Edward Speelers
Edward Speelers as Cassius Lysander Aberdeen
Full Name: Cassius Lysander Aberdeen
Age: 17
Kingdom: Tanara
House: Aberdeen
Position: Youngest Prince of Tanara
Place of Birth: Fairisle
Father: Isaac Aberdeen
Mother: Annalysse Aberdeen
Siblings: Conall, Ciarrah, and others
Spouse: None yet…
Children: None


The last child to King Isaac Aberdeen. There are several rumors around his good looks as well as his less than stellar personality.

Character Features

There he goes the Prince reject
Oh he looks fine but he's sure not perfect
Never be fooled by a pretty face
It will surely end in your disgrace
With hair of perfect gold and a poison smile
He invites you to stay and talk with him a while
Run away while you can or you will always regret
The time you spent with the Prince reject

The Prince Reject by me

On the Grid

Known Associates

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