Tata Castle
Tata Castle as Blackforge in County of Greenshire
Region: Blackforge in County of Greenshire
Kingdom: Mobrin
Rulers: Haravean
Wealth: Poor
Population: low unknow
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: The Light
Demonym: Greenarian or Blacky/Blackies
Primary Revenue: Fishing
Cultural Niche: Greenshire
Weakness: Lack of Wealth
Fortification: Blackforge Castle
Specialization: Bows
Knights: NA
Soldiers: NA


The Blackforge Barony is located in northern part of Greenshire, where the rivers flow out of the lake and into the ocean. Though it has a small Castle, it is well fortified. The land of Blackforge is fertile and rich, though twenty years of poor administration and sickness have ran the Barony into the ground. The Port City of Bleakburn, located on the lake, has lost much of it trade and population due to desertion from the Barons lands.

Fallon Riverwynd had become infamous. It is said that the reason the bottom lands are so rich is because of the the corpses of all his possible heirs that are buried there. He is, and not surprisingly to any who know him, the last of his line and deceased at the hands of his wife Wenna. Fallon died in legal duel and his wife's champion slew him during the duel. The family is dead. The land now belongs to the Haravean's again since Baroness married again.


During the conquest of the continent, Gaelor found Greenshire to be more difficult. At Castle slaughter the archers atop the battlements kept the moat impassable for long enough to prove a nusiance. After a short time, Manghem sent a messenger under a white flag and requested to treat with the Lord. After a brief parley, it was explained he could swear fealty and join his cause. If he did this he would be named Count upon their return. Badden Haravean, Caditt Kerrigan, and Benedict Riverwyn marched with the king himself. When they did indeed return home, Badden was named the Count of Greenshire after the others swore fealty to him. All three now enobled the Riverwynds would be named as Baron's of Blackforge and the Kerrigans vassaled land to warden in the center of the County.

During Count Patraeks reign in the 1112th year of the first era would be the first time their would be blood shed between the Riverwynd's and the Haraveans. The Count's daughter Rowenna, would travel to Blackforge with her cousin Enden. It was during the Gŵyl dewrder festival when the Baron's sons came across their leige's daughter they did not recognize her. When their honor failed them in that Lowly tavern her couisin came to her aid. The end result was a blood stained floor. Rowenna and one of the baron's sons left maimed, the other grieviously injured. Enden would steal away back to his Father Rorik's with his couisin after the frey.

By the time the story reached the Count, the Citizens were allready screaming for blood. The girl was rumored to have been touched by the fey and was loved by all. The Count mustered his troops and went to the Baron’s lands to see justice done himself. He would not have that oppurtunity, dying of pneumonia during the trip. Enden, having been there himself and now the Count immediately challeneged for trial by battle. Naming himself his own champion he fought Danrek Wyndamere, a bastard of the Barons. In a battle that lasted allmost an hour, the new Count slew Danrek after sustaining a wound that would cost him his hand. The Count then vowed that none of heirs would ever share blood with the Riverwynds again. It would not be until 220 when the boon was cashed in by the late Baron of Blackforge, Fallon Riverwynd, that a bride for the Riverwynds would come from the Counts line.


This House follows many of the Customs found in Greenshire.


The infamous Blackforge!


Current Members


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