Cri 19, 229: War - Battle of Crosswynds (Pt. 1)

Cri 19, 229: War - Battle of Crosswynds (Pt. 1)
Summary: The beginning of the Battle of Crosswynds, War of 299 2E, between Laniveer and Mobrin
OOC Date: 21/Apr/2014 (OOC)
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It is day 19 of the month of Cri, 229 2E

Crosswynds; the stand of ancient ruins, which now through two countries divide and none yet seem to own, left to the wilderness to reclaim as no border town could survive this close to the borders. It might have yet been a place for thugs, criminals, pirates, those wishing to run from their lives or whatever might be chasing them. Though it has been a source of struggle in long generations back, a place of ghosts, eerie enough that even those who pray faithfully to Inouv hesitate to claim as their own.

The fortification that once stood as a beacon of the family that had held these lands is left in a heaps of broken walls, rounded towers, and numerous piles of rubble. Thick shrub and long twisted plants have kept other parts of the foundation intact, while whatever town had been sprawled out from the fortification has long since been wiped off the map.

Yet, Crosswynds stands as a marker of the division between North and South, of Laniveer and Mobrin, but also of East and West, of Lakeshire and Weston. It is here that over the last several days, armies have been marching towards - the five thousand strong from Laniveer and the smaller three thousand from Mobrin.
Both armies have come to the point of the ruins at the same time, with a grassland spread between the two mustering armies, who now stare at one another while commanders run up and down the lines, anticipating which army will first make its move to cross those invisible borders and hail the first reckoning of the war.

<FS3> Shepard rolls Command: Great Success.
<FS3> Shepard rolls Command: Great Success.

Daimhin was within the back of the Morbin army as was often the case with healers when it came to the initial face off of armies. Who knows maybe they would treat and some agreement reached and there would not be a battle, doubtful. But one never truly knew what could come about. For once her scarf was fully used to secure her dark auburn hair back and from her face, leaving her face fully uncovered and thus the scars upon the left side are seen in all their glory. Three long lines, long ago healed. A hand makes a last moment wander over the inventory within her healing bag, simply making sure everything was there and inits place just by feel. Daimhin knowing she'd go through it all and more once the fight truly broke out.

<FS3> Sheat rolls Chance: Great Success.
<FS3> Valarius rolls Religion: Good Success.
<FS3> Valarius rolls Public Speaking: Great Success.

Valarius was also amongst the army, though as one of the only Priest's present, he was moving up the lines to each regiment of men, marching with a few others who wore the robes of the Temple before the great massing of soldiers. Those with him, of one was swinging a burning incense, the other was flicking blood at the first row of men - from sacrifices made to the gods of War and Victory. Valarius himself is making the Eight's gesture of prayer in front of the men, speaking in final words of honour to each regiment of men and arms, "Alasair will embrace you in this chaos, Nar will aid you in your steps in this war, Sess will guide you to your victory, Sheat will give you wisdom with each choice faced upon the field, as Cri will see that for every loss and man that Inouv takes, she creates another upon this earth. Thedor has given you your time, do not fear what comes next. The Eight are with you always, your lives are cleansed. Gods speed, men of Mobrin." And then this is repeated, down the line.

Sir Shepard Kerrigan arrived late the day prior, relieving Peterson Kincaid of command, though immediately shifting him to his second, and listened very intently to his advice, as he knows this location better than he does. They both knew Crosswynds itself is not terribly defensible, but with news from the Rangers indicating they would be badly outnumbered, it was a better option than meeting them on the open field. So they've planned to occupy the ruins on the Mobrin side of that invisible line, with reinforced lines between the most defensible structures, and angled back from both flanks, creating something of a three-sided square for the army and providing a potential avenue for retreat for the forces in the center should things go poorly. Some of the best archers they can muster are to take to the towers, knowing that if the towers get breached it's likely a death sentence for them, but hoping they might be able to ambush officers in the chaos of battle. Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out, and now they face a much larger foe across what seems a paltry distance between. This is…less than ideal.

Perhaps fortunately for the men, Sir Shepard has been in a similar situation before and emerged victorious, and regaled the men with the tale during the night and early morning, trying to bolster their spirits and give them confidence to face the battle to come. The man himself certainly feels the cold hollowness of anticipation in his gut…he won that battle, but it was a bloody affair. Such are the unfortunate realities of War. He's astride his horse near the front lines, surveying the situation in silence, before nodding to Peterson and the Baron of Halvard to take their own positions, each commanding a flank of the army, and breaking them back at those angles previously arranged. There's certainly not going to be any glorious charge into a massive force if it can be avoided. That'd be a quick battle, indeed, but hopefully they can create as defensive a posture as possible in such open terrain.

So now…the Knight waits, peering across the field to the Laniveer army. When Valarius draws near, Shepard gives him a tight smile, and inclines his head to his blessing, "Thank you Blessed. May the Gods watch us and be proud."

Protecting people. That's one of the few things that's keeping Cadel going these days. And so, in his chainmail and with his sword ready. Listening thoughtfully to what might be said, he prepares himself to what's happening now. Overhearing the priest, he mutters something under his breath, as he keeps his attention out on the lines in front of him, keeping silent for now.

With the amassing armies, most critters that had long made the ruins and wild growth their homes had gone to ground not wishing to have anything to do with all the tresspassers. A few remained, curious, oppurtunist creatures. The stray rat lurking in the underbrush sniffing at the air. A crow perched upon the lone branch of a desolate tree, hoping further out on it at the tension upon the wind. It and its absent breathen could eat well this day.

As for the Laniveer side, for the most part they had gotten there just shy of taking the advantage of the actual ruins themselves, though the trees behind of a thick forest would allow for forms of retreat and remustering if that was the case. They were not in any special formation than a straight line facing the ruins, though they had siege weapons with them and intended to march long beyond Crosswynds when coming to face the opposing force. Their lines were formed of archers, infantry, and cavalry - whom were already marshalling to the one side as if to flank the smaller Mobrin force in those ruins to pin them down. Banners flew and yells were being issued. The time of war was short upon them. There would be no treaty. No lone rider come to speak with the Mobrin commanders. Instead… a sudden volley from the couple of ballista's they had - not slinging rocks mind you, but a gift of a different kind. Heads. The heads of Mobrin Rangers that never made it back.

Old Peterson Kincaid is one of Aidan's uncles and looks it too. He's lived a long life but is still capable of riding astride. He's in his late fifties at this point and is trying to rally the soldiers on the one he's been given command over. The Priest's prayers, although they encourage a man, does nothing to counter act the heads that are being flung their way. "Stand firm men," he calls out as one head hits and rolls toward him. It's a young man, no older than eighteen by the look of him, through all the skin rot, likely just new to the Rangers and hadn't survived his first mission. "Bear them some honour, they died to warn us of these bastards," he tells his squire and sends a few men to collect the heads near them.

There was a certain amount of cheering and jeering amongst the Laniveer forces as the first volley was made. Men amongst the groups bragging out just how many of those rangers they baged and bounties were collected. Others sulking for having missed out, but making up for it with boasts about just how Morbins they would be killing this day. And a round of boasting and bravdo soon turned into betting amongst small groups here or there on just who would kill the most Morbins that day. The vastly larger numbers had them in fine spirits!

