Alasair 24, 228: Brothers Banter 'Bout Broads

Brothers Banter 'Bout Broads
Summary: Logen and Ruthgar meet perchance in the Solar and engage in the inevitable conversation about their wives.
OOC Date: 11/09/2013 (OOC)
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Logen Ruthgar 
Solar, Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
24th day of Alasair in the year 228

The afternoon has been rather slow once the rush for lunch died off. Servants can be seen running hither and yon making sure that all things are full and ready for those of the castle to enjoy. Inside the serenity of the Salon, there are a few visiting minor nobles from different houses scattered around Mobrin. Seated in one of the high wingbacked armchairs in Logen, dressed somewhere between comfortable casual and royal formal. He wears the purple and gray his family is known for, but underneath his vest is a deep blue tunic of Sutherland. He is speaking aimably with a few young men and women who all wear the Sutherland colors and crest. A few words, and there is a small bubbling of light laughter, one of the men starting to blush. On the table is an assortment of finger sandwiches, each person having a cup or goblet of one of many drinks. Logen, himself, has a tall glass of would appear to be water. He's listening to the conversation for now.

In a corner of the room, in another one of those comfortable seats - hard to glimpse until now as the back of his chair is turned towards the others and he sits perfectly still in the shadows - is Ruthgar Ruxton, Baron of Dellhaven, Knight of the Rioga and, since almost three weeks ago, the husband of Logen's sister Princess Caillin. He has sat there for quite some time already, his legs are crossed, his upper body twisted as his left elbow rests on the back of the seat while his left hand scratches pensively his chin. When he hears the laughter his head turns rather casually, grey eyes brushing the small gathering and recognizing the cause and center of so much attention, he rises, not too hastily from his seat and offers a polite bow towards the Prince. "Your highness."

Looking up to Ruthgar, Logen smiles at the man. "Baron, pleasant surprise to see you here. How are you? How's my dearest sister?" He motions to an empty spot on the loveseat, "Will you join us? I've been hearing stories about my wife's family and house, some of them are rather amusing." he admits and looks at those gathered. One of the young women rises, and all the men including Logen stand as she does. She curtsies, "The other ladies and I would like to take a walk through the gardens, to see where the Duchess Caitlyn now gets to spend her days." there's a glance to Logen before looking to the other Sutherland men, who all chime as one that they'll escort them. The group bows or curtsies to both Logen and Ruthgar before heading out of the Salon. Logen smirks slightly as he says, "Now Ruthgar, what am I going to do with you? You've scared away the guests…" a small laugh to lighten the tease. "Still, will you stay and join me?"

The Ruxton returns that smile a little reluctantly perhaps and hesitates before he gives his answer. "We are well, thank you. The both of us. And yes. I could join you, if I do not disturb. But… how are you, your highness? And how is your wife? It seems we have something in common now, being married just recently." The departing lady is offered a polite goodbye with slight bow, that is soon extended to the rest of the party - apart from Logen who still remains seated. "Do with me?", Ruthgar echoes with light amusement. "It seems I am all the company you have left, your highness." And with that said he lowers himself onto the offered seat.

"That is good to hear, and she and I are quite well thank you. Much better now that we're able to be together, I'm glad my parents listened to my suggestion and simply married us to save the family any more public displays of… well, it wasn't good for the people to see the royal family act that way." Logen takes back his seat and chuckles at Ruthgar, "Yes, you are all the company I have left. Does the phrase woe is me? fit?" a gentle chuckle, "I tease, forgive me. We do have much in common, even similar skill with blades. So what all has been going on for the two of you? I rarely see my favorite sister these days, although until Monday I didn't see anyone save for my dear wife." a slight grin.

Ruthgar inclines his head to Logen's words about his own wedding, commenting with little more than: "Indeed." His gaze is still a bit cautious and distant when it comes to rest on his brother-in-law, yet he cannot help but chuckle at Logen's inquiry. "We have used the time to get to know each other, your highness, as we were hardly well acquainted before the marriage. Not all are so fortunate such as you, your highness…" He casts Logen a glance. "We have kept to our quarters, but certainly not all of the time. We even rode out together, a week ago, and… had a picnic." The ruxton looks still a bit astonished as he contemplates what he has just admitted. "But in this I agree with you. After a wedding, there needs to be tranquility and time for the bride and bridegroom to be alone with each other. Many days. This is a new chapter in our lives after all, isn't it?"

"Lucky, you're the first person to call it that, Baron… and I rather appreciate it. I see myself as astoundingly lucky to have met Caitlyn and fallen so in love as I have. And to have her as in love with me as she is… words do not express how incredible it is." Logen says, softly, then smiles at Ruthgar "It will happen for you in time, Caillin is a wonderful sister. And believe me, more picnics will occur. I spoiled her with them while we grew up and she absolutely loves them now." Logen picks up a sandwich, and takes a bite, after swalling he says, "Well, the reasons for my multiday disappearance aren't so much, getting to know one another as it was… I was physically incapable of leaving."

