Inouv 24, 228: Can You Eat Snow

Can You Eat Snow
Summary: A random winter day in the tavern. Kyra makes a concoction with snow before masses arrive.
OOC Date: 13/December/2013 (OOC)
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Bards Tale Tavern
The Bard's Tale Tavern is where the locals come to drink, game, talk, and generally relax. The atmosphere in the main room is crowded, smoke-filled and noisy. In the southeast corner, to the right of the main door as you enter, is a large stone fireplace; on the other side of the door, a window shows the flickering torchlight from the village street. The furniture is coarse, yet comfortable; mostly plain wood, but a few of the chairs have upholstered seats. Hardly any of it has escaped the years unscathed, though; nearly every table, chair and barstool carries nicks, dents and stains, whether from bar fights or simply clumsy customers. The wooden floorboards are regularly swept clean.
At the far end of the room is a long bar, and on the wall over it a large, hand painted sign. Behind the bar you can see a door leading to the tavern kitchen. A staircase along the west wall leads up to guest quarters where weary travellers can rest and relax.
Inouv 24, 228

Dandy hides in the Bards for the day to keep warm and fill his belly, as last nights work drained the man. Currently Dandy has a large bowl of stew at his table, with a fresh bread, and butter along with a large tankard of hot apple cider. His feet are proped up on a nearby chair as he relaxs and enjoys his lunch while its snowing and freezing outside.

There's snow again, plenty of clean snow and at the moment, Kyra is standing at the end of the bar with a large bowl of the stuff. She seems to be adding different ingredients to it and she's got an audience in doing so. Taking a break in the stirring, she reaches for a mug of ale and takes a drink, a long and fortifying drink. "I swear you're gonna like it, Trudy, just wait." Stir. Stir. Stir.

Wandering into the tavern Kieryn makes his way to a table after he glances around for a few moments, he nods to the others that occupy the place at the moment. He then takes a seat "Good evening."

Dandy look over to the woman cooking and then Kieryn as he enters and returns any nods given his way. Dandy shovels a large spoonful of stew into his mouth, which is quickly followed up by some hot bread and melted butter, only to be washed down with some hot apple cider.

Kyra is definitely not a cook. By any stretch of the imagination. At least not right this minute. She adds some sugar and milk, stirring it till it no longer looks like snow, but a thick, cold mass, sort of like modern day ice cream. "Alright!" She announces finally. "It's done, so who wants some, come on up." She walks over and collects some wooden bowls and spoons and begins dishing out the flavored sweet. Trudy gets the first bowl and she savors the flavor as she moves down to the other end of the bar so that others can get to Kyra and her offering. "Don't be shy."

Kieryn raises an eyebrow and shrugs, he stands and heads over towards where Kyra is, curious as to what this treat might be, "What is it?" he raises an eyebrow to kyra and grins some. "It looks like it might be a bit interesting."

Dandy glances over at kyra and grins "save me a bowl of that will ya, love. Got me hands full at the moment. " as he spoons another bit of stew into his mouth. Dandy is far from lazy but he is quite content in his currnent situation and feels there is no need to move right now if he doesn't have to.
Dandy glances from red hair'd beauty to the captain and then shovels another spoonful of the yummy stew into his mouth, followed by bread and butter and eventually chased down with more cider.

"Ah.." Improvisation. "It's Snow Cream." After all, it's got cream in it, right? Milk. And Snow. She dishes up a bowl of it and gives a crooked grin as she offers it to him. "Here you go, take a load off." Motioning to the nearby stool. "Let me know what you think." Hearing the other man from across, she crooks her finger to Trudy who comes and collects a bowl and delivers it to Dandy, dropping it on the table in front of him before retaking her seat.

Kieryn nods and takes a seat on the indicated stool and grins, then peers down into the bowl, "Snow cream? Is snow safe to eat? I suppose it is as long as it is not dirty." he chuckles and takes another glance around the tavern and nods towards Dandy, "He looks like he's starving doesn't he? Poor fellow." he then turns back to his snow cream and tries a bite with a spoon and ponders, "Hmm, it is rather interesting."

Dandy glances up as trudy drops the bowl onto his table. "Thanks love, your peaches!" as he adds just a touch of sarcasm there for how it was delivered and draws it a bit closer to sample the treat. Once so sampled he slides it back just enough to keep it within reach as he works on finishing off the stew, as he recalls always being told to finish dinner before desert.