As the Laniveer army starts to beat on their shields with spears and their hilts along with their boasts, the archers step forward in a massive line and try out their range on the enemy lines. Bows are lifted upward, distances judged, and then loosed with a waving arm of their commander. A whistling of a hundred airs soaring through the air and arching upward and then downward toward the ruins and the line of Mobrin becomes all too apparent.

Bael has never had a human head lobbed at him before. It's just never a thing he thought he'd ever see. A look of horror on his face, he looks down, almost missing the signal to step forward with their own archers. But soon he jump forward into line, trying to control his breathing and nock an arrow, readying it to release.

Frowning as he sees the incoming heads, Cadel's expression doesn't change much now. Doing his last preparations, he looks between the others for a few moments, as if looking for someone, before he focuses on the incoming arrows and such.

Peterson's line calls out, "Shields!!" to the incoming arrows. Men too slow to bring their shields up might just taste a sting of the first volley, since the heads gave a good clear indication of range to the opposing archers. Peterson draws his up as well to face the onslaught, ducking behind. "Get those Priests back behind us damnit!" No, the Laniveer did not want to give the Eight chance to bless them all.

Shepard grimaces at the grisly rain of parts, but raises his voice, using his diaphragm to give it volume that might carry, "You see? You see what we fight? These are the men who would invade our lands…raze our homes…bring ruin upon your friends, your families, and your neighbors!" Shepard scowls towards the Laniveeri and continues, "Though whatever victory we win this day will be in the name of our proud King, long may he reign, I do not expect you to fight for him. Look left! Look right! See your brothers in battle beside you. -They- are you who fight for, and fight alongside this day! Stand strong, stand together, and together I swear by all the Gods that we will make them pay dearly for every step they take towards our lands! For Mobrin!"

And Shepard just barely gets that out before the first volley is fired, and he barks out, "Shields!" along with the other commanders, bringing his own up to deflect what might come his way.

<COMBAT> Bael attacks Lanny Archer with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer2 attacks Cadel with Bodkin Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer attacks Peterson with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!

Diamhin is far enough back that she doesn't see any of the heads up close and personal like, but she still manages to get a fair idea of what was sent at them even before there are horrorified murmurs and exclamantions about it. She shakes her head a murmurs something to one of the other healers. Simply bracing to hear more then see the arrows in coming, they wouldn't reach those at the back. But the injuries would now start, as would the deaths. "Right then. Ready, they'll be wanting us soon."

The first volly away a cheer goes up through the Laniveer lines as not all of there barbs will find purchase but those which do whittle down their foe, and not to mention the holy men which are being called back. A call goes up as the return volley goes up and shields are raised against the fletched menace, much as on the otherside of the line. The shields work only for those who raise them in time, and some will be pierced. In the line of archers a thunk is heard and felt by one of the archers as an arrow finds purchase in a chink in the armor he wears.

Someone has enough sense to grab the trio of Priests out of the way of the incoming volly. There's apparently no more time for prayers and they are shuffled to the back with the other healers. Though someone pleads for Valarius to take a severed head. He pales but does so, trying to be respectful of it and the others that are eventually going to be collected and placed their way. The queasiness of the situation compounds him to settle behind a nearest wall, taking long heaving breaths as he looks down at the head. An old man by the looks of it, with his face all torn apart. He shudders and sets it down. He'll be back for it later. For now, he waits behind a position that offers cover, for the first screams and wails of pain that'll trigger him to dash out and find the source of pain.

The Laniveer cavalry is splitting off and riding hard away from the battle… disappearing into the line of trees.

<FS3> Shepard rolls Perception: Failure.
<FS3> Daimhin rolls Perception: Failure.
<FS3> Cadel rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Kierne rolls Perception: Good Success.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Tactics: Failure.
<FS3> Cadel rolls Warfare: Success.

The smell of death upon the air with the flying heads that had been loosed, and soon the shouts and cries of injured, had the crow upon its perch cawing out. And not long after, there was another joining it, spectators for the battle that had just begun.

The Mobrin line of archers takes the offensive and manages to at least provoke some injury in the Laniveer line, earning a few cheers for the first blood spilt on the field was not Mobrin blood. Or maybe people think that the cavalry is leaving in retreat! It sure looks it as some confusion to close ranks happens in the Laniveer line up. The infantry on the Laniveer line starts marching forward, shields raised, sticking together, spears raised. The siege weapons are being reset.

Watching the happenings rather carefully, Cadel frowns a little as he sees the advancing enemies. Preparing himself for the attack, he moves forward with the others now, going for one of the enemies that seems to be about to attack him.

The cautious tight line of Laniveer infantry and first offensive string, forgoes their fear in a moment as one of their commanders screams for a full charge! Chaos will begin as men start to run full out toward the ruins, where the Mobrin scum are holed up and trying to defend.

As the Laniveeri march forward, Shepard dismounts from his horse, handing the reins off to his young squire, sending him back towards the rear of the lines. With a charge unlikely, no sense in risking the fine (and expensive) animal in a close fight. He'll stand and fight with the men. Which is something that he soon finds himself engaged in. As the Laniveeri come into fighting reach, Shepard brings his blade in a slashing arc towards one of their soldiers.

Kierne is riding alongside his Lord Knight with the forces marching in from the East. They're a little far off to join in the fray, yet, but not too far to take some incoming fire from the archers as they ride in.

Diamhin had pressed into the group ti help pull back those who had taken arrows, seeing to tending to those who could be put back into the battle easily. Others were beyond hope already with how the arrows ahd hit and simply pulled further back to be 'tended' to.

The Laniveer archers were already notching fresh arrows as the charge was called, seeking to draw Morbin blood! Preffering to take aim at the commanders amongst the Morbins it seems even!

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Peterson attacks Lanny Soldier with Claymore - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cadel attacks Lanny Soldier2 with Long Sword but Lanny Soldier2 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Commander attacks Bael with Long Sword - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Bael attacks Lanny Commander with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier2 attacks Cadel with Axe but Cadel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier attacks Baron with Bastard Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Bastard Sword - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 attacks Peterson with Claymore - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Baron attacks Lanny Archer2 with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer3 attacks Shepard with Crossbow - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer2 attacks Kierne with Bodkin Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer attacks Peterson with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier has been KO'd!

The second Lanny soldier, Bothos, is a wiry looking man. Tall and lean he seems in the saddle as his Lords armor shines brightly. When the commander shouts for the charge he is one of the first to follow. Dismounting swiftly from his steed he draws his sword and advances, bloodlust in his eyes beneath the helm as he makes way for Cadel. The weapon brought high now above his head and thundered down with all his force aimed at the mans shoulder. "AHHH!" He is screaming incoherently. The commander himself has rushed forward as well, leading his men himself into the fray he has sent them to. When his eyes find Bael he chooses his target. His steel is pointed at the mans chest and it is a hard and jagged thrust that is sent towards the mans heart. "Skaxis!" He shouts in a refined voice, his homeland's name ringing out in the cool spring air.

