Nar 18, 229 : Beware the Squirrel

Beware the Squirrel
Summary: After the strange darkening of the sky, that evening Nylie pays a visit to Caedmon and Wenna and interesting conversation occurs.
OOC Date: 21/July/2014 (OOC) - slight backscene
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Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.
Nar 18, 229

For the second time in the day, twilight has come, but this is the normal twilight, at the usual time of day. The sky appears normal, but the same is not true for the people. Servants in the castle received permission to go to the temple to pray, where they joined what is sure to be an ongoing vigil of prayers, confessions of sins, and sacrifices. Taking another route to avoid the traffic on the main road, Caedmon has returned to the castle. Caedmon is kneeling by the hearth and heaving a large log into place above a small fire that he has started. Soon, that fire will grow with its new food. Near him on the hearth is a kettle for tea. On the candlelit table sits a large pot of stew with a lid on it, and a loaf of bread.

A departure from the Temple had come when a runner had come for her, it had seen Nylie returning to the castle, her guards for the most part dismissed and allowed to see to their families and allowed to see prayer as they wished. But by proper twilight, Nylie had made her way on down towards her brother and his wife's quarters. Not entirely unescorted, but it was something more…manageable. A knock to their door, and that wait to enter until bidden to do so. Afterwhich, as often is the case, a hug is offered on to her brother.

Caedmon does not hear the first knock but Gwyliwr does. The snow-white squirrel, who was sleeping in his master's chair with his tail curled around himself, springs to his feet. His ears and nose twitch. His tail, bristling, arches behind him. He barks. Caedmon snatches up the poker in one hand. He had left it with one end in the fire so that the tool's tip glows red. He moves to the chair and scoops up the squirrel. "Easy," he soothes. "We will see who has come. This has been a day of odd forebodings, but that does not mean that all is afoul." He cradles the squirrel in his free arm and they cross the room to the door. "Come in!" he calls.

When Caedmon bids to come in, Nylie does open the door to enter forth. A faint rise of her brows in catching just what greets her, red hot pokers and fierce some attack squirrel at the ready. "If you were expecting someone else, I think I shall disappoint, unless you seek to run me through with the poker whilst Sir Gwyliwr ensures I do not escape you, dear brother."

From the bathing room there is the sound of cursing. Then the sound of something being thrown against a stone wall and the door remains closed. Minutes pass and it grows quiet.

Caedmon sighs when the door opens and Nylie appears. He looks at Gwyl and smiles. "You see?" he coaxes. "As I told you, all is not afoul." Then he looks to Nylie and lowers the improvised weapon. Of anyone who might have come tonight, you are entirely welcome." He glances toward the closed door to the bathing room and winces. Then he returns his attention to the guest. "Please, dear sister, do come inside. We were preparing to have dinner, and you are welcome to join us. Also, the portents of this day demand attention." He steps away from the door, providing Nylie and her guards with room to enter. He returns to his chair by the fire and settles Gwyliwr there. Then he drops the poker into its metal caddy and heads for the door to the bathing chamber. "I will be back soon," he assures. He knocks on the door but enters it to investigate the cause of the commotion and curses.

What Nylie was about to respond with seems forestalled by the commotion that seems to come from the bathing chambers, wincing just a touch when something seems to hit a stone wall with a descent bit of force. "If you are certain, Caedmon," a flicker of her eyes towards the bathing room again, even if it has gone quiet. Not sure if that is good or bad really. "Aye, they do demand attention, it is not a thing that can so easily be ignored. " Nylie stepping into the room followed by one cloaked figure, a lower of his hood would show him to be Egan, a ranger of Sky Forest that had long been with Nylie. Subverted from his path to Royal Ranger by Callem to the task. A bow is given properly to Caedmon by the man once the room has been entered and the door closed behind them. "Of course, take what time is needed."

Caedmon stays in the doorway for a moment to survey the situation. Then he nods. "Ah! It must have slipped," he guesses, pointing to something that inside the chamber. "I'll bring it to you. Nylie has come to visit. I probably will be here for a while. She was in Stormvale when the … strangeness began. Here. I'll help you." Then he steps into the room and closes the door for a few minutes.

