Umbra 6, 228: Beachcombing After a Storm

Beachcombing After a Storm
Summary: Venan is doing some beachcombing when Caedmon and Aldren arrive to inquire about wreckage that may be washing up.
OOC Date: October 11, 2013 (OOC)
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Darfield Beach
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a greyish brown in colour, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
Umbra 6, 228

Venan walks out towards the beach from the city. His cloak is tied shut to shelter him from the wind and water as he drops down amongst the rocks towards the waters edge. A large empty rough-woven sack is hung from his shoulder hinting that he may be coming to check what the tide has pulled in.

Venan pins the sack down on a rock high enough to keep it clear of the water, tugs open the drawstrings, then starts tossing bits of driftwood, shells, and the flotsam and jetsam of the docks into it.

Some distance away, Caedmon is walking along the shore, wearing in riding attire and carrying a portable writing desk. He is cooer to the tidal line, and he stops. Kneeling slowly, he begins to watch something in the wet sand. He looks over to Aldren, who is not far from him, and beckons the count toward him. "I was hoping that we'd find one. As I told you, they usually come to the shore after a big rain like the one that we had last night." He takes a stick and prods the object of his interest. A small crustacean begins to scuttle quickly across the sand.

The clouds drift about over the beach, hiding any sky yet blanket a bit of warmth down to the moon. Out on the beach are a few nobles, discussing matters far away from court. One is the Count of Greenshire, Aldren Haravean. He is dressed a little casually in dark green surcoat and matching cloak. He has high riding boots on out here in the sand and his breeches are a bit grayer than usual. "Ah, yes. Good eye." He bends down to take a closer look. then he spies Venan and says, "What is he gathering ya' think?" He continues towards the man, "You there," He hails politely as they near him.

Venan tilts his head then looks around as the sound of voices reach him over the surf. He hops up on one of the larger rocks near him and looks in their direction, "Aye milord?" He asks shading his eyes as he looks towards them, "What can I do for you on this…well let's call it a fine day and maybe we'll feel better about the chill, eh?"

"Aye, tis not so bad." Aldren calls out. He says something quietly to the Chancellor before he continues. "You searching for crabs too?" He looks to his sack now and gestures towards it.

Aldren mutters to Caedmon, "… go… their… carnival goers, impending… lives…"

Caedmon stands and looks toward Venan. "We'll see worse before the winter has run its course," he warns. Looking to Aldren, he nods and murmurs a few words before asking, "Do you come here often, master? If so, I have a request for you."

Caedmon mutters to Aldren, "… but… ware wary enough… notice…"

Venan chuckles, "No, and yes, milords. I'm not searching for crabs though if I come across a likely looking one he might find his way into the pot for supper. As for coming here often, I find the most curious objects on the shoreline so I do try and stop by when the time allows, especially after a good storm."

Venan gathers up the sack and with a few practiced hops makes his way to the flatter sands to converse with the noblemen. After he gains more stable footing he ducks his head in an abbreviated bow.

Aldren nods to Caedmon and says, "Yes, but Cri keeps on turning, as do we." He listens to Venan and accepts the bow. "Rise good Sir. And well met." He looks to Caedmon now, "And what is this request? Adornments for a cane perhaps." He laughs a little now and awaits the answer. All the while prying eyes lay on the Voice with a little smirk.

"Excellent!" Caedmon greets the commoner's answer, and he nods to the man when Venan comes close enough. The chancellor smiles at Aldren's question. "I might like a particularly fine shell as a paperweight if he happens to find such, but this is a bit more serious and immediate," he answers. Turning to Venan, he explains, "If you happen to find anything that came from a ship, or from someone /aboard/ a ship, send it to the castle, or bring it there yourself. Give as much of a report as you can about when and where you found it. We need to know what the tide and winds were like at that time."

Venan raises an eyebrow, "From a ship, milord? Half of what's in the sack came from a ship, all manner of items get dropped, thrown, or lost overboard." He sets the sack down and kicks it to show a bottle, some clay shards, and a few pieces of leather. "If you're meaning something special in particular I'll bring anything I spot that looks odd along, as you say."

Aldren listens to Caedmon’s request and he loses his smirk. He just nods along thoughtfully now. "A noble idea." He keeps nodding along and chuckles a bit when Venan explains and emties his sack. "No, not what he hand in mind, good Master." He begins to Caedmon, " And what-" He stops though and shakes his head. Thinking better of speaking candidly now. He does continue to Venan though, "You would no doubt be rewarded."

Caedmon inclines his head and agrees, "As you say, things that seem odd, that you might not find normally. The sea waters things, too. So be watchful for anything that looks as if it hasn't spent much time in the water before coming here. I'm thinking particularly about evidence of ships that recently took damage." He nods to Aldren and agrees. "If you bring something of interest, indeed, you will have pay for your trouble."

Venan rubs his chin thoughtfully for a few moments, "Milords, seems likely this is something fairly important, so maybe rather than offering a big reward if a man like myself happens to stumble across it you might want to invest a prudent amount and be sure that if such a thing does turn up it is found. I know a good group of lads with sharp eyes, sure feet, and quick hands that would comb this beach clean of everything but sand for a few coppers a day." He looks up and down the shoreline for a bit, "I figure it at three gold pieces a day and if something lands on shore that matches what you're sayin, you'll know it within the day, six gold and the lads would have it to you within the hour."

Aldren listens to the man begin his bargaining and says, "Yes, well, that sounds like an expenditure for the crown." He smiles and nods to Caedmon. "Or something the Royal Steward should handle." He holds back on some laughter now and looks away. Looking back to Venan he says though, "Tis a matter of importance. Not sure squabbling over prices is the best course." He does seem unkind in his words, but a bit stern. "If something were to turn up I'm not sure it should wait at all."

"I'll not guarantee payment until I see the goods, master, but you have my word that the reward will be in line with the importance of your find, and how quickly it comes to the castle. If it's big enough to require a horse or wagon, you'll have payment for that as well." Caedmon assures with a nod. "If one of those quick-footed lads finds it, I'll expect to talk to him when I see the prize."

Venan bows his head, "As you say, milords, if I do come across something I'll send word." Venan shoulders his sack and begins moving down the shoreline once more stopping when something catches his eye to un-earth it then continuing on.

"Thank you Sir." Aldren says to Venan. He watches as the man moves away continuing his search.

Venan can be heard cursing at length as a rogue wave washes high sends water over his boot tops.

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