The bulk of the forces now will move marching feet there is no quiet now as the battle will soon be joined by both sides. On Laniveer's side the cry that goes up now is one of men alive and trying to cheat death at every turn. It is not a far way to go before the sound of shouts and and swords being clashed with each other. One of the infantry a tall man with a rather large sword moves to face one of the Mobrin forces shouting as he does so, however luck isn't on his side as they clash though he swings a mighty blow he is struck down the sword piercing his helm and right into his skull. He falls over limply just another casualty in the opening blows.

Shepard's blade glances off the head of the Laniveer soldier he attacked, and grunts as he feels something impact his midsection. Well, that'll be a patch for his shiny new armor later, but thankfully it really only gives him a bit of a nasty scratch otherwise. Undeterred, he continues the assault, bringing his blade back around to again strike at the nearest soldier, growling beneath his helm as the chaos of battle erupts around him.

Bael is lining up with his fellow archers when their line is charged on foot and scattered, sending Bael tripping backward and trying to find a place to take a stand, or someone to aim at. Arrow nocked, the bow wavers this way and that, and finally his eyes widen upward at a commander coming for him, and he looses the arrow oddly downward, the shaft lodging into the man's thigh even as the man's sword clatters from the armor forged in his father's fire.

The thunder of the charge, the screams of the men growling their rallying might against their enemy, the clash of steel against steel, the screams of those being cut down and dying. To other men, it may cause fear, but to Valarius, it fills him with the deep rooted concern that is born into a healer's soul. The need to help, to heal, to see that a man is not unnecessarily dying out there. He breaks from his cover and peels around to race toward the first of the wounded that he sees, watching the combat going on around him, bending to an archer who has taken one through the eye. Death rites for this one…

The good thing (and sometimes bad thing) of being a archer is that you don't always tend to be in the thick of the fight. Kaylee is perched upon a bit of the ruins that gives her an open view of the fight before her, bow in hand arrow ready and with the fighting starting she isn't going to just keep put. Her gaze drifts over the scene and the best way she could help is work on taking out the archers if possible. One is spotted and she sets an arrow to fly towards one of the archers on the lanny sides. Hopfully it will hit home.

<FS3> Sheat rolls Siege Weapon: Failure.

Norbert (Lanny Archer3) sneers at his follow archers as his arrow least hits hom, not a solid hit, but he'll take it. "Gonna be collecting them wagers off ya blind sacks of rotting fish!" Fred (lanny Archer2) just growls and notches a new arrow and takes aim again. Though Vorx (Lanny Archer) curses loudly as Peterson moves just enough to cause his arrow to miss,"Blood Sheat's Sack! Slimey blood sucking Morbins!" More arrows are notched and set ready to fly!

Something happens with the siege weapons. The engineers are having a bit of a problem with their ballista… for now it seems jammed and doesn't fire! There's angry shouts going on around it.

Frowning at the incoming Bothos, Cadel manages to dodge the blow, but with his own one going wide as a consequence. But it doesn't take him long to once more swing at the man, aiming for his neck now.

Whatever Diamhin might be feeling is not seen upon the woman's scarred face, she simply moves amongst those who fall, pulling some clear to tend to. Passing over this one or that who is far to gone to be helped. Even in the best of situations some could not be saved from the wounds they have taken, those the priests will have to see to. Murmured words of comfort and off they go, back into battle.

When the Lanny soldier comes face to face with the old Kincaid he trembles a bit. His sword is raised high now to deflect the incoming blow but in his nervousness and fear his steel he crashed aside, the mans head the only thing seeming able to slow down the steel. When his helm is crushed into his head he falls lifelessly to the ground.

"BAHH! The commander screams as the arrow finds his leg. "Lousy bastard!" He shouts now as he again lines up his clade and makes a funny looking thrust, this time for the mans stomach as the arrow juts out of his thigh, his face twisted in pain and displeasure as he does.

Old Peterson grunts as he brings his heavy claymore down, panting from how it winds him and stretches those old muscles in his chest. The aged commander of Lakeshire turns to the next who attacks him, not waisting a moment as he cuts here and there, trying to carve his way through the on coming first wave of the Laniveer attackers. "Hold the line!!" he shouts toward his group of men, screaming toward Bael and the other archers with an arm gesturing forward, "Volly!!!"

The Hound Master is back. He's got his 20 gold in his pocket from his ranger kill, now he wants more! The war dog at his side sticks with him as he pulls out his long sword, grinning toward the ruins and spotting the rangers on top there trying to pick off those below. His eyes then mark the lines of Mobrin soldiers defending it. First things first, break the Mobrin lines then he can get to those filthy rangers.

Bael returns the Commander's scream as Peterson yells at him to get back into line, finding it hard to do so when being hacked at with a sword. He twists about and scurries on past, trying to get out of the man's way and back to the line while getting another arrow in place.

With one of the heads from earlier having gone wide and rolled into the ruins proper, the crow flaps off the desolate tree and lands near it to investigate. Peck Peck! Squishy eyes! Its favorite! ANd oh no, there comes the rat out to check out on this new dinner option! A micro battle about to begin!

<COMBAT> Cadel attacks Lanny Soldier2 with Long Sword - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lanny Commander attacks Bael with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Bael attacks Lanny Commander with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 attacks Peterson with Claymore but Peterson DODGES!
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<COMBAT> Lanny Archer2 attacks Kierne with Bodkin Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Lanny Archer2 with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Baron attacks Lanny Archer2 with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
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<COMBAT> War Hound attacks Daimhin with Knife but Daimhin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer attacks Peterson with Broadhead Bow - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier2 attacks Cadel with Axe but Cadel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Peterson tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer3 attacks Shepard with Crossbow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Baron with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Baron has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier2 has been KO'd!

Kierne finally finds the edge of battle and gets mixed up in it, keeping the best he can to his Lord Knight's side, though the jostle of battle is enough to part them here and there. He finds a soldier pressing a Kincaid knight with an axe and makes to flank him in aid.

Valarius was near a fallen archer, but there would be time to give out death rites later. He's near enough to see Bael get hit and quickly moves toward him, hoping not to draw the ire of any of the attackers, as he knows Laniveer's do that. He shuffles closer toward Bael, working fast to open his pack as he checks on where the Lanny Commander went, hoping someone will distract him long enough so he can press his hands onto Bael and assess his wounds.

Fred was about to curse his luck with his arrow missing once more, but whatever curse was about to come ends up a gurgle as he takes an arrow to the chest. His eyes widening, looking surprised before he gurgles again and then goes down for good. Norbert gives a cheer as his arrow strikes again! But then there is Vorx cursing once more as he misses /again/! "Bloody bastards!"

Daimhin starts a bit to find a dog, not a soilder coming after her. As if swords and arrows weren't bad enough, teeth and claws had to be evaded now as well! She dodges around a pair of fighting men to get away from the beast for the time being, eyeing wounded and yet trying to pull away from the beast, hoping one of the fighters will take care of the critter so she can continue to see after them.

Bael finds the ground, shoved there with a thrust to his chest and leaving a decent hole in the line of archers. Oddly enough, shaking hands are still trying to grab for another arrow, as though he were in shock and still going through the motions. He meets Valarius' eyes, uncertain what to do, or not to do.

