Baroness Caillin Ruxton née Kilgour
Holliday Grainger
Holliday Grainger as Baroness Caillin Ruxton née Kilgour
Full Name: Baroness Caillin Ruxton née Kilgour
Age: 17
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Baroness
Place of Birth: Darfield Castle
Father: King Callem Kilgour
Mother: Queen Laetitia Kilgour
Siblings: Three brothers and sister.
Spouse: Baron Sir Ruthgar Ruxton
Children: Brandon Vale

Baroness of Dellhaven Caillin Ruxton nee Kilgour, wife to Baron Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton, daughter of the King Callem of Mobrin.


First ray of sun gently tickled the snow and it started to melt very slowly, letting out some of the blooms to rejoice at warmth of the first day of Spring. The Earth woke up for a new life, for a new start. However, the 1st day of March was special not just because of this miracle of nature! Small and pretty flower bloomed in the royal family‘s castle too, whose cry sounded as laugh and was as warm as the Spring‘s sun.

This little flower with each day bloomed in more and more beautiful flower with a long yellow curly hair and slightly redish cheeks. People said <and still say!>, that everywhere she went, she braught joy and smiles, and in the darkest room her bright face knew how to turn the light.

Caillin was incredibly sweet child. She laughed more than she cried and she obeyed for her mother and father very easily. You just needed to give her a cookie or promise to let her sing loudly and everywhere. She was obsessed with it, however, there must be said that at the same time she had a talent for it too. For it and dancing. A soft voice, which rippled through the hallways of the castle was like a magic or honey, which easily could charm people around.

This sweet and innocent child grew up, but it happened, that she remained the same sweet and innocent child. She grew up into very caring young lady. It always was and now is even more obvious, that this young girl is philantropist. She never cared too much about herself. The apple of her eye always were these beggars, foundlings, poor villigers, dirty kids and lost animals. Everything what she wanted was – peace and love.


She has a huge heart, which is full of love. For this reason it is very easy for her to share with it. Caillin spends a lot of time together with the healers and priests or priestess. Temple is the place, where young girl finds all answers. Moreover, she is trying to get all possible knowledge of healing from these people with who she is communicating.

Moreover, villigers just adore their princess and unofficially, when they are speaking about her, it is very easy to hear „Princess of the Mob!“ They call her caring, equitable, righteous, fragile little flower and ray of sun. For this reason there is no native commoner, who would be afraid to speak with her. They bring all the problems straight to the princess, hoping to get a patronage. And she always listens for them and is not afraid to grand commoner with warm hug and warm words.

Of course, together with preists and priestess, princess Caillin works on charity. Usually on weekends, she walks out into the streets and gives pikelets for the poor children.

Also, Caillin was very curious child. For this reason, she learned how easily to trick her guards and sneak everywhere she wanted. She stared through all the keyholes and windows. She traced her father, her mother and her older brothers. However, this manner led her to forbidden places and gave her forbidden knowledge about what is happening around. Princess became ears and eyes of the castle (relations with the commoners helped for this too) and there were no secrets for her.

Even if she loved being outdoors, speaking with the commoners, helping for people and ridding or shooting with a bow, she never was angry about days, when the tutors made her read huge books in the library and taught such things as Mathatmatics, Stewardship, astronomy, history, literature and even perception – just easily to see forged documents. Seeing how strong and good relations bonded their first children, parents decided, that Caillin shouldn‘t be just a wandering Princess, who cheered everyone and calmed them down. She had to be intelligent and mannerly woman, whose ideas and words would help her brother rule and if needed he would have a useful trusted ally.

Together with a knowledge, especially of history, young girl noticed how much women can against men. From the day she became young riped woman, she started to learn the art of temptation. It was quite easy for her, when she spread such beauty and charm as lightning–bug in the darknes.


However, these knowledge led her near new ones. Caillin had to face the greedy and self-interest, lie, dishonesty. Sadly, usually she saw these things in nobles‘ hearts. Moreover, she is very afraid of each woman and is very protective about her brothers and cousins. The time showed up, that usually women are so manipulative and lustful, when they are trying to reach some goals (meeting with the common whore and her stories for the young princess about famous noble women did a huge influence and impresed young girl, though, in a bad way). From that time princess started to stand haughtily in front of other nobles, who she stoped trusting.

Also, there must be said,that her innocent and loving heart is very easily fooled. She can‘t see bad in any person. She believes, that everyone can love and love so dearly and honestly as she does. For this reason, she easily falls in love with the men and it doesn‘t matter who they are. Nobles or commoners. But her heart was hurt a few times already. Not just because of love for the man, but mentioned reasons above.

However, after her father, who she loved with all her loving heart (because young girl strongly loves all her brothers and sister, mother… she has a lot of place for love in her little heart), fall into a strange illness, she started to sing less and tried to be useful, helping her mother to worry less and following her little brother, looking after him. The youngest sister is still in the care of nanny. Though, the most of Caillin‘s attention is given for her oldest brother and friend. She admires this man and believes that he will be a good King, however, Caillin was afraid, that someday he could be charmed by another woman, who may change him in a bad way. The young girl was quite selfish and wanted to have Tyrel all for herself, because she loved being in his company. This was the reason why she was so protective about him too.

And the day, when he fall in love came. It was very hard for the Princess. She acted as she never did: locked herself in the room and did not spoke with anyone, but her cousin Caedmon and mother later. After some talk, she understood, that it is not in her power to fight against women‘s charm. So she retreated.

From now, Caillin tries to concentrate on her work with commoners, priests and priestess, and healers even more. It distracts her and helps not to think about life‘s cruelties and people, who she feels lost. The work with the commoners, time in the temple, learnings give a lot of joy for this young girl and it looks like she finds herself again, she finds the place for her heart.

Physical Features

Flaxen hair frames a face of flawless, creamy skin and cascades over this young woman's shoulders like a refreshing waterfall in summer. Her pale cheeks bear the slight tint of rosy blush beneath her high cheekbones. Beneath barely discernable eyebrows and delicate lashes, soft, light gray eyes, keen and full of curiosity, gaze at the world. Below her dainty nose, soft rose-bud lips offer a welcoming smile to those who find her favor. Yet for those who displease her, she reserves a stern, pouting frown. Her lithe limbs end in hands as delicate as rare flowers, with nimble fingers well suited to hold a quill, a fine needle, or the stem of a golden goblet. She stands with the poise of royalty on small yet sure feet that move beneath her gown with the grace of a lady who strolls by day in the gardens of her palace, and fills her nights with dancing. No worthy man should doubt that this regal creature is a true princess, ready to rule the court and wear the crown.



*Honeyed Tongue - she learned not just the right words from the common whore, but also when and how to use them. From these days people knows, that their Princess may be a true flatterer if she wants something, but usually her wishes are so genuinely childish or naive, that all this raises a warm smile in her targets face, not some kind of distrust.
*Fools Love - As it should be, young heart falls in love easily and easily learns how to hate, especially, when there is just one step between hatred and love. Caillin has exactly such heart.
*Philanthropist - Caillin is called Princess of the Mob. She cares about each poor kid, about each poor villiger. She is not afraid to hug them and she is eager to do everything to help them. She spends a lot of time in the temple and works on charity together with priestess. That is the reason, why all the commoners just adores Caillin. They know, that if they have some problems, they can address the princess without any fear.
*Gullible - when person has such a kind heart, which are beating in Caillins heart, it's very easy to believe in the darkest and most selfish stories of the people, who are hidden under the light veil of lies and always want to help them.


“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

(Robert Browning)


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“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”


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