Nar 29, 228: Beach Confidences

Beach Confidences
Summary: Ciarrah and Logen speak on the beach, Ruthgar arrives then leaves, then the Queen arrives.
OOC Date: 01/August/2013 (OOC)
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Shallow Water
The bottom is sandy, with a few rocks. Some bits of seaweed float and the occasional fish swims by. Birds can be seen in the air, shore birds enjoying their sea side retreat or sea birds coming in for a rest. Ships coming in to the docks from some of the island kingdoms or other ports occasionally can be seen off in the deeper water. There are a few large rocky outcroppings here and there, easy to see at low tide, but more difficult at high. The water thrums with an interesting hollow swoosh near one of those outcroppings, a sound that is different from the rest of them. The horizon is filled with nothing but water and sky, though both the docks and the cliffs that Castle Darfield was built atop are visible.
Thursday, Nar 29, 228

Having spoken with his brother's advisors and not his actual brother, who was busy taking care of several things understandably with all that's been going. Logen left the castle again, and surprisingly there is a shadow following him. The man following Logen maintains a rather strict distance from the prince and is clearly wearing a long sword and chainmail, however there is no livery to suggest he is of the royal's house. Logen left word that he was going to walk along the beach for a while, and decided to wade out into the shallows to cool off from the warm day.

Born of the sea, or so she imagines, Ciarrah comes here often. Today is no different. Accompanied by a handmaid and no less than two guards, the newest Kilgour family member is just arriving on the beach, wearing more of that gauzy fabric from her home, this time the colors are light pink, light blue and fading into a sand color along the bottom. A necklace of shells is worn about her neck and her long blonde hair is kept in a braid around the crown of her head and spilling in waves around her shoulders and down her back. Lifting the hem of her dress, she steps her bare feet into the waves.

"Ciarrah? Wonderful to see you again, how are feeling?" comes the familiar voice as the shadow moves across the sand from behind. Logen is wearing a tunic both light in fabric and color choice, light colored pants now stained from walking barefoot on the sands and through the shallow waters. His hair is blown gently in the wind and his smile falls on Ciarrah, "Or, is it you Ciarrah? I could be mistaking a siren for someone I know from the castle…"

Hearing her name, Ciarrah looks up and turns from her own self imposed solitude only to see Prince Logen. Her face alters from pensive to a warm smile. "Logen." The name is softly spoken and her hands clasp together as she looks over the chosen attire of the younger prince. "A siren?" Laughter follows his teasing observation. "I am feeling much better today, thank you. I think I had caught what Princess Caillin caught, but I feel much better. How are you?"

Moving to stand beside Ciarrah, Logen looks out over the waters "I am doing quite well, despite all the books falling on my head. Cedric was kind enough to carry me back to my room when I had apparently passed out." his face turns to look at her now, "It is good to hear you're better, it means we can chat more easily and are less likely to be rumored about. I mean, why would the brother need to go visit the sick sister-in-law if there was nothing going on?" he pauses, turning back out to sea, "Can I ask you something about women? Or, more to the point, about feelings for a woman?"

Strange how the sound of voices sometimes seems to attract others who happen to pass along by pure chance. Although this fellow, clad in a chainmail with the tabard of red and black seems to hesitate for a moment as his pale grey gaze brushes the two on the sandy beach. Not sharing the almost innocent delight of walking barefooted through the waves and sand, Ruthgar prefers to keep his leather boots on, sand, small stones and sea shells crushing beneath his feet as he approaches, because, yes, they probably might have spotted him already. Sneaking away would surely be interpreted as a weakness. "Your highness Princess Ciarrah," the Ruxton greets with his soft low voice, bowing to the wife of the Crown Prince, before he turns to Logen, adding a bow and a greeting to him as well. "Your highness." His demeanour is thoughtful, his gaze as cautious as assessing. He is addressing members of the family he will soon marry into, and he is well aware of it.

