nobles alike have gathered here this evening to to see the newest wonders of the world. Little kids are running about playing childish games and enjoying sweets their parents have bought them. The poorer ones are just running around making mischief. Adults stand around sipping wine and conversing. The overall mood is one of merriment and joy as the folks of the city have gathered to forget about life for a while and hope to be amazed.

Upon the platform in the center of the grounds a few chairs, a long table, and a large basin of water have been added. At either end burn two large torches, sending illumination out over the area around as it begins to grow dark. also on the stage are around a half dozen men. Dressed mostly in long robes of grey or white, maost seem old in age, some with long goatees, others with no teeth. The type of men who rarely come out. Upon the table are all manner of odd looking things, metal boxes that make clicking noises, bags of powder, jars with strange colored liquids just to name a few. The odd group of scientists are talking amongst themselves as they share their works and the manner in which they have been conceived. A large hat is set upon the table and they all draw a little parchment of paper. When they are done they all take their seats in an ordered fashion. Leaving one man left, seemingly he has the honor to go first.

Dressed in a long flowing robe the man is clean shaven and it gives the impression he may be one of the oldest men you've ever seen. A long hook nose and bushy eyebrows are the main features upon his face. He holds his hands up and the crowd quiets. "I am Vonnaro Ledarys. I come to you from Pirn, a port city in the south of Greenshire. Today I have brought my invention, The /day looker./ Gone are the days of looking to the sun and assuiming the time, or waking up to look at the sundial upon your window. With this, " He holds up a small round object, "Your pocket may tell you the time." He opens it up and any close enough to see would notice tiny little gears inside. He closes it again and adds, "You simply wind up each morning, if you notice there are twent-four markings upon it. As the gears inside spin tiny counter weights push the dial in a slow cirle marking the passing of the day." He seems incredibly proud of himself as the crowd begins to murmur about themselves. He places it back upon the table and takes his seat next to the others.

Ruxton guards, maid, and Lady walking - can't be Aemy, so it must then be Solara. She's got a glass of wine in one hand and a bag of roasted nuts in the other, her maid is carrying a basket, and the bright red-gold of her hair is visible, the waning light of the sun bringing a glow, even with the hair all up and braided for polite company. She comes to a stop as the first of the inventors decides to start talking, turning her attention to the platform.

With two guards in tow Terrwyn dressed in Navy blue silk and silver is weaving her way through the crowds. Her long blonde hair has been braided and bound up. Her skin glows with health. Her eyes are bright and there is a smile on her face. She cannot help but stare with the others as the watch is shown. She looks to her guard and she says, "Now that one has my vote!" She then nibbles on roasted nuts that she has with her.

The crowd around her is also marveling at the invention. "Curse!" Mutters one contestant, "the new chisel for cutting through rock is not going to win, that one is well not worth its salt."

One of the commoners present, Kyra is just standing to the side. Her red hair is untamed so the waves blow across her face in the gentle breeze. The inventor captures her attention. New devices were always fun! Upon seeing the pocket time piece, she steps a little nearer, an inquisitive look in her eyes.

Another person just wandering and taking in the interesting inventions is Conall. The prince just moving swiftly around with the guards at his side, as well as carrying his sword. Just in case, for some reason. Looking around and just having a wide smile on his lips

Flynn is just arriving in the fairgrounds, having apparently missed whatever is being displayed for the moment, but his gaze wanders around a little bit as he walks.

When the first man is done the crowd seems alive with excitement. A few cheers are givin up by the folks in the front whilst the ones in the back just seem confused. Now, an even older man stands from his seat. His robes are grey, but seemingly once white. He has a few grey whiskers sprouting from his chin and he is hunched over. After what seems like a hundred years he is in front of the table. Picking up a small sack of dust. He raises his hands.

"Friends…I've..I've…" He seems to out of breath as he attempts to continue, "I've, come from Halekri, in Kundarri. I am Jednard Bolocks. I've brought../Sunfire/. With this," He holds up the sack, "We will rule the entire continent. Taking lime and burning it, then sap from the tree of oak, I've combined /other/ materials to create this. The most magnificent strategic invention since the trebuchet." He crosses the stage and takes a basin of water. Setting down upon the floor, he begins to open the sack. "This is not only highly valuable in the field, but…our naval…" He seems to have lost his breath again walking about." Our…naval.. commanders, will..rule the sea." He takes a small teaspoon sized pinch and throws it in the water. "As you can see , not only does water lack the ability to extinguish it, but, it aids in the lighting of it." Immediately the water is burning brightly higher than his head. When the /boom/ escapes the incindeairy action, the flames leap high and almost everyone in the crowd gasps. Some women grab their children and run, Some men begin to back up. Others begin shouting.

