Sess 3 229: Bakery Brownies

Bakery Brownies
Summary: Shire Bakery gets a Midnight visitor who stays for a while
OOC Date: 17/2/2014
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Ray Dair 
Private Room, Shire Bakery
The rest of the building includes bakery kitchen, large and well stocked, ovens suitable for the kind of output for the shop, leading to an area to the rear of the building where is growing a small herb garden. Up the stairs behind a door marked private are living quarters suitable for comfortable living.
It is day 3 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

In the middle of the night the kitchen is clean, swept, the counters cleared, and ready for the early morning deliveries from the local farmers. The ovens are not cold, but banked down as the food is safely and carefully put away.the horse is.. in the stable stall, being a well cared for horse. Up the stairs from the bakery in Rays own living space is under the covers, asleep in a half fetal position.
<FS3> Ray rolls Perception: Good Success.

There is a sound in the kitchen, a cupboard being opened and the soft sound of someone muttering under their breath. It is hard to make out the sex of the mutter because of the distance. Another cupboard opens and something is loudly placed on the counter. More muttering drifts upstairs.

Ray opens an eye and listens. Yeah, that's the third cupboard. Ray slides quietly out of bed rubbing his face and getting his Flinstonian Wooden Club With Lumps On It<tm>. He is not so Naive to not know his Bakery is successful and popular, and he might be a nice target for thieves. He creeps down, club at the ready, as quietly as he can. At least he's familiar with the Bakery as the back of his hand.

The kitchen is dark, except for the fact there is a fair burning. It illuminates the area in a warm glow sitting on the counter is the large honey pot and a small tiny man dressed in tattered clothing stands next to the pot with a spoon in one hand and a heel of bread in his other hand. He is dressed in tattered clothing. He opens the pot and dips in the spoon and then smears it on the heel of the bread. Sitting down and leaning against the pot he sighs, like a man who is about to have the finest meal in his life. "There is a good pot o'honey." He takes a bit. "Kermin was right." He mutters to himself around the mouthful that he has in his mouth.

Ray stares. A little wee man is standing there eating honey and bread. He frowns, brows wrinkling, and he blinks, then his expression brightens as he bites his tongue till there's pain, and he is not, repeat NOT dreaming. He purses his lips, and looking at the club in his hands, then to the little man, he moves closer, "Local honey." He says conversationally, but looks ready to swing for the fenses in case the little guy hisses and leaps at his face or something.

The little man seems startled at the moment, then there is shock written all over his face. His hair is dark brown and his is coved in a fine coating of the same brown hair. His eyes glitter like topaz. "Bloody hell it talked to me, it means it can see me. Bloody hell! Allbe damned. It carefully sets the spoon down and then bread. He pinches his arm. "Nope not dreaming! The tall one spoke and saw me." He frowns for a moment then he looks at Ray. "Local honey, only way to get good honey, honey shipped from far away loses its flavor, huckleberry and blackberry honey is the best." The little man eyes the club warily. "I was going to clean more for you to pay for the bread." He explains as his eyes remain on the club. "Are you real and not one of them ghost like creatures?"

Ray watches the little guy going through a similar process, "Yeah, yeah I can see you. Blackberry hon-" He arrghs, "Nevermind the honey right now, I'm real, you're..real." He sounds less sure, but is going with it. He looks about briefly, "You alone?" The idea of more creeping around is disquieting.

"Aye I was passing through and heard you know about honey, one of me old friends came by this way about 3 weeks ago; he cleaned behind cupboards and took a heel of day old bread and honey. He complained you had no cream, but he did inform me that your honey was good. Now blackberry honey and huckleberry honey can only be begotten at the peak of the season of those fruits. The bees take delight in them." He explains with a cheeky grin. "Now, this is good honey, clover and wildflower and the last of the season." He casts a look at his heel of bread and the honey. "Only those from Greenshire and Skyforest know their honey."

