13th Sess, 229: Before You Go

Before You Go
Summary: Eoin, Elisabeth and Kieryn talk before the latter two depart Stormvale.
OOC Date: 28/Feb/2014 (Backscene)
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Grand Foyer - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
The front doors lead into a small hall where you may hang your cloak and such items. From there, tall vaulted ceilings shoot upwards, ornately decorated with cedar crown molding stained to a dark brown and matching the chair rail and baseboards. The walls themselves are of the brightest white above and a dark green accent on the lower half, seemingly sponged in for subtle effect. Large tables line the walls and each is set with candelabras. A crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the room helping lend to the illumination. The floors are made of sturdy oak planks and already have the scratches of ones being danced upon.
The atmosphere is usually bright and festive despite the ongoing war outside. In one corner, a magnificent harpsichord awaits and in the opposite a piano of the finest make. Both are handcrafted instruments and the benches in front of them always pushed to an awkward angle as if just sat upon. Beautiful paintings of Greenshire hang along the walls the huge room lends an inviting feeling. A spiral staircase leads upwards and there are three hallways leaving in each direction.
13th Sess, 229

With another member of the Haravean clan heading off West, quick preparations were made. Horses for a group of guards as well as a couple for supplies. A carriage with clothing trunks and such will follow behind to catch up in Lakeshire. Elisabeth has risen early to prepare for the day and is in the foyer with her puppy in her arms, overseeing the last of the prepartions. It seems Oscar will become a very spoiled puppy.

Eoin is up early as well, not that that's unusual these days, but today he hasn't disappeared to the docks before breakfast. Instead he's helping sort the logistics of this last minute trip, talking with the hed of the assigned guards and generally doing what he can to ensure that as little as possible is left to chance. Finishing one conversation he turns back to the house to work out what is next on the list when he spots his sister and heads over. With the puppy in her arms he passes on the usual hug, merely leaning over to plant a kiss on her forehead instead. "Good morning Beth. Did you sleep well?"

Elisabeth looks up as Eoin approaches and smiles to her brother. Indeed she looks more rested and relaxed. "I slept better last night. Thank you brother." She says and leans over to give him a cheek kiss. "He was exactly what I needed." She continues and looks down to her puppy ruffling his head with her fingers.

Eoin unthinkingly gives the puppy a fuss too as he nods to the news. "I am glad. I spoke with Master Soven as well last night, and he is happy to work on training him, although I think given teh time you will be away that it won't hurt to try and get some basics at least started back in Greenshire. He won't be small for ever and if he ends up as wild as Cricket.." he leaves the chaos and destruction to her mind's eye before glancing towards the manor gates. "I believe Captain Mowbray is expected shortly. Idon't know if he has spoken with you yet or not, but he hopes there will be time to visit Weston as well."

"I will do some basics, I promise." Elisabeth says as she hugs the pup in her arms. Her maid is instructing the servents in moving some supplies between the carriage and travel horse. "It would be good to see his lands as well." She says. The pair are in the foyer, in the courtyard outside are a group of horses and guards, a carriage that will follow behind the main group and a couple of packhorses for the forward group.

Eoin gives Beth a smile as she makes that promise, he'll stop nagging eventually. Probably. Pulling a sealed letter out of a pouch on his belt his passes it across, "I thought I should write to father, since you would be home. Would you deliever that for me? I won't claim that it's anything exciting but I think he will appreciate the gesutre at least." Then, after a quick glance around to make sure they're not in the way he starts, "there was one more thing I wanted to talk with you about before you depart. It's not something you have to make a decision on here and now if you wish to think on it. You can let me know you will upon your return."

Finally Kieryn shows up at the Haravean Manor, leading his horse, well a servant is leading his horse, as he's supporting his sister Emma since she has a broken ankle and a few of Emma's guards are with them as well. He and the guards help Emma to sit, while Kieryn continues into the house and the foyter. He glances around a few moments and bows to Lis and Eoin. "Sorry, I am a little late, but Emma decided that she wanted to come along with us at the last moment, if that is alright? Can she perhaps ride in the carriage since it will be hard for her to ride a horse with her ankle?"

Elisabeth looks curiously to her brother as the letter is passed and then nods, taking it in hand though having to keep it out of reach of Oscar. "Alright." Then the other words , "I will have much time to think upon things, what is it that you wish to talk about?" She asks before looking up as Kieryn is announced. There is a glance to Emma then back to Kieryn before she nods. "Of course she may join us. The carriage will be an easier journey for her." She says with ease, though perhaps there is a touch of nervousness there.

