Umbra 35, 228: Breathtaking Gifts

Breathtaking Gifts
Summary: Ciarrah has a walk on the beach and meets family. He gives her gifts.
OOC Date: 09/November/2013 (OOC)
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Ciarrah Dair 
Darfield Beach
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Umbra 35, 228

Oh the morning has dawned so bright and lovely, the sunrise in the sky leaving an orange, yellow and golden glow over the water. "Breathtaking.." Ciarrah whispers, completely enchanted and free to be herself without the restrictions placed on her by the royal house she now serves as she is amid her own people. Serah accompanies her immediately at her side, her best friend, her maid. Davyd and Redmond are her guards and they keep a close eye on the surroundings. Ciarrah is wearing more of the light weight clothing she wore back on the island with a cloak over her shoulders and she seems to take joy in everything around her. Her feet bury slightly in the unpacked sand as she walks, and she looks carefree, laughing at small talk her maid makes.

In the distance another walks along the beach be he is close to the edge of the water and where his feet fall the tail end of the waves lick them away. He is short squat man with ashen skin and black hair who is dressed in a robe of pale yellow silk. He moves towards the princess and her companions, his eyes are as black as coal reflect the smile that graces his lips. He calls out when he sees them. "Good morning. It will be time for me head home soon, but I do like to say good night to my sister." He looks up at the sky.

Ciarrah has always been the friendly sort, so when she sees the approaching man, though her guards move in to flank her and her maid steps deliberately nearer her as well, she meets the squat man with a smile. "Good day, Sir. You are just in time to witness the burst of colors from the sun in the sky," she muses softly as she also lifts her gaze to the sky. "Is your home so far? Do you miss it terribly?"

"My home is everywhere where I am, but I do miss my sister. She is all but forgotten. Though a few like you come to see her." He looks up at the sky again and smiles lovingly. His attention is then drawn back to Ciarrah. "I know you miss your home, but take heart little one this is not in vain. The sea is always with you and so is your family." He waves his hand in a dismissive gesture and her guards and handmaiden fall back, to allow the two of them to talk. He takes a deep breath. "I would say that you have much on your mind, how are you feeling, my other sister says you carry her gift."

Washing on the shore now, Ciarrah is momentarily distracted, she scoops up the shell only to discover it was not a shell at all, or it was, but more in line with a sand dollar, though surely called something different in this day and age. She opens her palm, smiling in admiration at the fragile find before looking once more down to the little man. "Everywhere you are?" The thought dances in her mind and she blushes. "It makes sense, to find home within yourself." His mention of his sister brings another smile. She knew the longing from her own siblings. "I adore the sea, I do. I carry nothing with me, who is your sister and who might I ask am I speaking with?" Her manners have her offering her own all the same.. never ask for more than you are willing to give. "I am Ciarrah."

He points to her belly. "You carry her gift." He the looks back out at the Sea and he nods. "Did you know a long time ago that many women were known for being able to feel and the sense the weather. I have known many in your family Ciarrah who were known as being Weather Witches. It was said they could control the weather. But their history has been lost; let us hope you will find that you are part of their legacy. Now where are my manners, it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Cri.." Ciarrah whispers, a hand moving protectively over her baby. "Your sister?" For some reason, she is not afraid even though what he says makes little sense. "I thank Cri for my child daily, the future of the Kingdom, hopefully to build it stronger, to make it more than it has ever been before." As he speaks of her family, she thinks back to her mother, her mothers sister, her grandmother. "Weather Witches," she muses, considering that. "Perhaps they could at that. I would no disbelieve it if someone said they had before." She curtsies as well, "A pleasure to meet you." She looks up at the sky, the sunny morning, she could not have wished for a more beautiful day to visit the beach. "It would be funny had I specifically changed the weather to sunny for myself."

"The most powerful of them could, but you my child need to start from the beginning, you need to close your eyes and feel the weather as it approaches, open yourself to it. Know it. There is quiet calm in the air when it is sunny and without wind. If you have the wind it then then energy you feel is different it moves through the sky. Now if there is storm there is power and you will feel that power coursing through your body." He steps towards the water and scoops up the foam in his hand. He then balls his fist up around it. Opening his palm again he shows her a pearl, which is unique. It is both yellow, pink and has hint of blue and white to it. "Take it, it is yours."

