27th of Alasair, 229 2E: Boys Night In

Boys Night In
Summary: Eoin and Kierne catch up, with wine.
OOC Date: 13-14/Sep/2014
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Eoin Kierne 
Dining Hall - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
Stone floors, a vaulted ceiling and a large stone hearth at the far end of room greets guest. Natural light is let in through high windows, which are at least 8 feet up from the floor and stretch towards the ceiling. A formal old dark and mahogany table graces the room, along with red velvet cushioned high back chairs that sit sternly around it. Tall silver candelabras stand spaced at intervals along the table. Soft yellow bee wax candles from a local beekeeper rest in place on it of the great silver pieces. Between each of the candelabras are fresh cut flowers from the garden. Theses flowers fill the room with their rich scent. The stone floor is padded with colorful hand woven rug and the walls are covered with tapestries featuring hunts.
27th of Alasair, 229 2E

It's getting late in the day, dinner is over and the Haravean household is winding down for the night. Many servants are already in bed, those that have to rise early, and by the relative quiet it must be assumed that the Countess and her infants have also retired for the evening. One an who hasn't though is Eoin, he's sat a couple of seats down from teh head of the table, going over what appear to be dispatches, or letters of some sort, with a few pages of notes in his own hand to the side. The pen is in his left, a glass of wine in his right, with a few bottles and an assortemnt of bread and cheeses nearby.

Kierne has been around town to find a good bottle of whiskey. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much of a taste for it, yet, so he's not really sure wht's good and what's not. So he's just gone with the assumption that the more expensive, the better, and shopped around listening to people talk up one or the other until he's settled on one that's straining his budget a little, so it'd better be awesome. The neck of the bottle in one fist, he strolls over the threshold of the garden where he once sat soused and sand dirges at the doorstep of the lady of his heart. How long ago was that? Seems like ages. He passes right by and announces himself to the guards, what guards might be, who allow him through and into the hall. "Admiral!" he greets cheerily.

Eoin glances up as he hears Kierne approach, putting the wine down to shuffle the papers off to one side, his own notes mostly under the others, but not entirely. Taking the glass up again he pushes himself to his feet and offers an easy smile. "I have news since we last met," he starts, voice light before he takes another long swallow of wine and rests one hand on the back of chair he's just vacated. "Your Aunt," he explains carefully, "has given your uncle a child, or children, she didn't want to pre-empt the official announcement. She says she is well though." Loosening his grip a little he gesture towards the wine and nibbles, "please, help yourself."

"Oh, awesome!" Kierne brightens up at the news. "Children, plural? Wow, Auntie N's a real trooper, in't she?" he grins. He may have pre-gamed the drinking party a little bit. "Here, I brough you a bottle. Whiskey, you said, right?" Please let him have said whiskey. If he paid all that coin for the wrong drink he's going to be seriously mad at himself. He sets the bottle down nearly. "And now we've got something to drink to! I mean, besides the Prince being home and my having been rescued along with him," he chuckles. "Ooh," he grabs up a fistful of cheese samples, settling in and tossing one into his mouth, then another. "Mm, good."

Eoin can only shrug at that, and uses the hand that just gesture to the wine to gesture to the parchment on top of the pile, so the lad can read the Duchess' words himself should he desire. He makes no comment himself though, prefering to stick to conversing about the booze for some reason. "Whiskey? That should do the trick." It wasn't what he said, but he senses something of the anxiety and decides to be kind. Raising his wine glass once more he toasts, "your safe return."

"Children, that's what it says," Kiki points out the word with his pinkie finger, pushing the sheet aside and narrowing his eyes a short ways, canting his head to one side. "Wh— is that a poem? Did you write a poem, Admiral?" he asks, looking almost ecstatic about the notion of a poet-admiral, lifting the bottle of wine and pouring a goodly amount for himself. It's his drink of choice, after all. "Awwww, thanks," he grins all good-heartedly at the toast. "And to Auntie Nylie's newly earned spurs!"

"It does," Eoin admits as he moves a few paces towards teh window so he can stare out of it while Kierne reads, "although one might argue that she's including all of the Duke's children in that statement." It's not an arguement he's actually putting any effort into making though, and it's reasonable to assume he's working on the same interpretation Kierne is. THe lad's next remarks have him turning back sharpish though and he frowns, eyes dropping to the sheets on the table as he crosses back. "Just notes," he answers, "some are mine, some Brendolyn's I think." It's not the most convincing of replies as far as these things go, but it was at least cohearant. Reshuffling the pages so that only the letter on top can be seen again he moves quickly to toast once more, keeping the conversation moving as it were. "To your Aunty Nylie. Now, you were going to tell me of Laniveer. I would take it as a kindness if you could say ought you saw or heard about their navy."