Harmon makes his way in to the Tavern with his brother in tow, laughing and passing a pipe back and forth. The young Count does seem a little out of place, clothes a bit too nice but he doesn't seem to notice or much care about appearances or company as he tosses a few coins on to the bar, "Some mead for me and my Brother." he says grinning as he plops down on one of the stools and looks back to Trevian, "That sounds like a good idea — I haven't been on an Elk hunt in ages." he says nodding his head, finally pausing to cast a look over to Tavern itself and the occupants.

With the consistency of ice cream, it's definitely cold and sweet. Still serving out bowls of the stuff, she looks at Kieryn with an arched brow. "Of course it's safe to eat. Tastes good too, even if I say so myself." Kyra is standing at the end of the bar handing out bowls of a concoction she had just made out of snow, milk, sugar, some syrup. Kieryn is nearby on a stool and Dandy is at a table. Everyone has bowls of the stuff.

Adlivun enters the establishment he now calls home/work, pulling down his hood and lowering his cloth facemask. He has his yew bow slung over his back, and several knives at his belt. He casts a glance over the patrons, then simply puts on a smile and heads to a table near the patrons, though he says nothing to them. His leathers and cloak look similar to that of a ranger, but… not quite. Close, but not quite.

Kieryn chuckles and nods as he eats somemore of it. "I didn't mean to offend, just well snow is dirty sometimes isn't it?" he grin to Kyra, "But I will admit, this is pretty darn good. never had anything like it before I don't think."

The pipe still passed between the two, Trevian just laughs and nods. "Looked to be a good large one, too. A proper meal for a homecoming. Though, we'll share the hunter's cut ourselves on the open fire." the younger Forrester states with a grin. Nothing like a good Elk's liver to put a fire in the belly and give the energy needed to drag a carcass back to a castle. As for clothing, Trevian is dressed in what appears to be the 'uniform' of a ranger. Although clearly fine tailored most of his clothing is made from animal skin, doe and goat- his boots are soft, leaving him walking with almost no sound as he goes across the floor. Glides like a ghost near his elder sibling. "It sounds as if you had quite the adventure, brother. Glad am I to have you back among Kin where you belong!"

Dandy continues to sit at the table, feet proped up as he downs the stew as fasts as he can swollow the hot meal, just so that he can get to the sweet desert recently brought to him. Alternating between spoonful of stew and bread-n-butter , and always washing it down with cider.

Harmon gets his mead and eyes the iced creamy type stuff and grabs a bowl of it as well and ventures a taste, "Mmm… not bad." he murmers to himself before looking between the bowl and his mead then back…. Wheels turning as he pours the liquid into the cream and stirs it in good. A lift of the bowl and a loud slurping sound before the bowl and sat back down on the bar, "Oh man, now that's good." he says simply with a nod before glancing back over to his brother with a nod, "Surprised Nim wasn't with you at the Castle. Weren't you two all but inseperable for a while?" he asks curiously.

"Oh you didn't offend me," Kyra reassures almost flippantly while serving up the last few bowls and leaving them there on the bar for anyone who wants them. Collecting the larger bowl and spoon she used to make it, she tucks it against her side and moves towards the kitchen, green eyes flickering over Harmon. "Yeah? Glad you like it." Once she imparted the words, she heads into the kitchen to rid herself of the mess and clean it up.

"Well, I've only recently finished my apprenticeship. There was time when I could not be attached to my twin at the hip. We are still very close, brother- how else could it be. We shared the pain of birth together." Trevian loves his sister Nimue (Or, Nimsy, as she gets teased by him.) quite a bit. "I think she's lonely. "Praise to the Gods she was uninjured in her recent misadventure. She is healing well. The scars are not physical, at least." he says, with a nod of his head. He leans back to relax, still smoking- with the addition of Mead its made all the better. "She's in the Suites, though. Keeping to herself. I've got a guard with her when its not me."

Kieryn chuckles at Kyra's words and he nods some, and then watches her head into the kitchen and grins. He finishes the treat in his bowl. "Well as long as it didn't offend you that is good." he winks, "I'm Kieryn, pleased to meet you. Captain of the Rosey Dawn, from Wsston."