Ray looks offended, "What do you mean I didn't have cream? There wh-" He blinks, "Oh, I know when he was here now, three weeks back, yeah, ran out of cream right before close, got fresh the-" He shakes his head, getting back on track, "Yes, I'm from Greenshire, so's the food, and the cookin. We get shipments from Greenshire through here." He sighs, "But the honeys still a fine local. You can tell those bees are working, which is as close as they get to happy, Grampa used to say." He takes a breath, "Who are you?"

"I am Clovis, and you are?" The man asks him. "Your grandfather was a smart man, that is rare to find in you tall ones. Do you have a bit of cream you can pour in a dish for me, please?" He gives him a pitiful look. "I will pay it off tonight and perhaps tomorrow night if your cream is as good as your bread and your honey." He moves to go pick up the heel of bread. That is smothered with honey.

Ray looks at the club in his hands. Now it comes down to the question. Club it or feed it? Well, anyone who knows Ray knows which way he's going to go. He releases a breath, "Raymond." He says, "I'm the cook here. It's my Bakery." He sets the club on the table and moves to fetch the cream and a dish, pouring carefully, "You just moving through the area? I mean, what are you, Clovis?"

"Could you add a dollop of honey to that, please." Clovis asks pitifully before he offers a tooth grin. His teeth are all pointed and there are a lot of them. "Pleasure to meet you Raymond, now to answer your question would you like the long version of the story or the short version?" The little man has look of pure pleasure on his face as the takes a bite of the bread and the honey again. "Best I have had since I came to the city fifty years ago, I was heading home because I just could not find the right place."

Ray gives Clovis a sidelong look and takes the spoon, getting a new one and adding a dollip of honey to the creme, then sets it by Clovis before setting the honey and creme away, "Alright, the short version. Let's start there, and see where that takes us." He puts on a kettle, stoking one of the ovens, then sitting down.

A hunk of bread is torn off and dipped into the cream. He then chews slowly and enjoys what he is heating when he finishes that piece he then speaks. "Well, we are called Brownies." Clovis looks like he is in heaven. "First time I have had good food and good conversation. Now they say we are born of Cri, one of her first children before the first of men were born." Another hunk of bread is torn and dipped into the cream and honey.

Ray nods, listening, and tilts his head to the side, "Alright, and what.." He shrugs, "What's your calling? What did you mean you were heading home?" He watches Clovis eating, the cook in him getting the cream and honey bread dipping. Still he really likes it.

"Well I had it with the city, fifty year and not a stich of good honey unless I got it from castle, and I spent four years in the castle until one of them, irritated me then I left. They do not understand the why cream must be fresh, unless you are going to make whey of it and turn it into either butter or cheese." The little man shakes his head. "You know good, cream and honey. I should stay here for a bit. I will tell you what, let me stay here and I will clean, in return, I have free run at night to your honey and your cream?" He looks up at him with hopeful glittering eyes.

Ray thinks for a moment and nods. Cream should be cream, if it's not fresh, it's moving on to somethign else." He takes a breath, "You'll have honey and cream, and bread for your dipping besides, as you have there. But you need to keep out of sight of others, and stay down here." He points upstairs, "If I were to have someone up there with me." He points at Clovis. "Stay down here, alright?"

"It is a deal!" The little man responds. "Now to bed with you! You have work in the morning and I have work tonight!" Clovis' voice is excited and his eyes are glittering. He hops from foot to foot now. His belly is distended from the food. "Stay out of sight and if there is someone staying with stay down here." He repeats with a nod of his head. "it is a deal." Another the last of the bread is dipped into the cream and he smile grows brighter with every chew.

Ray nods, rising, "I may need your opinion on recipies besides. You have good taste. Alright Clovis, I'll go." Sure why not? Eighter he'll notice the work tomorrow, or he's gone totally insane. Eighter way he has more than enough honey and cream, and as for bread. Pfft.

Clovis nods his head, as Ray heads up the stairs he can hear the Brownie muttering. When he wakes in the morning the kitchen is spotless and even the oven has been clean and old ashes removed but the banked hot coals still remain waiting to be awoken by him. The dishes have been cleaned as well.

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