The Baron of Halvard manages to get a few archers out of the fight before a big monster of a man, the Hound Master, comes out of no where and cleaves up his sword hand. His long sword goes clattering to the ground but at least a few of the other soldiers on his side come to his aid long enough that he can retreat, where he'll eventually have to find medicial aid or he's going to bleed out.

Kaylee lets the first arrow fly and is hitting the one she was after, one down. Another arrow is set and ready while her gaze narrows upon another one of the archers. With another archer found the arrow flies towards it, hopefully for a good hit. There is movement form one that catches her attention and she frowns as she sees the Hound Master, oh yes she knows that one and she will be keeping an eye on him for certain.

Shepard's blade again clashes against the Laniveer soldiers' head, another growl escaping the knight as it fails to bring the man down. He lashes out again, bellowing, "Hold fast, men! Push these bastards back!" He throws his weight into the swing, continuing to try to batter down the enemy before him. This was far from ideal, but you fight the battle you have, not the one you wish for.

The commander is sneering as his blade purchases and the man goes down. He turns now, another unlucky Mobrinite cut down before his attention to Bael is returned. Nebvermind t hat the young boy is trying to help him. He will help him to, on his way to the grave. His sword goes high, the blade turning and poised to plunge down into the mans heart. Valarius' presence barely noted.

Ronan pulls up his war horse and turns in the saddle to look over the first ranks of the roughly 4,000 Sutherland men he and his have managed to gather these past days along the eastern half of the Mobrin border. Many of them are yet in the trees and unseen, the knights lining up in the front to prepare their lances for a charge! The Duke lifts up his baritone to shout orders, "Knights, ready your lances!" The archers are in the rear, making their bows ready for a massed volly as a Sutherland Ranger works with a knight to make them ready. In between, infantry men are coming forward yet, forming up their ranks into their designated units.

As the Baron of Halvard retreats, there are healers to meet him and see to stopping the bleeding of his hand. Anything more long term will have to wait, least til he gets further back. Fixes for now are quick and hurried as the injured and dying start to stack up.

Peterson is near by to Bael and he sees the commander going to finish the job, with the damn Priest there! He roars with his might and tries to take out the commander before the boy is finished off - or both boys! Either way, he leaps over to try and defend them both.

Ducking down to avoid another strike, Cadel manages to bury the blade into the neck area of his opponent. No words comes from him, as he pulls the weapon free, moving for another enemy now. Who it is? Who knows.

Kierne draws his lips tight and pulls his own horse back into disciplined formation alongside Ronan, back straight, keeping his Lord Knight in his peripheral vision to take his lead and support him in the battle.

When the soldiers blade goes wide and Cadel returns the steel to the manss neck he lets out a vicous cry. The sound of the dying leaving his lips as he hits his knees, his neck pouring out the last drops of blood that his heart can manage to pump before falling face first down in the field.

Having been sent out with a small scouting task, Hadrian rides out from the line of trees and joins the forces of Ronan and Keirne as they ride into the ruins. Hadrian nods to the others, "Looks like we're late." He says a bit as he rides onward with his horse. He was preparing to attack. His sword is drawn out as he rides on in.

<COMBAT> Peterson attacks Lanny Commander with Claymore but Lanny Commander DODGES!.
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 attacks Peterson with Claymore but Peterson DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Lanny Archer3 with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cavalry3 passes.
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Cavalry Knight with Polearm but Cavalry Knight DODGES!
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<COMBAT> Cadel attacks Lanny Commander with Long Sword but Lanny Commander DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Commander attacks Bael with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Bastard Sword but Lanny Soldier3 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Valarius treats Bael:
< Chest (Critical): successful
< Chest (Serious): successful
<COMBAT> Hound Master subdues Daimhin!.
<COMBAT> War Hound attacks Daimhin with Knife - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!.
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer3 attacks Shepard with Crossbow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer attacks Peterson with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bael has been KO'd!

And finally it seems that Norbert (Lanny Archer 3) misses and thusly occurs a growl. Another arrow notched and set to fly, still plenty of Morbin targets! Vorx (Lanny Archer) is doubly cursing as not only does he miss, but he feels that breeze of an arrow going by his ear!

Crossbow bolts sail past Shepard as he battles with the Laniveer soldier, but perhaps the knight is distracted by avoiding those shots at a critical moment, because his own strike swings wide, missing the soldier altogether. So Shepard sidesteps, trying to attack from a different angle, aiming a vicious thrust towards the man, bellowing a war-cry as he strikes!

Kaylee mutters to herself, the arrow she sent flying missed it's mark it seems. She shifts to change angels and sets up another shot. Arrow pulled back, her gaze glued upon the archer that she missed as she is bound and determined to get him this time! Screaming, shouts, the smell of blood and death is all around like any battle out there this is one for the books. With her attention fully on the archer she misses the fact that the Hound Master has made a grasp to try and grab someone.

Trying an attack for the commander of the other side, Cadel growls a bit as the man manages to get out of the way. Moving forward more offensively, he swings for the man once more. Like very often, he goes for his enemy's neck.

Where there is a hound, there is a master bound to be and Daimhin had not bothered to keep a look for the later. Her focus had been seeing to the injured as was her tasking, realization hits just about the same time as the Hound Master snags her up causing the woman to cry out in surprise. Though as the hound is jumping and clawing at her chest, a scream is let loose! Thankfully fully the light leathers worn prevent any true injury. The healer trying to kick at the Hound Master as she wiggles and squirms trying her best to escape his hold and get away.

Bael is impaled again almost in the same spot that the first strike hit, and his eyes go all unfocused as he loses consciousness even below the efforts of the priest.

The Hound Master chuckles as he wrestles his arms around the scarred up healer woman, his arms strong as they clamp around her, "They pay good coin for Healers-" he notes with a chuckle, "I already got me 20, but I could always use more." He grins at his dog and calls the thing off of her, as he tries to wrangle Daimhin away from the battle lines and towards Laniveer lines, "Ooo I like a little fiestiness." His Laniveer acent thick in his voice.
You paged Ronan with 'yes'

The Commander fpulls his blade back up just in time to see ole man PEtersons attack. Ducking low now and avoiding it the others too are narrowly missed though he does not seem to realise his being attacked on so many sides! So, he just goes for the Kincaid as he shouts to the other men, "Keep pressing!" His sword is now brought in a wide arc and aimed high for the Lords head.
Ronan spends 1 luck points on For hoped for astute tactics assessment!.

Ronan spends 1 luck points on For hoped for astute tactics assessment!.
<FS3> Ronan rolls Tactics+50: Great Success.

Valarius screams out at the Lanny Commander as he brings up his sword, "Noo!! By the GODS, mercy!!!" And while he would put himself over Bael, in the moment, it wasn't quite enough to stop that sword from driving down at Bael. Blood is about everywhere and it's a good thing he's wearing his red robes, otherwise the white ones might as well have been turned red by now. As the distraction of Peterson comes too late it would seem, Valarius tries to aid Bael in what way he can, reaching out and applying pressure to the gaping wounds. He'll start to even drag him back away from the fighting, to somewhere behind cover. "Come on…" he whispers down to Bael, "don't give up." Though it's hard to say if that's it for the archer or not.