When Logen moves to stand beside her, her handmaid Serah does the very same. Ironic how that works is it not? "Books fell on your head, Logen?" Ciarrah soooo attempts a look of concern but is unable to hold it as her lips twitch then melodic laughter bubbles out instead. "Who did you offend enough to throw books at you?" The two seem to be getting along fairly well and Ciarrah is certainly amused. "Yes, please do. Ask me anything and if I can help you I will." As soon as Ruthgar, whom she had seen in the distance, approaches, she gives him a warm and welcome smile. "Sir Ruthgar, a pleasure to see you. I have been hoping to find you and wish you congratulations on your betrothal."

"I didn't offend anyone, unless the bookcase took offence to my presence and purposefully broke the shelf to dump it's contents ontop of me." Logen smirks slightly, then nods to Ciarrah. "Good to know… and, my questions will come in time if I find myself having feelings for anyone." he looks up as Ruthgar makes his interruption, bowing slightly to the man he really doesn't know. "Greetings Lord Ruxton. Forgive me if I only know your name… I have been gone for quite some time."

Pale grey eyes flit from Logen to Ciarrah, and he inclines his head at her warm words, his mouth even twisting into a polite smile. "I thank you, your highness." His gaze shifts to the Prince for a moment and back to his sister-in-law before he adds with a hint of unease in his voice: "It came a little… unexpected. Both to me,… and the Princess as well, I hear?" The next moment he already regrets his words. "Yet,… times as these require alliances," the Ruxton continues, shifting his weight a little as he stands there on the sandy beach. "Ah, forgive me, if I am disturbing your conversation." Now finally noticing the almost confidential tone between the two.

Logen's words make one corner of his mouth raise a little. "Prince Logen, how good you are back then, so we have a chance to change that." Just in time before those impending wedding festivities will start… "Your sister is a treasure indeed, and I will do all I can to assure her happiness." Ruthgar adds, his gaze dropping a little, before he falls silent again.

"Faulty equipment in the castle? I guess that happens so rarely.. I hope your head is okay." Feeling badly now that she had laughed, Ciarrah looks up at his head briefly. When the question does not come and is put off, she smiles almost knowingly. "Someone special in your life, Logen?" Her attention is given back to Ruthgar just then. "It was, yes. I was there when she was told. I think she will be getting used to it.. in time. I do hope you both are able to find happiness and common ground. All the advice I can offer is to spend time with her as much as you can, both before and after the wedding.." As she speaks her own advice, she looks out towards the water, thoughtfully, and there is a look of loneliness on her features she does not succeed in disguising. Looking back, her smile is still as graceful and gracious as ever though. "You are not disturbing anything, I assure you. I come to the water because I feel closer to home here, having been born and raised on an island, the Sea reminds me…" And sometimes she can pretend she is back there.

Logen chuckles at Ciarrah, and indeed they seem to be getting along aimably. "Not so far, Ciarrah, but now that I'm back I suppose I'll have to watch out for a sudden summons to my father's office." he grins slightly, before regaining his composure and looking to Ruthgar, "What's going on with my sister and you?" he pauses, remembering Caillin's slightly tearfilled words, "I should have put two and two together… good to meet the man who's been wed my sister. I do hope I don't need to ride to your door step one night to defend her honor, I care for my sister's happiness greatly." his words softly given, with no seeming threat to it. He watches Ciarrah when she speaks again, and just smiles at her.

Air leaves Ruthgar's nose as he exhales, his gaze turning to the sea for a moment pensively, when Ciarrah offers her advice. Yet after a short moment the corners of his mouth move upwards in a smile and he nods. "You are probably right, your highness." Although he seems to notice her thoughtful look towards the water, his grey eyes lingering on her face for a moment, however, he chooses not to comment on it, at least not directly. "Aberdeen, aye. To be away from home can be hard sometimes, I know. You must be glad your brother is here with you, Princess Ciarrah. I find it impossible to miss Ruxton Hall, to be honest, when my brother and sister are here as well."

