Umbra 29, 228: Baronial Congratulations

Baronial Congratulations
Summary: After the archery contest, Ruthgar congratulates Aldren on his victory, followed by a bit of a chat.
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Ruthgar Aldren 
Tournament / Faire Grounds, City of Stormvale
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29th day of Umbra, in the year 228

The hour is late, and the crowd of spectators already dissipating when another noble makes his way over to the winner of the contest. "My congratulations, Count Aldren.", Ruthgar greets, inclining his head to the man with a composure that gives little away of his thoughts. The tone of his voice, soft as usual, sounds friendly enough. Pale grey eyes brush the Golden Arrow, and the hint of a smile tucks at the young baron's lips. "Archery is an art I have put too little effort in to excel, I fear." There is an amused glint in his gaze as he admits that. The Baron of Dellhaven is alone apparently, wearing his courtly attire of tunic and breeches of red and black below a warm woollen cloak of dark grey color.

His other company having left and smallfolk gathering around to look at it is clearly making the Count uneasy. He is delighted when he sees another noble and offers the man a nod. "Baron Ruthgar. It has been some time." He holds it up so the man can see. After a moment he motions that they should move as he has still not gotten away from his spot on the field. A few looks to his guards nearby have them clearing a path. "I surely could use a drink, care to join me." If he so accepts then the aldren will lead the way near the stands that has been erected more for the nobility and offers some form of privacy.

Ruthgar's gaze brushes the prize once more and the incline of his head expresses perhaps the reverence to it, while the offer of a drink certainly elicits a polite chuckle from him. "A drink would indeed be most welcome, my lord. And even moreso as it is offered by the winner." He follows Aldren over to the stands at a leisurely pace, his pale grey eyes wandering over the already thinning crowd of people around them. "My wife the baroness is not feeling well today, so she stayed at our quarters at the Castle. She will be eager for a report when I return though.", the Ruxton remarks rather casually, before his gaze comes to linger on the count once again. "You are as of yet unmarried, I suppose?", he inquires then, one brow raised and a remark about the trials of pregnant women and their shifting moods lingering unsaid in the air.

"Good, good." He says as they start the short journey. When they make their way over to the stands Aldren calls for wine. Brought swiftly, he raises in toast to Ruthgar. "According to the…priestess," He says oddly, "It should be a good month." He drinks deep, the cup bringing satisfaction along with the brief respite from the swarms of smallfolk. "I am sorry to hear that." He says. When the topic of marriage comes up he adds dryly, "Yes, a popular topic these days." He grins now, "Did my sister send you?" He is laughing a bit now as he begins to sip again from his now nearing empty cup. "Though I will soon be trapped in the holy right, I am sure."

"To your victory then," Ruthgar remarks, raising the cup in response to Aldren's, before he takes a long healthy swig of it. "Oh Caillin is feeling a bit sick these days. It is common, for a woman in her state.", he replies to the count's words of concern regarding the baroness. "And no," - a smirk manages to push through that composed facade now - "Your sister didn't send me. But be warned. Marriage might hit you more swiftly than you think. I was /informed/ less than one month prior to my wedding." His gaze grows a bit pensive although the grin remains on the baron's features. A baron who is not older than 21 summers.

"Aye," Aldren takes this chance to empty that cup now and quickly adds to it. "Yes, well, luckily that is a burden we do not share with our female counter parts." A nod is given and a grin. "Well, Luckily no one arranges my marriage but me. Most the reason why I have not yet." His words are japish and loud, the wine adding to his volume. "Sisters and brothers and, ugh. I do need an heir though. But that should be remedied soon." He ponders now for a moment and says, "Yes, Dellhaven," As if just remembering where the man was from. "That was a strange turn of events." He says it questioningly in a curious tone.

"In that you are lucky indeed," Ruthgar replies to Aldren's remark about himself deciding on the marriage. The increase of volume in the count's voice is noticed with little more than a light twitch of the baron's brows. "And yes, the question of an heir.", he adds pensively. "Dellhaven though is a barony that has been granted to me shortly before the marriage. Along with the position of a Knight of the Rioga, for my deeds in the war." As much as his words avoid sounding insulted, it may be his bearing that might give the impression he might feel offended by the question. His posture straightens and his voice has taken on a rather proud tone, as he turns his pale grey eyes /almost/ glaring at the count, where it not for that layer of composed politeness he is prudent enough to apply to his mien. "The match was intended to strengthen the bond between House Kilgour and our own of Ruxton. Which it has.", he explains with some finality, hinting that will be all he has to say on the matter.

Aldren listens to the younger man as he explains and the Count being a proud man himself straightens a bit as he goes on. When he has finished Aldren says, "I'd thought House Ruxton to be one of the oldest backing family's of Our Majesty's?" He pauses before adding, "No matter, congratulations on all accounts." The words are flat and lacking any emotions. But the Count does not hold any glare upon him he simply helps himself to another sip. Smoothly he changes topics. "what do you think of all these ambassadors as of late? And the one running around with his damned tiger?!" He shakes his head, "Quite improper." He is scowling now as he speaks of the outlanders, "I am sure you have had your fill of Jaddans." He says referring to the mans homelands.

Unable to escape the logic of Aldren's remark about House Ruxton, the baron inclines his head, accepting the congratulations and seemingly a bit relieved as the topic is changed so swiftly. "Ambassadors," he muses pensively, emptying his cup as well now. "I must admit I am not versed in the ways of diplomacy. I prefer a sword any day, yet in times as these… we need to look for allies in even the strangest of places." He snorts, as he tries to suppress a chuckle not that successfully. "But… a tiger? Who tells us this is a pet really, and not a strange clever weapon to annihilate all of the court of Mobrin, when that prince deems the time is right?" Maybe the consumption of wine has had its share in loosening the baron's reserve, as he utters that disturbing theory.

Aldren laughs a bit at the theory and says, "Well, no good will come of it. I have said it. Perhaps someone should approach the king." He sips again and adds, "I can't imagine the beast would be allowed…I have no idea." He seems confused now as he ponders the idea of a large cat walking the halls of the castle. "At any rate. The court has been flooded with an influx of these /ambassadors/." He says the words posinously and adds, "Aye, I do not fancy the politics game myself much either."

Shrugging lightly, the Ruxton eyes his empty cup, pondering for a moment. But then he hands it to a passing servant. No more wine for him tonight. "Tigers and ambassadors," Ruthgar mutters, "Which is worse, I wonder? It will be up to the King and his Council to decide, I fear. Whereas I am getting a bit impatient, actually, as to the /when/. When will we finally go to war and quash the Laniveeran threat once and for all? It's about high time, if you ask me…" With that said, he pauses for a moment before he bows to the Haravean. "If you will excuse me now, dear count. It has been a pleasure talking to you and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and wine with me. Alas, it's late and I'd better return to the castle to see how my wife is doing…"

The young man's words have the Count smiling and nodding along. "Aye." When he makes ready to leave Aldren says, "Good eve, give her my regards. I should return as well." Aldren motions to a few guards it is time to get this arrow back to the castle. "Till next time, Baron."

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