"Wich! Witch!" Is the most notable cry that goes up and it is quickly taken up by many. Slowly now they begin to move forward a look of mis-understanding, ignorance, and fear upon the faces.

The smile of achievement has escaped his face and the old man is now frowning. He begins to back up slowly. Shouting, "No, no. You have it all wrong. These are simple ingredients fo-" Not much more can be heard as Some common men are beginning to move closer to the stage. Some have run off behind the stage and the happy crowd begins to seem more a mob. The shouts are being taken up by more and more, and they seem louder and louder. The old man is now huddled towards the back of the stage and has pissed himself. The other scientists have all seemingly slipped into the crowd, some grabbing their trinkets, others simply vanishing quite quickly.

Witch! Witch! Witch! The crowd joins in the chant while Kyra moves silently back from it, avoiding that drama at any cost. She would not be part of a lynching if things got bad and the reaction from the crowd was already getting exuberant. Looking around for any familiar faces, she spots Flynn and offers a wave, beginning to cut through the crowd towards him.

Solara watches as the second fellow gets up and gives his demonstration. Her eyes widen, as the crowd starts to jostle nearer to her, her guards promptly taking up defensive positions, as the small group heads back away from the stage. Not so easy though, to be a salmon going the wrong way. Someone accidentally manages to step on Solara's foot, and then she gets an elbow in the ribs, as she tries to get out of the way. "We should help that poor fellow," she murmurs, as she catches her balance, managing to not lose her footing.

Flynn spots the incoming Kyra and moves towards her as well, "What's going on here?" he asks, "I thought I just heard some thunder or something, and a witch?" he asks a little once he's near enough to exchange words with the woman.

Conall raises a brow as it all goes on. AS for the fire and then the shouting, he just sighs. His men tightening around him. Though he does move calmly and has a rather blank stare and expression that can be quite unsettling. Moving along the crowd towards where the man disappeared. Though spotting Solara and seemingly in a bit of trouble he moves with guards towards her. Trying to push people out of the way if needed. "My lady." He calls out to her to see if she is fine, trying to close the gap.

The Sutherland guards move quickly when the cry of witch seems to filter through the crowds. Terrwyn's eyes go wide and she places a hand on her stomach. Not out of superstitions but because there is nothing worse than a mob. She takes a step back and people press into her. Those two guards are starting to look nervous as well.

Witch, the words seem to spread like wildfire through the crowd. Others who are more open minded take a step back.

Terrwyn tries to shout. "Tell us how you made it! What does it contain!" her voice is most likely drowned out by the crowd.

The group that has formed upon the stage now is no less than fifty men. The old scientist has cowered all the way to the back and is pleading on his knees now. "Pleas! Please! Jus allow me to ex-" His words are cut off as one of the common men sends a foot flying to his face. The old man tumbles off the back of the stage and is lying in the mud groaning.

Anyone thinking to help would be hard pressed now as they have lept off the back and dragged the man to his feet. Some fifty yards away a few others are pulling a twelve foot high stake up.

"Please!" he is shouting now as blood pours from his mouth. He is held by the arms and his feet are simply being dragged now. The group that follows the four men that have him has now doubled. On the edges little orphans are running about and behind them are increasing shouts of ,"Witch!' and, "Burn him!" When they reach the erected stake a few are piling the bottom with kindling and driftwood.

One of the aggressor shouts, "No, use that underworld filth he has brought here to do him in!." He turns and points to one of the others. "Arik, fetch it." The other man looks frightened. He says, "I'm not touching the instruments of Inouv." When the man hears this he scowls. "Fine, I'd do it meself!" Turning he heads back to retrieve the sack of powder. As he does the others begin to tie the man to the stake. He still pleads, "No, the secret will die with me! You know not what you do." He smacked hard in the mouth by one of the men tying him and it seemingly robs him of any more begging

As she comes even with Flynn, Kyra doesn't smile, instead, she looks worried, looking back and forth between him and the accused. "He has been accused of being a witch because of some thing that happened with him. I… don't know what to think, but don't they have trials for witches?"