Nylie sends a raised eyebrow look Egan's way to hear her brother say 'it' slipped. To which the ranger simply shrugs. Nylie gives a little shrug eventually in return and moves to settle in a seat, and addresses…the squirell, "Do forgive me, Sir Gwyliwr," cause yes somewhere along the way she's decided it is knightly,"I had a fine package of nuts to bring with me for you on my next visit here. But I fear with all the events of the day, they have been forgotten in my quarters. "

Soon Wenna appears on crutches from the room and Caedmon is holding the door. Her wet long straight brown hair falls down past her waist. She is dressed in a sleeveless cream colored silk gown and over it she is wearing a very plain mauve colored linen surcoat. Her bare arms are exposed. There are scratches going up and down them and deep bruises. "Good Evening Duchess, I pray you well this day. Will you join us for dinner and may I get you some tea?" She say graciously.

Gwyliwr was settling onto the cushion when Nylie said the magic word. His head pops up and he pears at her with black, beady eyes as if he expects the nuts to appear within reach. Caedmon holds the door for Wenna and nods to Nylie and Egan. "Both of you are welcome to stay. We have enough stew for everyone," he invites, closing the door after Wenna has emerged. On his way past the chair, he pets the huge squirrel. "You have enough nuts for now, but if my sister has a treat for you, you can be sure that it will be worth the wait," he says, smiling at the pet. "Come to the table. I'll bring four bowls and the utensils. Then he looks to Wenna and advises. "The tea is on the fire. I'lll fetch the cups as well. He alters his so that he can kiss Wenna on the cheek before heading for the kitchen to bring a tray with the necessary bowls, silverware, and cups.

"I promise to them along tomorrow, Sir." Nylie's gaze pull away from Gwyliwr when Wenna makes her appearance, some notation surely made of the condition the other woman's arms are within. While not comment it made, there is perhaps a questioning look to Gwyliwr. It is fleeting for Nylie does soon offer Wenna a soft smile as she rises to her feet to return the greeting,"Good Evening Baroness, I am well enough this day. I would pray the day has gone well for you, though it does seem your arms may have had a time of it. But aye, I would be pleased to join you for dinner. Some tea would be lovely, though surely Egan or I can bring it from the fire?"

"Nay Nylie, sit and rest. I need to moves. Caedmon do we still have chocolate and coffee?" Wenna calls out to him. She then goes to make the tea for Caedmon and their guests. For herself the brew is darker bitter and laced with other herbs. "Few individuals within the castle took the sign as a bad omen and started to do harm to themselves and others. We drugged them and hopefully when they wake we will be able to talk reason with them and have a priestess or priest there to help. One was in such a hurry to die she damn near took her own hand off. They are in state and do not realize the harm that they cause to themselves is reflected on others." She hands Nylie her tea and then the Ranger. Caemdmon's cup is placed on the table and her own is as well.

"I can help you with speaking to them, love," Caedmon offers to Wenna. "Nylie and I were in Storvale, near the temple, when the darkness came. Many in the city were fearful as well, but we have reason to hope." While Wenna is distributing the tea, he delivers the other things to the table. Someone from the temple should be here soon. Tyrel probably will summon one of the enlightened to speak to him about this situation. He might summon the council. Although I dislike the thought, I probably should attend. I fear that this might be the herald of something more deadly."

It was likely the response Nylie expected from Wenna with how she bows her head, though the offer had to yet be made. Shifting to take a seat at the table, the ranger moving to do likewise, though he does seek to sit on the outside to allow the trio to sit closer to converse, once everyone would settle. "Oh my….that is truly awful. I know there was a fair bit of panic in the streets, and order was lost in some areas. But I had not seen or heard of people taking to injuring themselves in such a fashion. It may well take a priest or priestess to get them to calm down, and realize it is not a bad omen. Though perhaps for some, to hear the Temple speak of it being a sign that Gods have awakened, it is an ill omen." Nylie gives a slight nod towards Caedmon,"I know he had requested council with a representative of the Temple on several other matters. Aidan spoke of a pair coming to speak with Tyrel while he was there, he said it went oddly, but was not yet ready to speak further about what exactly passed that made it so odd. " There is a faint smile offered,"I know the council meetings are never a thing wished for, but they do have purpose. And I would dare to say you are right in thinking you should attend. Though what makes you fear this heralad something more deadly? For I do not think you mean those of ill intent simply taking advantage of the panic that came."

