King Callem Kilgour
Karl Urban
Karl Urban as King Callem Cynfad Kilgour (now deceased)
Full Name: King Callem Cynfad Kilgour (now deceased)
Age: 46 (April 17)
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: House Kilgour
Position: Late King of Mobrin
Place of Birth: Darfield Castle
Father: King Cynfad Kilgour
Mother: Queen Kilgour of Greenshire
Siblings: Several
Spouse: Queen Laetitia Kilgour (deceased)
Children: Tyrel, Logen, Caillin, Roslin, Mikhal


Late King of Mobrin

The eagle of House Kilgour waved high the day Callem, son of Cynfad, was born. The Crown Prince of a proud Kingdom, raised to rule, fight, and prevail from his early youth. Raised to stand, defend, and conquer.

Like many heroes of the past, his name was chanted in the battlefields and the drums of war echoed the lutes and harps of the bards who sung and praised his deeds. His sword danced under the sun, and its steel took the last breath of uncounted enemies who dared to cross his path. His heart was strong, brave, and fair. And, as it cannot be otherwise, and as the time passed, the grey of the memories has tinted his stories. Callem, the knight of legends and songs, has the sadness of the Kilgours of the past. Heroes who lived long enough to rule from a throne and whisper to no other than themselves the words of faded years and ancient battles. Callem, King of Mobrin, whispers a war cry and a prayer. His sword rests by his side as a faithful companion. A friend. For when the time comes, they will stand together to bring fire, doom, and freedom in the name of his House. Once more. One more time.

He fell to assassins who invaded Darfield castle by the assistance of his own Castellan, the Lady Naiya Ruxton in the month of Sess, early in the year of 229. He is succeeded to the throne by his eldest son, Sir Tyrel Kilgour.

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