Adlivun is still for a moment, then actually decides to change seats, moving to sit at the bar, where he orders a tankard of cider. Instead of coin, though, he places a large bag onto the bar. "Madam Raines' supply of cooking herbs." The barman just nods and takes the bag, leaving a tankard full of cider for the man to enjoy.

"She'll be fine, she's tougher than she looks." says Harmon to Trevian with a simple nod before taking another long draw from the Mead infused ice-cream then the pipe to wash it down, "So what has been going on in my absence? Anything I should know about that you can think of off-hand before I get bombarded with information at court?" he asks curiously now

"Kidnappings are on the rise. Lady Wenna and Lord Caedmon have been found to be missing." Trevian states- his voice falling low. "The Queen recently had her child so there is a new princess in court, and the King has returned from a long trip. There seem to be foreign royals at court. I met one from the Islands just yesterday, a Princess." Trevian offers next, as he empties the now burnt out pipe to add more of the Sky Herb to it and light it with a taper from the nearby fire. "A recent group has arrived from Laniveer, including a Princess among them. What this says, is an unknown."

Dandy shoves his now empty bowl of stew aside as he draw's his bow of sweetness to him and starts to eat it. Savoring the cool creamy texture and sweet necture it provides a warm smile on his face as he enjoys the delicious treat.

Kieryn glances around for a few moments at the various people gathered in the tavern and then he watches Dandy for a few moments, before turning back around and looking at the kitchen door where Kyra vanished into a bit ago. "I wonder if she works here." he mumbles to himself and chuckles.

Only when she's in town. Coming back from the kitchen, Kyra's wiping her hands on a towel she throws over her shoulder when her hands are dry. Getting herself another ale, she moves back to her stool where she'd been serving the sweet flavored snow, picking up on what she'd been speaking of when she'd left. "I get the fresh snow, untouched stuff. How did you like it?"

Adlivun glances at Trevian and Harmon, but doesn't say anything to them or move any closer. Instead, he just returns his gaze to his drink. However, when the girl comes out of the kitchen, he raises an eyebrow at her. He then turns in his seat to face her. "Excuse me, miss? Haven't seen you around before. Might be because I'm new to this tavern's little group of workers. Do you work here, too?"

"More princesses and arriving nobles. Joy." says Harmon with a grin before ordering some fresh Mead and paying for it, "Shouldn't be too hard to marry you off to one of them, maybe." he adds with a sly grin and tease at his brother before taking up the fresh mead for a drink and quick look around, "Glad this place hasn't changed much — but then again I guess places like this rarely do."

"I'm not sure what change you'd expect over two seasons time." Trevian says with a shake of his head and a grin as Harmon pokes more. "I'd think twice on that, Brother. Each of these so called royals lay claim to land our King lays claim to. It be in bad taste to marry a brother or sister off to one who claims our King is a false once." Trevian, the sometimes surprisingly tactical minded. "I would, were I you, look instead to another Major House. One with trade products we need in Sky Forest. Someone with plentiful farmlands, for instance. We could always use more produce.. and I'm sure such a place could use more wood." he notes, a little helpful bit of advice for his brother, the Reluctant Count. He raises his hand when the mead comes close- another for himself, clearly. "And a proper joint of mutton for my brother and I. Perhaps some stew to chase this damned chill away." he nods and pays himself. Passing the pipe back towards his brother with that relaxing Sky Herb.

"Only when I feel like it," Kyra offers with a crooked grin to Adlivun that quickly fades at the words of Harmon. A scowl replaces it, looking between the men in the discussion together. "Nobility," she mutters almost contemptuously. "Places like this?" Tilting her head to the side, she seems to be a little abrasive about the whole matter. "I haven't been here in almost a full year and still the topic for discussion is the same. Marriages, alliances. Are nobles truly so bored with their lives they must incessantly plan marriages instead of living in the moment?"

Dandy spots the captain glanceing his way again and grins. Raising his cider in a toast as he continues to gobble down the sweet treat of his, casting a glance over at kyra and the others. Wonder what all will happen on a night like this.?

Adlivun chuckles and takes his tankard from the bar, moving to take a seat nearer to Kyra. "It's not like they really have too much choice. They must think of these things if they wish to remain in power. It's almost as if we commoners are the ones who are truly free." He smiles and bows to her. "Adlivun Soven. At your service." he then does, indeed, take his seat, smiling to Kyra.