There is an amused smirk appearing on Ruthgar's face now, as he ponders if he should clarify his comment from before, or better leave it as it is, as Logen seems so pleased with it. At the mention of Caillin he says: "She is indeed wonderful, and of an impressive temper." Logen's confession about the reason for his disappearance has the Ruxton raise a brow. "Physically incapable…? Why that, your highness? Weren't you feeling well?"

"Better than well, Ruthgar, better than well. You could say… I was a bit, restrained, and couldn't make it out of bed." Logen grins slightly, "We'll leave it at this, I do not think Caillin is of the heart or mind capable to conceive the imaginative ways in which my wife, makes me happy." His words chosen carefully, they may be alone, but it is impolite to speak about one's wife in such a topic. "As for my sister's temper… you've simply not pressed her hard enough. I know I've drawn her ire several times, but she's rarely mad at me for long. We have the closest connection out of the Kilgour line, I think, and we've always shared our secrets and our sandwiches." which reminds him. He finishes the sandwich and washes it down with water from his glass, "Do be careful though, she has a soft spot for wine and I'd hate to see her go overboard. Especially if she's to become with child soon."

The pale grey gaze is lowered once again, as Ruthgar inhales deeply, in response to Logen's not so subtle bragging. Yet, when his eyes meet that of his brother-in-law again they seem to be devoid of any sentiment, the hint of a smile is tugging at his lips though. "I doubt you would know what your sister is capable of.", he says, unable to let the challenge stand in the room. When the talk continues to Caillin's temper, the Ruxton seems somewhat distracted from his ill humor, as he lets out a low chuckle. "She has already been quite angry with me, your highness. She even looked as if she wanted to punch me in my face." The remark about Logen's and Caillin's closeness earns him a light nod and two raised brows, but little more. The thing with the wine though… Ruthgar lowers his gaze, smiling while a sudden warmth breaks through his facade, although he chooses not to comment on that last remark.

Logen watches his newfound brother with interest, there's a calculating quality to the way in which he regards others. In one on one like this, Logen is able to command the conversation, and that shows, "I have never considered what my sister is capable of, however, I do know her quite well. I do know that while the beating heart of a woman is within her breast, she is a tender and loving creature who'd rather neither the butterfly nor the spider die." Although, Logen smirks slightly about Caillin's ire, "Ah, then you've still not pushed her far enough. She has once struck me while out on a picnic when I saved a butterfly from the web. You remember the broach I had made for her as a wedding gift? There's a reason I choose the black widow." he states, "And to quell any rising suspicions, Caillin and I have never discussed acts of bedroom nature. We're close, but we're not that close."

Ruthgar listens in silence and attentively, now and then casting a glance in Logen's direction. His manner composed again as usual, helped perhaps by the attentive gaze of his brother-in-law. "She is your sister, after all. And yes, that brooch. I had wondered about that." His manner growing more and more guarded, his gaze just flits downward at that last remark of Logen's. "I would not have suspected you to.", he replies, before he falls silent again. Another moment follows, before the Ruxton rises, with an apologetic smile. "Forgive me, your highness, but I will leave you now. Caillin was not well this morning, and when I left she had lied down to rest for a bit. Do not be offended, but my thoughts are with her, I need to see she is alright." A bow is offered before Ruthgar turns to leave.

"Caillin loves spiders, of all things, and the black widow is one of the most beautiful to her eyes. That is why the brooch, I knew she'd cherish anything I gave her, but that most of all." When Ruthgar makes his apology and starts to leave Logen rises and bows his head politely, "There is no offence, I doubt there could ever be one from you Ruthgar. I'm proud that such an honorable man is the husband of my dearest and most trusted sister. That she is feeling unwell is troubling, but my Caitlyn has been ill recently as well… of course, the cause is more of a joyous one I would say." He offers another warm smile, "Take care Baron, and Caitlyn and I would love to have the two of you for dinner one night in the Sutherland suites."

"I am glad you think so," Ruthgar replies on his way out, then he pauses and turns his head when he hears that remark about Caitlyn being unwell. Pale grey eyes come to linger on the Kilgour prince, the Ruxton inhales deeply as he studies the man, but then a moderate smile appears, and he inclines his head. "Congratulations, then." An unusual grumble is there beneath that composed layer of his voice. "And yes, I will ask Caillin. If she is that close a sister you say she is, I am sure we will be glad to accept your invitation." With these words he leaves the Solar, the door soon closing behind him.

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