Inouv 9, 228: Beggars and Choosers

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Summary: Lord Trevian meets with Araltaidan, Eliylw and Dandy. Dwale happens past and a lesson is learned about why one should not feed the beggars.
OOC Date: 11/27/2013
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Market Street
Closer to the river, a bustling circle of shops big and small, hawkers, and tradespeople has grown into a full fledged grand market. This little area has become known as the Market Place, and is where most, if not all, buying and selling in Stormvale takes place. Interesting aromas and sounds are known to come from this area, as it's also where a lot of the crafting takes place. Small stalls and carts are interspersed wherever there is room around more permanent buildings and even pavillions set up for special events. Rumour has it there is a thriving black market here, if you know who to talk to.
9th day of Inouv, 228

The weather, being as it is during this time of year, made shopping impossible. It was truly too cold to spend any time outside without being properly guarded against the chill which Eliylw was not. Today the weather has not improved much, if at all, but the red-haired healer insisted they go out today and is dressed warmly in a thicker dress made out of wool and a cloak, the latter not bearing the fur those the nobles wear but is still able to ward off the worst of the cold.

Araltaidan, her near-constant companion of late, is with her as she wanders the various stalls, her arm linked through his in a habit recently developed, trying very hard to look for some ribbons for her hair. "It looks like you might be right. This appears to be the wrong time for such shopping," she murmurs lowly, trying to keep the disappointment from her voice.

Eliylw turns to look behind them, Aralt's normal attentiveness to their surroundings having rubbed off on her. It's the sailor she notices first, Dandy watched for a moment before her attention drifts and Trevian is next seen. It's the bow that gets her to blink and it's stared at for a moemnt before she looks at the bow Aralt has with him. "I think there is another from Sky Forest present," she points out before moving on, letting the Ranger follow as he will.

The next stall has a few ribbons, thankfully, the colors of which favor the fall and winter seasons with earth tones and pale blues and grays being what can be readily found. The selection isn't very large which helps Eli decide to buy them all, paid for easily by her own coin if Aralt doesn't offer to pay for them for her. "These are lovely," she comments easily, both to compliment the vendor who made them as well as voice her opinion of the wares.

Dwale lurches down the roadway, his ungainly swinging gait calling attention to him despite his staying to the side of the street. Dirty scraps of cloth show at the edges of his clothing where rags have been stuffed in to keep the chill at bay. His hood is up and pulled low but his matted rat's nest of a beard hangs down on his chest. The beard is stained and frozen stiff, the source of it becomes apparent as he turns his head to spit a stream of brown. The last few dribbles fall into his beard to extend the length of the frozen mass in the bitter wind.

Dandy Notices the Trio, first the pair by the ribbon merchant, then the other man with his bow, as Dandy looks at the side ally and grins for abit as he moves away from the alley and towards the pair as after recent activites in the tavern he's incline to see if there is anything to buy for a lady or two. Dandy waits for the pair to conclude their business before he moves in to see what is left to purchase if anything. Even if his own stash of coin is diminishing a bit.

Araltaidan pays those who come close the most attention, otherwise his focus is upon Eli and what she is seeking as that is his current duty while his wounds mend. "Now, wait, I said I would bring you to market to buy your ribbons. Put away your coin, Eli." Aralt would pay for them himself, adding very low, "It is my treat."

It is not the other bowman who catches his eye, but the bearded man who comes to join them on Eli's side. The Royal Ranger eyes him and probably can smell him as well, offering quietly to draw Eli away from the man to give 'Dandy' room at the cloth vendor's tent. It is only belatedly that Aralt notices the other bowman as they begin to turn away from the stall. Grey eyes linger upon Trevian to study the man. Very low he says to Eli, "I believe I know who he may be, though I have not been home much this past decade."

As Trevian grows closer to the pair at the ribbon vendor one might notices the bow is of a recurve type. Damned snow, must have made it seemed like a longbow from the distance. The clothing he wears, although simple, is of fine make. The winter-fox cloak covered in the tails of the white furred creatures, each ending blackish at the tip. If it weren't for the cloak's hood sitting easy on his upper back and away from his face it be easy to miss him in the snow- even in the city. He walks carefully as if afraid to make too much noise or simply used to being quiet. His steps carry him forward towards the pair. His destination becomes clear soon enough- the vendor just next to Araltaidan and Eli. "Tell me, friend," The man begins as he looks over the Vendor's wares- little gifts. "I'm shopping for my sister. I'm pretty sure she still likes clothing and the like, but you could slap me with a bag of fashion and I'd still not know what to do with it." he says with an easy grin as he reaches into one of his many pouches to pull out a pipe. He starts to fill it with some sort of dried herb. "Anyways, seeing as its winter and you carry shawls and the like I'm curious if you have something in fine goat hair, or a good weave of wool." The Ranger in question looks to Eli and Aralt, giving a nod of his head. A friendly sort, this one.