"Mobs and burnings is what it is going to herald." There is annoyance in Wenna's voice when she mentions burning. "Our father used to threaten Aldren and I with the temple. I do not wish that on anyone. It would be better to give a clean death and to be burned alive." She visibly shudders at the thought. "We will see if cooler heads prevail or if we are thrown back into some sort of chaotic nonsense. You would think that with one of the eight being a healer and the patron of science that some logic would be used." She goes to settle herself down into her chair. The crutches are set aside and she picks up the cup and cradles it in her hands as she closes her eyes. She takes a sip of the brew. "Not all that cannot be understood is evil. Sometimes evil is takes on a familiar form." She continues to sip her tea and they can see the muscles in her shoulders beginning to relax from the witches brew she is drinking.

Caedmon holds the chair for Wenna and then circles to his customary place across from her. He nods. "Nor is all strangeness also evil," he agrees. "Consider spiders and serpents. They are common. Some bring evil. Others bring good. Some are both evil and good, depending on the circumstance, like those orange spiders." He takes his cup in his hands. "There was more than darkness, love," he adds before he sips. "If you were withi the castle, you likely did not feel it. There was a cold to chill the bones, and a dread like that on Inouv's night."

"Believe me I felt the cold and I felt I like I had Fallon breathing down my neck. My bones ache from that cold, and I started to bleed like a stuck pig. I was my office in my infirmary. Damn near frighten me to death that sense about fallon, the cold and bleeding happen. The pain was sharp like when I first broke my leg or woke from the amputation. Then someone screamed about dying and the world coming to an end. Thank goodness most healers fall back on logic and the need to self medicate in the privacy of their own homes." She holds up her tea. "I had to get more rope to the stable. Poppy and those spiders have been my friend today. I am certain one of them is going to go running back to the temple screaming that we used sorcery on them. It will do them little good as I have priests of Sheat who are members of the healer's guild." She responds back as she continues to sip her tea.

A small nod comes at Wenna speaks of the burnings,"There was reason Aidan sought to limit them, even if only to keep the practice from the hands of any outside the Temple." Nylie draws a faint sip of tea,"But who is to say that the Temples will not take this as opening to go more fully after those who yet practice old tradtions and give worship to those beyond the Eight. " A matter that does seem to trouble her to some degree. Nodding towards her brother,"Aye, not all that is strange is evil. Sometimes simply just an unknown, though I do think I could do without any more time with those orange spiders. " She hesitates a moment before adding to what Caedmon says,"There was that dread…but there was also a sense of exhilaration. It was an odd…feeling." Falling silent as she listens to what befell Wenna here in the castle during the event, shaking her head a little. Simiply murmuring,"It is strange tidings to be certain, but I am glad you were least within the castle and close to help and get what help you needed."

"You suffered more than most, love, because you see the pain of others, and in your compassion, it becomes your own," Caedmon sympathizes. "As for Fallon's spectre, I felt a connection with that while Cri was blotting the sun and bringing darkness over the land." He frowns. "I wonder if we are alone in this experience, or if people in other places witnessed such strange things."

"It would have been the same even if I was not in the castle. I would not be surprised if there were more suicides and murders over this." Wenna shrugs her shoulders. "A person is rather intelligent a mob is not. I recall one of the Festivals of Sheat. The mob turned quickly on the inventor and burned him. Unfortunately this happens more often than not. What is even more sad is that we who are of Greenshire or Skyforest are more tolerant but we are also seen more as the Country Bumpkins. I am the first of the Greenshire line to marry a Kilgour, ironically one born in Skyforest." She finishes her tea and becomes more relaxed and tongue looser. "As far as I am concerned the temple can be damned. I would not even want Fallon to burn in a fire." Her eyes become distant and she shakes her head. "Those they dangerous should be offered mercy by a quick kill. We do not do not barbeque an animal while it is still alive why should we do that to a human. I remember when I was young my father did take me to one of the burnings. I will never forget it. It is not the way to die. My brother thinks it is still a fitting punishment if he feels his family was harmed. But he and I differ on that topic." She rambles. Reaching for her crutches she goes to make herself another cup of her witches brew. With her brew in hand she returns to the table. The food had not been touched yet. "Caedmon that is the past and if anything there others out there that share my pain when it comes to Blackshire. As for the other I will ask when they are more coherent. I have a few of them in the infirmary. One lady thought I was of the oblivion."

