Cedric Valarian Crawford
{$actor} as Cedric Valarian Crawford
Full Name: Cedric Valarian Crawford
Age: 26
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Crawford
Position: {$position}
Place of Birth: Sutherland
Father: Pallow Crawford
Mother: Amellia Crawford
Siblings: Caitlyn and Ronan
Spouse: Terrwyn Kilgour Deceased.
Children: None



Born on Febuary Sixth, on the year or our lord 202 was Cedric Valarian Crawford, the the proud parents of Pawllow and Amellia, Duke and Dutchess of sutherland. Cedrics life wasn't exactly an easy one, what with wars and skirmishes going on all the time. Though his first few years were blissfully unawares as any young childs would be. His parents set him up with the finest of teachers and tutors. From and early age he was taught statescraft, and swords play. As time progressed and his schooling grew, he was taught how to run and Govern the castle and its surrounding lands. His father on occasion would take him to the northern most mountains to watch the gold miners laboring to extract the vast amounts of gold from the earth. Or he'd be taken to the woodlands west of the mountains to watch the Foresters cut down the trees that were of the proper age to be used in construction of various things. On other occasions his father took him to the Southern mountain range where they discoverd a vast vein of metal from which they began crafting their own weapons and armor.

To the north and south east were the lands vast plains and rolling hills, Where many farmlands were created to provide food for the kingdome. Some area's were not suitable for farming so Pallow wasn't sure what to do with them, and at a young Nine years of age in 211 Cedric who by this time fell in love with horses and was getting fairly good at riding piped up with a thought of breeding their own. Both his father and mother were tickled by the Idea and decided to appoint the young duke in training to over see it, but at nine he really didn't have much authority so they appointed a guide to Young Cedric who'd take control but go off his reccomendations.


Now from the year 212 to 217, young cedric spent his life as many young noblemen do, under the tutalige of a knight where he enhanced his already vast skills with a blade, and learned how to employ the bow. Cedric learned the basics of other weapons as well, but never found himself comfortable with using a lance while riding. He was more comfortable with using a bow, and this gave him and Idea to pitch to his father. A vast majority of the sutherland army was comprised of Calvary due to the mostly wide open spaces, and due to the nature of their breeding stock of calvary mounts their horses wern't breed for heavy warriors atop them so after a few years of talking with his father they came up with a compromise, as Cedric suggested skirmishers, One half of the calvary comprised of light lancers ment to use the horses greateer speed and endurance to charge in hit them hard and break away. While the horse calvary would fly in and rain down arrows upon the disorganized troops. While their Infantry would march in with the recently developed rangers, and elite scouting and archery unit behind them to mop up the mess. The Infantry was trained in polearms to be used to dismount any rider of the enemy and then use their shorter blades to finish them off.

In the years that followed from 218 to 223 trouble with Jadda grew more and more troublesome. So Pallow and a Third of the troops marched north in 224 to assist their allies in the war and During the nasty fighting Pallow Crawford and his personal guard were caught in an surprise attack and slain. The rest of the Sutherland troops in disarray retreated with over half of their forces already decimated they fell back to sutherland to regroup and inform the dutches off the death of her husband. Cedric was most crushed as he loved his father dearly and at twenty-one was crowned the new Duke. In 226, Two years latter while his mother and her hand maidens were traveling south to visit the mines there, allowing Cedric to deal with the trouble with the rest of the kingsdom, Her party was ambushed just north of the mines by Kundari Raiders. The small detachement of men were slaughterd and to avoid capture the Dutches and her hand maidens chose honorable death to being slaves and fell upon their own knives. Denying the raiders further prize. A ranger on patrol witnessed this and quickly reported it to Cedric who sent messengers south to various rangers working in the region and they along with a some calvary units managed to track all the raiders down to kill each and every one of them. As a warning he issued a decree that from now on any Kundari who enter unlawfully will get the same punishment as along the boarder ther can be seen pikes with the heads of the raiders still sitting upon them.

A few months after his mothers death and her burial he was over in Darfield, where he met Prince Tyrel and over some time the two became good friends and drinking partners. It was Prince Tyrel who introduced him to one of the neices a lovely lady called terrwyn and after the standard period of courting, Cedric asked for the lady Terrwyn's hand and was granted it. The wedding was held in Darfield castle and was grand. For the next few years 226 to 228 they both ruled sutherland, trying hard to make it a wonderous place.

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