32nd of Sheat, 229 2E : Cake, Tarts or Both?

Cake, Tarts or Both?
Summary: Nylie catches Kierne as he reaches the end of his night of fasting, and rather interest conversation ensues
OOC Date: 19/June/2014 (OOC)
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Temple of The Light - City of Stormvale
The temple surrounding you shows brightly it's demeanor; painted primarily in bright whites, light blues and yellows, with superimposed clouds and a chandelier reminiscent of the sun itself, this is a glorious show of the morning in its full bursting splendor. Fading red around the west edge, the hilltops are painted rather ingeniously around the entire scene.

Three archways lead off; one of them the double-door that leads to the street. All around the large chamber are places of worship and offering for the Eight. Each God or Goddess has an alcove with a finely wrought statue and a carved altar. Upon the altars one may set up candles and the leaving of offerings. Places are arranged before each for kneeling and the center of the chamber has pews for listening to sermons.

Alcoves line the right and left walls of the large room. Each of these confessionals can be closed off with a heavy white curtain bearing the symbol of the Eight in large gold embroidery.

It is day 32 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

It's been quite a night, all things considered. Since Kierne had already fasted all day, the night's fast was a little rough on him, but he's had plenty to distract himself. The memorization and repetition of a Knight's prayers to Sess, the cleansing, both physical and spiritual, by ablution and confession, the latter of which he's kept rather on the tame side in the absense of the priest to whom Kierne usually confesses. The hunger is a great sting at his middle, and he's weakened by it and strengthened all at once, that he can go without so that others may thrive, that he can feel what the people feel, the great hopeless masses of Lakeshire set into exile from their homes by the ravages of war, with nothing. Nothing. Not even food to feed their children on the road. By the time Great Sheat is rising he's deep in the thrall of such piteous cogitations, dressed in a simple white robe to indicate the state of his purity on leaving the temple, cast out onto the stairs to face the world in the light of a new day. Disoriented and weakened, he stumbles, then catches himself on a column, teary-eyed.

It is a difficult thing for the Duchess of Lakeshire to go anywhere and not be noted in some way for the number of guards and Knights that accompany her, though at least on this particular outting Nylie has been able to for go the Ladies in Waiting and /their/ guards. Some days she does wonder just why she actually agreed to become a Duchess rather then keep to her simple life, well simple for a noble. Oh. Right. Aidan. The 'small' party was making its way to the Temple this morning, appearances needing to be kept and some show made of worship to the Eight. Even if hungry, food did not much appeal to the Duchess these days, much in the same way tea did not appeal to Kierne. Perhaps being pregnant did not quite agree with her. Though as Nylie starts up the stairs and catches sight of Kierne stumbling and catching on the column she takes a few quick steps,"Kierne, by the Light, are you alright?"

Kierne gets his feet underneath him again and levers himself up into position with his arms gently easing himself back from the column. The appearance of his Auntie and all her millions of cohorts draws a sleepy smile from him, his eyes a little bit glassed over. "I'll be alright, Auntie N," he pledges to her with a tone of somber oathswearing which has been more or less drilled into his voice, by this point. "I'll be alright. Will you be alright?" he steps down the stairs toward the group, offering Nylie an arm to ascend the steps into the temple. Although at this point he might lean more on her than the other way around.

It certainly could not be said the Duke of Lakeshire was under protective of his Duchess! "If you are certain of it," Nylie giving the younger Kinciad a slight look over even as he steadies himself, perhaps recalling her own time of fasting and purification prior to her wedding. Not all went the way of drunken gatherings as Roslin had opted for. Her hand lightly settling to his offered arm, aa few of the guards continuing with them, though much of the retinue does move to remain outside. The few that 'tag along' keeping a close eye just incase the pair end up tumbling down those stairs. Nylie give a motion with her hand as she answers the question, brushing it off mostly,"If it is the will of the Gods, I will be. " Her smokey gaze turning back to her nephew,"It does seem you worried more than needed yesterday, Sir Kierne. Your path forward has opened up."

Kierne lets loose a light, airy laugh when called Sir Kierne. It's happened before, of course, with people who didn't know he was notyet knighted, but this is the first time his kneejerk reaction to correct has been stymied in place, creating that strange little sound. "Yes, it seems my uncle's wrath has missed me, landing instead on the head of my cousin. If I may still call him my cousin." For all his gait is as wobbly as a newborn colt, he takes the hand on his arm with a gesture of gentlemanly comfort, guiding his Auntie with all that's left of his strength— at her service, as a good Knight should be.

