8th of Nar, 229: Catching Up

Catching Up
Summary: Two cousins talk for the first time in a while. There are.. differences of view points.
OOC Date: 10/Jul/2014
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Wenna Eoin 
Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.
Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.
On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.
Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects.
8th of Nar, 229

The chamber inside of the Castle for Wenna and Caedmon are quiet this time of the day. Mostly because Caedmon has taken Lilly for her riding lesson and in turn being a brave man has taken Gwyn with them. There are no servants about this time of the day and all the windows have are open to allow fresh air in and light causing their apartments to smell of summer flowers. Sitting on a cushioned bench in front of a banked fire is Wenna. She is dressed simply in a gown of amethyst silk and her long brown hair has been pinned up in silver hair that is studded with amethyst. In her lap she holds a ledger that she is looking over. Not far from her are crutches.

Eoin has been in and out of the castle a lot of late, mostly due to work keeping him busy but occasionally also for more social visits. Today is one of the latter after his conversation with Nylie so recently reminding him of how little he has seen of his cousin and her husband of late. As such, finding himself with time to spare he heads in the direction of their chambers. He's easily recognised by the servants and admitted, heading directly towards where Wenna is seated in the hope that he can get there and greet her before she makes the effort of getting up.

When the door opens the pressure in the room changes and just the sound alone causes her to look up. Seeing her cousin she sets aside her ledger and reaches for her crutches but she does not rise from where she is seated. Instead the crutches are moved aside to make room for him. "Cousin come and sit with me. How is your head? How are you doing? I have not seen you in ages." Her tone is warm and her smile bright.

Eoin lengthens his stride ever so slightly as he sees her reaching for the crutches, then slackens off once more when her intent becomes clearer. "Cousin," he greets with a warm smile, "it has been a while it is true, but I have been at sea, and you have been in Albion, so perhaps it is understandable." Taking a seat he tilts his head a little towards her, he's had his head shorn somewhat given the warmer weather and so the scar is quite visable below the hairline. "It does not trouble me overly I am pleased to say, although it does oft-times ache if there is a storm in the air. I am well though, thank you, and trust you are also?"

"I am well and yes we have been in Albion for a bit, but have returned as I still have duties here to attend to do as does my Lord husband." Wenna is still smiling while she gestures for him to take a seat. "Come and be seated and rest a while. So tell me how has court been for you? I have only gone when needed most of the time I am in my office." She indicates. "How did you fair at sea and when will you return to the sea?" She asks him. "I pray that your sister and my sisters are well?"

"I find myself missing a great many council meetings due to my duties," Eoin admits, "although so far Captain Mowbray has proved himself a capable replacement at them." Which then leads him easily onto, "and yes, Beth is quite well, although given the size of her stomach when I saw her last I suspect that she has not long left before she becomes a mother." He smiles at that, apparently cheered at the prospect of being an uncle. "I'm am just hoping that I do not have to sail before the happy event, for I can not stay ashore much longer than I have already tarried."

"Unfortunately a child comes when it is good and ready. I will check on her for you and send word if you wish. That way you know it is not coated with honey if something were to go awry." Wenna offers him. "What would you have to drink Cousin?" She asks him as she moves to pick at the fabric of her gown with her hands. "I also understand that you cannot tarry much longer but if you find yourself near Albion there will be safe harbors for you. I do apologize that Caedmon is not here to see you, but I do hope you will be able to catch him before you leave. I think it would do him some good to see those who are not either of court or someone not associated to myself and my duties or to the Albion."

"I know she had a checkup in the infirmary perhaps a week back," Eoin offers quickly, "but I doubt she would begrudge you a further one if you were to make the trip. She'd likely come here of course, but she is so far gone now that I think it best she not move more than necessary." Becuase he's an expert of course. A nod is given to the remark about Albion but then he tils his head slightly at the mention of Caedmon. "It is funny you should mention his need to see others," he starts, "for I was talking with his sister recently and while I know things have not been as they were between them for a while, she does wish to call upon him. I fear though she is concerned that he might not welcome her if she were to and has thus been staying away."