"I didn't get to see a whole lot, really," Kierne begins to explain. He doesn't seem about to press the issue, successfully diverted onto a separate topic. Smooth, Admiral. Totally smooth. Kierne leans with one hand on the table, draining the glass in his other hand and then setting it down to fill it again. "I was only about a morning's ride into their lands when I came across a patrol and they took me into custody. They were actually pretty chill about it, but there weren't a lot of detours from the road to the palace. Except for when we found Logen. He was wounded by the roadside, must have been making a skirmish in their lands. We patched him up as best we could on the road and kept going."

Eoin does his best to look interested in the news of Logen, he genuinely does tries hard, but it's no real secret that he and the Prince have no always seen eye to eye. "I am glad he was found by some who treated him as is right," is about the best he can manage before he drains the generous amount of wine left in his glass and refills it from a new bottle. Flustered a little? Just maybe.

"And when I got there I was kindly escorted to a room by armed guards and that's more or less where I stayed for the first few days. Then they let me move around the palace under guard. After the, uh. Oh, shit," Kierne suddenly blurts out. "That eclipse? Wasn't that amazing? Anyhow, they gave me full access to their library, but also, eh… an assignment, to explain it, so I didn't have tons of time for espionage. I did skim through a few books on sailing by the stars, but it didn't look like anything dramatically unlike the sorts of things sailors do all over." He drains his next glass like it's nothing at all, setting it back down. "Wait, no, that was so your handwriting. Lemme see that." Hey, look whose perceptive skills caught up with him.

"It was.. quite something," Eoin replies, struggling for a moment to find words. "I was at sea at the time and we thought it localised, but we took on fresh water not long after and learnt of it's true extent. I had know such things were possible in theory, but to see one?" He shakes his head slowly, then sips his wine, "no idea on their fleet size then? Which if their captains are regularly at port and which at sea? Number of ships in dock?" He's not repremanding the lad, more listing the things he'd dearly, dearly like to know. "I may have to ask the Prince and Lord Hadrian if they saw much." He just about finishes that sentance before Kierne's mind catches up with him and he has to act again. Setting is wine glass down on top of the pile, but still keeping hold of it he eyes the lad and repeats, "notes, some of which are I think my cousin Brendolyn's." Then, as an after though in case that doesn't, "and some of which are confidential council affairs."

"I actually drew up a diagram I'd kind of remembered from a book back here, showing the hypothetical configuration. I'll bet that eclipse was visible from everyplace on this world which could see the sun," Kierne leans in to say it, or else to try to swipe that poem. But now there's a wine glass on top of it. "Oh, you're no fun. You wrote a poem! That's awesome! Read me it," he grins goofily. "Or I'll read you one mine. Why are you embarrassed of it? Oh, is it for a lady? You rhymed 'heart' with 'apart,' so I'm guessing you've got it prrrrretty bad."

Eoin knows that there's enough in what is indeed a poem to identify the lady he loves to Kierne, or atleast narrow it down to a field of about two, and thats far too small for his liking. As such the wine glass remains where it is, but he does confess somewhat begrudgingly, "I was just noting a few things down. I wouldn't really go so far as to grace it with the title of poem, besides, I thought you'd already concluded that about my affections before yoy left us." Noting the grump starting to creep into his voice he makes an effort once more to shift the topic to something more cheerful. "While you were there, did you hear the news of the demise of the Kraken?"

"Th'huh of the whuh-now?" is Kierne's reply. He's a little drunk, which is good; he's easily distracted. "Aww, shit, yeah, the Lady Who Smiles is still smiling at you, huh?" Kierne tsks. "That sucks, dude, c'mere," he leaves his cup on the table and reaches out with both arms for Eoin to walk into a hug— or not, his choice— following it up with a mansome clap-clap on the back, should Eoin choose to engage.

"The demise of the Kraken," Eoin repeats, faining speaking as if to a particularly dense child before he shakes his head slowly. "Giant squid octopus type thing? Dwells in the deep? Attacked my fleet and a Laniveer one in our waters a few months back?" Using both hands to make vague tentacle guesture he then just grins and finishes with, "ask your Uncle Arlen sometime. Anyway, I killed it, so now us and the Laniveer navy can go back to concentrating on fighting each other." Moving on though he lifts, drains, then refills his glass. Then notes Kierne's open arms. "Yeah," he confirms almost hesitantly, "her." He looks away, to the window once more, then back, and those damn arms are still there. Fine. Be like that. Stepping forward into the hug for a moment he doesn't stay there for long before he breaks it off and moves back towards the bread and cheese in a faintly distracted manner.

Kierne must be a dense child. He listens to the description of the sea creature with one brow cocked. Then, when Eoin says he killed it, "Hey, neat," he tells him. "Did you bring it back with you? I mean, the body?" he wonders, gathering the guy up into a firm embrace. "Who is this girl, anyhow?" he asks, drawing back when Eoin does and settling into a chair, one leg hooked over a chair arm as he grabs up a slab of bread, himself.

