Inouv 2, 228: Bad Place and Time

Bad Place and Time
Summary: Lady Caillin foolishly goes into a bad part of town and winds up almost getting herself and her baby killed - as well as a Ranger who tries to come to her aid. (Dair as ST)
OOC Date: 20/11/2013 (OOC)
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Caillin Araltaidan 
City Slums
A pretty run down part of town that even the City Watch won't go into if they can help it.
2nd of Inouv, 228

A pregnant woman dressed in gold silk has been sighted moving through the city. She is not in the company of a guard or handmaiden when she moves into the poorer district. She continues to move through the district and is going into the parts where even the watch will not go alone. She has moved down an ally that is dark and there is the sound of a child crying.

The time of the day is early evening, the sun is sinking in the horizon. It is cold and where she walks hungry eyes seem to folllow the well dressed woman.

When the Caillin hears that cry, her eyes widen. She does not catch the sight of an infant at first, until the boy shows that child for her. The girl gasps, "Oooh! Horrible!" And she runs straight in all these refuses, not caring about surrounding, or that her dress will become incredibly dirty. Or that she will smell bad. All what is in the girl's minds - cuddle that baby near her loving heart. Save that baby from this horrible mess.


A man comes, a little distance back and not yet to the alley's mouth. He is moderately tall, wearing a grey cloak, a bow and quiver. The ranger was told there was a woman trailing into a bad part of town by herself whom was far too well dressed to escape notice. After talking with a concerned woman, Aralt makes his way to follow, trying to find the woman that was described unto him.

He stops to listen, not certain if he had glimpsed her or not ahead of himself. The Ranger has no idea whom it might be but as he stands still he can hear the crying of what sounds to be an infant up ahead, in an alley. And maybe a young woman's voice?

The shadows are growing longer and the air gets colder the cries get weaker. There is the sound of someone moving. Shifting their weight and slowly creeping forwards in the darkness of this alleyway where they gather refuse to burn. The faint sound of steel being drawn can be heard. The scent of open sewage and rotting garbage is strong.

Through muck and refuse she digs and she finds the infant. The child is small and fragile, still covered with the drying fluids of birth. It has been wrapped in burlap. Its cries are feeble.

No, he can't make it out clearly. Aralt is not close enough and … what the hell did he just step in? The Ranger looks down suddenly and steps back. Eew. Whatever that is or was, he doesn't want to know. Vomit or other half decayed excreatement. Lovely. With a grimace, Aidan steps back and tries to wipe his boot off on the stones. Disgusting.

It all smells bad so what's another bad odor? Wrinkling his nose, the Sky Forrester refocuses on the alley and carefully eases nearer to try and see, yet not show himself too clearly. Last thing Araltaidan needs is to be accused of stalking some woman.

Caillin finally finds that poor infant! The girl is almost crying together with the child. Her heart /is/ crying! The girl takes that baby in her arms and cuddles to her chest, brushing the babies forehead with her index finger, and placing there a kiss, "Poor little angel,who dared to do this to you! You are save now…" She sways that baby, trying to calm him down. The girl walks away from all these trashes. She may step on many things, her golden silk dress is all dirty now, but she does not care, she just places more and more pecks on the infant's forehead.

But then the girl puts that baby just for a second on the ground, she kneels besides and tears a part of her gown,just to get a rag. Then she once more takes the baby into her hands, and tries to clean him.

The woman in the gold silk gown is clearly distracted with the child and even in this filth and fading light it can be seen she is wearing a fortune. The sound of the cloth ripping has the man in the shadows moving forward with his knife drawn. He is going to step behind her to slit her throat. But, he has not reached the perfect position.

The Ranger looks carefully into the alley. At first Araltaidan sees nothing, or little. Caillin is at that moment squat down and it takes a second to spot her, and then as his eyes adjust to the greater dimness, the Sky Forrester makes out a figure coming up behind. A man it looks like, crouched and holding something in one hand that isn't large. Perhaps a knife!

Nostrels flare even in this stench. Aralt at once begins to move, the sound of his own long blade being drawn as he jerks his long sword from it's scabbard, "Ware behind you!" His baritone shouts! The Ranger tries to rush the man to keep him from reaching Caillin, bared steel now gleaming in his own left hand.

When Caillin hears shouting of quite well known voice, she does not turn back. Whatever is behind her back, it may cause danger for the poor baby. So, she does not look back, she just grabs that infant and cuddles to her chest firmly, before she moves away and turns to glance at what is happening.

