Thedor 09, 229: Burden to Bear

Burden to Bear
Summary: Allyn has a visit and gets more than he bargained for! It's almost more than he can bear!
OOC Date: 09 January 2014
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The woods
The woods are quiet dark and deep. Snow crutches underfoot and the air is still and cold enough to cause frostbite to any exposed skin. The
canopy of interlocking bare tree limbs obscures the world from view. Puffs steam appear as he exhales. The forest is silent. There is no sound of life except for the sound of him walking and breathing.
Thedor 09, 229


After a few days ago, when his friend Ari's horse had appeared at the bridge to the city while he was on duty without her rider, Allyn would have been lost if it hadn't been for the horse. After he found Ari and took her to the temple for healing he asked Laine about tracking, it would have come in handy if the horse hadn't been able to lead him to where she was unconscious. So, he told his brother perhaps he was wrong in not listening to those tracking lessons he tried to give him some time ago. Laine's current task is for Allyn to follow some animal tracks, and see what he can find. So on his day off from patrol duty he's out in the woods searching for tracks to follow.

The woods are quiet dark and deep. Snow crutches underfoot and the air is still and cold enough to cause frostbite to any exposed skin. The canopy of interlocking bare tree limbs obscures the world from view. Puffs steam appear as he exhales. The forest is silent. There is no sound of life except for the sound of him walking and breathing.

Glances around at all the snow, bundled up of course, but he's still a bit cold, but hey at least he's doing what he was told to do. He continues to look down at the ground as he walks through the dark woods, looking for any kind of animal tracks to follow. He doesn't know tracks though and well, the snow is probably covering up most of them anyway, but still he's there.

A tiny voice rings out. "Oh master Tinkle we have a long ways to go before we can reach Kitty." A voice that sounds like the wind. "Well lad there is not I can do, you marked every tree between here and the village boy." A little man appears and he riding on the back of a red shaggy fox. The man's beard is as white as the snow and he is dressed in shades of green and brown. He looks startled as she comes upon the human. "Have no heed Master Tinkle he will not see us."

Allyn stops in his tracks as he thinks that he hears voices, but where are they coming from? He then sees the shaggy fox and little man riding it. He raises an eyebrow at the sight of the pair. Who was the little man talking to? since he only sees the animal and the man, surely it couldn't have been the fox, since animals do not talk, at least not like people do. Well, they said that he wouldn't see them and that that has him even more curious, "Why would I not see you?"

The little man is startled then flustered his face turns red as does his cheeks. "Why, what, what." He holds tuffs of the fox's fur in his little hands. "Tinkle did it just talk to us?" The fox turns his head and licks the little man on his back. "I have not seen and heard one of them talk to us in over a 1000 years. Not since the empire and even before that. What are you ?" The man says to Allyn as looks up at him with his vibrant blue eyes.

Allyn blinks again and peers down at the man on the fox. " I? I am a human." he frowns a little bit and shakes his head, no he must be seeing things, or maybe he is asleep and dreaming something it can't be real. Well, at least they aren't monsters disguised as people, so maybe he's not insane this time. "But the more important question is, what are you?" he raises an eyebrow and stares back at the man, "And what do you mean not in 1000 years?"

"What am I? A wood gnome, I could ask you what you are, but I know what you are, Human." The little man laughs. "I was about to ask myself the same thing, your kind do not see us we just are, myth and legend. Though I have heard in Sky Forest some have claimed your kind has seen them." There is another laugh. "Oh boy you are sound as that tree over there and solid to boot." The man is now chuckling. "My wife will never believe this, well since you are here and we are talking perhaps you can be of some used to me."

Allyn blinks as the little man says what he is. "Wood gnome? Never heard of them, but I don't have any reason not to believe you, at least not right now anyway." he shrugs some. He eyes the fox for a moment, "Was your mount? friend? The fox talking too? Or were you just talking to him? You called him Master Tinkle? Tingle?" he furrows his brow a moment, he has a lot of questions, "Sorry to ask so many questions, I am just a bit confused at the moment." he chuckles some, "And why can't we see you? You did say something about me not being able to see you when I can, does that mean we're not supposed to be able to? He then nods as the gnome says he might be of use to him, "Sure, I can try to help you out, it's what I do help out people who are in trouble or need
something. Do you have a name? I am Allyn."

"Baarly is my name." The creature tells him with a little bit of a nod. "My friend, I call him Master Tinkle. He has to stop and mark anything and everything when we ride out. Magic is dead my boy. When the lady died the magic died." He shrugs his shoulders. "Perhaps she was only sleeping and that is why you can see me or perhaps you had some white cap. No trouble, just need you to release a friend of mine from a trap." The man whispers something in strange tongue to the fox before he rides off past him and little to the left.

Allyn nods some as the gnome explains things a little to him and he nods, "Alright, lead the way and I'll remove the friend from the trap." he smiles and then he follows along after the man and fox has ridden past him. Well, he did say he would help out and he'll keep his word. "What kind of animal are we setting free?" he asks as he walks along

"A bear." The little man explains. "Hunter forgot about the trap. Master Roar is trapped." Just stay calm and he will stay calm." The little man explains. "Humans do not realize that if you are upset the animal will be upset."

Allyn nods and frowns some as he listens about the trapped bear. "Well, hopefully there wont be any other traps near by that the hunter forgot about. I am not sure I am as worried about a bear as I am about accidentally stepping in another trap. Master Roar isn't going to be too happy and aren't inured animals aggressive and dangerous? Well, I will do my best to stay calm then." well he was able to against that cat.