"I cannot imagine we are alone in what was witnessed, brother. But it could not hurt to send messages to inquire and discover what was seen else where and what occurs. " Nylie nods to Wenna,"It is quite true, the mob never paues to think or listen, even if the Temple does not say a thing people will react upon their own on what they think is right. Such as those you have already dealt with seeking to end their own lives. " A small breathe is drawn before Nylie notes,"While I agree on the matter of burning, none deserve such a death. Even if Tyrel was more a diplomat, even as King he could not decree how the Temple would choose to punish those they seek to punish. We can only hope and pray that they would use such a punishment sparringly. " Makes it more effective a deturent then, right? "And in having seen your brother when he has thought of his family in danger or harms way, I think he would think any punishment to swift. I suppose thankfully, my husband's mother was such a Country Bumpkin as well," a Forrester like her own mother," and Lakeshire would also have great belief in the Guardian of the Lake. "

Caedmon remains quiet while the women speak, but he does nod at their agreement about the burning. "I can see why people became fearful. They will need time to recover, and I hope that not many fell into darkness by their fear." He looks at the pot and then stands. He lift the lad and copious steam billows from the container. "We should eat before the stew grows cold," he urges. He reaches across the table to take up Egan's bowl first. He fills it with stew. Then he takes Nylie's, and Wenna's. Next, he cuts the bread and indicates the butter and honey. "Help yourselves," he invites. Finally, he fills his own bowl and settles in his seat. "Did anyone report … seeing things?"

"We all have a bit of the oblivion in us. It is why one of the aspects of the eight is dark and Umbra the keep of secrets lies is not very bright and cheerful herself." She tells them both as she sips her tea. Her face is more relaxed. "You do not know my twin dear Nylie, but despite that if you are family he will watch out for you no matter what grief you bring him." She smiles a little. "I think we are more clannish than I first thought." She adds. She looks at Nylie. "Each providence that is not Darfeild has their unique rituals." She looks to her husband and frowns. "Seeing what?"

Caedmon gets a gruff,"Thank you," from Egan when his bowl is filled up. The ranger generally keeping quiet upon the topics at hand. "Is it only those who turn to Inouv that would seem to fall into darkness, brother. Or do you take the view of the Temple that those who do still keep to the old ways are taking steps that way? Or have already fallen?" Accepting her own bowl of stew in good time and taking up a slice of bread, buttering it and applying a good amount of honey. Nylie has a baby to eat for too! A bit of a smile goes to Wenna,"Aye, I am aware of that, Aldren treats me well like family, I think I end up with the most hugs out of him. And have been able to spend more time with he than yourself. Though I am quite certain, I could never bring im near as much grief as you do."

"I refer to people wanting to harm themselves to drive away evil," Caedmon explains. "No matter what god they beseech, whether the Eight or others, I would not have them bringing harm to themselves or to those who love them." Then he looks between Nylie and Wenna, and then he cautiously clarifies his last question. "In a time like this, I would not doubt that some will claim to have seen some … vision to forewarn us, or even visitations of the gods."

Wenna gets a sharp look in her eye and she nods. "Nay you are right, I think I have the edge on that one. I do not mean to." She tells Nylie. "I am glad that you are close to him." She gets a far off look in her eyes as she continues to sip her drink. She leans back against her chair and shifts her weight to get more comfortable. She looks to husband. "I will ask them when they wake, if they are coherent enough to ask." She shakes her head. "I am sure if the fires are called I will be the first in line for it." She offers a little laugh. "Alden will be next in line husband. Now as for the others we will have to see if the Temple uses common sense and Logic and remembers that there are other gods whorshiped by other countries and by those who live in this land."

Nylie offers a faint smile to Wenna,"He and I have our own diagreements, but that seems to be a way of family, no? But aye, I do not think I shall ever have that particular edge over you." There is some toying with her spoon and the stew for a time before Nylie looks to Caedmon,"Is it not possible that they would have visions of visitations? " Her spoon is given another stir,"What if I claimed to have recieved…dreams from Lughdon? Even not in recent days but within the past year?" Nylie inclines her head towards Wenna a little, noting softly,"I would end up in that line myself soon enough. " If the Temple truly took to routing out those who worshipped otherwise, it would only be a matter of time. Truly. The stew is slowly partaken of.