The man turns to face the Ranger as the product of his affections is shifted from the Lady and too him. His eyes narrow and in this poor light it can be seen he is dressed poorly. The knife in his hand is crude but sharp and is as along as dirk. He eyes the ranger and lunges at him with the long knife. He moves to slash and dance away, like any good knife fighter. His prize is forgotten at the moment.

Araltaidan catches the blade on his sword, his initial lunge only interested in turning the attack off of Caillin or blocking it. The ranger is wearing little more than leather beneath his cloak to protect him from the long tooth of the man's knife. "Get back, Caillin!" In the rush, he omits her title and remains engaged with the man, "In the name of the King, drop your knife or I'll disembowel you." To back his threat, Aralt presses the man to see if he can wound the would be lady attacker.

Caillin gasps at all the fighting, cuddling the infant even more closer to her heart and the girl shouts at man, "Please, stop it! No need to fight! Stop it! Not in front of the child! And… Aralt, please! Just don't kill him!"

Caillin does not go too much back. Just as back, that the infant in her hands wouldn't get hurt, "Stranger, please… You do not have to make coins like this. Just go your way, please!"

The man ignores Caillin and he continues to fight. Blade meets blade on the first attack and when the blow is returned he blocks it but this one when he lunges he leaves himself wide open. Sweat is forming on his brown and he offers the ranger a smile that shows off all his lovely rotten crooked teeth.

The child begins to cry again quietly and feebly. Its skin is cold to the touch.

Alas for Caillin because Araltaidan ignores her as well! Or so it would seem. The man who was about to attack her from behind shows no sign of giving himself up or attempting to flee, so the Royal Ranger presses him further, "My Lady! Take the babe and go! Go where you will be safe, where there are people!" No matter that she is a noble and he is not, Aralt pitches his baritone as though he were ordering her.

The sword is not his best weapon. Aralt tries backing off towards Caillin and if he can, sheathes his sword to draw his bow and grab for an arrow quickly, "Go, my Lady. You should not be here! Give me room." Because if he can, the Ranger has every intent to kill this would be woman murderer.

Caillin is not ready to leave. She wants to save both men and infant. And she wouldn't go anywhere, if… if her hands wouldn't feel how the baby gets cold. She cuddles that baby even more closer to herself, "My little angel, you will be safe!" And the girl runs, she runs to stand just behind Aralt and glance once more, if he will be alright.

The man just smiles as the woman comes to stand close behind the ranger. That smile speaks volumes. He lets out a shout and he charges the ranger with the blade. He is aiming to slice and dice as his arms to keep the ranger from shooting. He moves quickly and the Dirk like blade cuts through and finds a weak spot. It is like a hot knife cutting through butter.

That shout brings another running towards them.

Araltaidan is not a very good swordsman and he knows it - he's an archer. He knows he should have drawn his bow but he couldn't have blocked the strike at Caillin's back without the blade. It's probably an unwise choice on his part to try to change weapons for there is nothing uncertain or timid in this jackal. In the man rushes him with the knife and Caillin? She doesn't do what he told her, doesn't give him room to move, she gets /right/ behind him! So the moment the Sky Forrester tries to back suddenly, she's right in Aralt's way, fouling him! Damn her foolishness!

The Royal Ranger can't get the bow up and the arrow drawn fast enough before the knife finds him. The long dirk is buried through leather and into his body, no pain at first, only the force of the solid blow. Aralt tries to back but finds himself tripping over Caillin.

Caillin gasps,when Aralt is tripping over her. The girl tries to grab Aralt with one hand, while the other still tries to press a child near her chest. Though, the child almost falls from her hands,and that brings her even more pain. Pain in the heart. She starts crying and begging, "Please, leave us alone! You don't want to get your hands dirty. Think about the Light! You can find the Light! Please, be a good man! Just go!"

The Man more confident now that his blade has tasted blood moves to dance out of the way swipe at him again. But the ground is slick and with the almost tumble of bodies his blades loses its power as tires to cut the ranger and this time the blade glances off the rangers armour. From behind those foot steps are getting closer and the sound of a another weapon being drawn can be heard.

Somehow Araltaidan manages not to loose his footing, entangled with Caillin and both of them almost going sprawling. Her small hand somehow helps him keep his balance and he regains it. Everything is happening too fast for him to register pain, twisting he manages to use his bow to shove the other man off and push him back! The second stabbing attempt only catches the archer's leather jerkin. Even so, a dirk is a large, long knife and the first wound was much like being run through the gut with a sword. No small injury to the Ranger.

