Nar 31, 228: Blessed by the Light

Blessed by the Light
Summary: The Enlightened Olivia visits Robben, Aemy and their twins to offer her blessings, followed by Ruthgar whose enthusiasm at the sight of his niece and nephew appears slightly dimmed.
OOC Date: 04/08/2013 (OOC)
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Robben's and Aemy room, Darfield Castle
In the scene set.
Nar 31st, 228

Robben steps in from the sitting room, looking like there's quite a bit of weight off his shoulders now. Glancing around very quickly, before his gaze goes to Aemy.

The room is now cleaned, all that remains is the birthing stool, but it too is cleaned. In a cradle beside the bed is the boy twin and the maid is just now returning the girl and laying her by her brother. Two other maids are in the room, among them is Wenna's who has orders to assist Aemy with anything, and Aemy's own maid who has assured the comfort of the lady herself. Aemy was gazing adoringly into the crib, as she remains propped up in the bed, a clean dressing gown on, her hair pulled back away from her face. There are dark circles under her eyes, she looks exhausted, though there is a glow of happiness surrounding her.

Remaining where he's standing for a few moments, Robben smiles as he watches his family, before he steps further into the room, and over to seat himself on the edge of Aemy's side of the bed now, reaching for her hand. "Aren't those the two most wonderful children in the entire world?" he asks, quietly.

Into the room walks the Enlightened, peeking in first her head to make sure all is well before making her way in, smiling at the mother. "Good eve. I was told that a blessing for your children was desired. If I may, which of the Eight do you focus upon?" Olivia inquires it quietly towards the pair.

The door has not closed behind the Enlightened yet, and behind her another visitor slips into the room, so silently and swiftly that he suddenly stands there, leaning by the wall should one of those present look his way. Ruthgar looks a bit pale, his grey eyes seem a little unsteady as they scan the room, take in who is there, lingering for a long moment on Aemy, who looks so exhausted yet in so good spirits. Then his gaze moves towards the cradle and he just stares at the two infants there. Words seem to fail him at the moment, and so he remains silent, arms folding before him.

As soon as the little girl is placed with the boy and the maid steps to the side unobtrusively, Aemy looks up as the door opens and the smile that blossoms is radiant. "Thank you, Robben.. there is nothing I could ever give, even my life, to pay the debt I owe you for the gift which you have given me…" As the Enlightened walks in, she greets her as well. "Thank you for coming. A blessing would be wonderful, thank you. I would wish to have a bit of each of the Eight imparted until such time as they choose themselves.. if my husband is agreeable." Only then does she notices the silent arrival of her brother in law, and the bright smile turns to him now. "Ruthgar, please, come see the nephew and niece that were only just born. I must feed them soon, the midwife said."

"It's not you that owe a debt, Aemy," Robben replies a bit quietly. "It is I who owe it to you. And I promise I will do everything I can, no sacrifice too large, to keep you and our children safe." Smiling to Olivia as he hears Aemy's reply to the Enlightened, he nods a bit now. "I am agreeable to that," he replies, before his gaze moves to his brother as he hears Aemy speak to him. "Yes, I'm sure they would like to meet their Uncle Ruthgar," he adds with a wide smile.

Olivia smiles at the request and dips her head, "Blessed of the Light, let us pray. Spirits of creation, we come to you upon this day to acknowledge the gift you have bestowed upon us. Please lift up each of these to children to be blessed in your names, keep them safe and guarded until such a time that their paths are laid out for them in your wisdom."

Ruthgar does his best at forcing a smile upon his face, yet he manages only a hint. "A nephew /and/ a niece?", he inquires, pushing himself from the wall he was leaning against and taking those few steps to the cradle at a slow pace for a closer look at the infants as would be expected of him. "Twins…? The Light has blessed you two indeed." His voice sounds soft but a little hoarse. At Aemy's remark about having to feed them soon, he shoots her an awkward glance but nods none the less. "Congratulations," he mutters in Robben's direction. "An heir and a girl. You are most fortunate, brother." Then as if remembering something, Ruthgar turns his attention back on Aemy, and he studies the traces of exhaustion on her face for a moment, before he inquires with a bit of concern in his voice: "You are alright?" Lowering his gaze at Olivia's prayer, his hands move unconsiously to join each other. He might not have offered her the proper greeting yet, but there is a lot of stuff on his mind at the moment.

Aemy quietly listens to Robben, though the look of pride at the accomplishment is unmistakable, the children they now have together. Indeed she does look tired, a little gaunt, possibly a little pale from blood loss, though Wenna had given her something for it. At the moment, all of that is the furthest thing from her mind and as the prayer goes up, her head bows and her hand rests protectively on the cradle where the babies are. Lifting her head, she looks to the Enlightened. "Thank you, truly, for your gift. I am honored by your presence." The words from Ruthgar bring another smile brimming in her eyes. "He was born just before she was.. I was not expecting there to be two.." Lifting her chin, she meets the gaze of her brother in law, should he be looking at her still and her smile, though weary, is genuine. "I will be just fine, Ruthgar, thank you so much. Your presence here means more to me than you know. I have also been wanting to give you my… best.. wishes on your betrothal."

"Thank you." It's offered quietly and with a smile to the Enlightened, before Robben nods to Ruthgar. "I feel most fortunate at the moment," he replies, smiling a bit quietly. "None of us were expecting there to be two. The wait from he was born until she was, and being out there…" A brief pause, before he adds, "I felt so helpless." Smiling a bit as he hears the last words from Aemy, he turns to study his brother a bit carefully now.