Solara is not at all really okay, but there's no way that she's going to be able to stop this mob, not without the powers of Alasair herself. or perhaps Sheat, but he's not here either. She pulls back, away from the mob, and hears Conall's voice. "This is wrong," she tells him, though he likely knows that. "There are laws, and he should have a trial, but - too scared. Too many." She does try calling out loudly, as loudly as she can, "Bring him to the castle, let him be tried proper!" But she doubts anyone is listening. "The King will deal with the likes of him." She rubs absently at her side, where she got an elbow, making a bit of a face. "I am a little worried what will happen if that little bit caused such a dramatic effect," she mumbles softly. Well. Weston and science do go hand in hand. Sort of.

"I guess it's what happens here… I dunno." Flynn says to Kyra, "But the crowds can get rowdy, so stick with me if it gets too messy!" he says with a little grin at her. "I think they like their mob justice though..

Conall frowns now and draws swords. Not cutting people down but the Aberdeens do try to create a passage. "ENOUGH!!!" Comes Conall's words. "While I might stake a witch as well as another but what if he tells the truth!? What if the Laniveers returns with such a weapon and our only knowledge went to waste!" He calls out. "We will keep him locked up and he will be set for trial." He more or less echoes Solara's earlier words. "Anyone having and issue with that will have to stand in front of the king to explain why you just executed a man without proof. We are in the days of Sheat and we are most likely going to see a lot of weird things." Trying to continue to push through. Hoping that people will calm down.

Terrwyn's guards help her move towards the back of the mob. They are like fish swimming upstream. They keep her wedged between them to make her a smaller target to the pushing mob.

Returning promptly, the cruel common man has the sack of powder and a bucket of water with him. A nasty smile is upon his face. The scientis begins again, "Please, that is so mu-" He is cut-off as the bucket of water splashes his face, blood mixing with it begins to run down his robes. "May inouv take you back you filthy spawn of the underworld." The peasant says. As he winds up the sack to throw it, the old man begins one last plea for help. But, it is not heard. Most shouts that are not of , /Witch/ or /burn him/ are lost in the prescence of so many scared folks.

When the sack hits him, white flames leap twenty feet high. Gasps go back as far as the stage some fifty yards away. The mob seems even more frightened than when they first saw the flames moments ago upon the stage. The fire has now engulfed anything within a ten foot radius of the stake.

Neither the old man nor the common thug are heard from again as the flesh begins to melt off them within seconds, shortly after, the flames have died just a bit revealing a crumpled pile of bones near the base of the stake and another pile a few feet away. Slowly they cease to be bones.

A few onlookers recive some meanial burns as well if they were too close. One woman screams in agony, "Nooo!! Farin!!! Noooo!!!" She rushes forward to the mans pile of bones as it quickly is turning to ash. She absent mindedly reaches for the remains of her husband. The coals and burning bones tear the flesh of her skin asunder, but she makes no sound. Tears run down her cheeks as skin begins to drip off her fingers. The crowd now seems more horrified than when they saw the first demonstration of the substance. Now everyone of them is rushing away from the fiery scene in all directions. The words /witch/ and /Inouv/, are heard amongst the more popular /Aghhhh!!/ The faire grounds has now become the scene of panic as people are rushing as quickly as they can. Mothers shouting for lost children, husbands looking for wives, brothers for sisters, all except the recent widow. She is still kneeling next to the remains of her kin. Staring now at where the stake was, there is bloodlust in her eyes, her hands becoming worse by the second. She begins to mumble prayers frantically, a poisonous tone in her voice.

Solara is far enough back given the original instinct to get away that she does not get burned. Though now it's likely to get get trampled by the mob as it runs in every which direction. "Gods and Goddesses," she mumbles, as a child dives right into her with a loud thud. He's okay, but her breath is lost, as she reaches gentle hands to help him. "Is it - what is going on up there now?" she asks, once she can speak again. Her guards move to better shelter her, the maid almost clinging to her, begging her to get out before more trouble arises. "No, but - we have to help, if we can," Solara says softly.

Flynn looks to the noises and stuff coming from the mob, "What's going on up there??" he echoes some of many people who didn't have a really good view of what happened.

Conall has his frown as things go crazy with the burning. "Imbeciles." He mutters before turning, moving to Solara. "WE should get going. The faster we get the news to the castle the faster a reasonable sized party can be sent to clear things." He tells her, as well as trying to get her to safety.

