Misha Collins
Misha Collins as Benedict Eberlin
Full Name: Benedict Eberlin
Age: 21
Kingdom: Rustles Island
House: Moniwid
Position: Lord Sir
Place of Birth: Rustles Island
Father: Stephane Eberlin
Mother: Rosalie Eberlin
Siblings: (unamed older brother and unamed younger sister)
Spouse: None Yet
Children: None Yet


A knight in service of House Moniwid.

Benedict Eberlin was born the second of three with an older brother and much younger sister. His family small nobility running a bit of cleared land given to them by the ruling line of Moniwid as a place to help grow and export medicinal herbs as well as some food crops to help support the resources already provided.

He grew up in these lands and despite their dangers of snakes which he learned to tell one apart from another as well as many other animals the land held, and sometimes hardships it was a character building time for the young man learning hard work discipline and honor. When he was old enough he decided that he wished to do more for the lands.

The young man left his home at fifteen being accepted into the small but prestige's knight core. He had been to the Morniwid castle before it's true with his family but moving to begin his training there was a struggle at first to get used to the differences.

It was after many years and now himself a man that he made a knight from a squire having learned enough to carry on with the knightly tradition. His family able to supply him with all he needed it was time for him to take up the job which he had sought after since working as a boy.

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