Caedmon listens to the conversation, and he nods slowly when each raises questions that suggest some personal concern about the temple and how they might fare under an inquisition. When Nylie takes the question on a personal turn, asking about herself, glances to Wenna and then he studies Nylie for a long moment. Then he lowers his spoon and reaches for his cup. "I have learned some peculiar things in recent times," he confesses. Then he questions gently, "Have you had such dreams, Nylie, either while sleeping or while awake?"

Still sipping her tea Wenna mutters, "Mutually assured destruction." She now is silent as she listens.

Nylie gives a slight nod to Caedmon at his question,"Aye, Caedmon, I have had such dreams. Prior to when they have been had, a red poppy fresh and perfect appears within the milk offered. " She pauses a moment before adding,"Even when such a flower could not be found for the snow yet upon the ground at the time. It has not happened oft, but I have had such dreams. I know not if it has anything to do with what occurs now, I do not pretend to know such. And obviously, it is not a thing I have dared to raise with..well more than one or two. Let alone to broach such with some priest or priestess."

Caedmon casts an inquisitive glance to Wenna at her muttered comment, but turns swiftly to Nylie's answer. He inclines hush head to her. His eyes cut subtly to Egan but they return to his sister. "You are not alone," he comments in a quiet tone, "but it is something that you would not wish to discuss with any whom you cannot trust with your life."

Egan does not seem to be one hearing about this for the first time, likely one tasked to ensure that the poppy had not been placed by some person. His gruff tones stating after a mouthful of stew,"I have long sworn oath to protect her to my dying breathe." And in goes another mouthful of stew. Nylie does not spare a glance towards Egan, simply nodding. There was a reason he and the handful of others had remained with her. "And cannot I trust you so with my life, brother? For I would not have raised mention of it, if I had not thought such was the case. "

Caedmon takes a few bites of his stew while Nylie answers about her peculiar experiences. Then he bows his head to Egan. "You are right to be cautious," he agrees with his sister. "Not everyone believes that such things happen. Some deny that they ever happened." He glances again to Wenna, who seems content to sip her tea for the moment. He takes a slow breath and continues. "As I said, Nylie, You are not alone, although not all need to offer prayers to receive visions, and in some cases, visits, from the gods." He spoons more stew into his mouth, eats it, and then reaches for his cup and sips from it before questioning, "Does the duke know of your experience? Where does he stand on such matters?"

"Aye, I am aware, brother. And even there are those who would simply report me to the Temple, which is never a thing to risk, even in the best of times." Nylie was all to aware of that, now just…made a need for more caution. There is a faint smile, a hint of sadness to it,"I do not believe it was my offerings or prayers that was the reason…..but that I had ceased to play. " Inquiring gently in turn,"You then received such..visions, Caedmon? Was that why you had the look earlier, it was like you were there but not." A bit of bread is torn away a dab of honey added to it,"He is not aware of the details of it, but he is aware of my practices. And he is accepting. For he, himself gives faith into the Guardian of the Lake, and has spoken to me of his own experiences and…visitations from the Guardian. In truth, I think I caught a glimpse of Him when we saw to one of the traditions after our marriage. " There is a quiet look given towards Caedmon, some added level in trust in sharing such information regarding her husband, his own life entrusted in some way as well perhaps. A flickering look towards Wenna as well.

When Nylie begins to speak, seeming to confide in Caedmon more than he had expected, his first reaction is a slight, almost imperceptible nod of the head. He finishes his stew while his sister continues to speak. Then he sets the bowl aside. "The visions and the visits come without sacrifice or prayer of invitation," he answers, now confident in the trust that is forming. "They come without warning, whetheer I am awake or asleep."

The stew is finished in time, the honey slathered bread saved for last, pieces torn and toyed with some as it to is slowly made work of over time by Nylie. "Do they seem to fortell of what is coming or give hints to it? Or are they more as mine have perhaps been, messages. Or are they both?" It is asked with a turn of curiosity, but there is a hint to her look that does give way to understanding if he does not wish to speak of the perticulars, she will not press him for them.