With luck, the arrow hasn't been knocked from him. The scuffling forces his attacker back a solid stride and Aralt does his best to draw and release the arrow before the man is back on him. It's no easy shot, hastily fired …

But the arrow lands true, released to sink it's barb deep into the man with the dirk! Whoever is coming up, be it friend or foe, the Ranger is too busy battling for his life to do ought else.

Then a ranger gets his balance back, Caillin once more cuddles the baby to herself, she laces kiss on its forehead, checking if the baby is still alive,is he cold or not? She wraps the infant even more into the thing, where he is, using and her own dress.

She withdraws a bit father from Aralt, backwards. There is a possibility she is walking straight into the hands who is coming to them,depends from which side the creature comes. The girl does not hear it, she concentrates on keeping the baby warm.

The arrow sinks into his chest and adrenaline keeps him moving with his last breath he slashes out at the ranger. His knife moves wildly and it bites finds its mark. He then falls to his knees as his one lung begins to fill with blood. His face becomes pasty white and blood begins to foam around his mouth.

The other man who has finally arrived to aid the other is frowning as catches sight of the woman dressed in dirty tatter gold silk dress holding the infant and the ranger. His knife is out and it is the same as the other mans. He is younger and his body is lean and sharp.

There's blood, a lot of blood starting to slick his leathers. And now it burns, a terrible pain when he lifted and drew the arrow back. It makes the Ranger light headed, the pain welling up from his gut in a wave, and for an instant it blurs his vision. But his arrow's fletching now sticks out of the man's chest, a sound hit that buried the shaft deeply. It was not enough to drop the man as the dirk comes for Aralt again.

The Ranger has all he can do to try and block that blow with the bow as he's pulling another arrow to try and noch it as fast as he can. If he can back up steps to try and keep the man off him, he does so. Time is running out fast and he won't be able to keep up the fight long with such a wound.

The dirk finds contact again, though not as well as the first time, thank Umbra! When the man falls to his knees, Aralt finally gets free of him and at once turns to aim his bow at the new arrival. "Flee or die, knave!"

Seeing the dead man, Caillin squeals and freezes. Her gaze finds Aralt and she shouts through tears, "You are bleeding!" She doesn't move. Fear makes her freeze, staring at Araltaidan. But her hands still firmly clenches the infant as he would be her own child.

This is the young man's area and he is almost on top of the Baroness. He looks at the ranger and hears what is said and he reaches for the pregnant woman. Quick as snake he grabs her and places the knife at her throat. "You leave first." The man says, "you shoot at me I cut her, then you lose her and her baby." His eyes are hard and grip strong on her.

Araltaidan has been run through and isn't just bleeding, he's likely a man dying himself. But he's still on his feet if barely. Trying to protect Caillin and if he can, yet live himself. The second cut lightly blooded his thigh and is far less serious. He would fletch that other man on the instant but the Ranger is too sore hurt and the youth too fast. Caillin is grabbed and the knife put to her throat and it's all he can do to hold the arrow drawn back, his hand trembling.

"Let her go! If you do not, you will have all the city turned out to hunt you down like a dog." Aralt is mindful enough to change his position away from the man he'd already shot, trying to line up a better one on the man who now has Caillin. Blood seeps down his thigh from his gut wound that continues to soak his clothes. Alas, he's not going to keep his feet much longer but he's trying.

Then the girl is grabbed, she squeals again, but she does not resist. All her strength is concentrated on keeping the infant in her hands. She forgets the fact, that she shouldn't be recognized. The naive girl just tries speak softly, speak the words, which may betray, who she is, "Don't do this… I can help you! You need coins? I give you coins. Please, release me, come, help me to build orphanage. It will be a good deed for your soul, and I will pay you…Please, good man…" The girl is tense, but she does not move. Just the breeze plays with her tress flaxen curls, tickling the bandit. Caillin's gaze slips to her chest, where she still clenches that infant. "Please…"

Then the girl turns to Aralt, "Go… You are bleeding! I will be alright… Just go… Save yourself, I beg you…Go…"

From the street another set of footsteps can be heard. Then a shout, "City Watch," The new comer shouts. He is dressed in a blackened mail shirt and his carrying a short sword and a small buckler shield. He puts a wooden whistle in his mouth and he blows it hard. The shrill sound carries.

The man now looks panicked and the sharp blade bites into Caillin's flesh drawing a thin line across it. He holds her tighter to him. He growls. "Back off, come closer I will kill her now, shut up bitch!" He shouts the last bit at Caillin as she pleads with him and offers him gold.