Ruthgar's pale grey eyes seem to flicker a little at Logen's remark, and he inclines his head just a touch to acknowledge it with all politeness. "I am sure you do care for her - as I care about the well being of my own sister. As to what is going on… I happened to be among some who rescued her when her mare had run off in the rain. I paid her a visit the day afterwards to make sure she was alright, but she had already caught a cold. That is all, so far. Two days later I heard about the betrothal…"

"Not so far? It will happen," Ciarrah says with every confidence. "You are very easy and delightful to talk to, Logen. People will take notice, trust me." Giving him a quiet smile, nothing more or less than that of a friend, hopefully to encourage him to be patient. Turning her attention more fully to Ruthgar then, she is happy with his understanding of her feelings. "It is difficult to leave my home, my friends and my family and live among strangers. I am glad he is here and do get to see him occasionally." Sharing a sympathetic look with Ruthgar, she nods. "I am glad your family is here with you as well, Sir Ruthgar."

Turning to regard Ruthgar, Logen gives the man a sympathetic smile. "I see, then this was not some play on your part… I am sorry. I come from military training and tactics. Gambits and games, my mind sees them in all things." he pauses, "If you need help getting through to my sister, please ask me. She and I have a special bond, and it would seem that I was able to make her smile about this marriage if only for a short moment." he turns to Ciarrah, "I am not such a stranger now… am I? Befriending your brother-in-law is a good step towards fitting in with the family, and you'll do just fine… How long ago was this match made? I don't remember asking that of you."

Ruthgar smile deepens a touch at that look from Ciarrah, pale grey eyes lightening up with a surprised spark. A glance is shot towards Logen then. "Some play?", he inquires incredulously, before he nods and shakes his head, looking a touch embarrassed and uncomfortable. "I… hope she does not think I knew about all of this already, when I paid her that call. Maybe… I should speak to her about it. If she will see me." And clearing his throat, the Ruxton adds: "Speaking of family, I… think I will leave you now. I promised Robben to be back soon. I've already tarried longer than I intended to. But… It has been a pleasure speaking to you both. Princess Ciarrah. Prince Logen. I will leave you now to your conversation." A bow is offered to both, a glance flits to the guards and the maid nearby - yes all seems to be proper enough - and then the Ruxton walks away, small seeshells crushing beneath his boots until he reaches the road that will lead him back to Darfield Castle.

"Indeed you are a good friend, Logen, truly. I hope someday to fit in with the entire family, hopefully someday soon. Our match was less than a month ago, perhaps three weeks or four?" Not entirely certain of the day they were wed. As Ruthgar leaves, Ciarrah bids him farewell before turning back to Logen. "What were you going to say before he arrived?"

Logen shifts in the sand, then bends down to pick up a shell. Sun bleached white the inside is a rainbow of colors as he twirls it idly in his hands. "Caitlyn Crawford, I met her in the library by accident… we were alone for a long while until her brother showed up. Nothing happened, save that I met a kindred lonely spirit who shares my love of learning if not my same field of study." he pauses to toss the shell at the water, causing it to skip twice before plunking into the shallows. "When the group of people went from three to seven in a short time, I bolted for solitude like I've always done… that's when the books fell on me. Her brother, Deputy Marshall Cedric found me and carried me to my bed." then he turns slightly away, "She visited me in the night, to make sure I was alright… she shouldn't have done that. I fear getting attached to anyone since I have no control over who I'll be wed when father gets it into his head to make another alliance or fix a mistake… but. I don't know… I can't say it's anything more than sudden infatuation with a pretty smile and a beautiful heart. I've known that feeling for a couple days now, and not only about her." he shrugs.

Watching him, Ciarrah remains standing, her handmaid beside her. Hearing the confession, she can do nothing but feel happy for her newly discovered brother. "Oh Logen, that is but good news! To have found someone who you are agreeable with is good, yes? Why would you worry? Simply speak to your mother or father and ask that they arrange a match for you before someone else captures yours or her attention?"