"I have never had an issue when they are injured. But you humans stick them of course they would be angry with you." He says mildly as they makes their way through the forest. The gnome leads him around trees and over and under bush as they get close to Master Roar. He sees a very large black bear sitting there trying to pull his leg out of a trap that has been attached to a large tree. The bear roars in pain.

Allyn nods as he continues to follow along and then stops when they get closer to the bear and he watches it for a few moments. He nods to the gnome, "Alright, I'm going to go see if I can get the trap off of him." He knows Laine would be mad if he did what he was about to do, but Allyn doesn't care really and doesn't really consider the danger he may be putting himself in. He walks over towards the bear, but then stops again for a moment, "Master Roar, will you allow me to remove that trap from around your leg? It probably wont hurt as bad as you trying to pull your foot off like that." he eyes the bear a few moments and then moves closer, just to see what the bear might do.

Because there is no fear in the man or at least that is what Roar thinks he actually nods his head. It also could because he is with the gnome. Either way it is strange. "Master Roar, no biting the young human. He does not know and he was not the one to do it." The gnome says to the large bear.

The bear allows Allyn to come close. Every muscle on the large animal is tight. What is really strange is that the bear is out and wake and it is winter.

Allyn raises an eyebrow as it seems that the bear nodded to him, well, that is interesting. He kneels down on one leg next to the bear and examines the trap for a few moments to see how it works. He then reaches down slowly, showing the bear he isn't being threatening and grabs both sides of the trap and begins to pull it apart. Though he goes on talking, "Did you just nod to me, Master Roar? Do you understand what I said?" he then concentrates on the trap and strains to pull it open.

The bear nods again. It takes some time and he will strain but one the strap is opened the bear's is free. The bear then turns to give him a huge hug. It smells musty like unwashed dog. It licks his head and he cans see the bears huge claws. It then starts to talk to him and his voice is low and gravely and the words he cannot understand. "Well then, how am I going to thank you." The gnome looks thoughtful. Reaching into his pocket he takes out three strawberries and holds

Allyn blinks, but then smiles as the bear hugs him and then licks his head, well he wasn't expecting that, so he hugs the bear back and pats him on the side gently. "Well, I don't understand you Mastre Roar, but you're welcome and I'm sorry I can't treat the wound, but I'll go looking around and see if there's any other forgotten traps and take care of them so you or none of your friends get hurt." he then looks to the gnome and the strawberries when they are held out to him and he reaches out to take them. "Thank you. I am just glad I could help our friend here."

"You are welcome you should eat them up." The gnome tells him. "It will be good for you." He pulls three out of his pocket and begins to eat them. He is all smiles. Master Roar holds his paw or foot out to him and the gnome dismounts and goes to assess the damage. "We best get you back to your cave Master Roar."

Allyn nods to the gnome and he pops the strawberries into his mouth and starts to eat the, Well, it's always good to have a snack and he smiles and nods to the fox, bear and gnome. "It was nice to meet you all. Perhaps we will meet again. I suppose I should be getting back to town."

When Allyn eats the berries. He starts to feel strange. Woozy like he needs to nap. Sleep plagues him and also he feels good, like really good. He does not have a care in the world. He can see color and hear the whisper of musical air. His body starts to grow and shift. He becomes tall and his a warm thick fur grows all over his body. He can smell everything from the spicy scent from the gnome to the musty scent of the fox. He can smell the cold.

Allyn blinks and sways a little at the strange feeling and smells that he can now smell and he looks around as best he can, wondering what's just happened. Well, this is different. He sniffs the air some and looks around for the bear, gnome and fox. he doesn't know if he can talk but if he can, he says, "what's happened?"

"A reward for your kindness, you will be warm until you get home or until dawn breaks on the next day. Enjoy and explore the forest." The gnome tells him. "Feel the forest, most of your kind will not help the Master Roar. He says that this is a good thing for you.

Roar grumbles. "Ya, it is a good thing for you. Now Master my foot, you have the wintergreen?" The bear asks the gnome and then he looks to Aldren. "I thank you, and if you ever have need and are in the forest you know you can call out my name and I will come."

Allyn nods to the gnome "Ah, alright. Well, I think I should explore the forest then, because I think others of my kind may try to kill me if I tried to get into town. They wouldn't know it was me." he chuckles.

He then nods to Roar, "I will remember that, Roar, I am glad you allowed me to help you get out of that trap. I think from now on I will patrol here when I can and remove any traps that do not seem to be in use and forgotten. I would rather something like this not happen again, especially if humans are doing it."

"Oh now, I suppose you are right." Roar says as he licks his lips. "I would rather it not happen again too." The bear yawns and shows off all his teeth. That warm surreal feeling remains. He can now taste the air and see everything. The bear looks to the gnome.

"It will wear off, this is not a punishment for this one. No, he needs another gift but that I cannot give unless he wants it. If you could help an animal like this again would you?"

Allyn doesn't hesitate to nod in response, "Yes, of course I would help an animal again. If it is in danger." he ponders for a few moments as he tastes the air, the new senses a little strange to him, but he doesn't seem to mind them too much and he tries not to get too overwhelmed, he then chuckles a little bit, "I don't suppose you could make it so I could understand animals when they talk can you, it'd be rather helpful in such a situation and in others." though he seems to be mostly kidding about that.

"I cannot do that as you would have to learn so many languages. But what I can do is give you the gift of calm. That calm will calm almost any animal down, but be warned those that you cannot will try and harm you." The gnome says in a warm manner. "More than just hurt but you understand."

Allyn nods to the gnome, "Ah well, I suppose you are right, it'd take a long time to learn a lot of different languages. II'd probably never get to go home." he chuckles, but then nods, "That would be useful I think. I have been in a few situations where I wish I could have done that. Thank you for your kindness."

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