It would seem the smaller Mobrin force that came to claim the ruins were starting to show cracks in amongst their defenses. Though not without at least taking down some of the Laniveer forces while doing so. The battle seems to have only started a short while ago, but Thedor places tricks on the mind in the midst of blood and death…

Bael's eyes re-focus briefly on the priest over him, and he tries to whisper back, but all that issues from his lips is a stream of hot blood that pours down his cheek, gurgling with a final breath.

<COMBAT> Cadel attacks Lanny Commander with Long Sword but Lanny Commander DODGES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Bastard Sword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Daimhin attempts to escape from Hound Master but fails!
<COMBAT> Peterson attacks Lanny Commander with Claymore but Lanny Commander DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 attacks Peterson with Claymore but Peterson DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Commander attacks Peterson with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Lanny Archer3 with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer3 attacks Shepard with Crossbow - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> War Hound attacks Daimhin with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hound Master continues to subdue Daimhin.
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer attacks Peterson with Broadhead Bow - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Peterson has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> War Hound has left the combat. (Sheat)
<COMBAT> Daimhin has left the combat. (Sheat)
<COMBAT> Hound Master has left the combat. (Sheat)

Vorx lets loose a cheers as not only does his arrow hits home but the man it hits ends up stumbling and going down! Norbet's cheers as his arrow hits is soon turned into a curse as he finds his hand being struck by an arrow!

Ronan takes time to hold his knights as they stand ready, waiting for the ranks of infantry and the archer units to complete their form up in the proper positions. With so many men, it is wise to wait and bide one's time while the Royal Marshal studies the field. Ronan looks for the Laniveer knights but it's difficult to pick out specifics in the chaos as the enemy throws it's force against the walls of Crosswynd's ruins. When the signals finally come forward that all is ready, Ronan turns his horse and raises an arm up into the air high above his head and turns the pale grey stallion, his gauntlet held in a closed fist, "SUTHERLANDERS! KNIGHTS, MAY THE GODS BE WITH US!" The Duke lowers his arm and points towards the Laniveer flank, then pumps his arm to usher the Sutherland mounted ranks forward. Horses begin to leap forward, eager against their bits, steel hooves flying and throwing up clods of earth in their thundering wake.

Cass' horse paws restlessly at the ground, his hoof chopping at thatever is beneath it. The knight has good control of him, however, and he behaves well outside of that, a sign of the training steed and Cass have both had. He waits for the command to charge although he's not pleased by having to rely on a weapon he has very little, almost no training with, but perhaps the Eight will be with him and he'll deal a lucky blow before he moves on to something he feels more comfortable with.
When the command is given the older knight puts his spurs to his charger, shouting as he does. The horse surges forward towards the intended victim, putting steed and knight within harm's way.

Old Peterson Kincaid finally finds himself out done, by the numbers coming up against him. He dodges the Lanny Commander's claymore but another arrow takes him and while it's not a heavy hit, it's punctured a lung all the same, right through his armor. In a moment it becomes too filled with his own blood for him to be able to breathe and he staggers back against a wall, where he'll slump down to his death, gasping the rallying cry of his house, "By Sword or Sea our Fate shall be!" Then, the old man just lets the kiss of Inouv embrace him.

For all Daimhin manages to kick and scream the Hound Master is able to pull her along without to much trouble and not a soul trying to stop the Laniveer from hauling the healer out from the Morbin forces. All lost to the haze of war and the battle before them. His mutt still jumping on her part of the way does not help matters any. Yet for all her fiestyness, Daimhin is captured and haulled away. Not that she ceases to fight this fate, but it is not one she can escape and thusly the Morbin's lose a healer to the enemy encampment.

Kaylee is pleased that her arrow finally hits the archer that she has targeted. Though she is not done! Another arrow is pulled from the quiver and she levels it against the archer once more and lets the arrow fly. Her gaze drifts around her, even though she is not down in the thick of the battle she still wants to make sure no one is perhaps trying to sneak up on her from the back, that would just be bad. Her gaze is back upon the archer waiting to see if her arrow hits the mark once more.

The Commander finds some purchase now but it seems to matter little as the arrow appears suddenly stuck in his foes chest. He turns just in time to see Cadels strike now and jumps out of the way, "COWARD!" He screams now as he rushes forward, his sword raised high and being brought down with a thundering fury at the mans shoulder.

It's all that Kierne can do to sit still while Ronan deliberates. There are men dying down there, and sitting there on horseback is slowly twisting his spirit into aggrieved knots. But he does what he was trained to do. Keeps alert for incoming missiles and silently wait for the signal from his Lord Knight, riding on at his side in well-trained formation.

Shepard staggers back a step as another crossbow bolt strikes him, but once again the damage it inflicts is minor. His own strike glances off of the soldier's right arm, which helps to deflect his own strike away from Peterson Kincaid, unfortunately that does little to stop the crossbow bolt from taking him.

There isn't time to mourn, though, with Peterson down, and other men of Mobrin and Laniveer alike falling around him, the numbers are still weighted in Laniveer's favor, at least in this area of the battle. Shepard's blade comes up to deflect a strike from one Laniveer soldier with the flat, and then he pivots to try to again strike at the soldier he's been so doggedly pursuing over the course of this battle thus far. They need to thin this herd….

Frowning as he watches the Commander move for him now, Cadel has a grim smile on his face as he faces the man, once more bringing in his sword for an attack.

<FS3> Hadrian rolls Tactics: Failure.
<FS3> Eldwin rolls Chance: Success.

While the Laniveer Cavalry had been missing for some time now, having escaped through the trees, the dust as they burst out of a southern tree line, to flank the Mobrin forces might give them away to a perceptive eye and commander. To those who are not that perceptive, it could look as if a further force of back up has arrived to save them!

<FS3> Ronan rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Hadrian rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Perception: Success.
<FS3> Kierne rolls Perception: Success.

Despite the valiant attempt to save Bael's life, it slips from in between his fingers. Valarius tries to hold the blood inside the young man's chest but it just spills everywhere. Another life gone. When he looks upwards again, he sees Peterson to his left, and more bodies to his right. He gives Bael a gentle kiss on the forehead, murmurs a few words to ease the spirit on, before he scrambles out of the way of the Laniveer line whose broken through Peterson's unit.

With all the dust and the shouting the cavalry is now heading for Ronans forces. Barrik, or, the 'cavalry' spies Ronan and the sound of his booming voice marks him as a leader. Lowering his polearm now he spurs his horse forward, the great black destrier scrambling at the Crawford now as the man screams, his brothers in arms picking up the cry now as they to choose targets.

And there is a light of knights bursting out of the treelne to charge forth towards the battle, but more towards the Mobrin forces direct than to join the Sutherlander knights to attack the enemy. The Duke makes a decision, picking out what details he can and wheeling his horse, "SUTHERLAND ARCHERS, VOLLY!" He points towards the on coming line of horseman and the orders are given for the Sutherland archers to turn their attention and draw up a volly to rain a fire of arrows down on the Laniveer!

The Duke only waits a moment, issuing other orders to a fellow Rioga to pass on for the infantry to move in (not towards the Laniveer knights but to flank the main Laniveer infantry). Meanwhile, as the arrows fly to darken the sky, Ronan kicks spurs to his stallion and leads his own few remaining knights to go and meet the Laniveer knights! "FOR SUTHERLAND AND MOBRIN!"