There is a quiet smile as Kierne lets loose the bit of a laugh, noting with some gentle humor,"I am sure you shall get used to the change, just as I have gotten used to me new title. But you have earned it and should find some measure of pride in the new title." There is a faint shake of her head at the mention of the cousin. "I believe you may yet call him so. But I fear he to earned what he has gotten. "

"You mean 'auntie'?" Kierne jokes, with a glimmer of his usual sense of humor, despite all and everything, or perhaps as a defense mechanism against it. Then, smile fading, he shakes his head slowly. "I guess he has. I've known for some time it's no use looking for someone I'd care to marry. Uncle Aidan and my father will pick whoever they think best, and I'll go with whatever they decide. And I'm only his nephew. How much more must that be the case if you're actually a personage of significance, like his heir?"

Nylie laughs softly at the joke,"Aye, I do." Auntie, Duchess….not quite titles earned, not in the way or effort required to be a Knight. Nylie does a touch,"It is even more so when one is heir, even Aidan had no say within his own marriage to Isys. And while my cousin decided it better to not turn me to such a fate, I knew, as a Kilgour, it was never up to me. If I was to marry or not was upt to my cousin and what and where he thought the Kingdom most needed me. And I was but a cousin." Not that any Kilgour is ever quit 'insignificant' where being used for marriage alliances is considered. "That I was allowed say when it did come time to marry is no small thing, I am grateful for it." Glancing to Kierne,"It may surprise you as well, they may find a match for you that suites you and helps you, for they will have more leaway with you then then a ducal heir. Though I should think if you found someone to be utterly dreadful, they would consider your feelings." No need to cause a scandal when things blow up afterall.

"They may," Kierne allows, "But I don't hold my breath for it. I'll manage, one way or another," he smiles easily. "After all, even dreadful Ladies must need husbands. I may as well take care of one of them, lest she fall upon someone of lesser constitution," he laughs aloud, maybe a little loopy with sleeplessness and hunger.

"Perhaps for the best, with such an expectation, you cannot be disappointed when the time does come about. " Nylie managing to know enough that man do seem to manage in such areas. And Kierne already had a girlfriend. A slight smile comes,"And aye, even us dreadful old maids do need husbands to suffer us at some point. " Inquiring as the temple is entered,"Shall you be permitted food again prior to taking your oaths?"

It is easier to throw ones marriage about willy-nilly when one has already found an enduring love— and Kierne really has no intention to leave off that relationship on the occasion of whatever marriage is arranged for him. It goes on in secret now, and can go on in secret, then, since he's now had lots of time to practice the sorts of tricks needful to discreet and secretive lovers. He wrinkles up his nose in an adorable expression. "Auntie, I would have been lucky to be matched with you. Weird as that sounds to say, now. But you know what I mean. Dreadful ladies aren't chosen for a love-match with a man like my uncle." Then, with a shake of his head. "Sundown last night to sundown tonight," he reports, grim but game. "I'm alright, I'm catching my second wind, and will be alright as long as I keep moving. If I sit down I may collapse," he confides.

Nylie gives a smile to Kierne,"Aye, I know what you mean. " And while the age difference usually goes the other way, if the politics had mattered enough…..Who knows. Politics could make for rather….interesting marriage matches to be created. There is a soft chuckle,"You never know, perhaps he prefers us dreadful types." There is a slight pause before she asks softly,"Did you know I actually avoided him in the beginning when he came to Stormvale again? If I knew he was to be some place, I did not go. If he arrived, I found reason to depart."

Nylie gives a slight glance towards the new Knight, she knew how much food he devoured in a single meal, let alone over the course of a single day. "Then perhaps you would be willing to continue to walk with me?" Aiming for a slow circuit about the temple. After all one just had to be seen going to the Temple, right?

"Well, to everyone his particular taste," Kierne grins affably enough, then leans in at Nylie's bit of gossip. "Oh, no. Did he make you angry, somehow?" he asks her, easily falling into a stroll to escort her about the perimeter of the temple. "Gladly, Auntie. I am at your service, after all," he beams boyishly.