Eoin turns to give Kieryn a nod in greeting as the man arrives, then looks past him to his sister for a moment, eyeing that ankle. "I suspect you are right that the carriage will be better for her, I'm not sure a stirrup would provide the support needed." That and the jarring up and down will likely not help either. Beyond that though he leaves those kind of travelling arrangements up to them as he turns back to Elisabeth. "I have been thinking," he shoots her an expression that says 'don't laugh' before he continues, "I know that since the Duchess is married now, that your duties with her are changing. Your time with her has no doubt been instructive and the instruction in court life has clearly been good for you, but I can not help but wonder if an older, more experienced lady might be a better match for you. One who can teach you the subtlties of womanhood from their own experience and one whom I know cares a great deal for you."

Kieryn nods in agreement, "I think it would be for the best if it was not newly broken it might be alright, but since it happened just a couple days ago. The healers told her to stay off it as much as possible, but when I told her I was escorting Lady Elisabeth she said she wanted to go." he shakes his head some, his sister can be strange, but he does still feel bad for her falling and breaking the ankle after she kicked his closed bedroom door. He smiles to Lis, "I promsie she wont be too much of a problem." well, he can't guarantee that, but at least she'll be on the carriage behind them and of course her guards and maid will be there too. "Maybe the trip will be good for her as well, especially if we go to Weston afterwards, she has missed her friends there for a while." he's hoping that will put his sister in a better mood and maybe then she'll be more agreeable.

"It would give more reason for the carriage to follow other than to just carry my things. I will be glad for it to be used for good purpose." Elisabeth says with warm words. Perhaps such will give them a point of bonding if she allows this. Even if this was to be a break from family dramas. The words that follow draw a confused look from Elisabeth, "Whom would you recommend brother?" She asks seriously, "I would not want to cause insult to the duchess by chosing another, but I wonder if our paths have diverged somewhat of late." She looks over to Kieryn and nods to the words of his sister. "I know what it is to be so far from home and miss it. Perhaps it will be good to see me in Weston as well. She worries it seems that I am taking her away from her family, when I will be joining yours."

Eoin is not entirely unaware of how Emma has taken the courting, and reaches up a hand to rest on Elisabeth's shoulder and give it a gently, and hopefully reassuring squeeze. He doesn't know the lass himself though, so he leaves further speculation on how she may or may not take things to the other two. Taking a deep breath he answers his sister's question in a slightly more serious tone, since this is important after all, "when I spoke with her to ask advice on the matter, Lady Nylie stated that she would welcome you easily, should you desire it." Noting the comments about Elisabeth becoming a Mowbray a the end there he gives her a wry smile, "join his family or not, you'll still be my baby sister. Remember that if he ever gives you any grief." THat last includes a tilt of his head towards Kieryn, to whom he also offers a quick smile.

Kieryn chuckles and he nods some to Eoin's words, "True, if I ever cause you grief my lady, the kind Admiral here could always cut me up and use me as chum for sharks." he winks, "Though, I can promise that wont happen, at least I do not think that it will." he smiles and nods to Lis. "Well she was made to come here to Stormvale, so yeah, I am hoping a short visit home might help her out. She's stubborn as the rest of us though, so I guess we will see." he shrugs some. "She is my little sister though, so I do have to do whatever I can to make sure she is happy." he grins to Eoin, "Isn't that right, Admiral?"

At the suggestion of who did ask Elisabeth smiles at the suggestion, "Oh brother I would love to consider Nylie. You know I have great affection for her in turn and perhaps we have more in common. It would be something I would have to speak to Roslin on. I know she wished a single lady as her Lady and should I get betrothed that would change things, though we would remain friends either way." She grins at his words and looks over to Kieryn, "Of course dear brother, but I think he could not cause me harm." She says with gentle words. She nods to the words of Emma. "Well I best see to finding a way for Oscar to be comfortable asaddle." She leans up and kisses Eoin's cheek before going over to Kieryn and rises to give him a quick cheek kiss as well. "See you outside shortly."

"If you're lucky," Eoin replies to Kieryn, although the hint of a smile on his face betrays just how unlikely he personally finds that scenario. He nods to the comment about keeping little sisters happy though, it's just one of those undeniable things. Back to Elisabeth thouh he nods, "I do know indeed, and you share so many interests. I think it would be a good change for you, but as I say, you need not decide immediately if you wish the time to think." Returning her kiss with one of his own to her forehead he watches her go then turns to Kieryn, "is there anything else you need before you depart?"

Kieryn smiles to Lis as she kisses his cheek and he kisses her cheek back, "Alright, I wont be too much longer and then will be ready to go." Emma's guards and maid will help her into the carriage when they are ready to go. He ponders for a few moments and shakes his head, "I do not think there is anything else that I need. I do still need to speak with you and Commander Arlen at some time, but I can do that when we get back from this trip. Perhaps I will have a better idea of things when I see things with my own two eyes."

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