House Benthur
Heraldry for House Benthur
House: Benthur
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Sutherland
Fortification: Redstone Manor
Motto: Be always Vigilant
Colors: Red & Gold
Liege: House Crawford
Vassals: None
Rank: Knight House
Head of House: Sir Arto Benthur
Predecessor: Sir Patrick Benthur deceased
Heir: None Yet


House Benthur is a common Knight house, vassal of House Crawford and have served that family for many years. They own land in the province of Sutherland a decent sized estate and property called Redstone Manor. Many fierce knights known not only for strength and bravery but also cunning come from this house. They are known for several things. One is their red armor. All knights from House Benthur wear at least some red onto the battlefield. Some say it makes them a target but their traditions claim it will bring victory and good luck and it is also good for hiding blood.

History & Culture

With the warmer weather, Benthur makes a good portion of their money growing corn and maize as well as milo. (grain sorghum) They transport the latter all over Mobrin, and to some of the more tropical destinations. It is their main export.

The House is made up strictly of Common Knights and common women. It is unheard of for a male to not commit to being a knight. To date, it has never happened nor is it likely. They are strong believers in their traditions and customs and when a boy reaches the age to become a page, a Knight selects him and he spends time training through being a squire up until the very formal Knighting ceremony where the entire city is invited to witness as well as their Liege House nobles.


A longstanding tradition, jewelry, often a bracelet or amulet given to a man when he comes of age. He will receive two, a matching set. When the man wishes to court a woman he will offer to give her the second piece of the set as he will wear the first from his coming of age until he dies or wishes to dissolve the relationship.

Another less romantic tradition include always having a weapon at the ready. Often knights of the house will sleep with their blades close near the bed or put a dagger underneath their pillow. The boys of the house are trained from age five to fight and specialize at age ten and the girls often are married off to another house or a merchant family. Overall they are a rather well off house and are known for their common nights.


Redstone Manor is made from granite and when the sun shines on it, it shows as bright red. In the darkness, it's a dark and somber red that the residents have called home for years and years. It is one of the smaller castles around, but it's still impressive! The lands are green and lush, fertile.

Current Members

Cole Mackenzie Benthur (Brother to Arto)

Open for application

Sons of Cole: Cambrick Mackenzie Benthur 16 and Blakely Mackenzie Benthur 17


Siblings: Vivian

Political Relations

Kilgour.PNG House Kilgour: TBD

Family Tree

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