Kieryn nods to Kyra and smiles some, "It was very good. I do not think I have had anything like it before." he chuckles a little, "Do you make other kinds of this treat?" he raises an eyebrow at her, "I will have to take some to my neice sometime, she is young, almost five years old. I think that she would like it as well." of course Elly would like it, she likes anything like that.

Rianne wanders into the Bar, looking around and finding no one she knows. She heads up to the bar and pulls herself into a seat, waiting for someone to come and take her order. She doesn't look like someone who would be in this kind of place, but she doesn't seem concerned at all about her safety.

Freezing and flurrying - brrr. Right behind Rianne about two minutes after comes in a Ranger, cheeks bright red and wind blown, Victoria's body given a wiggling shake once she pops in through the door, stomping her boots as she woops, "Bloody blasted cold out there right now, you all feel that wind?!" Said through a scarf which gets pulled down, her hood pushed back, long locks unleashed in a flurry of frizzy raven curls, mouth parting as she sucks in a deep breath of warm air, her shoulders slumping down with delight. Oh, the warmth. First place she'll go is to the bar, the maids and barman busy within this crowd, Eloise no doubt off doing business elsewhere or soundly taking off the night.
"Hot mulled wine, please." Asked as she pauses to take a moment to look out to the bar, recognizing quite a few people. But booze. Untucking a copper from within a coat beneath her cloak she'll hand it over, getting her mug, a deep drink taken, heat searing her throat. So. Good.

"Kyra Kane. Please.." Shaking her head. "Please, by all that is Godly or whatever, don't bow to me, I'm not one of them." Offering a nod in return, she tries out his name. "Adlivun. Nice to meet you." Green eyes glance back to the other. "I've never tried any other kinds, but I can tell ya how to make it and you can make her some." As the others join at the bar, she nods. "Hello." Lifting her own ale, she takes another long drink.

Adlivun nods to Kyra, smiling. "Fair enough, Miss Kane." He looks to the newcomers, not knowing the first, but smiling at the second. "Evening, Scount Victoria."

Kieryn nods to Kyra and smiles, "I think that would be good, to learn to make it myself for her. I think she would like that, but then again, never know what young girls will and will not like." he chuckles, "I suppose as long as it doesn't have anything like vegetables in it she will want to eat it." he snickers, "They can be so finicky at that age."

Harmon takes a drink of his mead and looks over as Victoria makes her way in, "What a surprise finding you here." he teases at her, taking the pipe from his brother and puffing some Sky Herb before handing it back and nodding to him, "I know, it is all business for us. Don't worry, I'm not seriously looking to pawn you and your sister off on whomever for whatever." he says with a grin. Rianne does get his attention a bit as she sits down and appears to be waiting. He moves a little closer and clears his throat, "Normally you just have to speak up over the ruckus to get some service." he say sto her politely with a smile.

Rianne goes to order and gets questioned on her ability to pay. She dumps coin on the bar far in excess of what she needs to pay for the hot cider and stew she ordered but barkeep taking her order takes all the coin anyway and she doesn't object. She merely gives him a blinding smile, "THank you." She goes back to waiting for her food and drink, plucking at the hem of her skirt as she does.

"Adlivun." Victoria greets over the rim of her mug, smirking a bit as he head tilts to spot Harmon, "Harmon, how bizarre to see /you/ here, so unlike you." Her mug will shift from side to side slightly in front of her chest, amusement rife on her features as she raises her mug up, "Hello everyone!" Sending a greeting to all, since this is a nice place, right? Its the Tavern, they don't kick out the drunks here, they merely check their pockets to ensure they can keep going.
The Ranger will move to settle near Harmon and Trevian, pressing in against one of them to sidle in against the bar, "Oy - a ..bit of the meat and veg or whatever you have, yes?" To a barmaid, the woman leaning in on the bar with an elbow, nursing her wine now.

Still sipping Mead, Trevian nod as the food comes- a good leg of mutton for himself and Harmon both. With his knife he cuts of a slice of meat and enjoys while the stew is dropped between them- bread, as well. "Scout." he offers to Victoria with a nod of hi head. "Good to see you."

Venan is yawning as he walks in the door, "He looks about at the crowd. Eh? Busy night." He steps just inside and shuts the door fussing with his pipe as he looks about to see what all is going on.