"Because I cannot guarantee that my heart is set… or that it ever will set. Not to mention the politics of it all… if my parents don't agree, then I'd have the Deputy Marshall as an enemy even if it weren't my fault. Should I be in trouble… he could conviently be late enough that serious harm could befall me without actually killing me… no. I cannot do to Caitlyn such a slight as to ask to be wed her, if I cannot be certain I'll love her." Logen looks sadly at the waters.

With sadness in her eyes, Ciarrah looks at Logen and nods, complete understanding in her eyes. "I know how you feel. I am bound to a man who will never love me as I wish to be loved, and will never allow me to love him as I had always dreamed of loving my husband. I hope you take the time to decide who you can love and who you wish to marry and I wish you every happiness, Logen." Looking out to the sea, she watches the tides come in.

"And I think I mentioned the thing about finding someone who loves you in return… even if it's not your husband." Logen shifts slightly, "My brother just needs time, and I wish he wasn't as busy as he is so that I could have a private discussion with him…. I've started to get to know you, and your heart, over the last couple days. I could offer him insights into being a better husband to you. Perhaps convince him to give you a chance in his heart if he hasn't already." then he turns away, "Or…" he shakes his head, not going there.

"He told me he loved me… but never in private, only at the joust because the people were watching and only that one time." Ciarrah smiles, but still there is a sad element to it. Wrapping her arms around herself, she looks out at the sea. "I truly am grateful that you understand me. I feel like so few do, even Conall does not know how things are and he is my brother." When he speaks and stops, she turns a hopeful gaze to him. "Or?" Oh she looks so hopeful that he has answers for her.

"Or… fall in love with me." Logen whispers into the wind, "Nothing, Ciarrah… nothing that should be spoken of or even considered." he turns around to look at her again, "My brother will eventually fall for you, and though I am sad to hear your own brother doesn't quite grasp what I have so easily… I am sure it will just require time and patience. I will be here for you for as long as it takes for you to find what you're looking for." he glances at his shadow, and the thing almost fades from sight for a moment, but if anyone didn't so much as blink it would appear as if he hadn't moved. Logen looks back to Ciarrah, to her eyes for a long moment before his own look of sad hope hardens to ice and shifts to the waters.

Standing in the shallow water, Ciarrah and Logan are speaking, Serah the handmaid is standing very near. Two guards are also nearby, keeping watch on the former Aberdeen princess. Had she heard him right? Ciarrah reaches for his arm to ask, to demand had she heard him right, but instead, she can only feel her breath stolen from her as she drops her hand and looks up at him with wide, vulnerable and trusting eyes. "Logen?" His name is but a whisper on her lips and she can only look down on the sand, tearing her gaze away. "I think he will not.."

"It would be folly, to even allow the thought a flicker of light in the mind. Ciarrah… I only met you just a couple days ago and already I feel as if I've known you for years. I haven't had a close friend like that since I met Almaron over there." nodding slightly in the direction of his shadow. His hand moves to the lady's arm, as his eyes close for a moment, "I don't want to give your heart false hopes, because at the end of the day you'd still be my brother's wife…" his gaze once again a look of sad hope but warm even as his eyes meet hers, they close a moment before opening again to her gaze. "… but, I feel as though I might be doomed to falling for a woman I should not… one I would never have to hold and call my own."

<FS3> Laetitia rolls Perception: Good Success.

It's the Queen and her entourage, ladies picking their way in the water around the Queen, all of them merrily giggling, the Queen wading through the water, skirts water logged, guards close by, a handful and more down the beach. Regardless of what the pair hopes, the Queens keen eyes have seen them from the docks together and she's come to join them on this wonderfully warm day, to poke and pry because they have been there for quite some time. And it immediately arouses her suspicions. Her keen pale green eyes, especially at this closer distance, spot the closeness between the two, the looks exchanged, and she pales considerably, a hand raising to her chest, loosing skirts, as a wave comes crashing in to nearly drag her down, the Queen sputtering and holding out her hands as she cries out, both in emotional pain and terror as she's nearly dragged down towards the shoreline, then out to the water further, her guards sprinting in to grab her as they yell out, "The Queen!" Her handmaidens get washed out, then back in, lifting up and laughing before they look with alarm to the Queen, "M'lady! Oh my dear, my lady!!!" Her heavy skirts continue to make it hard for the guards but the stricken look on her face as she's pulled from the water to even shallower waters speaks volumes as she stares at Logen and Ciarrah, hair all a mess, woman soaked.