Nylie shakes her head a touch,"He did not, I knew he was a good friend to my adored cousin. But I also know it was in the mind of Roslin to push us together, for the politics of such a match between the Houses. Knowing what Callem's stance had been for so long, I did not wish to risk the idea taking with the Duke as well. Surely if I avoided him long enough, he would find someone to fancy and be that bride he wished, would he not?" A faint smile is managed, for sadly Nylie is aware of just who he did fancy before her. Even if not all of them! "And I admit, I found some annoyance at my young cousin thinking it was her place to see me matched, especially when she knew nothing of my situation. Ironically, in the end, it was the Baroness Wenna who laid the trap that put me in his company. What I thought was to be another simple family meal with my brother and wife, was not so. An awkward affair that was. "

"Oh— you don't mean…" Kierne shakes his head, laughing once more, "I thought you meant just now, when he arrived," he explains his confusion. "So, like, before you had even really gotten to know one another. That's interesting, I always got the impression that yours was a marriage of affection. But I guess those sorts of things don't really exist, unless your name is Hadrian."

There is a blink then a laugh as well from Nylie when she realizes the misassumption at hand. "Aye, before. " There is a soft smile that comes,"Ah, but it is, Sir Kierne. For even our association began in such a way, and I yet tried to evade him even after the shared meal. Events conspired to put me again across his path, and things changed between us leading him to seek permission from Callem, a thing Callem would not grant him without my agreement. By then, I was quite agreeable to the idea. "

"Then it seems to have been more an arrangement of Fate than of mortal hands," Kierne points out, the small hairs at the back of his neck still prickling a little bit when he hears that soubriquet once more: Sir Kierne. Gods, that sounds strange. But at least he didn't giggle, that time. He only strolls with his auntie, feeling the breeze toy with the long hem of the robe he's been clad in until he becomes armored to swear his oaths. It's not a bad robe. Very airy, underneath. He's usually all trapped below layers and layers of sweaty garb.

"It has seemed that way," agrees Nylie. "But perhaps an example of what we might think will go poorly or is a rather bad idea, can turn out to be something entirely different." Continuing the slow stroll about the temple, the pace something easy enough for his wobbly coltish legs, weak with lack of food and sleep. Now he knows what it can be like to wear a dress, though there are more layers to the gowns most Ladies where. "Yesterday you spoke of having your own companions to keep and travel with once you were no longer a squire. It seems that day has come, have you given thought to actually taking to that path, or shall you take while to settle within the other Knights of Lakeshire for a time?"

Kierne likes it. The wind through his leg hairs. He may never wear trousers again. "I think that for the time being I will humbly oblige whatsoever tasks my Uncle sees fit for me to handle," he's had some time to think of it, after all. "There's a healer, who is also a priest— he has reined in my, eh, behavior on several occasions, now, and always knows how to turn me back to the useful and the good when I stray. I wish to hire him into my service, but he's away learning about distant plants somewhere and I have no idea when he'll be back. And I must talk to my father about increasing my allowance enough to let me pay wages. After a healer, perhaps some sort of servant to tend to making camp and doing the cooking. After I get everything sorted out, I had thought of returning to Crosswynds to make sure our newly claimed lands are holding there."

Yes, that will please his uncle to no end, to have a Knight who wears dresses. Nylie listens to Kierne as the pair walk in a slow circuit about the temple and the various alters. Kierne wearing a white robe, having spent the night fasting and all such things when a one is newly knighted, Nylie wearing a gown of black and silver, Kinciad colors. Of some note, alooking at her in profile does seem to allow a bit of a glimpse of the small rounding that is starting to take to her belly. "A wise choice, though if this healer is a priest, while you find his presence benefitial for reining in tendencies you seem to know there is need to have help curtailing, he may not exactly be for hire. Being a priest, not a ranger or merchant, or healer from the Guild." Noding a touch,"I imagine a page or two would be appropriately assigned to you. Plus as a Knight of Lakeshire, you would see some amount of wage added to your allowance. "

Tyrel is speaking quietly, for a king, with one of the enlightened. The pair, along with several guards of both the temple and the Rioga keep pace, "…have no need of confessio, as I seek no forgiveness. I will face the gods with the sum of my sins and the weight of my deeds at once, and should I be found wanting…" The king's voice fades as distance fades what modulation failed to.

Kierne will have to go back to trousers eventually, as the white robe, comfy as it is for letting everything air out underneath, will probably not stand up to being worn below armor. Alas. "You're right, I doubt that paying him an actual wage will be feasible. But I'll be able to at least see to his needs if he takes to travelling with me. He came along on the excursion to Crosswynds and was of great use. I doubt I'll need something as extravagant as a staff. To be honest, even presented with a page I'd probably just as well do all the work myself, as I'm used to it and know how I like things done." A pause of sudden realization even halts him in his pace for a half-beat. "I'll have to find a horse of my own, as well." Since he's been riding out of either Ronan's stables or his Uncle's up 'til now. Was that the king, back there? He does a little bit of a double-take just to check.

