Thedor 15, 229: Beach Disturbance

Beach Disturbance
Summary: A disturbance on the beach ends badly all around
OOC Date: 15 January 2014
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Darfield Beach
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a greyish brown in colour, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
Thedor 15, 229

It's early morning, just after sunrise. Elisen has taken his guards for a walk along the shore. The morning salty air is gentle on his lungs, and now that he can actually be up and about, he's trying to do what he can to feel better. His guard is here, along with four guards from the Kilgours. Elisen is bundled up a bit, a caplet wrapped tightly around him, his unkempt hair blowing in the morning breeze as he walks slowly and carefully along the rocky shore.

Like her cousin, Ciarrah has come to the shore. With her are her handmaid Serah Temple and her two guards she always brings with her when she comes to the beach. The weather is at least holding and she stays more to the sandy area than the rocky part. She is wearing a cloak, but the blonde hair, blue eyed 'Laniveer' look has her easily identifiable. She walks and talks with her maid, both relaxed and enjoying the morning. When she catches sight of the other, she lifts a hand in greeting, uncertain exactly who he is yet.

Elisen sees Ciararh, and he lifts his hand to her. "Cousin," he calls quietly, with a smile on his face. He looks at his own Stewert guard, and then returns his gaze to Ciarrah. "How are you?" he asks, and then spends a moment coughing. "Forgive me, I'm still recovering…" He gives her a bit of a serious look, "Someone in your home poisoned me. I'm sure you're aware…"

Alarmed at the words he says, Ciarrah approaches him, lifting a hand to his shoulder. "Elisen.. poisoned? I had not.. heard. Surely you know I would have been there with you, had I but known.." Concern darkens her eyes and she studies him for signs of lingering sickness. "Are you ill still? Is there anything that I can do?"

Elisen does appear a bit weaker in stature, and there are tired circles beneath his normally brilliant eyes. "Poisoned. It was tea, sent by Roslin, meant for my sister. It arrived the very morning after I removed Rowena's political importance by taking away her ambassador role." He glances at the Kilgour guards, and then adds carefully, "I of course, am not saying Roslin is the poisoner…"

"Oh of course, I understand. I am sure there are many avenues from the kitchen to the Stewert Suites. Perhaps it was tampered along the way by someone far more sinister than my young sister-in-law." Ciarrah offers, though it seems she quite believes the words. "I have not even allowed my young sons out of my own suite of rooms yet, with the dangers throughout as there are so many visitors to the castle."

Elisen nods, and pauses to cough a few more times. He pulls the capelet around his shoulders a bit more. "I believe it was someone affiliated with your new family, make no mistake. An intentional attempt was made on my sister's life. While I would never accuse without proof, I would certainly believe, of the two siblings, Roslin is the least likely to have an attempt made against us." He sniffs,and then inhales a long breath. "I'm sorry you're so worried. More sorry things are so justifiably worrisome." He rubs his brow, "The morning air is good on my lungs. They're still sore."

Lifting her chin marginally, Ciarrah offers an almost cool smile. "I believe there are indeed five all together. Where you get two is beyond me. Prince Tyrel is the eldest followed by Logen, then Caillin, then Roslin and the newest one is Laela. I fear you must be mistaken if you think Tyrel would have anything to do with it, for had he attempted, he would not have failed. It is crude, yet it is the truth of the matter." A tight nod is offered and she clutches her cloak around her, suddenly cold.

This early in the morning the dock is fairly busy, and as a dinghy arrives at the beach, near the cove, the movements of the men inside are not noticed as much as the dock motions, for they are steadily increasing with traffic. As the small boat is anchored, six men depart it, heading for the group on the beach.

Elisen smirks, "Forgive me. By two, I simply meant, the two siblings who are politically involved with my sister and I currently, Tyrel and Roslin." He tilts his head a bit at her confidence in her husband. "Everyone's so adamant about how capable the Prince is. Yet, no one seems bothered by the idea that he is such a practiced killer." He waves his hand, "Sorry. I forget, you may be cousin, but you have your own allegiances to tend." He swallows, and bends over just a bit, holding his chest. "Ooooh," he lets out a soft little expression of passing discomfort.

"I understand why you think everyone here is against you. It is probably wise to be wary of almost everyone. I would never hurt you, nor if it were within my power, I would never allow anyone to harm you. That it has already happened, is a testament to the lacking of your guards." Ciarrah glares at the Kilgour guards accompanying him. "Perhaps they need retrained. I shall mention it to my husband."