"A few charred tentacles," Eoin remarks, but leaves the mater there, Kierne can either talk to Arlen or not as he wishes. Bread and cheese are combined into a rudimentary sandwich which he starts to eat almost automatically. He's not planning on giving up the name, not for various reasons, so he just offers Kierne a faintly sad smile and replies, "if I said she was the most intelligent and beautiful Lady I'd ever met would that help you at all?"

Kierne tears off a big chunk of bread and stuffs it into his maw, pushing it down with one finger before he can actually get his mouth around it to chew. A snort erupts from him at the description. "I fink dat prerry much," he swallows, "describes ANY girl from the perspective of the guy who's obsessed with her," he replies— that'd probably be a 'no,' then. "Although I can fairly well rule out my girlfriend. She's super smart, but pretty? Naw. She's got a face like an old shoe," and yet he somehow sounds aroused to say so.

"But she's beautiful to you yes?" Eoin replies as he takes a seat again, "I mean beauty isn't just in a lady's looks." Another drink, another bite, and he says as he chews, "I don't think it's your girlfriend though, don't worry." Relaxing a little into the chair he continues, "any news on your uncle finding a match for you yet? I still have a cousin if you're in need." He makes it most of the way through with a straight face too, although it's broken into a grin by the end as he raises his glass, "to living free eh?"

"No, she's ugly. It's not like I've gone blind or anything. But in terms of… yeah, the non-visual stuff. I love her," Kierne smiles easily, pouring a lot of emotion out through those words. This kid falls hard, doesn't he? "And I don't mind how she looks. It's kinda cute, how one side of her mouth doesn't really close. She dribbles a little bit when she drinks, and I'll wipe her chin." Yeah, smitten. "I wonder if she's been fucking anyone else since I left." Like that thought just struck him— but it doesn't ring exactly jealous. As though he might not mind sharing, so much. Though at the notion of a marriage, he draws his face into a grimace. "Nope," he answers, "Nor am I really out looking for news like that. To living free!" he agrees with a grin.

Eoin has no idea if the lass in questionhas or not, partially as he's been away for so much of it, partically becuase since last winter he's not really been visiting the sort of places where he might find out. Opting for a light tone of conversation though he grins as Kierne grimaces, "Lady Brendolyn isn't that bad once you get to know her, I think you'd compliment each other." More cheese then happens as he allows himself to relax still further, "I had been wondering though, if I should marry again. If it'd, you know, help."

"I'm not saying she's bad at all," Kierne is quick to point out, lest he have given offense for such a reaction after his having proposed his cousin's marriage to him— in a sense. "I just… well. Y'know." Screws around a lot and doesn't really plan to stop anytime soon. "Is there someone you want to marry?" he asks. "Or do you just think it'd be a good distraction? You shouldn't put a Lady through a whole wedding and marriage just for the off chance she'll win your heart away from What's Her Name. Why not just play the field for a while?" He counters with his own suggestion. "There's a lot of great girls out there not looking for a marriage bed, you can dally at your leisure— and if one of them should happen to win your fancy? Well, a concubine is less trouble than a wife, right?"

Eoin hadn't taken offence, and it hadn't been anyway near a serious offer, so he just waves away Kierne's response, hoping to indicate that tha tlad has nothing to worry about. "There is no one," he admits, then adds a faint hand gesture to add a silent 'besides..' Without much feeling either way he continues, "it's not all about love though is it. I mean it might grow, but I am fairly certain I missed out on a barony for want of any indication of a future heir." There's a long drain of his drink at that one, he's still more than a little bitter about that all told. "There's that chance though, of love growing," a faint slur starting to creep into his voice as he continues. "I had a girl in every port, more than one in some, for nine years, where's that left me? Besides, I've thought about it, but… well.. it just feels wrong, there's no.. attraction."

"Did you want a barony?" Kierne sounds a little surprised at the notion that he might. "Oh, man, the kids, though…" his features just melt a little bit. "I want kids," this is decided. "My girlfriend wants me to give her one, but I dunno. I don't want her to get into any trouble or anything. Not to mention that I don't want to get into any trouble, either. But man, haven't I been tempted. Between Lady Lis and Roslin and now Auntie N… there is just too much adorable baby happening."

"Yes," Eoin replies, hints of regreat seeping into his voice, "I wanted the barony. It was a coastal one, important for shipping routes, and an important one for surpressing piracy. Yes, I wanted it." Another deep draft of drink is had and then he sets his glass back down on the table. Of course he'd also been interested for reasons of having more to offer a certain potential wife.. now there's a catch 22. Glancing up,then pointing he adds, "you forgot the Countess. I'm surprised you haven't heard one or both of those twin just yet. You never know, we might get a quiet night."

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