A Background, like a +sheet is one of the most important things your character possesses.
A good one tells where you started, your roots, humble or not so humble beginnings and stretches through your more formative years reaching to the present day character who comes strolling to town by way of…..

How did your character get where they are going?
What circumstances in their life brought them to the point they are at now?
Do they have any siblings?
What's their personality like?

Now is the time to flesh out your character some and give her or him some history.
History is fun and exciting!
Are there any hiccups in their past? A few shady moments that may come back and bite them later?
Add it! Coloring outside the lines is fun and perhaps if you want something done, add it to your background and the staff can use something in your background to splash a little excitement in your life later on!


Quirks are another way to do this! Here is a list of Sample Quirks you can use to add more flavor and variety, should you wish.

Please Include:

Here are a few examples of what to include:

  • Where was your character born? What type of family were they born into?
  • What was your character's childhood like? Was it happy, sad, typical, different?
  • Were there any childhood events that shaped your character's story?
  • Did your character have any friends or particular family members that were important to their story?
  • What was your character's early adult life like?
  • What does your character do professionally, and how did they get to where they are?
  • Are they a Knight? Who did they squire with, what was their time as a squire like?
  • What major events shaped your character?
  • Are there any skills on your sheet that you haven't explained in your background?

(All skills that are at 5+ should have some explicit details justifying their levels.)

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