Venan laughs at his self naration, "Best not be part of the story, ends poorly for the narator."

"Kyra is fine. Easier that way, Adlivun." Leaning her forearms on the bar, she looks towards the door, then Kieryn. "I don't have experience with kids, girls or otherwise. But she sounds.. demanding." Flicking her red hair back over her shoulder with a marginal toss of her head, she watches the rest of the Tavern occupants with a carefully neutral expression. "So," she asks the man speaking about his niece. "Got a name?"

Coming in behind Venan, or at least he was about to when the door is shut on the big man, he bonks his nose on the door. "Ow!" comes a bellow from outside. "Why door hurt Brumby nose? Stoopid door!" he stands there and glares at the door and then opens it up, and tries to enter as he rubs his smashed nose. This of course makes him forget that he has to duck when he enters a building and his head smashes against the top of the doorframe, "ow! stoopid stoopid door! Yoo just no like Brumby do yoo!" he glares at the door again and thinks about kicking it, but that wont do much good. He finally ducks and comes in and slams the door behind him.

Adlivun nods to Kyra. "Very well, Kyra." He then looks to the ruckus being brought in… well, being slammed into the door a few times, then brought in. He raises his arms in greeting. "Brumby! Good to see you!"

Venan yipes, "Oi, the building is coming inside with me. Oh, well, perhaps not, hello there big fella, sorry about the door, been trying to teach it manners but no luck to be had."

Kieryn nods to Kyra and smiles, "Well, i think all little kids are demanding in one way or another, but.." he shrugs some, "Ah, my name? I am Kieryn, Captain of the cargo vessel that Rosey Dawn. Pleased to meet you. I've been busy down at the docks all day checking things out ont he ship and all of that, trying to decide if I want to make some deliveries out in this weather." he sighs some, "not the smartest thing to do I know."

"A great deal better to see your brother finally, no doubt." Victoria will state with a slight pull of her lips downwards in a frown, eyeing Harmon from her vantage point, concern there in her gaze, "You should put a lead on him to ensure he doesn't get away again." Said to Trevian, glance canted his way, mug set down atop the bar, her own food coming 'round, and look, it's much the same as what the two gents are eating, only she's paying for hers. Reaching down to her belt for a knife she'll bring it up to begin carving at the mutton leg, completely delighted — Until Brumby comes in. The woman will pause in her cutting and pressing meat into her mouth, brow drawn down as she looks over to the giant that comes in and beats on the door. Still chewing her food, a brow raising as she leans a little forwards to see Adlivun greeting the fellow, her bottom lip puckering out as she huhs - well. He must be fine. And there's Venan, "Ven!" The woman will greet with a smile of sorts, leaning back into the bar to continue eating her food. Long day. Cold day. She needs booze and hot food.

Kyra flinches at the slamming of the door, lifting her chin to look over in that direction, both brows raised. It's then that she notices Venan, just before the hulk behind him. "New bodyguard, Ven?" Not waiting for an answer, her attention drifts back to the two nearest her, namely Kieryn and Adlivun, though the former most as he replies to her question. Lips hitch up into a half smile. "I guess if you tried, you could be Captain of the former vessel known as the Rosey Dawn." She talks with almost a drawl, in no hurry to get the words out. "What's she look like?"

Dandy finish's his desert in silence as slides the bowl across with little to no noise, not that it'd be heard anyway with so many here. Soon his feet touch the floor, light as a feather as he collects his robes around him and draws up his hood. It looks as if Dandy is on his way out.

Rianne turns at that bellow and her smile grows brighter, "Brumby! I told you, you need to duck to get in the door. It's not the door's fault it was made too small for you." Rianne never has a problem getting through doorways because she's little. Her feet even kick back and forth on the bar stool as she waves Brumby over, "Member Brumby you gotta stand most places… the chairs don't work right neither."

Venan looks back to Brumby, "Mmmm? Oh, I don't know, I could pay him but what would I feed him?". He chuckles as he moves in towards the bar, "Yer lookin fair fine, Mistress Kyra.". He finds a spot and orders a beer, "Oh, and keep it clear of the huntress down the way, she delights in spoiling good drink."