Eliylw is easily moved out of the way when her escort seeks to make room for the other man but she's distracted. First by the bow, again, and then by the sight of the other man who has come up. "Oh! Thank you," she whispers up to Aralt before leaning in, whispering something into his ear. Doing so puts her gaze at the right angle to catch sight of Dwale who gets watched. Trevian's commentary to the vendor has her giggling which, in turn, gets her to blush as she realizes she might be seen as being rude for doing so. "How old is your sister and what color does she like," she asks of the man.
Eliylw mutters to Araltaidan, "I will need… ribbons,… do…"

Araltaidan has indeed paid some of the King's good silver for Eli's fancy hair ribbons and doesn't mind the slighest - some of them are silk and a bit costly, but others not so much. "Thank you," he bids the merchant, then pauses in his step to hear her whisper. The ranger lifts his dark brows at her, "Will you now?" He hefts his small purse which is alreadr reduced, "Mayhap you will need to wait for my wounds to heal."

Dwale stops his progress looking over the growing gaggle of nobility. He eyes the main street then the space behind the stands then spits again. He tugs his cloak a bit tighter around himself and tries to keep out of the wind. As he moves close to one of the vendor's stalls he gets shooed away back into the wind. Another brown stream is directed at the ground in front of the vendor's stall and a few curses are traded before the twisted man crosses to the other side of the street.

Dandy nods to the pair as he's allowed to move up to discuss withe merchant. Dandy eyes moving to the second ranger and then Dwale in turn. Dandy seems to focus primarly on lavender, and then finds a sea green, and ocean blue mix before he finds a sharp scarlet as he only purchse a bit of each of the cloth. His hands not slipping to far from the opening of his cloak as purchases the material pays for it and then everything is withdrawn back into the cloak and its protection.

A small sliver of wood comes out- and someone passing with an oddly convienant lamp is paused in his trek to share a bit of fire as Trevian thinks a moment, "Well, we're twins so I'm guessing twenty years of age." Trev begins with a sort of lopsided grin as he puffs on that herb in his pipe. "She's fond of Forrester colors. Green is always a safe bet." he continues, "Poor dear was recently kidnapped- heard she got back safe and sound though. Still, figured I'd come to check up on her. See what's going on that noblewomen were kidnapped from the area. Maybe offer a little help where I can." he says, making simple conversation. "Trevian Forrester." he offers, with a nod of his head. "A pleasure to meet you." he says with a smile. He inhales slowly on that pipe, puffing away as the fragrance of the herbs wafts slowly down the street.

"You do not need to buy everything for me," Eli points out with a smile to Aralt but whatever else she might say is forgotten when Trevian answers. "Oh! You're Lady Nimue's brother," she asks although doing so really is unnecessary since there has only been the one kidnapped noblewoman that she's aware of. The man gets a quick curtsey from her before Dwale catches her eye again and she pivots to watch him while she addresses Dandy. "I think a soft rust color would look nice…"

Araltaidan keeps a discreet eye on the men moving around them, mostly for Eli's sake. But most of his attention is for Trevian. He both inclines his head and lays his right fist over his heart to greet the Forrester, "M'lord, I am familiar with the Lady Nimue's plight for I was among those who saw to her safe return. I would be pleased to appraise you of the events … in private. Though I am certain she will have an inside view you might also wish to hear for yourself."

Dandy turns his gaze upon the woman briefly as she speaks to him, from beneath his hood and says in that neearly angelic sounding voice. "Thank you most kindly for that suggestion. " as he bows his head slightly, faces the merchant and makes the purchase of the cloth that best matches the ladies suggestion. Once it too is paid for its sliped back under his cloak. Dandy then steps back and bows. Before he distances himself from the growing group and back towards the bard tale inn.

Dwale shifts from one leg to the other in an effort to prevent himself from freezing solid. As the nobility continue to cast inspection his way he shrinks a little further and further back.