Having spotted the cavalry, Hadrian turns his horse towards the charging group. He whips the reins and continues to charge forward as he seems some lesser calvalry aiming for him, "Out of my way." He says as his sword is brought up and he moves to strike the cavalry that's got him in sight. That's not who he wants but he'll take him down first.

Kierne backs his horse a step, giving Ronan room to maneuver, and then he leans to, goading his own horse to join in the fray alongside his Lord Knight on the second front developing in the battle.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Cavalry Knight with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cavalry attacks Ronan with Polearm - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Lanny Archer3 with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cavalry with Wings Of Dawn but Cavalry DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer3 attacks Shepard with Crossbow - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Cavalry3 attacks Hadrian with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Bastard Sword - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 subdues Valarius!
<COMBAT> Lanny Commander attacks Cadel with Long Sword - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer attacks Kaylee with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Cavalry3 with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cavalry Knight attacks Ronan with Long Sword but Ronan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cavalry2 attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Lanny Archer with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Cadel attacks Lanny Commander with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Cadel has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Lanny Archer3 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Cadel spends a luck point to keep fighting!

The Sutherland knight, Cass, somehow managed to discard his lance and draw his sword in time to bear down upon the archer his steed all but mowed down, his hurry to do both resulting in a wound that is not as severe as he'd hoped for but at least the damn bastard, already injured, is taken out. His shoulders roll and his chest heaves slightly as he spins his horse around, another target chosen, unaware of the fighting that is going on behind him.

Vorx growls as his arrow goes wide, but then his is letting lose a scream that is mix of surprise and pain as his arm is getting whacked into by a sword. Where in Inouv's pit did that come from? The blood gushes and an artery was hit the man goes down hard! Celebrating his hit to Shepard, Norbert's celbration is soon cut short as an arrow hits his hand…again. And somehow a vital artrey is alos hit, it just isn't a good turn for archers and the man slumps over as he tries to retreat and stop the blood.

Valarius wasn't quite quick enough for one of the Laniveer soldiers as he darts by. The soldier with the claymore trips him up and falls on him, trying to subdue the healer as he knew there was value to be had in picking them off and taking them back alive. He manages to haul the kid back up to his feet and hook his arm around him, using him as a shield as he starts to work his way back toward the Laniveer line.

The Priest in the red robe goes flying as he's tripped up, sprawling with his bag scattering contents of supplies everywhere. Men are yelling all around him, more bodies falling, and his heart is racing. He tries to stagger to his feet but before he can, a vice grip is locked around his neck, choking him as he's hauled up onto his feet. He's trying to fight back, but there's little to do for it as he's being choked and hoisted off his feet.

Kaylee catches sight of the archer she was after getting hit in the hand once more, if he lives good luck holding a bow again! At this time an arrow flies by her and slams into a rock behind her casting a slight spray of rocky bits to fall. She mutters and hisses out but doesn't stop. The yell is caught from Ronan for the archers to turn their attack elsewhere, though her gaze lingers on the battle with the ones that are not /that/ far off from her. Someone is getting grabbed at, her bow is lifted and the arrow leveled at the Lanny going for Valarius before this arrow flies hopefully towards the solider, perhaps she can keep this one from getting hauled off if she gets a hit in.

Getting a hit to tbe head, Cadel sinks to one knee for a few moments, before he gets up again, starting to run away from the enemy now. After all, there's not much he can do in this battle at the moment, so he'll just try to get to some kind of relative safety, for now.

Ronan finds not one but at least two knights bearing down upon himself in the charge! One with a lance and one with a blade! Due to his having to manuever his horse to evade the lance, the Duke's own blade goes for the horseman with the blade who attacks himself. The Royal Marshal had not intended to join the fighting, especially as the King had ordered him to remain back when possible, yet in no way is Ronan going to leave the Laniveer knights free to charge his Sutherland infantry without protecting them. The Duke's long sword misses as the Cavalry Knight's horse bumps past, Ronan turning his stallion sharply to try and close in and make another attempt. Chaos has engulfed them.

The Sutherland archers rain down their volly upon the charging Laniveer knights, taking more than few of them down ere they meet the remaining Sutherland horsemen. Meanwhile, much of the Sutherland infantry now engage the Laniveer infantry, with some of the Sutherland force remaining back to protect their archers. It is a sea of men, horses, weapons, and bloodshed.

Shepard drops to one knee when a crossbow bolt *thunks* into his midsection. Pain lances through him, and his gut feels like it's on fire when he swings, but swing he does, not towards the Laniveer soldier, but rather the commander, as he doesn't trust himself to not damage the Priest with a wild swing if he tries to attack the soldier accosting him. He slashes in an upward arc as he pushes himself back to his feet, gritting his teeth and trying to focus past the pain.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Perception: Good Success.

Hadrian turns his horse around and looks towards the same man he's attacking. He notices he strike hits true and the other barely grazing his arm. Hadrian growls a little bit and turns his horse back to charge back at the same cavarly that had been charging him. He doesn't say anything but continues his attack.

The Mobrin forces in the ruins are … looking in pretty rough shape. Some of the men are trying to retreat behind the reinforcements, only to get mowed down by cavalry they thought was their own! Oh the chaos! If a commander doesn't keep them together…

When Cadel drops the commander smirks. Raising his blade he means to end the man but he is slammed into by tow men fighting. As the man runs off he turns and lends his sword to the Mobrinite attacking his fellow countryman. Cadel is far off now and he shouts, "You craven!' After him as he whirls, seeking a new target now.

<JUDGE> Sheat says, "Mobrin commanders, roll leadership or something of that sort if you have it, to keep the men together!"
<FS3> Shepard rolls Command: Good Success.
<FS3> Ronan rolls Command: Good Success.

Kierne is bearing up along the line of Laniveer cavalry, meeting sword to sword but getting very little accomplished, when, distracted by a flash of familiar red in the periphery of his vision, he pivots his horse along the line, fending off attacks as he finds them but racing the soldier bearing the priest to the line of the infantry, hoping to cut him off at the pass.

When the duke evades the Lance, Barrik scowls. He turns his horse 'round and with a loud shout he says, "Advance. Their forces are crumbling." He sees a few of the men in retreat and lowers his lance again, with his heels digging in he charges forth at Ronan again.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.

<JUDGE> Sheat says, "those attacking Lan soldier3, please roll chance"
<FS3> Cass rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Chance: Failure.
<FS3> Logen rolls Chance: Good Success.

The day is losing light…

<COMBAT> Cass attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Long Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lanny Commander tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cavalry with Wings Of Dawn - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Cavalry attacks Ronan with Polearm - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Valarius attempts to escape from Lanny Soldier3 but fails!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Claymore - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cavalry3 attacks Hadrian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<OOC> Kaylee really…
<COMBAT> Cavalry Knight attacks Ronan with Long Sword but Ronan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Cavalry3 with Long Sword - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Lanny Commander with Bastard Sword but Lanny Commander DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Cavalry Knight with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 continues to subdue Valarius.
<COMBAT> Cavalry2 attacks Kierne with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cavalry3 has been KO'd!