Brumby grins when he sees Adlivun and he waves in response to him, "Hi!" he bellows across the tavern to the man, still rubbing his head. He looks to Venan, "it 'kay, Brumby jest forget to duck when him come in building, but him smash nose first." he sighs and then he sees Rianne and beams even brighter, "Brumby know dat Rianne.. Him smash nose tho, so him forget duck before coem in." he sighs., "I know me got stand, or me have sit on floor." he nods.

There is a look that presses its way onto Victoria's face at the very distinct lack of greeting from Venan, and then the words to Kyra. It's a decidedly stung look and the woman will bite down on the edge of her tongue, cheeks rising in color from something other than the cold though she'll turn her attention onto her food solely, slicing and dicing the leg up and finger pressing food to her lips. A forced smile then, bits of veg plucked up and popped into her mouth, before she snags her plate and bowl, setting bowl atop plate, and her mug, hugging all to her chest to move off to a table, plopping her items down as she straddles a chair, sitting with its back against the table as it was left, leaving the bar and those at it to finish her food. A spoon from within her cloak is produced and she sets to eating, snagging a barmaid to bring her bread for her stew.

Adlivun smiles to Brumby, then gets up from his seat. "Excuse me, Kyra." he then heads over to speak with Brumby. "Hey, Brumby. How have you been? You look like you hit your nose pretty hard on the door. Mind if I take a look, see if it's okay?" He turns to Rianne, nodding to her. "Hullo, Miss."

Dandy isn't one to begrudge a person for sharing his table, as he watches the woman approach and flop down into one of the chairs, he spots the veggies on her plat and decides to grace her lap with is as he flops down onto her lap and snags a tomatoe. "Why thank you for the veggy, love I knew I was forgetting something. " as he gives the lovely woman his most charming smile.

Kieryn nods to Kyra and smiles some, "What does the ship look like? Well, I don't suppose she looks too different from half a dozen other ships down at the dock. She's got three msts, probably a crew of around fifty or so, space to haul some cargo, as that's mostly what I do. I ship cargo back and forth across the seas. Hmmm, she's got places for oarsmen when the wind just wont blow." he grins, "She's a grand ship really. I wouldn't want to be on anything else and you are right, most would expect me to be a former captain if I took ehr out in this time of eyar."

Rianne smiles at Brumby, "You gotta be more careful and member most stuff is lower than you." She waves to Adlivun, "Hello. Thank you for offering to help Brumby. I can't always help even when he sits down." Well the man is almost 3 feet taller than her. "I'd get you somethin to eat Brumby but I spent all I got for the stew and the cider. You gots coin for you?"

Meat taken in, along with Stew- Trevian eats deeply of this more common fare. It still seems a touch fancy to Trevian. He's used to eating in the Bush. He prefers it that way. The taste of the liver cooked on a quick fire after a hunt. Sleeping with the sound of nature around him. The city does not agree with Trevian. "I will see you back at our Suite in the Castle, Brother. I've had an office appointed for business of the House. I'm sure you'll make yourself right at home."

"Oh I don't allow anyone to spoil my drink and I don't intend on staying long anyway." Tipping her head back, Kyra takes another fortifying drink from her mug of ale, finishing it off and licking the droplets from her lower lip. "It's… Kyra. I don't do any sort of titles, Venan," she tells him flippantly. Giving Adlivun a salute, she watches him go, tilting her head to the side until he gets to the giant, her attention captured again by the Captain. "She sounds gorgeous. If she's so seaworthy, maybe you could chance taking her out. Never know unless you try." There's a hint of a challenge in her green eyes. "You up for it?"

Harmon nudges Victoria, "Never seen that look on your face before. What's wrong?" he asks, slicing off some of the mutton and putting it in his stew and then eating on a bit before nodding to Trevian, "I'll find my way back, if not Victoria might hurt me." he says with a grin

Victoria's hands snag back and lift, an eyebrow raising as a man suddenly plops himself into her lap, a dark look creasing those stung features of hers as she sets her jaw and looks up to that most charming smile of his, her amber gaze flaring up with a sudden fire. There is no smile for Dandy, not even a quiver of the lip, "You've a moments worth of time to draw yourself out of my lap or I'm going to claim one of of your ears with my knife and toss it to the dogs." Said with a soft hiss for the man, her hand curling about her knife, and around that spoon she has in hand as well. But instead of waiting, given the man is bracing to not put his full weight on anyhow, she'll suddenly stand up with a hard snap of her knees back to let Dandy fall where he may, the food abandoned at the table as she looks to Harmon, "Idiot men." That's his answer. As she tucks spoon and knife back where they belong.