"My dear when she is in labor she will be asked to walk and move." Wenna decides to allow him have that tidbit of information, "It is better that she does move within reason. I can ask her for tea." She looks amused. "How so he and his sister are not close. I confide this in you because you are my family. Their relationship is more than strained in part because of her husband. He barged in her like he owned castle and he was in enraged. He is lucky our guards did not harm him or Caedmon did not. Since that moment and because of what was said and done with Callem and how her betrothal was arranged. It has been made clear to us that she only shares his blood. I keep in contact with her hoping that perhaps the rift will be mended in time. They do not fight like we, Haraveans, we lose our temper and loudly explain why we are angrier than a hornet who's nest has been kicked then we move on. They are very different." She pauses and looks thoughtful. "I find it strange that she does not ask me how he is doing but instead confides in you. They are strange and very much like the rest of the Kilgours. Yet I would not change a hair on his head."

Eoin flashes Wenna a glance that suggests that everything he's heard about women who are pregnant revolves about them lying-in for months on end and not going anywhere, or doing anything. He doesn't actually question though, given she's both the Royal Physician and indeed, a woman herself. 'Hmm' he offers soundly vaguely unconvinced before he moves on. "I am aware of where the rift started," he states gently, "I had to work quite hard in getting him to even attend the wedding, but when all is said and done he said he wanted her to have her choice and to be happy. Well, she's had her choice and she is happy, there is no one can deny that. What saddens her is her brother fought so hard for her to have that opertunity, now seemingly turns his back on her for having used it." He sighs slightly, he'd rather she had chosen someone else too in many ways, but has at least acceted thatit was her choice and that she made it freely. "As I say though, I know she wishes to see him but is fearful of his reaction, so if there is aught you can do to sooth it then it would be greatly appreciated I am sure. It is not good for families to be divided so."

"My dear cousin, a family cannot be divided when it never was close to begin with. That is one thing that I have learned about the Kilgours they are not that close. If Caedmon died tomorrow it would be myself and the Haravean 's who grieve. For the Kilgours by his name they will mark him as dead and his Barony will go to another none will grieve. To them he is a tool and a good one at that or poor since he need to be put out to pasture and retire. There are times I wonder about his family. He is warmer than they are and perhaps because he is less power hungry it will be his downfall."

"I can not speak for his cousins," Eoin starts, perhaps a tad defensively, "but I think you do his sister a disservice with those words cousin. From the words we have exchanged she wishes they were closer. If she calls though, will he see her? I fear if not then she may never source the courage to ask again, however much she might want."

"Cousin there is no need to get defensive. I do not do any disservice I am merely telling you how I see things. You are not married into the family. If I did not know better I would say that you are still in love with her." Wenna tells him in a very blunt manner. "It is as if my words have wounded you." She shakes her head. "I do not know. I can make him have dinner with her as long as her husband is not there. I can even start the dinner with them and then leave, so they can clear the air between them. Before you get too harsh with Caedmon, know this he is private because he protects those near and dear to him. Aidan extorts like all good nobles from his area. There is a reason he has been quiet with her. She does not need to know he lost his heir when the council was poisoned or that he is ill. There is also the fact that there is little she can do about any of it." This is said in a very quiet manner.

"I am not married to them no," Eoin replies equally bluntly, "but that does not mean I can not see how she feels for him when conversation turns that way. I do not believe she would bring Aidan along for she is not so insensitive as to do so for she knows his feelings and would hardly hurt them so while trying to improve things between them." He finds himself frowning a bit and so stops and forces himself to take a deep breath and calm himself a little before he continues quietly, "cousin, she knows he is ill. How much she knows I am not sure, but that much at least. Equally though, there is nothing I can do about any of it, but would you or he turn me away for such a reason?"

"I hope that she does not know what he is ill with not does she need to know." Her voice is calm but hidden beneath the velvet there sharpened steel. "No why would we turn you away? Unless it is your wish that we turn you away?" A puzzled look crosses her face as her moss green eyes rest upon him. "You do still love her?" She asks him. Then comes a counter. "He shouted at her and she ran to Aidan. She truly does not know or understands the complexity of his mind."