"Is it?" Kyra asks Flynn quietly. "It's how things are done?' There's worry in her voice, but she doesn't immediately move further away from the area. "What are they going to do?" But it's quickly apparent. Hearing all the protests from the nobles present, she smirks. "I'm not sure what to do."

The pounding of her dapple gray mare's hooves marks Caitlyn's arrival on the scene, a groomsman from house Sutherland close on her heels, pointing in the direction of the crowds, the mayhem that has ensued. She hurries past the crowds and guards, heedless of any cries to stay back. She rushes directly for the woman with hands ablaze, using her cloak to smother them before shouting for the groomsman to bring her satchel.

Word has most certainly gotten out as now the faire grounds fill with city guard. Women are running and screaming and men are pushing and shoving. Any who get too near the nobles or the watch are clubbed down and most likely trampled.

The woman whose hands are melting simply looks to Caitlyn as she smothers her hands, "My Arik. Inouv burned him." Her tears are apparent but they are nor for pain. She does not sob only cries.

Two guards and sandwiched between a good place for Terrwyn to be at the moment. They have not taken their weapon out as they do not want cause more issues. She is also more than happy to be there. Fishes wading up stream and they have to change direction as the crowds change direction. They have people jostling them and pushing into them. She continues to wade and move her two guards remain with her. There is no panic and she is calm her eyes calculating and she does but she does not look happy.

Solara can't argue the logic in what Conall's saying, though she does get a look at that woman with her hands melting. "Oh - Cri bless the poor woman, she's - " That actually has her hide her face, impulsively turning to lean against Conall for a moment, head ducked against his chest. Without even thinking! And then she pulls back and she says, "To the castle post haste." Mind you, apparently someone managed to get a message out as someone comes flying in. Excellent, that means that Solara can now have a nervous breakdown.

"Well… For this festival yeah… I think." Flynn says over to Kyra, "I think probably we should just.. I dunno.. keep back." He says with a little frown, "But, if you wanna go and get a better look?" he offers..

A better look?" Kyra along with Flynn are standing around like the rest watching as the crowd chants about the 'witch' and are forming what seems to be a lynch mob. She's keeping back, shaking her head at Flynn. "No, you go ahead, I want nothing to do with it."

As the crowd begins to thin Guards upon horses are riding the outskirts forcing them towards the exit. "OUT!!" They are shouting. "Return to your homes." The crowd is settling down now as the force of law has made its way. One captain rides to the burn site and says, "In the name of the light…" He looks to Caitlyn as she helps the poor widow, then back to the ashes. "What a fucking mess." He turns to one of his sergeants and says, "Round up any one being violent. Send Graeme to assist any one being trampled and make every attempt to slow the rushing crowd down. When things settle a bit we will need to move to the main road. No doubt the chaos could pick up there without our presence." He turns now leaving the healer and the woman alone next to the dying fire.

Caitlyn ignores the commotion around her as she works to save the woman's life. It's quite a sight when she slowly unwraps her cloak from around the poor woman's appendages…you couldn't really call them hands anymore after the greekfire has gotten to them. Its a sight that even has hardened guards turn away and retch as she stars to bandage the wounds

With the chaos dying Terrwyn is now ushered out of the area. They do not wait to see what will happen next her guards get her out of there. They also work on getting her to the castle. They move away and soon as they break free they have her out of sight.

Symon had really intended to come to the fairgrounds to enjoy the evening, but even a short distance away, its fairly obvious Things Have Gone Wrong. Not dressed the part, but still, with guards ordering people to disperse and commanding voices occasionally pealing out, he sidesteps the outflow where possible, looking for a more familiar face in charge.

"I'll stay with you." Flynn says to Kyra, then of course the guards come and start kicking people out, "And.. it looks like we have to get outta here before the guards get more forceful huh.."

Caitlyn glares at a guard who attempts to tell her to stand back. She finishes bandaging the poor widow of Arik, soothing her with soft words bwfore standing, practically shoving the guard aside as she looks for the next most pressing need.

When the guards start kicking people out, Kyra cranes her neck to look around more, but nowhere near looking towards the burned woman. "No, you go ahead if you want, I'm not leaving yet. It was supposed to be a celebration.. there's still things to do and I haven't been here that long.

Not really much of a celebration." Flynn mutters, "But sure, I'll hang out and get roughed up by the guards with ya." He says with a little grin at Kyra.