Olivia smiles at the family and the children before dipping her head, "Thank you, both, for allowing me this honor. Please, if there is anything we can do for you at the temple, do not hesitate to ask. Now I'll take leave, so that this family may get to know one another." Again, the Enlightened smiles, dipping a bit before turning to depart.

Aemy's smile and her warm voice manage to have those corners of the mouth in Ruthgar's thoughtful face move upwards a little. "Good to hear you are well.", he replies, his gaze dropping from her face to his hands momentarily, before he raises it again at her last remark, whatever smile had showed up now vanished. There is an uncomfortable pause and a little flicker in his pale grey eyes. "Thank you, Aemy. I… This came unsuspected, but I hope…" His voice trails off, and Olivia's announcement of leaving seems an all too welcome distraction, his gaze shifting to the Enlightened, his head inclining in a polite yet silent goodbye. He seems to be out of words for now.

"We are most fortunate, Robben. They both are very small, but Wenna said that it is to be expected with twins and that is why they were early." Slipping her hand into the cradle, she gently touches the pad of her finger to the downy soft dark hair of their son, then over the lighter shades of their daugthers. "They already seem so different, he looks like you, Robben. She looks.. like me." The awe in her voice is prominent now. As the Enlightened leaves, Aemy watches her, smiling her gratitude while still managing to remain as graceful as always despite her exhaustion. Lifting her gaze back to Ruthgar, she looks deeply concerned, Robben may recognize it from the night they had a conversation about Ruthgar. "I am so very sorry… Robben told me. I told him that the Princess was all wrong for you, but that I thought you may be able to find happiness. That is when he told me that you love… someone else."

Robben nods at Aemy's words about the two children looking different, smiling as he watches them both. A nod is offered to Olivia as she leaves too, before he looks back to Ruthgar. "Have you spoken with her since…?" he asks, before he goes silent again at Aemy's words, sending his brother a look that's attempting to say that he never mentioned any identity of that someone else.

Ruthgar's gaze had wandered the room, while Aemy was talking about her babies, but when she addresses him again, directly, about his betrothal, she has his full attention. "You said… what?", he mutters, raising a brow incredulously at her opinion on the betrothal. But then all colour seems to leave his face as he hears about that secret of his - and Aemy being aware of it? He shoots Robben a glance that is reproachful, angry, disappointed… When he sees that look he lowers his gaze again - somehow relieved, at least to a certain point. "My heart… is not for anyone to claim anymore…", the younger Ruxton knight mutters. "But that Robben told you…" His glance shifting to his brother again. "What he has told you…" He falls silent again, his face unmoving, yet his eyes showing a load of conflicting emotions. And so Ruthgar chooses to answer the other question instead, of a less dangerous topic. "I have spoken with the Princess, aye. It was… an awkward business, yet I think we have managed to accept the situation. I offered her the betrothal gift father had sent me. The Ruxton Bracelet. I… forgive me. I am not in the mood to speak of it right now, and you two need time with your two little ones." A deep sigh leaves Ruthgar's lungs as he turns to walk out of the room. "Rest well, Aemy. Brother." And then he is gone, slipped out of the room, leaving the new family to their privacy.

Aemy is very tired, but she has to manage feeding the babies still, she had seen it done and helped with it.. reaching for the boy, she cradles him against her, lips brushing his head, but does not feed him as of yet. Offering him to Robben, she smiles. "Your son, what shall we name him?" Only once Robben has taken the boy does she reach for the girl and hold her close. "And a name for you, my sweet girl." Turning her gaze back to Ruthgar, she quiets as she hears him, looking between him and Robben, confusion clouding her eyes. "What has he told me?" Though she is not given the answer, so she must broach the subject with Robben later. "I am happy you and the Princess have come to an agreement. I wish.. I wish you could have the one you love, Ruthgar. If that is not possible, then I.." She does not know what to say and Ruthgar is leaving. "Thank you, brother…" Her eyes move to Robben once more. "He is so unhappy.."

Robben nods a little bit as he hears what's being said, taking his son in his arms now. Smiling a bit as he holds the boy close now. "I don't know, but since I have Father's name as my middle name, and he has Grandfather's name as his middle name, I think we should follow that tradition, at least?" It's offered with a quiet smile, before he looks to Ruthgar, offering him a smile. "Of course, brother. We will talk later." Letting out a bit of a sigh as Ruthgar departs, he nods a little to Aemy now.

Once Ruthgar is departed, Aemy carefully unfastens her dressing gown and looks between the babies. "I wonder who is hungry?" Though she has the girl, and the girl is awake, so she gently places the baby into position, watching the tiny little mouth seeking by instinct. When she manages to find the source of her food, Aemy smiles, looking down at the baby with such love. "I think it is a lovely idea. Though now we need a name for our baby girl also." Watching the little cheeks as the baby eats, she cannot help but smile so serenely. "Are you so proud?"
Robben smiles, nodding a bit. "I thought we would have longer to come up with a name. And I never thought there would be twins," he says, before he adds, "And yes, I'm so very proud. Of them both, and of you." Holding the boy closely in his arms for now, he smiles as he watches the girl being fed. "When I was out there, and heard you scream, before they were born. I was almost ready to break down the door and come in here to be by your side."

While the baby continues to eat, Aemy listens to Robben and her expression softens. Reaching out a hand, she places it on his arm. "I am glad you did not come in, though I am happy you wanted to. Birthing babies is something for the ladies to do. It is a hard work, yet in the end, there is nothing I would ever trade for them."

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