Kierne keeps Wings of Dawn at the ready as he rides past the cavalry, deflecting a blow here and there and getting a jab in when the opportunity presents itself, but eventually he's going to end up closer to the line of infantry and to those who are endeavoring to take down the soldier there, more concerned about cutting off the soldier's escape to his own line than actively cutting him down.

<FS3> Valarius rolls Chance: Success.

"Pull together! Re-form your lines! This battle isn't over yet!" Shepard bellows to the men around him, wincing at the pain in his abdomen yet again. Of course, he's not through attacking yet, either, still pressing the assault against the Laniveer Commander for all he's worth. His blade swings out again, attempting to slash across the man's body from shoulder to hip.

Ronan feels the impact of a polearm striking him in the chest - and thankfully it glances off at too much of an angle to unhorse him or cause him more harm than a hard knock. The sudden impact staggers his stallion and helps the Duke evade the other Laniveer knight's blade, allowing the Rioga Marshal to catch the knight's hand. But not nearly as well as Ronan would have liked. "SUTHERLANDER's HOLD FAST! SHORE UP OUR BRETHERN IN THE RUINS!" Aye, Sutherlander moral is not lacking so far, not this early! They are here to aid the Lakeshire and Greenshire men fighting within Crosswynds! Sutherland archers continue firing, now picking specific targets rather than risk hitting Mobrin soldiers.

When the commander turns he sees the Kerrigan striking up at him. Quickly he back peddals out of the way of the strike. "DIE YOU MOBRINIAN DOG!" He shouts as he swings now at the mans neck, His steel glistening in the last rays of light as he tries to send Shepards head back to the Faux King in Stormvale!
Barrik watches as his lance dings off Riogans armor. He wheels his mount around now and takes measure of Kierne who had landed his blade on his leg. Looking down he stares at his blood now, leaking out of the armor. The duke is forgotten now as he decides to set his sights on the mans squire.

Hadrian watches as his attacks strike true. He had a reason to come back from this war….his Emma. Hadrian felt the pain in his leg and would have to rely on the horse for now to move around. This was fine. He turns his horse around to attack a new target, knowing the other knight is know dead and bleeding out from the wounds he made on him. He moves to strike the next guy.

Logen takes a moment to assess and rushes his first target. He's wearing armor that covers his face so truly no one knows it's Logen as he's not made himself known. His claymore bounces off the soldier's stomach and his eyes watch the man in front of him carefully.

Valarius is being used as a SHIELD!! Especially when others start to come at them. The Laniveer Soldier3 is hoisting the kid up in front of him, stangling the Priest while he shuffles backwards to get behind the Laniveer defensive line. The arrow that sails at him from means of Kaylee, clips Valarius first and is probably the reason why its not a life ending wound… The soldier grunts as the arrow clangs into his helm regardless, leaving a dent that cuts deep into his skull. The Priest has stopped his struggle, though it's likely because he's been dazed by the glancing blow of the arrow and because of the attacks that are being issued forth from swordsmen. It makes it easier for the Lanny Soldier to drag him further, more now because as soon as he lets go, those swordsmen are going to be attacking him. In war, remember to grab a human shield, it works! The attack from Cass is minor, another glancing blow that inflicts just as much to the Priest as it does him. "They're trying to kill ya Priesty!" He grins and makes a retreat, or thinks he is! He's being surrounded by Mobrin scum.

The Priest only has a moment to register the whizz of an arrow that splits open the side of his face as it glances back to strike at the man holding him. Blood oozes down his face and starts to coat his neck. It looks like from a distance he's been hurt bad. But yet, now, Valarius isn't making a move. He's fearful that if he moves any further, more friendly fire's going to get him. Which it does, when he's swung to meet Cass' sword arm, wincing as the edge of the blade catches his side along with the Laniveer's. He's actually holding onto the arm wrapped around his neck, fingers keeping the gap so he can breathe, but now he's trying to ply the others with a lifted hand to stop their attacks.

It truly isn't Cass' intention to use Val as a shield. He just happens to be in the wrong place in the gods damned wrong time, making it lucky that he managed to hit the Laniveer fighter at all. "DAMNATION! GET OUT OF MY WAY," he bellows at the man before trying to maneuver his horse around him, wanting to try and give the priest a chance to get the hell out of there by putting himself and horse between the solider. Again, he swings, praying under his breath that he'll have a better time of things this go around.

Kierne brings half the Laniveer cavalry in along with him to cut off the thieving soldier from his retreat, it seems like, continuing to fend off what assaults he can while coming into a sort of formation with Cass to make sure the soldier has nowhere to go with his shield.

Kaylee eyes widen as she sees her arrow first hit the Priest and then hit into the man behind him. Well, doesn't that just make her way even better? That's not what she planned, not what she wanted to happen, and right now she feels beyond awful for getting the Priest hurt by her own hand. With others jumping in to help the Priest she stops trying to aid with her arrows, knowing her luck she will hit one of the other men. She grabs her quiver, along with another bunch of arrows and is moving to a different position to see what she can do to help. It is a clear mess down there, arrow notched and the arrow is once more flying towards one of the Lanny's once more.

With the priest being used as protection Cass hurries to move, his horse swiftly dismounted. "Leave the priest alone," he orders the Laniveeri bastard who has hold of Valarius. The horse's flanks are smacked, sending the large beast back towards their lines, leaving him vulnerable as he now has no quick means to retreat. He holds off his attack, waiting to see if the other man will comply or if it'll wind up being a case of having to fight and pray the clergy man doesn't get further hit.

As the Mobrin Commanders rally their forces, the Laniveer seem to be falling back, harried by the renewed strength of the Mobrin defenders. Sheat starts to slip behind the horizon. The battle has long since lasted as Thedor plays tricks with the mind and the senses… One commander on the Laniveer side gives the call to retreat and as more pick it up, the cavalry who earned the surprise of a flanking maneuver now have to decide if they were going to fight on their own, without support of the others, or retreat as well.

<FS3> Sheat rolls Cavalry Retreats: Failure.
<FS3> Sheat rolls Cavalry2 Retreats: Success.
<FS3> Sheat rolls Cavalry Knight Retreats: Success.
<FS3> Sheat rolls Lanny Commander Retreat: Success.
<FS3> Sheat rolls Lanny Soldier3 Retreat: Success.

The scouts of retreat are sounded and the commander scowls. Today wass his day. Minimal injuries suffered and a few clean deaths administered. hough, as his men are looking about now he has no choice but to follow suit. "Fall back! South o' the ruins!" He is screaming as he begins to back peddal. His sword lent this way and that at passing enemies and injured comrades yoked up off the ground. The last rays of light are fading and the way becomes less clear save for the shouts coming from the flanked battle going on some ways away.

<COMBAT> Logen will spend luck on attack this turn.

There's one Cavalry soldier (or maybe a couple in the grand scheme of things) who doesn't wish to just simply retreat when the advantage was assumed. He wheels his mount around and pursues a man whose cutting off the treat of those on foot, charging with his polearm at Kierne on his way by.

Kierne swings his blade at the polearm being swung his way, but stands in his stirrups and swings one leg up to the saddle, diving off to try to tackle the Laniveer soldier and his quarry.