<FS3> Dandy rolls Reaction: Success.

Brumby nods to the hunter and he finds a place a little out of everyone's way and sits down on the floor so his nose can be looked at. of course, he drags Rianne with him and then introduces her to the hunter, "Oh, this Rianne, she Brumby best friend in whole world.. She look after him sumtime when him need looking after." he beams at Rianne, "rumby know him be more careful, him promises 'kay?"

Venan counts out a few copper and sets them down in exchange for his beer, while the brew is being fetched he sets about repacking his pipe and surveying the crowd again. He pauses in packing to push up the brim of his hat as he considers Rianne. His fingers slide under the hat and with a slight jingle he pulls loose two or three strings of chain that fall down over his eye hanging down his face nearly to the corner of his mouth. The copper links have are hung with beads carved with strange glyphs on them. He closes his left eye while looking at her through the thin veil of metal. After a few moments he shifts his grip on his pipe, lifts his hat, runs his hand through his hair pushing the chain back, and resettles the hat tugging the brim down snuggly. He turns back to Kyra when she mentions his name, "What's that? Titles?" His eyes flicker as he chases the conversation he missed around the room hoping for an echo, "Don't know what the women of this city have against a polite fellow but I mangle manners from traveling too much anyway, so if you should like to be Kyra, then you shall be." He looks over Dandy takes a perch and then is denied it. "Course, seems all men ain't so polite as I'd expect so maybe just strikes you lot as a curious thing."

Adlivun nods to Rianne. "I understand. I'm happy to help Brumby." He then smiles up to the larger man. "I'm even gonna teach him to use a bow and arrow. Ain't that right?" At the mention of coin, he takes his coin pouch from his belt and takes a few stars from it, placing them onto the bar. "That should cover it all." he then smiles to Rianne. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Rianne."

Dandy was execpting something and as Victoria stands he doesn't just call but like a cat he falls and rolls and ends up on his feet. "ahh come now, figgured it only right yes, We pull you charming ladies into our laps, tis only fair that I grace yours with mine. " as he winks to Victoria and steals another veggie. "though it seems to have gotten as chilly in here as it is out there. " he gives Victoria a graceful bow, while providing her with a teasing wink as he now starts to head for the exit. He does look at bruby and smiles at the large man. "greetings tall one, how fair thee this day. " as he asks with good cheer.

Venan leans out towards Dandy as he pass, "Oi, mate, you'll want to be a bit careful. That girl you just cuddled up to is the married sort, and I hear she's quite wickedly jealous."

Kieryn grins at Kyra and the challenge in her voice, "Hmmm, well I am always up to a good challenge you know. I have taken her out in at this time of year before and I have done pretty well with her too. Would you like to go have a look at her someday?" he raises an eyebrow at Kyra with a bit of a grin.

Brumby nods to the hunter and beams as he looks to Rianne, "yeah, him guna teech Brumby how use bow.. Brumby no sure where him get big bow for Brumby, but him happy." he nods to dandy too, he remembers the little man, "Hi." he tells Dandy as well. Well, he gets some attention it seems and at least this time its not people running from the sight of him.

Eyes flicker over Venan, followed by Dandy and Victoria before landing squarely back on Kieryn. "No time like the present." Leaving the mug on the bar and the exact amount owed plus a tip, Kyra rises to her feet. "Hope you all enjoyed the treat." Walking over, she reaches for her coat. "Let's get out of here, Yeah?"

Rianne grins at Brumby and Adlivun, "Cool. I don't think I know how to use a bow. I don't member well." She munches on her stew and sips at her cider while Adlivun tends to Brumby, "I'm glad you are nice to Brumby sir. Some people can be mean." Most things go right over both of their heads, but Rianne can usually recognize mean when it is not directed at her.

A rude gesture later, one for Dandy, and one for Venan, and Victoria is returning to the bar to lean in to Harmon, "If you need escort now, I'm game to bring you back to the castle before I disappear for the evening."

Kieryn nods to Kyra and he grins, he leaves a few coins for a tip to the waitresses on the bar and he slides off his stool and then follows after the woman. "Alright, let's go see her." he chuckles some.

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