39th Nar 229: Busy Day for the Bowyer

Busy Day for the Bowyer
Summary: Nobles meet, pissing contests are had.
OOC Date: 10/Aug/2014
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Market Street - City of Stormvale
Closer to the river, a bustling circle of shops big and small, hawkers, and tradespeople has grown into a full fledged grand market. This little area has become known as the Market Place, and is where most, if not all, buying and selling in Stormvale takes place. Interesting aromas and sounds are known to come from this area, as it's also where a lot of the crafting takes place. Small stalls and carts are interspersed wherever there is room around more permanent buildings and even pavillions set up for special events. Rumour has it there is a thriving black market here, if you know who to talk to.
39th Nar 229

It's late afternoon but not yet early evening. Bakers have closed up for the day, pubs are starting to fill, but many of the market traders are still in evidence at their stalls, even with the rain. Amongst the shoppers is Eoin. Fresh back from sea only an hour or so but practically bouncing in his step as he strides towards one of the stalls known for it's archery supplies. "Two bows," he states gleefully to the propriator, "small and low poundage mind. My Niece and Nephew are already a month old and unless my sister is quick of the mark then they still don't have their first yet."

With a poppyseed roll safely wrapped and tucked under her arm, Nerissa has her cloak pulled up close around her, the dark blue of the oiled canvas swirls down around her ankles as she makes her way to that self same stall as Eoin. "Lucky neice," she comments drily, mostly to herself as she pauses to wait in line. Her blue eyes glance out from under the hood, up and down the street as she keeps an eye out while she waits.

If Eoin notes the dryness of the remark he gives no indication, an dto be honest, he largely seems to be walking on air at the moment so chances are it went right past him. "She might have a Weston name," he explains with a grin, "but she's half Greenshire. We like to start 'em young back homeand if you ask me," he doesn't pause to see if she does or not, "thats why we supply so many of the royal archers. No one else can match us."

Nerissa raises one eyebrow. "Hm, yes, because that's all they do," she surmises. "At least in Sky Forest, we can track and shoot our own dinner, and get back home without being lost." She remains still, if she's impatient while the two bows are being produced, she doesn't show it.

And here is Aldren, dressed richly in green as is often the case. Brown breeches and matching boots contrasting his shirt. There are a few rangers on his heels kee4ping an eye on things as he strides forth without a care. He is not looking for archery equipment more likely a pub but he spots his cousin on the way. "Eoin!" He says loudly, "I'd not known you returned. And no worse for the wear it seems." He adds with a smile. Looking to the noble girl he says, "It's true. Granarians are naturally better bowmen than any others." The opinion stated rather matter-of-factly as he crosses his arms "We hunt as well." He does at least. Seems a pissing contest has begun.

Eoin seems to be in a fairer mood than Aldren and notes, "I'dplace Sky Forest as a close second, certainly we two are in a league of our won when compare to the rest." THen, with a bit of a cheeky grin to Aldren, "but I suppose that's only understandable what with House Forrester having formed as an offshoot of House Haravean." He's not saying much more on that for a moment though, as he moves a few paces to give his cousin a solid hug in greeting, "we hit quayside only a couple of hours or so, I just wanted to make sure my niece and nephew are properly equipt!" It would seem lie the admiral is in fine spirits today, and not even a hint of booze on his breath.

Nerissa snorts. "Because Haravean was to light feathered to venture into the forest themselves, so they sent someone else to do it." She does glance past Eoin now, making eye contact with one of the other shopkeepers, who nods and disappears to the back of the stall. "You can call it hunting, if you want. More like a shooting gallery with everything sitting on the field in front of you, than anything else."

Aldren returns the hug with a firm pat on the back. "I see that." Raising a brow now at the woman he says, "What are you going on about? I do not recall having ever gone hunting with…." He stops and looks the redhead over. "Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?" He asks now with a mischieveous grin.

Nothing, it seems, can dent Eoin's mood right now and he merely grins back to Nerissa, "more like we grew to strong and scared the Dukes so they made the King split our house and territory. Can't have a 'mere Count' rising to high. Aldren gets a light elbow in the ribs at that, what with being the current Count and all before he asks, "what about your two? You got them bows yet?" Then, as Aldren enquires as to the lady's name, he blinks slightly, sucha simple thing but it hadn't occured to him in the slightest.

There's a slight snort from the redhead at the phrasing of speaking with, but before she can reply, the man has returned with a package wrapped in oil cloth. "Here 'tis, Lady Nerissa. I knew we had one almost finished. Just had t'wrap th'grip an' set th'nocking point. Even had some blue-dyed leather fer th'yer ladyship." Even though the question has already been partially answered, after she turns to take the package and cradle it protectively with the parcel from the bakers, the lady answers the question. "Lady Nerissa Horizon," she replies evenly. Although she doesn't follow through with asking for a name in return.

With a name to put to the lady's face, Eoin returns the curtesy, "well met Lady Nerissa, Lord Eoin Haravean at your service. Please, allow me to introduce you to my cousin, His Execellency, Aldren Haravean, Count of Greensh.. he trails off slightly though, as a turn back towards his cousin reveals Aldren to have been summomed away on business. There's a faint 'hmmm' as he watches his cousins retreating form then he shrugs once and turns back to Nerissa. "Newly arrived in Stormvale? I would off you a tour but I am afraid I really must call in on my sister before it gets too late, the bairns will have worn her out again I imagine."

"Lord Eoin Haravean?" Nerissa asks. "Baron Giantslayers counterpart on the sea, if I remember the King's missive correctly." It isn't really a question, she remembers it. "Another hero of the war against dire things. And the reason Father insisted I travel overland back to the capital. Not that it was that much safer." She clears her throat. "Thank you, but I wouldn't want your sister to be kept waiting. I'll do my best not to get lost."

"Baron Giantslayer?" Eoin replies, that missive has apparently passed him by entirely, but then he has been at sea for a month or so. The comment about having to travel overland though gets an amused grin and he states simply, "if that be the case my lady, then you may wish to inform your Lord Father of two pieces of information. The first, that there has been no sightings of any such creature within the Great Lake, so travel that way should not be impeeded, and, secondly, the beast in the seas is now dead. It saw fit to attack my fleet once moreonly this time we were prepared for it." There's more than just a hint of pride in that statement and his smile broadens perceptively.

Brennart is strolling down the street looking in and around at the shops since he's back in town and could use some supplies that he didn't have time to grab before departing South March.

There's a moment of silence from Nerissa, then she nods her head once. "I will, most certainly, inform Father that there have been no beasts on the Great Lake, although I am not sure why that information would be of interest to him. However, I am sure that he will be relieved to know that the Bay of Sutherland is once more safe, as you have defeated the /only/ monster that could possibly be alive on the entire, vast, ocean."

"In living memory one has been seen, and one has been killed," Eoin replies, still smiling away, "even the legends speak of it in the singular." While it is certainly true that he has entertained the possibility of there being more, right now he has no actual evidence for that at all, besides, he's still basking a bit after his audience with the King. It would seem though, that the bows he ordered are ready, for two tiny bundles are passed out. How much use they'll actually be is likely very limited, but then the pair they're intended for are only a few days over 4 weeks old, so there's time to grow into bigger ones. "I am afraid Lady Nerissa, that now I really must depart, I hope that you find your time here fruitful and pleasant." Turning then to head back towards the city centre he gives Brennart a faint nod as he passes the man but his mind is already on his sister and the little ones.

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