Duchess Caitlyn Kilgour nee Crawford
Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke as Caitlyn Alysandra Kilgour nee Crawford
Full Name: Caitlyn Alysandra Kilgour nee Crawford
Age: 19
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Crawford
Position: Duchess of Darfield/Healer
Place of Birth: Trueborn Keep
Father: Duke Pallow Crawford (d.224)
Mother: Duchess Amellia Crawford (d.226)
Siblings: Duke Cedric Crawford (26)
Lord Sir Ronan Crawford (Appable char, - age 24)
Lady Fiona Crawford (Appable char, age 17)
Spouse: Prince Logen Kilgour
Children: None


Deceased, former wife of Logen

Two tears have passed and the tragedies of the past fade. At 19, Caitlyn has become a serious young woman, smart and capable, a healer for her people, a midwife bringing new life into the world, sewing the wounds of the soldiers when necessary, sitting with the ill and dying, comforting them when needed.

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