Brendolyn Haravean
Anna Popplewell
Anna Popplewell as Lady Brendolyn Haravean
Full Name: Lady Brendolyn Haravean
Age: 17
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Haravean
Position: Lady
Place of Birth: Greenshire
Father: Aldric Haravean (deceased)
Mother: Bedwyn Haravean (deceased)
Siblings: Aldren, Wenna, Braedon, and Rorey
Spouse: None
Children: None


She is the baby of the family, the youngest child of Aldric and Bedwyn Haravaen, and it shows. It is also apparent that she did a lot of growing up without a mother, as Bedwyn passed on when Bren was only 10 years old. Aldric doted on her and indulged her wishes to shoot bows and ride horses, fight and swim, all the things a lady should not do. How could he resist that face? That motherless, sad face. Now he is gone too and Aldren is left to deal with the resulting handful of rebellious young woman. If he has a heart attack, her name may well be the last that leaves his lips.

Character Features

They said change your clothes
She said no I won't
They said comb your hair
She said some kids don't
And her parents dreams went up in smoke

-"Wild One" by Faith Hill

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