There is just a brief glance from Nylie towards Tyrel as his voice is caught, however briefly, in the conversation with the enlightened. But he is her cousin, she lived with him, his presence does not really cause her to pause. "I imagine some exchange would be possible like that, though he may have need to go off on further studies as he is now. It may do to lean from your time with him on how to curtails what tendencies you find you have trouble with. " Nylie gives a look towards Kierne, a faint smile,"One day, you will need to take upon a page and start to train him, just as someone once did with you. Even if not soon, it will be a task you, as a Knight, will be expected to do. Just pray you have the patience of those who taught you, or perhaps more so. Or perhaps, you just hope you don't get a page just like you were?" A mild tease in there. "I do imagine, we can see about the need of a horse."

"I get lost… in thought, Auntie," Kierne shakes his head, "And then I bury them in drink, and spend out all my money on the stuff," Kierne explains his situation. "And sometimes I don't, and all is well, but I find, once I've started to drink, it's very difficult to stop. Sometimes I'll go days without seeing anything resembling sobriety. Some days I don't recall… at all," he shrugs haplessly. "Yes, one day I'll take some kid underwing, teach himt he best way to curry a horse and polish the armor. And teach him to hold his wine like a good squire should," he laughs.

"Perhaps, Kierne, if you know this is what you do, you should a different way to bury those thoughts. One in which you do not lose yourself so utterly that whole days go missing from your memories. " Nylie gives a slight raise of her brow considering what he just said about his own tendency regarding drinking, he might not be the best one to teach anyone how to hold their wine. "Do not forget, how to make appropriate favours for a girl." Aye, she will tease him about that…..in a Temple no less.

"It's easy to say, and not so easy to do," Kierne points out. "But I've broken from the drink once. I suppose that means I have it in me to do again, if that first time hasn't sapped all of my strength against it." He breaks into a smile when teased about his favour for Treasure. "Oh, yes, that's an important skill. And how best to, ehm… keep one contentedly courted," he euphemizes, given their surroundings. "Though some, I suppose, will always be a bit useless at it. I've tried sharing my expertise with Oxley, but he'll have none of it."

"As is the case with many things in life, but of this one, hard as it may be, as you've said you've done it before. You know you have it in you to do it, it become to be what is important to you and if it matters if days become lost to you." Nylie does smile at his response to the tease. "Indeed, very important skills. " An eyebrow slowly raises a touch when Kierne speaks about Oxley, considering the subject,"And that surprised you?"

"A little bit!" Kierne's voice lifts in pitch more than in actual volume, in time with his eyebrows. Now that they're strolling through the shaded corridor 'round about the back of the temple, he'll even speak a little bit more freely. "I mean, I understood his preference," and he doesn't seem to have anything against it, from the kind of 'whatever' look that comes along with the admission. "But one can prefer cakes and still enjoy tarts, might one not?"

Nylie does blink, perhaps mildly amused perhaps at Kierne's reaction, a bit of a glance to see if that pitch change caught any attention. Not it would seem, given the shaded corridor where they stroll. "Surely one can prefer cakes and still enjoy tarts, but one might simply prefer cakes and find tarts distasteful. To such ends as forgoing dessert all together when tarts are the only option before them."

"But he's never tried tarts, is my only thing," Kierne complains. "I mean, it's frustrating, that's all. It's to the point I would bake him an entire cake my own self if he would just try a tart, for once," he rolls his eyes just a little bit even as his tomach lets loose a ferociious T-Rex roar. "Oh, gods, I need to stop talking about cake," he laughs.

"Perhaps there is something about tarts he cannot get past in order to try one? " It certainly is not a matter Nylie has discussed with him, their discussions take an entirely different path. There is a small laugh as his stomach does weigh in on the matter,"Aye, I think so, as your stomach seems to be demanding a cake of it's own. " Allowing for something of a new direction,"And what is it I am keeping you from? You seemed to be on you way out when I was arriving, I am not making you late to some required meeting with the Duke," pick one even," or some other task you are expected to see to this day?"

"I was coming out for a breath of fresh air and to admire the new light with which Sheat had blessed the day," Kierne explains. "But I had better go within again and dress myself appropriately to return to the palace for arming. Thank you for walking with me, Auntie. You're a blessing to our house."

"And thank you for accompanying me, Kierne." Nylie giving her nephew a soft smile,"I shall see you later, surely. And thank you, I find myself blessed to be of your House and to have such a home. " Letting her hand slip from his arm so he might tend to dressing and she to the appearance of prayers before seeing to the rest of her day.

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