"Most foretell, although a few seem to have been … tests, perhaps so that I would know something that I needed to know about myself or … others." He takes a piece of the bread, butters it, and adds honey. "As I said, I have seen … strange things, terrible things, things that I cannot explain. In a few cases, others have shared in the same dream or vision with me, although they might not recall it." He glances to Wenna the Silent again. "Lately, I have … seen the past as well, my own past, another life." "What happened today was … a foretelling."

"Caedmon it is time for you tell her more about yourself." Wenna says to husband as she goes to get another cup of tea. Her movements are the same as always, slow and slow.

"Sometimes….I think we are in need of testing, whether we have wish for it or not." Nylie does give a slight look to Caedmon when he speaks of some being shared with others. While she maybe curious about that, she does not press about the others. "The past? It is a thing to be learned from is it not, perhaps seeking to remind or teach of something," Nylie faintly muses on that point. "What did it seem to..foretell?" Before an eyebrow arches a little to what Wenna says, Nylie looking back towards her brother with a hint of questioning. ANd while Nylie might think to offer asstence to Wenna, or even Egan, both have learned well enough the woman is stubborn and it would get them no where to offer, but a lecture!

When Nylie asks about the latest vision, Caedmon lowers the bread and swallows the bite that he was chewing. A grim frown spreads over his face. "I saw a battlefield, men of Mobrin preparing to face men of Lanniveer. Suddenly, the sky grew dark as it did today. Cri blotted the sun. The air became cold, with the bitter scent that follows a fire. With flashes of bright light, giants appeared. They were as tall as two men and as black as the blackest coal. One raised a huge horn to his lips and blew it. The ground shook, and all men were full of fear. The giants drew swords that burst into flame, and then begin to kill men of Mobrin and men of Lanniveer without discrimination, slaughtering for the sake of sloughier, and laughing a cold, cruel laugh." He glances to Wenna, and he adds, "It was the kind of laugh that I have heard once, from a baron of Blackforge." He shakes his head, and when she urges him to tell Nylie more about himself, he bites his bottom lip and nods. "I will," he agrees.

The bread is forgotten of as Nylie listens to what her brother speaks about what vision he had this day. Even Egan gives greater attention to the words of his charge's brother and begins to look quite grim to evison the scene himself. Nylie shivers at the last of it is spoke of. "I…do not even know what to say of that. Awful, dreadful..does not seem to even begin to cover even hearing of such a scene, let alone to imagine what it must have been for you to have such come to you." A hand reaches to touch to her brother's arm, a squeeze given in some form of comfort if possible. "It has been a long day, brother, and much within it. I do not deny I wish to hear more about this, of you. But if you would wish to have some rest and speak more another day, I would understand. "

Caedmon takes a slow breath. He visibly shudders and reaches for his cup of tea. When Nylie's hand touches his, he stops and fixes his gaze upon her. Again, he nods slowly. "Words are inadequate. I do not wish to end with such dark notes, but I do not choose what comes to me in such visions," he admits. "Still, you are wise to suggest rest for all of us. We should speak again soon." He starts to push his chair away from the table. "I will walk you to the door. Are you staying in the castle or in your manor at Stormvale?"

"Often have we not chosen what has come to us, and it seems what ha often been said, of our lives never being easy, remains yet true, perhaps more so in these days." Nylie gives a dip of her head,"It has been a long day and rest for us all would be good," including Wenna in this with a look. Knowing the woman has much ahead of her with all that occurs needing the care of healers in these times. Rising to walk with Caedmon to the door,"Though let us end upon a happier thought, for I shall bring the nuts promised to your protector and my flute so I may play that piece for you. And for the time, with the other events that have been occuring, the castle. Rest well, Wenna, and you as well, my brother and we will see each other again soon." Seeking to give a long and warm hug to Caedmon before taking her leave, Egan taking up after her to see her safely back to the suites being used.

She is standing and she is holding a nother cup of her tea. "Sleep well Nylie and thank you for your company this evening." Wenna says to her as she offers her a bow of her head.

Caedmon escorts Nylie to the door and stops there to share that long and were hug."Be safe, sweet sister," he murmurs to her. "If you need to tai, at any time, come to us. We will be here or in Albion. If we roam elsewhere, we will write to you so that you will know." Then he bows his head to Egan. "I know your skills better than some might suppose. I am glad that you care for my sister, and have sworn yourself. to her. I know that she will be safe as long as you live. Be wall."

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