"I am. A pleasure to meet you both. And you, Sir, I owe a drink if you were among those who rescued my Sister." Trev states with a smile towards Aralt. The Ranger's eyes flit towards the others. Nose twitching. Dandy and Dwale both noticed even as the sailor headed towards the tavern. Trevian's eyebrows knit together as he looks at the common man freezing in the cold. He looks to the vendor, "Rust colored you say?" he asks of the woman before nodding to the vendor. "And that cloak." he says, pointing to a warm looking wool thing in green.

Where are his manners? Aralt adds low, "I am called Aralt, m'lord. Araltaidan Dubhwyr. I formerly served your house ere I came into the King's service." The bowman with Eli otherwise makes no offer upon what the Lady Nimue might favour - that might be unseemly to suggest he would have any idea.

Eliylw looks between the two she's speaking with and Dwale, the latter being what drives her into action. "Excuse me a moment," she whispers to them before making a mad dash towards the chocola shop. What she's doing in there won't be apparent until she returns several moments later, a hot cup of chocola in hand. It is brought over to Dwale who gets a smile as well as the hot drink offered to him. "I'll need to return the cup when you are done but… here. Please enjoy it." Hopefully he won't spit on her as a response for her trying to help.

Dwale lifts a cloth wrapped hand as the cup and drink are presented to him, "Ehh?" The questioning sound rolls out from somewhere in the back of his throat. He takes hold of the cup and holds it there his frosted hood crinkling as his head swivels between the woman and men. He puts his hand other hand on his chest and bows his head keeping his gaze on the ground. The balancing does not appear to be particularly easy for him as he takes a step to the side to brace his locked leg more solidly. "Thank ya." He manages over the ice crackle as his beard is bent.

The nobleman smiles at the act of kindness and succor for the gentleman freezing his rocks off nearby. Trevian had much the same idea, although his was more cloak shaped. "You're a good man, Aralt." Trev says, "I love my sister dearly, and I'm glad to know that men of Sky Forest were there to rescue her. I will not soon forget your actions in defense of my dear sister." the Ranger states to the other as he offers Aralt a hand. He does look over his shoulder to speak quietly to the Vendor. "Go, bring that man the cloak. He need not know who purchased it for him, just that it is his to use in good health." The nobleman turns back then to the Ranger with a smile as the vendor goes off to do just that. Surely if a Nobleman is at her stall no one will be stealing a thing.

To Trevian, Aralt smiles faintly, "None of us forget where we come from, m'lord, even if I now serve House Kilgour." His baritone as usual is kept low in volume. He partly turns to see whyfor Eli leaves off his arm, watching after her. The shift in his position makes Aralt slip his left hand into his cloak as though he had a wound that gives him trouble, a subtle tightening of his face. But he says nothing upon it and awaits Eli's return, quietly watching.

Dwale shifts a few more steps as his gaze travels from one pair of boots to another. After a break in their conversation he leans to the side so he can get to his pouch. He works a large flat leave free of the pouch then brings it to his mouth. He twists a little bit to the side but flexibility is not his trademark and any who look can easily see as he pushes a green and brown mass out of his mouth into the leaf then spits the remnants out onto the ground. He drops his hand to the side and squeezes the leaf wringing the last of the spit out before crumpling the leaf and putting it and the soggy wad back into his pouch. He runs his sleave over his lips to clear them then lifts the cup up and takes a little sip and swallows. "It's good." He comments though he cannot have taken much of any into his mouth.

Eliylw smiles and then pulls out some coins from a pouch, those too offered to Dwale. It's more than enough for a few nights' rental of a room at one of the city's inns as well as several meals. "I am glad you're enjoying it," she says softly, her attention solely on the unusual man. "I do hope that…" Her nose wrinkles slightly at the sight of the chewed leaves but then the smile returns, "… you'll be alright. My name is Eliylw. I am a healer. If you are ever in need of one do not hesitate in asking one of the guards to get a message to me." With that she turns and heads back to the others.

Dwale shifts the cup to the the other hand and extends the cleaner one, palm up and flat. "I weren't meanin to be beggin or nothing, missus, jus waitin on ya to be finished." He doesn't turn down the coins, not at all, but he keeps a red-rimmed eye on the nobleman and the ranger to make sure they heard that he wasn't begging. Time spent in the stocks for begging in this weather could be deadly.

