Lord Caedmon Kilgour
Simon Woods
Simon Woods as Caedmon Kilgour
Full Name: Caedmon Kilgour
Age: 32
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kilgour
Position: Voice of the King of Mobrin, Baron of Albion
Place of Birth: Brebliannant, Sky Forrest
Father: Alain Kilgour
Mother: Fionna Kilgour (nee Forrester)
Siblings: Duval .d Older Brother
Duchess Nylie Kincaid née Kilgour
Saeth .d Young Sister
Spouse: Wenna Meredith Riverwynd (née Haravean)
Children: Gwenyth Rendann (adopted ward)


The cousin of King Callem Kilgour, and Voice of the King.

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  • June 30, 228 2E: Returns to Darfield Castle to become Chancellor to the king Callem and crown prince Tyrel
  • July 09, 228 2E: Declared Baron of Albion by decree of King Callem Kilgour of Mobrin
  • August 14, 228 2E: Declared Voice of the King by decree of King Callem Kilgour of Mobrin
  • October 5, 2013 (2 Umbra 228 2E): Marrried to Baroness Wenna Riverwynd

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