If the thought had flickered in her mind, Ciarrah had never said so, though she does continue to seek out his company again and again after seeking for Tyrel and finding him always too busy for her. So repeatedly she finds herself in the company of her husbands brother. "I will not have false hopes, but as I told you yesterday… I am grateful to have you to listen. There is no one else." There is still the loneliness and helplessness in her expression and she meets his eyes, feeling his hand on her arm, and she cannot pull away from him. Only when she hears the most timely cry of the Queen does the mesmerizing spell break. "Oh no.. Your Majesty!" Leaving the side of Logen, she moves towards the Queen as does her guards, to assist. "Are you.. okay?" Her own welfare not as important as that of the queen at the moment.

The plight of the Queen gets Logan's attention faster than anything else. Both he and his shadow, now known to Ciarrah as Almaron, are across the sands and waters to assist his mother. "Mother? What ever are you doing in the waters in such heavy skirts?" Logen half chides as he attempts to help right her and get her to saftey. He looks to Alamaron, "Make sure the entourage is accounted for, then prepare… I would like ot return to the castle soon." he turns a quick glance to Ciarrah before looking to his mother once more. "Why are you all the way out here?"

Laetitia's guards manage to pull her right up to the shoreline, each having an arm about her waist and arms draped over their shoulders, the Queen's features as pale as they can get without her being dead, hair sorted about her face in wet golden blobs that cling to her face and chest, "I saw /you/ both out here and .." A gasp, a bit of water coughed up - the Queen staring at the two with a heart broken look, frown upon her fine brow and a deep sadness in her eyes, "Your own brother, Logen." Then to Ciarah, perhaps the most betrayal felt from her. Breathing heavily she will try and struggle from her guards though they wisely keep hold of her as her ladies hold up her skirts from the sands, satin slippers gone out to sea, ankles and bare feet bared now, "You do not question me on why I am here, the question is /why/ are you and she out here." A look to Logens own attendant and then Ciarahs, "We will be having words, the both of you, and you will tell me every sordid detail." As much as the Queen tries to come across as angry she can't. A sob breaks from her, eyes closing, "Take me back to the castle, I can not look to either right now." And she will immediately break into those horrifying things known as tears.

Ciarrah looks positively stricken at the words from the Queen, stumbling a couple of steps backwards as if slapped physically. "We were not.." Eyes widen as realization of what the queen had thought. "We did not.. it was not…" What can she say? It all sounds so incriminating. "Please, My Queen, we would not do… whatever it is you think we have done.." Crossing her arms over herself she shakes her head, suddenly oh so cold. "I must go back to the castle as well.."

"Mother, nothing inappropriate has taken, nor will ever take place between the wife of my brother and myself. Princess Ciarrah was helping me with conflicted boyish feelings for someone. There is nothing wrong with me speaking to my sister is there?" he tears and cry to be taken back to the castle for not being able to look on him hurt deeply, "Mother! Do you think the son sent away would return only to shame his family on the second day?" his challenging words left there the hang and he gives a silent hand motion to Almaron who is instantly his shadow once more and Logen makes his way off the beach.

Oh she believes it now, Logen …and will moreso once she's gotten her hands on Serah. She doesn't want to believe it, and their protests that follow her only deepen her belief that they did indeed do more than she wishes to know. Even a look is enough and too much for the Queen. Inappropriate closeness ..The Queen is devastated as she finally walks on her own further up the beach, making her way up the path to the castle, her butterflies hovering around her as they fawn over her and cry with her. So much drama.

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