<FS3> Logen rolls Chance: Good Success.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Cavalry with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cavalry attacks Kierne with Polearm but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Valarius escapes from Lanny Soldier3.
<COMBAT> Lanny Soldier3 tries to subdue Valarius but fails.
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Cavalry with Long Sword but Cavalry DODGES!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Lanny Soldier3 with Claymore - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kierne subdues Lanny Soldier3!
<COMBAT> Cavalry has been KO'd!

As the Laniveer give the order to retreat, with darkness coming on, Ronan rallies his men to give chase - and many do, lead by their knights. Ronan himself turns his horse and espies a knight of the enemy that has not yet fled and he spurs Alanza to charge him! The Rioga knight's blade this time breaches the Laniveer armour to sink the steel tip into the man's chest through the side seam when Cavalry's arm was raised to attack another man!

It is a very satisfying woudn to deliver, knocking the Lanvieer knight from his horse! Ronan's dark eyes are intent though the slit of his great helm, his grey Sutherland stallion's head high as he knocks into the northern horse like a charging bull! The Duke turns Alanza just in time to see his squire subduing some other Laniveer soldier and the activities of the others as he surveys the battlefield.

With his lance up and ready for attack Barrik never sees Ronan coming. Hiw large Suthereland warhorse intercepting his own steed and spooking it a bit. When his arm juts out and the Mobrinians steel pierces him the polearm drops. Blood begins to spill from his mouth and he haunches over, his horse charging off. The man slumps in the saddle before eventually sliding off and being dragged now off into the dusk.

Kierne lands hard on the Lanny soldier's back, grunting and forcibly peeling the guy back, yanking him to help unsteady the wounded man so that V can land loose before he drags the soldier to the ground to pin him with a knee not very nicely positioned at kidney level.

Hadrian stops his horse as he notices the rest retreating, "Yea, you better run!" He shouts out towards the men who run away with their tail betwen their legs. The reins on his horse are pulled to a stop and he turns it, heading towards the rest of the group.

"Gather the injured and get them back to the healer's tents." Shepard commands the men, most of whom are too bewildered to cheer, and too aware of the fallen comrades around them to consider that retreat any real sort of victory. Too many good men lost. A few of the other knights assist the rather pincushioned Shepard in that direction as well.

Kaylee watches as the Lanny army is on the run, though she has a feeling that she knows why. Her gaze looks up at the sky that is quickly darkens around them. She frowns while picking up her things, bow lowered and arrow in her hand while she makes her way down from the ruins. Her path is taking her towards where she last saw Kierne, which was going after the man that she was trying to take out earlier. Hopefully that priest isn't too badly hurt from that arrow.

Logen moves quickly and hits the other hard on the chest, grinning behind the armor. He moves quickly towards Valarius, putting his armored hand on his arm. His eyes stare at Valarius. "Are you well, priest?" His voice low and quiet.

Valarius is knocked free of the hold that the Laniveer soldier had, either by the swing of the sword from the knight ahead of him or from the tackle that subdues the other man. Either way, he's jostled to the ground as well and staggers away from the wrestling going on. He just sits there for a moment, panting as his hand moves up to the side of his face, where it's split right open, cheek to temple, grazed open. He just takes stock of the injury, needing a few stitches, before he assesses the second, his side knicked by Cass' blade. Ironically, his injuries from friendly fire, but that happens. Eyes on Kierne, he blinks toward the knight whose hidden behind a helm, nodding with a slow realization, "I need to help…" as his eyes roll toward the battle field and those still moaning as they move about, injured and dying.

An angered yell is given from Cass who is too irate and perhaps even a bit caught up in the battle lust to keep that loud, primal shout from being given. At least he's still got enough of a hold on his senses to keep from trying to chase the fleeing Laniveeri down on foot. A quick look is given before he sheaths his sword once he wipes it clean of blood and goes to return to Duke Crawford and his horse.

The Laniveer soldier that Kierne has tackled gives in, since he's far too injured to really fight much longer. He'll let the other take him into custody. At least he'll be treated by healers, right? Oh wait, the Laniveer were stealing those.

One of the last things Valarius' would be captor sees is others scrambling away. The Laniveers are mostly dissapearing now into the darkness beyond the ruins and back into Stewert lands. The bold flanking move not quite paying off. The last light of day sneaks off to leave Crosswynds in a dark and dismal light. The bodies of men, both Northern and Southern littering the ancient grounds. More ghosts lent to the place as the screams of the dying fill the air.

Ronan keeps to his horse, mounted and moving over the field to assess the damage their first night's victory and what it cost them in men. The Royal Marshal gives orders for Mobrin rangers to pursue and keep an eye on the Laniveer host while the Sutherland infantry begins to regroup. It's getting too dark to chase armies in the dark and Crosswynd must be guarded while threatened. "See to the wounded! Bring them up to the Keep!"

Kierne will take the soldier into custody with… a perhaps surprising amout of humanity and gentleness, after that one knee to the kidney. Maybe kicking a man who was down didn't appeal much to the philosopher in him. A man's a man, for all that, even one who would use a priest as a human shield. He looks up to his Lord Knight, letting the unknown soldier on the field see to the well-being of Valarius, for the time being. "And this one, too?" he asks, unsure if prisoners taken should be kept… separate, somewhere. It's his first time at this.

Logen shakes his head slowly and grunts. "You heal yourself first then you take care of others. If you die, what good are you?" He glances to Kierne as the man takes the soldier into custody. "Welcome to war, little one." He reveals himself covertly to Valarius.

"Prisoners are to be disarmed, bound, searched and taken into the Keep. We'll set up a tent or a chamber to guard and question them." Any such questioning will have to wait until morning, most likely. Ronan lays his fist over his heart to salute his squire, "Good work, Kierne." However, there are yet men he must see to. The Duke turns his horse to continue issuing orders, choosing the archers to come in and start helping with the dead and wounded as they are the most lightly burdened among the fighting men.

Ronan turns his head to shout to Kierne, "And blind fold them!"

Kaylee continues on her trip until she is next to Kierne, she pokes at the caught man with an arrow before tucking it back into her quiver. "Tie him up." Is said with a simple tone and shake of her head. Oh they will be questioned most certainly. Her gaze turns to Valarius and she is quiet for a moment, a slight frown caught as she sees the man's face. Yep that's all her fault..

Kierne would return the salute, but isn't going to take hands off of the prisoner until he has him sufficiently bound. Instead he nods his head to his Lord Knight. "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," come the words, dutiful almost the the point of detached automation. There's no joy in this. He glances quietly aside to the soldier talking with V, but has rope to go find and a prisoner to search. He looks to Kaylee. "I don't know many good knots," he tells her, assuming that she, as a ranger, would. "Can you help me with him?"

Valarius seems to slowly recognize the voice behind the helm - helms distort voices after all. Pushing himself up onto his feet, he holds his side for that hurts more than his face. "I have to find my things…" and he'll stubbornly make it back toward the ruins, the blood of Bael, the blood of others, and now himself, just a bit darker than the crimson of his robe. His eyes slip by Kaylee but he doesn't realize it was she who shot at his face and nearly took out an eye. He'll try to smile to her but it really doesn't seem to work well with his macabre injury. He'll eventually find where he lost his pack, where he was tackled by the soldier, but more so, he'll find where the body of Bael, Peterson, and so many others are.

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