As the group near, the Knights surrounding the two are aware and they turn, the one with Ciarrah calling out. "State your business." He draws his sword. And that is all it takes. Both guards move in towards the group while the Kilgour guards with Elisen do the same. Serah begins ushering Ciarrah back towards the direction of the town, only there are two men approaching. One is blonde haired and blue eyed, the other is a large burly fella. One cuts Serah Temple down where she stands while the other grabs Ciarrah and hurries her towards the small vessel, calling to Elisen to join and leave the others fighting. The big burly man dives into the fray, sword ringing out. This gets the attention of the group at the docks and it seems there is only a few seconds for Elisen to decide to get to the boat or not as the blonde, he recognizes as a cousin, gets Ciarrah to the boat, kicking and screaming, scratching, biting and punching, to no avail.

Elisen takes a single moment to kick one of the Kilgour guards in the back of the knee, sending the guard dropping to his knees unexpectedly. He's not injured, so much as just suddenly in a prone position for the incoming attack. The guard hasn't even hit the ground when Elisen darts after Ciarrah, running as fast as he can. He smiles, "Time to go, cousin," as he jumps into the boat behind her.

The group are ensnared in the fight behind, but one of the guards sees what is happening and makes off towards the boat. Only by then, the cousin of Elisen is already rowing out to the sea. The guard immediately turns around and begins running towards the castle to inform them of what has happened.

Ciarrah struggles, even trying to throw herself over board, but she realizes the water is much too cold for her to land in it from here and she would surely perish. She does throw a fist towards Elisen.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ciarrah=Melee Vs Elisen=Defense
< Ciarrah: Good Success Elisen: Good Success
< Net Result: Ciarrah wins - Marginal Victory

Elisen drops into the boat as he begins to row, and he holds his chest. It's been a while since he's run, and his health is still not quite up to full, so the bit of exercise was a bit hard on his asthma. He's trying to catch his breath, hand on his chest, eyes staring at his boots in concentration when Ciarrah takes her swing. He looks up just in time for her fist to collide with his face, toppling him off the bench to the boat's wooden bottom with an "oomf!" He rolls a bit to his side, and then just stretches, his breathing very slow but audible, each breathe making an unhealthy wheeze. He ignores Ciarrah's punch, even though it hurt, trying to get his sudden asthma under some kind of control.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — NPC=6 Vs Ciarrah=Defense
< NPC: Failure Ciarrah: Good Success
< Net Result: Ciarrah wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ciarrah=Melee Vs NPC=6
< Ciarrah: Good Success NPC: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Being born around water, around boats, skippers and captains alike, Ciarrah has words she was not aware of possessing. "You planned this, Elisen?" Following it up with a few choice words, so very unladylike. "I have sons there to take care of. They need me to even eat! You take me back now. I demand it!" Even with him down on the boat floor, her instinct is to fight. She turns towards the man rowing, drawing back a fist only to get hit with an oar. It was aimed towards her head, but she manages to avoid it there and get hit in the knee, cutting a gash there and forcing her back.

Elisen is not nearly so comfortable on the water. He shakes his head, still trying to regain his breathing. He lays in the boat, slowly curling into a fetal position, and he begins muttering under his breath to himself. He manages to grumble loudly to Ciarrah, "Stop fighting him!" and then to the cousin, "And don't hurt her!" He moans, and then begins to rock himself gently.

The cousin of Elisen eyes him with distaste. "Get the fuck up and tie her up! Make yourself useful, NOW before I turn this around!" It's an empty threat. Returning means certain death.

Ciarrah is already looking around for something to fight back with inside the boat, something to hurt someone.

<FS3> Elisen rolls Command: Success.

Elisen rolls to his knees, clearly looking worse for wear. "Ciarrah, come on!" he shouts at her, one hand gripping the boat with white knuckles, the other laying on his chest. "Sit down!" He coughs, still wheezing, "You know we can't go back! We'll return you for Rowena, now relax!" He scowls at the man rowing, "If she settles down, I'm not going to tie her up. She IS related!" He looks at Ciarrah, "Now come on! Please!"

<FS3> Ciarrah rolls Mind: Good Success


"You take me home now…" Ciarrah does sit so she doesn't fall out. Only then they are approaching a larger ship, pulling up beside it. Several men come down to help bring the duo up to the boat, spending precious time fighting off a Princess who is just as determined not to be taken.

Elisen shakes his head, "You know… You know I can't…" He swallows, closing his eyes just a moment, then looking back at her. "You're my guest now. Just as I was your husband's." He holds his chest once more, and looks out at the water. "Fuck I hate water." He looks once again to Ciarrah. "Hopefully… We'll get you home fast…" He tries to offer her a reassuring smile, but he looks miserable as he is treated for all of his issues.

The smaller boat is left floating there with a note stabbed into the seat of it with instructions to deliver Princess Rowena Stewert to the Issani Manor on Haravean Street without guard other than her Laniveer guard if they were interested in arranging a trade at all.

Ciarrah is assisted onto the larger boat and she is stanching the blood flow from her gash even as the Ship already takes off towards the north and Laniveer.

scene faded here

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