Araltaidan watches Eli with that strange man closely. Faintly he too wrinkles his nose at the filthy habit of chewing tobacco or whatever herb it is, rather than smoking it. He doesn't look like a man who approves but neither is he interfering, except to be watchful. Aralt is content with the man's answer, "We are finished here, if you have your own business."

That Vendor steps out with the wool cloak and brings it to Dwale. "Someone thought you were cold. Said to give this to you." She states, just handing the thing over to the man without much ceremony. She had work to do, after all. Its back to the stall with her after that to nod to Trevian who smiles simply. He continues to puff away on his pipe as he takes the shawl he's purchased and places it in the sack he's carrying that looks as if it was just made on the fly. "Kind people here." he says to himself. "Good to see."

Eliylw turns and blinks once before giving Dwale a nod. "I am sorry. You looked so cold." And it wasn't just her who thought Dwale was in need of help as there's the cloak-bearing lady offering the warmth-providing item to him. "I hope I did not offend you." Now she feels awkward and it shows in how sheepish she looks when she turns slightly, giving Trevian and Aralt a slight shrug, no longer sure that she did the right thing. Hopefully Dwale'll understand.

Dwale wraps the cloak around himself and bows his head again, "Thank you." He says, then he starts moving away, but the exchange has not gone unnoticed. A slow trickle of urchins, scamps, cripples and hard-luck cases are begining to gather, each more pathetic than the one before. Coughs start sounding, followed by complaints of children to young rail thin mothers of cold feet and empty bellies. The lame struggle through the snow while the destitute offer to run any sort of errand for a copper to buy food. Amidst this Venan works to make his way out of the attention, balancing the cup of chocola carefully, but more firmly gripping the new cloak and the handful of coins.

If Eli steps back, Aralt offers her his arm once more, "It would be polite of you to ask. I might be offended myself if you assumed I could not see to myself, mistress. It will also make you an easy mark for beggers." True enough, some have taken notice and are gathering. The Royal Ranger gives them a hard eye, "Do not dog us. Go to the temple - there is food and clothing to be given to those who need it, and work for those who would earn it." It would seem that Aralt is not as charitable as some.

Trevian's not long in his spot as the others have moved on- he's walking again through the streets, pulling up his hood to keep the snow and cold out as he continues on his way.

Of all the things to be chastized it is this that Aralt chooses to do so over? Not how she left his side without warning or anything else like that but rather over her mistake when she tried to help someone? Eli feels a lump forming in her throat and tears come to her eyes, slightly upset over his reaction but she tries her hardest not to let it show the kind of impact it has on her. "I apologize," she murmurs while linking her arm through his once more. When Trevian moves she calls out, "We will get news to your sister for you, My Lord."

Araltaidan is … not trusting of people converging on him and he's protective of Eli. He faintly inclines his head to Trevian as the Forrester moves off on his own business. Aralt keeps his voice low, "I do not mean to chastize so much as to warn. No need to apologize, Eli. I do not wish to see you hurt. Charity is good in the eyes of the gods and you did nothing wrong, but do think. Many a desperate man in this city has taken advantage of women of late … the Lady Nimue, for example, and the Baroness Caillin. So, I wish only that you take care. If you wish to help those who are in need, you might do well to work at the temple in your spare time."

Dwale continues to worm his way out of sight pausing for a moment to pass the cup to a trio of scrawny kids. He leans down and whispers something to the eldest, a girl who could be approaching thirteen. The girl considers the cup for a moment then nods moving off with the pair hot on her heels looking to get a share of the treat. At the word 'Nimue' the begging crowd collectively flinches and when 'Caillin' follows all but the most desperate of beggars move off for pastures with less vengeful words floating about.

Eliylw only needed a little time to get over the worst of her hurt feelings and the rest disappear when Araltaidan speaks again although she does have to reach up to wipe her nose with some care put into trying to be discreet when she does. "I understand. Thank you for reminding me of that. I was careless." Feeling better now, she rests her head on the Ranger's shoulder while gathering what they bought on this outing. "I do think I am done, now. Shall we return to the castle and get warm?"

Eli's escort gives a faint nod of his head, "Those who go to temple to seek help are also known to the temple and less likely to be pretenders who wish to take advantage of the innocent." Aralt tries to reassure Eli. "Aye, let us go where it is warmer. The ribbons will be pretty in your hair or tied to your sleeves or boddices." He smiles a little for her and turning, glances back to keep an eye that they not be followed too closely.

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