Drawn to the stout man, Ciarrah hangs on each of his words, her maid and guards forgotten, assumed to be there still, watching. "Start from the beginning, Sir? How would I ever be earn such a gift as that?" Storms.. oh she had always loved the storms and the water. Had she not always stood out in the storms, feeling safe and protected, drawn to the volatile passion in the fierce weather? Lightning.. rain.. thunder. She follows when he steps towards the water and as he offers the pearl, she gasps, tears springing to her eyes. "A gift? For me?" She reaches for it, closing her hand around it before replacing the sand dollar she had found into his hand in exchange. "Please, take that in return, for I would like to know you also held something from the sea." She holds her hand nearer herself now and opens her hand, gently stroking her finger over the pearl. "Exquisite…" she breathes. "Thank you, truly."

"Aye it is a gift, for you." He himself holds the sand dollar in his hand. "To start you must clear your mind of everything that is around you. You need to breath slowly in and out tasting the air. Then in your mind you should reach for the sky and the wind. You then need to feel yourself floating and becoming one with it. When you do this then you will be able to sense what the weather is and what it will be. But careful whom you tell, our shepherds can be misguided, it has been a long time since one such as yourself has walked these shores or for that matter the shores on any land." He says to her gently. "But it is time for us to fight again and to be here with you as I am now. Remember home is where you are and the sea will never forget you nor will the wind." He smiles. "Cri has truly blessed you but I shall as well. There will be two. When it is time and though it is early you and yours will be safe and sound."

Holding the pearl in the palm of her hand, Ciarrah closes her eyes and listens to the voice. So at peace she was at the beach, the sounds of the waves washing over the sand, the smell of the sunbeams as they hit the sand, the breeze off the water, the taste of the salt. So in tune with it, she could live and breathe it forever. Slow, steady breaths, she was so at peace. Every worry or concern let go for the moment, she could feel the water at her feet, the sand on her toes, the wind in her hair, the sun on her cheeks. Peace.. such serenity. There are no worry lines on her features. "I like you here with me. You are a kindred person, I feel it, I sense it." Opening her eyes, they are as blue as the skies, still at peace. "I feel blessed… thank you.."

"You are my child." He says to her then he moves to wrap her into a warm fatherly embrace. He kisses her forehead and time just seems to stand still for that moment as he infuses a little part of himself in her. "You will have peace and you will have love, but you have the gift of time on your side. Seek out the weather every morning and every night. Practice for me and awaken what is yours and what was. Know yourself, and in time that husband will realize the gifts he has. He is fearful of women, but give him time."

His child. Is that why she felt such a kindred connection? As he embraces her, she hugs him back, resting her cheek against him. Oh how wonderful did it feel just to have this brief contact? A small show of affection given willingly to her. How she had missed just this simple physical contact. Her eyes close as he kisses her forehead and she draws strength from him, the strength to forge on in her future without these sorts of emotional bonds until her husband decides to show her. "I will, I pledge it," she tells him softly. Answering all of his words with the simple agreement.

"My child I am always here." He holds her in that embrace a while longer. Then he releases her. "It is time for me to return and for you to as well." He looks to the sky. "Sea and the wind, they will not know me and will think that I just passed. We will speak again." He then releases her and he starts to walk away and as he does he fades away from sight as do his footprints. Her guard and hand maiden look confused as they find themselves a distance from her.

Once he steps back from the embrace, Ciarrah watches him with an affectionate smile, much like she has for her father. "Thank you, thank you, deeply." And then he turns and walks away and she finds herself looking forward to the say she will speak to him again, as he promised. As the maid and guards notice her, she notices them, and she walks towards them slowly, feeling the sand beneath her feet and the sun beaming down on her. How could she ever explain what just happened to her? Why should she share it? Hold it close to herself, a secret she would not share with anyone. She turns with her entourage and begins back to the castle, feeling the wind on her cheeks and blowing through her hair.

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