"My wish, Cousin," Eoin replies, tyring his best to keep his tone from hardening, "is that the pair of them not be condemed to remain apart because each believes the other does not wish them to be part of their lives. I use myself merely to show you how the reasons you give for keeping her at arms length equally apply to others who are now kept out so." He draws another deep breather there before continuing, "he shouted at her and she ran to Aidan. Her brother, who had said she should choose, shouted at her because she did just that. Do you not see that cousin? Yes, he has a complex mind, it is what makes him a great man, but sometimes things are very simple." He pushes himself to his feet then, and moves over to where there is wine. Pouring himself a glass he then pours a second, using the time to clmhimself once more before he returns and offers her one, "I would see them talking again. That is a start if nothing else, for without that there is no chance of healing this rift between them. But come. I did not call on you to argue about Kilgours and Kincaids. Tell me, how are you?"

"Aldren, Jami, Brend and I have shouted at each other, scorned each other and fought each other like rabid feral dogs, yet still we get along and there are no rifts even though we had nine years of separation. If Aldren and I fight we do not run to our spouses and complain and drag them into the fray instead it stays between us. Caedmon did not complain to me but when Aidan got involved I got involved. Despite my harsh words and lack of understanding I am trying to keep her in touch with her brother's family. After all I did write to her of my own accord." She pauses to take the drink. "Thank you, my sweet cousin." She sips the drink and studies him over her cup before she answers his question. "I will error on the side honesty. I am worried about the war, my husband, the healers guild, my children whom are our wards. I am heart sick still and worried about producing Caedmon an heir. He tells me I should not worry and that we are blessed. I also worry about my brothers, you, your sister and my sisters. I feel that with each year that passes I grow weaker. how are you truly doing?"

Eoin opens his mouth to give a reply, before deciding that he has said all he is going to say on the matter of Caedmon and his sister. Another sip of his wine and he listens to her report, nodding solumnly as she continues. "That is a list that many would be worried over too," he agrees, "and intil this war is won then I doubt many of those concerns will be lifted from you, or anyone." A pause as she asks about him before he replies, "I am well. I still miss that I can no longer smell the salt air but I am learning to live with it. I worry about Beth, and while it is true that I wish to return to the sea as soon as I can, I also hope that she will give birth before it is time for me to go."

"Cousin she will be fine. Many women have given birth, she is strong and she is more of your bloodline than I. She will be alright. Say your prayers for her and leave her in the hands of the healers." Wenna promises him with a gentle tone. She moves to set aside her wine. "She will be okay, I cannot promise or guarantee but I know in my heart you will not lose your sister. Before you go I will make certain your ship is well stocked with healing supplies."

"I am sure she will be find," Eoin replies with a smile, "they suspect twins you know." It does rather seem to run in the family doens't it. "She won't say what she is thinking of for names, although I did point out to her that should one at least be male then Eoin is a good, strong name." He grins a little for a momet, then adds more seriously, "I suspect Eldan might be a strong contender though."

"I miss him he was a good friend and one of the few I could not offend." She smiles sadly when she says this. "He had a strong mind though his body was weak. He was a good man and I will remember him until the day I die." Lifting her glass up she gives a salute with it before she polishes it off. "May you find peace and your wife my friend." She looks to her cousin and she nods. "she is twice blessed. I think that is because of the soil we hail from or at least in her case."

"I miss him he was a good friend and one of the few I could not offend." She smiles sadly when she says this. "He had a strong mind though his body was weak. He was a good man and I will remember him until the day I die." Lifting her glass up she gives a salute with it before she polishes it off. "May you find peace and your wife my friend." She looks to her cousin and she nods. "she is twice blessed. I think that is because of the soil we hail from or at least in her case."

Eoin raises his glass too, although he can not claim to have known the baron particularly well. Draining the rest of his glass he sets it aside and turns back to his cousin, "We shall find out soon enough I suspect. For now though, I fear I must leave you once more, for there is ever more work to be done." Standing once more he offers another faint smile, "it has been a pleasure as always, and I hope to you at least once more before I sail again."

Wenna reaches for her crutches and uses them to help her rise from where she was seated. She then manages to offer him a curtsy. "Lord Admiral may the gods look favorably upon you and may the wind be kind to you and your ships." She offers to him. "We will see what will happen, between now and then. May the rest of your day be grand." She rises from the curtsy and goes to settle herself back down on the bench.

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