Araltaidan is trying to breath, "I can not … I live and die… by my oath." He holds the drawn arrow as steady as he can on the man who has her, his own face becoming ashen pale. Every fiber of his will is bent on keeping his feet a bit longer. "You … would murder … a pregnant girl…" Try as he might, Aralt can't keep the bow up and the arrow drawn back. He wavers on his feet and the bow sags, the tension on the string easing.

Thank the Gods the city watch has come, hearing their shouts. If he tried to shoot he'd be as likely to hit Caillin as he might hit the man with the knife. Aralt does not move any closer.

A labored breath, two before he says very low, "Forgive me… " if he would say 'my lady' he has no strength left for it. The Ranger collapses, his bow and arrow making a clatter against the filthy street.

When Caillin feels the pain, she does not shout, she just firmly bites her lip and starts weaving in the man's armful, trying to escape it. However, she is just a little pregnant girl with a baby in her hands, she can't do much.But she continues weaving and whirling.

Her hands are still holding the child, for this reason she does not grab man's hands. The child is the most important. And Caillin checks with her hands, if the child is still breathing. Tears are rippling across her cheeks.

Then she sees collapsing ranger and starts shouting, "Aralt!Aralt! Nooo! Aaaaaralt!" And she weaves in the bandits hands even more, while her tears becomes as rapid as two rivers.

The man holds her tightly and the watchman glares. He says nothing but he blows on that whistle harder. There is the sound of more men rapidly approaching. The man hold on to her as she struggles against him, he holds her tightly to him the knife biting into the delicate flesh of her neck. He then starts to draw away from them. As he pulls her back.

The Ranger is down and Aralt isn't moving. He lays where he fell, as still as a man already dead.

Caillin does everything to resist this time. She tries to walk forward, to Aralt. She is crying like crazy, holding that baby, wholikely cries too. Suddenly, anger shows up in Caillin's eyes. It is really unusual,and she bites man's arm, which holds her, as firmly as she can.

The watchmen are gathering, well armed and wearing armour. The sharp whistle brings more of them running, the sound carrying well. "You will not get away from us! Let her go now!" The watchman lifts his short sword and advances, not knowing who the girl might be in the dark, only that she's got an infant in her arms, or … something. He keeps his buckler held ready and motions for his fellows to cut off the man's escape, "You kill her, you die the most horrible death any man can devise. After what happened to the Lady Nimue… no more of this!"

The watch is closing in, even as more of them are arriving. All are drawing their weapons, eyes intent with anger upon the scene unfolding.

The woman bites and she bites hard as he tries to pull her away. That bite causes him shout. "Fuck! Stupid bitch." His steps falter and he cannot make another move. He is now trying to pull her away any direction, she is his only hope to gain a little ground. Still that knife remains at her throat. "Back off or I will cut her!"

Caillin keeps the eyes on Aralt or the infant. She can't look anywhere else. The girl sobs and immerses her teeth to the man's skin as firmly as she can, like she would try to take a bite out of his arms. The bit is really strong.

Now, like it is just infants cry can be heard.

She bites him again and this time she draw blood he in turn forcibly drags her but her squirming fighting and kicking causes him to do this slowly. The watch moves closer towards him. He tries to drag her down the alley way and into the darkness like a creature from the oblivion.

Likely, Caillin feels these shadows,or remembers woman's story. Her lips just whispers something similar to, "My guardian…" She tries to lean in he ground with her legs firmly, but that does not help. She is in the need of help from hands.So, the girl takes the infant in one hand, while she, gathering all he courage, being afraid of her life, of the child in her belly… Caillin just grabs the bit of the blade with her bared hand and she tries to move it away from her neck, this way letting the girl slip from the man's hands. But the bit is really sharp, her hand starts bleeding and the pain is horrible.

The man tires to drag her but cannot. His blade cuts into her so he moves that away from her neck but he still holds her and the blade in his hand. The watch moves closer to him. He is now close to the alley but still he has not entered it.

Caillin does not releases the blade. She is fighting the man, to withdraw that thing even farther. Moreover, she is weaving, trying to step,as she would be trying to walk farward. Finally, she raises her feet and from all the left strength, she steps with her heel on man's feet, "Release me! Release me! My father will kill you! My husband will skin you alive!"

The man just laughs when she makes her announcement. "I am a dead man already." He laughs again and stabs her before she shoves her and her cargo towards the guard. He then tries to retreat into the shadows but the guards men swarm over him.

Then Caillin is stabbed and pushed, she just screams from the pain, falling on the ground. However, she falls more on her back, turning to save the infant in her hands and her own baby. She curls on the ground, around the infant.

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