Symon probably catches sight of a couple of familiar faces in the process, maybe trades a 'really?' look with a guard, and finally ends up stepping forward when the healer is getting harassed a bit by a guardsman being a little overzealous. Then…the smell hits him and he covers his mouth and nose with a sleeve, "Gods…" Seeing Caitlyn working on someone else, he extends a hand to get the guardsman to stop, "Let it go. I'll make sure she clears out when she's finished.

"Will someone get this oaf out of my way!" Cait calls out to no one in particular, the poor guard tasked with restoring peace having no luck when it comes to persuading the healer to leave. A grateful nod is cast Symon's way, along with a hasty "Thank you, my lord." Another man is treated quickly, his burns not nearly as bad as the first.

Then the smell drifts her way and suddenly Kyra no longer feels like celebrating. "I think I would prefer the tavern to this at the moment, should I wish to continue the celebration." Wrapping her arms around herself, Kyra turns from the horrid sight and attempts to step away from it without the guards noticing. Then she hears the familiar voice of the newly Knighted Lord in the distance and she looks that way, but since he seems terribly busy protecting the healers, she does not immediately attempt to capture his attention, out of respect

Symon grumbles a little displeasure at the smell, muffling himself in the process, "Lady Healer, while I respect your work, consider it a humble request that you take your poor victim and move upwind. You will make the guards happy and my stomach less angry." While he catches sight of Flynn and Kyra in the thinning crowd and lifts a hand in their direction, for the moment, he's remaining where he is. Well, he did say he would.

Flynn spots the Symon as well, and gives a little glance between him and Kyra and ahs a little, "Well… I'll go ahead and get us a table, if you want to come once you're done talking with the Lord." he says, offering a thin little smile to Kyra, "You should be fine here though I'm sure."

The worst of the lot have been treated when Caitlyn stands and makes one more assessing look around. Satisfied there is no more pressing need, she looks at Symon and nods, moving in the direction of safety, pausing near the knight to incline her head and smile gratefully. "Thank you for your assistance, my lord. I'm grateful." She glances in Flynn and Kyra's way "I believe your lady waits, sir…my apologies.

Since Symon noticed her, Kyra waves in return, but the smell is just unbearable. Looking back to Flynn she shakes her head. "I can't or I'll be sick. Really, I don't want to be here." Looking back at Symon, in case he looks in their direction, she makes a drinking motion and points in the general direction of the tavern. "I'm ready now."

Symon shoots a look at the guardsman that's still hovering a little close by, clearly shooting a 'see, she's moving!' expression his way, before offering Caitlyn a bow of his head, "I have been healed when I was injured by another Lady. I can only repay that by helping another. Be well and safe." With that said, and since she does seem to be heading off, he turns his attention more pointedly towards where he saw Kyra and Flynn, to make note of where they are heading. Clearly he intends to check in and make sure whoever is in charge does not need a Knight's help first.

Flynn gives a little nod towards Kyra, "Sure… let's get you out of here then before you suffer any worse being here." He says, "We don't want you getting ill, now do we!

Caitlyn smiles and nods to Symon as he leaves, turing to look for a familiar face amongst the crowd. Spying Cedric, she heads his direction a bit wearily. :Does this sort of thing happen everyday here? You never told me how exciting the city can be." she remarks with a wry smile…

Cedric has arrived with more guards men and looks to see who is currently running the show to get an update on what is going on. For now he has his men escorting people out, using their horses for shields so that the slow and injured dont get run over by those fleeing.

When the Deputy Marshall arrives, the party is definitely over. Kyra nods to Flynn and begins walking towards the exit of the fairgrounds, unaware of the conversation other than her own. Lacing her fingers together, she walks out with every intention of going to the tavern.

Well, okay, now, see, THERE we go. Seeing the Deputy Marshall ride in with more help, Symon turns his attention to address the man as he rides up, "Lord Marshall. I just arrived myself a few moments ago. It was…rather chaotic. The healer over there is helping some of the burned." He nods his head at Caitlyn's back as the woman looks for another victim in the randomness as it thins out.

Cedric looks at symon and rides up to clap him on the shoulder. "good, to hear sir. Make sure the injured are safely escorted out if you can. " he points to three of his men and says. "Aid sir Symon and get the Injured out of here. " The three nod and then look to symon for further orders.

Caitlyn gathers her satchel and joins Cedric, smiling up at the man brightly. "Sir Symon was a tremendous help, Your Grace. He shou;d be commended.

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